Rich Julius Malema Oprah cartoon

Rich Julius Malema Oprah cartoon

Forget the Mines, lets Nationalise Malema!

South African finance minister Pravin Gordhan hinted at conducting lifestyle-based audits during his 2010 budget speech last week. Wonkie would be seriously surprised if South Africa’s very own poor little rich man, Julius Malema escapes such an audit.

Reports in The Star South African newspaper last week indicated that Malema who is reported to earn something like R20,000 (US$ 2,600) per month has net assets amounting to the millions. His direct or indirect acquisitions include a couple of multi-million Rand homes which he is reported to have paid for in cash, some luxury cars and even a watch worth over R200,000. For someone still in his twenties, that is certainly not a bad return on investment – stand aside Berkshire Hathaway.

Julius Malema - Financial Genius photo

Wonkie believes that if Julius Malema has honestly acquired his wealth, he would be of greater service to the South African masses and indeed the world, if he taught a few (state-funded) courses on prudent financial management, picking winning investments, and effectively “managing” the tender process in developing countries.

In true Malema style when asked about his involvement in SGL Engineering Projects and its subsidiaries (of which he is allegedly a co-owner), and the string of tenders awarded to them from cash-strapped Limpopo municipalities, Malema replied: “What gives you the power to ask me that question? Let me tell you, I do not owe you any answer, to be honest. I am not accountable to you … I am accountable to the ANCYL and ANC. My organisations have never raised any concerns about those things.” By all indications he is quite correct – Malema certainly does not seem to be held accountable for anything by anybody in the ANC or ANCYL.



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  1. Read my lips this guy is going to go down…if this government has any ‘balls’ they will put him ‘away’. I prey they throw away the key and don’t do a ‘Shady’ Schaik on us and allow him thru the front door just too walk out the back door…

  2. Now the question is who is realy behind the call for nationalisation of mines. Is the call genuine as proclaimed by the multi millioner aka Julias Malema, that it will benefit the poor or is this just another scheme to steal and broadern the wealth of the tendernerrist?

    Iyho! the fat cats dont stop amazing me, aboneli

  3. How does he do it, mouthing off about nationalization of mines (whats next) but acquiring wealth in manners unknown but still being a man of the people, are we really so gullible ? Investigate this man and bring him down, God help us if this is the future leadership ( Zuma,s words)

  4. iam ancyl supporter but what malema is doing, is un jusice he should be arreasted he is a criminal.this time around he is going down to hell burn malema burn

  5. This guy must stop to be hypocrit and come out clean and not make the people fools by claimimng he is not holding a public office therefore he can eat as much. If this young men is not prosecuted then Shaik should be exoronated

  6. I dont see anything being done to him, we have seen some previous governments letting this corruption go , i dont see that there will change.The story will just die a natural death , Leave Malema alone , look at the white people wen they cam here there cam with nothing , do u think there acquired the land by buying , no , there stole the land .And look at thewaht they did they shared the riches between themselves . And now because its the black many sharing the riches , its now “corruption”.The best way the individual blacks can get rich to challenge the white people , is by “corruction”. Because of long marginalisation it will take time for the black people to be rich as the see the white man was very clever , he comes here and steal , after stealing they introduces laws to bar stealing , so let the black man steal too

  7. someone angry says

    Whoever made malema youth league president made a mistake. He seems to be a spoilt bratand is so careless. Let him be the busted he is but only God knows where his destiny lies. Malema you too young to be such an idiot.

  8. Juju is a good politician – always ducking and diving and never giving a straight answer. and now its a conspiracy against him ? who does he think he’s fooling ?

  9. Does that man pay taxes, to help his poor fellow South Africans, God help him if he does not. He is the shame of our Nation and I cannot understand how he can get away with it….but the again they all do…….

  10. I agree let us Nationalize Juluis Malemas’ Millions, he is working for the poor so he says now put your money where you mouth is. No one needs to conspire around Juluis he does it to himself.

  11. @Sporo
    Racists like you dont belong in this country.You are so blinded by your hatred that you dont see that the people that will suffer the most because of the corruption within the ANC and the ANC “lite”(school for tenderprenuers) is actually the average black voter.
    The white settler might have “enslaved” your great,great,great,great,great grandfather by giving him a job to do instead of just sitting on his ass and drinking beer.(It happened everywhere not just to darkies)
    The net result however to your generation is a leap of about 3 million year in evolution and access to all the technology etc developed over the last 10 000 years.
    Next time you want to get racist, put down the blackberry, PC, internet, get out your car and send a runner with a forked stick… (that’s the technology you would have likely been able to muster up if my ancestors hadn’t arrived.

  12. I am affraid juju is going nowhere, he and his movement placed JZ and most of them in thier position and this is just to confirm also how powerful it is, voicing your opinions in public. What we should be concentrating on is how we can arm JUJU with correct info surround him with proper interllectuals that will see this country`s youth making noise with the right tone and we will move forward.

  13. JUJU is going nowhere, arm the president with the right people and advice from interllectuals who will help him to do things differently and we will move forward singing the same tune…almost all of us…

  14. Viva Malema i think people must mind their own business if you have wisdom you will make it in this life why ??? cope simple old Man needs to have ice tubes in his head , If you have a dream you dont need degree or Diploma to archive it Malema is a Man of a dream he may be Loose mouth but he has the brains .Please people mind you own business and begin to dream high like Malema .It is only Jealousy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. This are just speculations about juju coz people want to see him out and dry. promise u he is here to stay dream on vultures. young money!!. viva juju.

  16. Will some alien space ship please come along and remove little Julius from this planet. He is a very bad example for the youth, young men like Sporo and Thabang. Boys, you will get nowhere if you idolise a morally corrupt person like Malema.

  17. ……and Malas.

  18. Malema should invest his hard earned cash wisely and buy an island. Robben island.Just think,he can start his own Party and have his own parties with no Opposition or Press to spread false rumours.He can even get JZ to join him,with all the rabbits been shot there will be no competition for JZ either.

  19. Malema and his side kick Zuma are gravy training at the expense of the poor and ignorant.Their enormous financial resources are only indicative of the corruptness of the ruling elite–nothing new,nothing interesting but what a stain on our reputation as a successful emerging nation.Of course,if the nationalization of the mines occur,we will gain another corrupt parastatal.Hell,rhis is fantastic for the masse.”Malema,he is toooo cleva”but of course the poor fuck themselves again.I honestly do believe we have some good people starting off with good intentions but they have to keep up with the Jones’s and would be regarded as stupid or “unfaithful” or with complete scorn were they to follow the dictates of their consciences,so,the only option open to them is to lose the conscience biuld an empire and eventually buy respect.There is a little problem ,though,along the line,their offspring inherit greater numbers of poverty,illness and ignorance and they will no longer be able to blame apartheid or white people,so they will be forced to become more fascist and brutal to keep their monies and I cannot find it in my heart to feel any sympathy for any of them.They all,the ignorant,the governors,the corrupt,the fools have all asked,totally directly,for their rewards,on Earth,and it is folly to forget that ones spiritual life should be for eternity,on Earth only a blink.The only people I care to will better conditions are the unborn and their probabilities are so slim,going forward,that my feeling is that we could be heading into a kind of Sodom and Gamorrah situation.I can only see chaos at this rate.Already atomic powers are being vested in politically unstable and irresponsible governments with selfish quasi-fascist agendas.
    Yes,the idiots in control in SA are contributing to the New World Order and it apppears this has to happen in this corrupt manner.We have forgotten our Covenant with God.Dangerous but inevitable.Look at the faces of Malema and Zuma,wicked,evil and bloated with deceit.

  20. Leave juju alone.This is black people turn white people have thier turn they owner big centres but no one investigate them.What goes around comes around.

  21. Mr. Sporo, your comment ” because its the black many sharing the riches” is a puzzling one, because on a daily basis I see black people still begging, looking for jobs in the garden, or painting, or anything, because they have no money for food. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that you may be right, there is a sharing of wealth amongst the blacks. That would explain why the poor, hungry people come all the way from distant townships to find jobs in the white suburbs, where, by the way, blacks are also taking up residence. The question is: How did they get all the way from there to here in order just to beg. If the sharing of wealth is a reality, surely those that have, will support those that do not have, because Mr. Sporo says thats the way it is. Oh Boy!!!

  22. yes u are the man malema, tell the nation that u invested, i am proud of u my boy hahaha


  24. Tanni no offence brother BOY !!!! Me i am going some way i dont need you to approved it , secondly if you dream or think small brother you will have a mindset of corruption if you see wealth to my people Blacks then is corrption .is not like before OK!! Malema they are things i am not happy about but it doesnt meaning he needs to be dry out No!!! BROTHER get real .Blacks they believe in lacking and poverty wealth it doesnt have someone ‘s name just because is Malema then is corruption . i guess brother you need have a brought mind get real and stop bleaming stories .Sporo keep dreaming big Brother and soon you get rich they will say you are selling drugs .Shame on my People .

  25. the ANC is surely milking the national coffers dry with their greed corrupted policies unresponsible leaders………the list is endless but the most pain full part is that no matter how stupid they run the country into a dark pit the masses will keep on putting them back tho power,today we maybe angry but tomorrow we will forgive i just pray we stop being too forgiving and eject the bastards from our systems before its too late for us to save our home land.As for Malema he got his wealth from his top leaders then if he has this much how much do his bosses have and at whose expense?

  26. No wonder this guy is so loose in his tongue and exhibits all the qualities of a spoiled baby. I have always wondered where does he get the guts to talk ill of elderly people now I agree that he has been “poisoned” by wealth at a tender age without going via counseling of any nature. Now he wants to own the mines oh what a spoilt brat.

  27. To investigate Malema would be an exercise in futility. Like the Zuma investigation which dragged on and on and on until he became President! We have to face the fact that we are a Banana Republic with King Louis in charge!

  28. nhlapo stoffel says


  29. what is wrong when young men like Julius Malema has wealth?? i can only judge him only if the tenders have been obtained improperly, because in such instances they even dont deliver their mandate. An an investigation will do as an attempt to find out how we got those contracts, if he obtained them illegally, then he must dance.

  30. The slime, gore, corruption and total ineptness continue. As long as the ANC remains in power this wounded country of ours, slips further and further in to the abyss. Zuma, Malema and their cronies lick their lips at the spoils and their piggy eyes do not see or care about the grief the ANC and it’s Youth League cause to suffering, starving, homeless people

  31. Any ANC supporter,not in the millionaire league yet,will only get there by cowtowing to the elite.This means,”I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”,hoever,whatever way this is done,no justification can be accommodated that steals from the poor and the crying need for meaningful education.Any of the Communist Fatcats,with anything more than they need to justify a reasonable status,is too much money.Look at this prick Malema,who needs a R260,000 watch when the streets and schools are bleeding with the poor.
    There is an extreme likelyhood of Malema not being brought to book,as with Zuma and all the corrupt officials and they are all cronies,all ANC and mostly inner circle elitists.Their ideals were excellent until they got their fingers in th e cookie jar.Now they have become the scum of the earth and the poor carry on voting for them.WAKE UP YOU POOR FOOLS.
    Look at the Capes return to sanity and the complete mess that Kwazulu/Natal
    is in.Communism has never been so self-enriching anywhere else in the world and the Nats knew this would happen because of what happened/is happening in the rest of Africa.The biggest killer of Africans,in Africa has and will always be Africans and the tools used are called nepotism,greed,corruption and the undying stupidity of those that allow this situation to occur.

  32. Innocent till proven gulity lets us hold the horses and see let them research about Malema ,after been proven gulity then the Bastards must be demoted immediately . Malema must go down after been proven gulity .and this bastards they rub each others back lets hope he is not gulity .

  33. This man is an absolute idiot just shows you the levels of intelligence of those who choose to follow him little do they realise he is using them to his advantage, he needs to be jailed with all of those who awarded him the tendors….do not be fooled he is Zuma’s puppet .

  34. et tu media, et tu…… isn’t it amazing that those who use the media to further their ambitions / advance their positions are so quick to try to demonise the same institution when it targets their excesses / indiscretions….

  35. et tu media, et tu…… isn’t it amazing that those who use the media to further their ambitions / advance their positions are so quick to try to demonise the same institution when it highlights their excesses / indiscretions….

  36. As per usual…. when caught out — deny deny deny! And the followers blindly support the crooked elected leaders, believing that they are untouchable.
    What a shame – the abuse of power and the corruption of the so-called elite. All only interested in enriching themselves. Getting the tenders for themselves, family or the ‘inner kring’ while the rest of the people bleed. Shame shame shame.

  37. Frank Hartry says

    Typical that Zuma has today intimated that Malema’s business dealings are not unusual, as he does not hold a political post. Ofcourse he left out the fact that we taxpayers pay nearly R400,000 per month for overweight beefy Malema look alikes, to protect the podgy fellow from the people. Zuma also rejected financial audits for himself and other so called political leaders. What are these people afraid of one wonders? The Scorpions are gone now so no worries for these ANC looters of the state coffers.

  38. Leave Malema alone. You are paying so much attention to him, instead of dealing with the issues that are more important.

  39. Malema is rude , he love to be in the spot lite,what happened when his at home ,is he like a king or just boss to everyone around him

  40. For someone who is holding a public office and paid by taxpayer`s money to say he is not accountable to anyone but his party its disingenuous,dishonest,chicanery and chivalry to the extreme!

    For a president to publicly announced that this someone did nothing wrong without having facts on hand or ask for facts its unbecoming of a president.jaa,actually i`m finish with these kaalkoens since paying to much attention to the nincompoops and poephols will take me straight to my psychiatrist`s chambers!

  41. Yes Tim,
    Africa is all talk,denial of guilt,endless waste of money and total lack of responsible management of resources (under government/elite)control.
    As an African,myself,though white,I agree that getting too bothered about the hierarchy in this country can drive one mad but at the risk of insanity it is a duty to perform with the idea of attempting to rectify evils and sometimes,at exceedingly slow pace the occassional monkey gets to fall out of the tree.If SA is to survive it will be by God’s will alone.I simply don’t see any other way.What a revelation if it is chosen to happen ?

  42. shoot him for SOUTH AFRICA, Give him one bullet for all the filthy role and use of other people. NO RESPECT, NO TRUST. ow can the youth have a leader that is not a person to look up as a role model. Sweep first before your own door then see what, when, were you can help others !!!!!

  43. Why don’t we just shut this SOB down? Remove his name, face, voice, in fact every aspect of him and his ANCYL mob from our media – completely. He is so dumb that he is thriving on the publicity our media is giving him!

  44. Castalia .. may we hear what issues you have in mind?

    Thabang, of cource he is guilty…the moment he said that he gave his lawyer orders to resign on his behalf, I knew he would blame them for not doing so when it comes out that he still was on the boards of those companies! Why “HOPE” that he is not guilty? For what reason? To hope there is just one guy involved with the ANC that’s not an idiot? But I don’t blame the idiots for being idiots as they can’t help it…I do blame the english who wanted the idiots to get a job done idiots never can or will get’s not fair to expect the impossible from somebody.:~

  45. Sporo
    You can’t steal land…those ancestors you worship sold it to the boere for cattle…everybopdy knows that….and so did the ancestors sell your brothers higher up in africa as slaves to the americans and othher’s as well… your liedazz are selling you out for nothing at all but another zim! 😉

  46. Listen to me.If we were talking about those millions owned by a whiteman there was not going to be this noise.South Africa is a sick country.Talk of foreighners ,we talk about Blacks.If I talk about a white foreighner you look at as being dreaming.WHY? This is sick.

  47. The one and the only way to do away with this man is to join the ANCYL and become active and then we will exercise our right,this young man is too noisy and naive he must go to school maybe he can earn a sense of homour, be an ANCYL member then u will able to participate in the process no ways he can come back COME 2012 he will be History, maybe he will continue to rule Limpo as he is currently a self ……. Premier, You Young Man the way you are conducting yourself is all about shows OFF that you got Money and u r not following P ka Seme or nor Peter Mokaba……………way with this Young boy who does not have a sense of homour i wonder Long live MR deputy President -so that he will continue to show or give you a direction – wena u tsande UMrabulo.abriged away with noisy young man.

  48. Mis[in]formed
    ANC President

    Nationalism does not work; the old Nats got it right; until we were not needed to fight communism anymore; they knew how to share and had inherent European sense of saving for tomorrw.
    African sentiment is foolish as they eat or rape it all today; the scraps can be left for the next generation of oxygen scavengers.
    Our present regime are inherent “hat in Handers!” and need private/foreign investment as they know they can’t get anything right: They cannot even hand out money to all our pity party people we must feed today so that they can rape or beg&steal from us tomorrow.
    That’s it for 2day, Oupa

  49. Ed,you dead right but you must remember we are a politically correct country meaning a mafia ruled country where the media is wooed with sixty thousand rand lunch in return for it to mention him.

    What is of concern is the lie of the media that it must feature him so that he can tell us what he`s doing since he tells us nothing except propaganda and mickey mouse staff.A president should be locked-up in office or Cabinet engaging with his Ministers over pertinent issues and not embarking on road shows.He should be talking to other Presidents about the posibility of receiving their deported illegals in their custody and pay the cost of detention and deportation.

    Chris!You spot-on man…these rulers will hold their begging bowls forever and then lock themselves up and eat with their families.

    There`s Mandela who ask Oppenheimer for fifty million rands and once he got that he locked himself up in his comfort zones and he has been eating ever since!

    What is sad its that the previous ru;lers have shown them that you can rule a country successfully without outside interferrence and I was really impressed by the boers to turn a barren land into a country and grow the economy to two percent and would the boers have been still in power now our gdp could have been at seven percent and sanctions would long have fallen away.The world found it very difficult to shut that South Africa out completely because it was very attractive .

  50. Tim, Chris and Elsa, what a pitty you did not know what you know today before 94!

    Mashele Lukani and a whole couple of others, it’s clear that the department of education failed you with service delivery


    Fred, calling somebody “racist” or blaming it on “apartheid” is the general ANC way to duck and dive; come with something new for a change ….. like blaming your ancestors – that’s closer to the truth

  51. Dirk,
    I think I know verry well due to the fact that I’m now 55 years and always in the politic. But this is not the way to go, they all have something in the closset. If you understand my comments. If it was the opposit an other race then you would be suspense for at least 3 months. I grow up with coloured and black and also yellow people but this is a cherry on the cake. If you know the history before 1994 like you mention then you will see in 1994 what they said ONE bullet for ONE BOER and there is a lot of stories that you can reffer to like Winnie but now she except and calm down.
    Please go to UNISA and get a day permit to see what is real or not real.

  52. hands off on our president malema whether he got some billions or millions its his; its obviuos tht u jst wnt 2 discredit him ;nd u won’t survive coz he is still going 2 expose u doing if ur not the right thing

  53. why always one individual

  54. Tim, Chris and Elsa, what a pitty you did not know what you know today before 94

    I don`t get the gist of your message but will respond in anyway!

    I have known long before that and to prove it you can check with PW Botha`s aides while he was still the President and Dave Stewardmy correspondence with them in the 80`s and 90`s.

    I was the first to approach those whites who went to Lusaka to hear what they were told.You Dirk are the one who doesn`t know because you opnly started to engage in public discourse after 1994 on behalf of the white mafia or third force agenda that`s why you don`t make any sense here!

  55. Seeing my African brother who grow up poor and from rural areas driving Range Rover, one feels proud and hopeful that we have chance of owning the so called classy possession. Julius Baba you rock and dont mind the views of all these people out the, ke mona fela and ignora di view tsa makgowa ba nagana gore chelete ke ya bona fela.

  56. Tim, you are a johny come lately and still wet behind your ears and I have never made sense to people like you who only think back as far as PW Botha (as far as I am concerned, vorster, botha and the cursed deklerk are all part of the problem/enemy)…specially NOT to that kind of idiot who voted “yes” in 1994 ( the “yes” these zumanians wants to believe came because of some strugle almost nobody except mandela, mbeki zuma and julius were aware of :D)

    Elsa, what you try to say, is impossible to guess…looks like you just mumble a bag full of words and then throw up here…if you are a UNISA product, I won’t even go near them as they clearly have african standards!

    Mashele Lukani … It’s not just one …it’s the whole of the black race that tend to abuse any system! Malema is no exception to the rule! By now we all know that if a man’s mouth is too big, investigate and you will find out the he’s got something to hide..just like happened with your maema-clown! 😉

    MASILO, it’s impossible to discredit a lying thief like malema in the eyes of fools like you! People with no morals can’t see the wrong in corruption, but, like you and that zuma idiot, will promote/protect corruption as well as the corrupt bastards committing it!

  57. Tim, you are a johny come lately and still wet behind your ears and I have never made sense to people like you who only think back as far as PW Botha

    yee man!You were busy in your plot and have no idea what the heck was going on even now you have no bloody idea what`s going on because all that you are concerned about its that the white man is still the ruler in this country.

    PW B otha was the best thing that has ever happen to me and I will go down in history Blessing him because he knew what his responsibilities were as a President and was more democratic than all the Middle East and African continent rulers.

    He was not a white people`s President but citizens president and he died for this country that they raised from ashes to be what it is today!Yes,I think as far as PW Botha because his successors have nothing to offer me so that i can think today and tommorrow.

  58. Dirk, dirk, dirk! its obvious you are a white version of malema, though i like him, you brother are confused.

  59. Young ‘julius motormouth’ is paid a whole bunch every month, by the ANC, to make outragious statments. The great idea is for him to be the court clown who takes the spot light off the ANC and the ever increasing revelations of its blatant corruption and incompitance in respect of its mandate. Little juju really thinks he is in control. The proverbial village idiot is nothing more than a curiosity which is in need of a lobotomy.

  60. Fact is that if all South Africans were educated, the A.N.C. would be voted out. Malema and dictators like Mogabe and Ghadaffi use lies and deception to great effect. Educated people can see the lies a mile away but the uneducated believe what they like to be true. Nothing is based on facts because it does not have to be. Mugabe , Malema and Zumma still have huge support. It is no surprise because they use exactly the same strategies as satan.

  61. Malema is just another socalled hypocrite masquerading as a ‘comrade’ so that he could get rich quick from the sweat of the suffering South African masses. I see him for what he is – mafiaso.





  64. Tim,
    Your puerile ranting and raving about whites shows a paranoid,cyclothymic character and in quite remarkable depth.What other googlies are chasing you?
    Dirk,I agree that the only reason the ANC fools remain in government is as a resulrt of the enormous and growing masses of uneducated.I do think that when there was governance in this country and education was offered to all albeit,somwhat inadequately,there was still credibility in qualifications.
    Any qualifications coming through now are,as is the ANC,completely worthles,pure bling and doomed to irrelevance indefinitely

  65. Tim,

    You don’t seem to get it…praising PW for being “moere democratic” – demo0cracy is the crysiest en most stupid thing on earth and anybody with a brain will reject a system giving the isiots the ruling power! However, I see you do understand that it’s a foolish thing to anger whites….if the farm murders don’t stop NOW, blacks will soon taste the anger of whites – take my word on that! (as for me, I am already angered and make it my daily job to anger the rest of the whites and curse all unjust useless black governments to hell!) To be honest, I don’t care what happens to the mines really…most of them belong to the english speakers who thought they would be better off having these corrupt ANC idiots rule the country! The Oppenheimers who wanted this circus to rule have lost about 1.5 billion with blacks not paying rent and on top of it turning all their buildings into slumbs!

  66. malema is a liability 2 the Anc,aniwy SA is Africa whr corruption is a way of life. malema should knw that lies hv short legs……..

  67. I think Malema should come clean or atleast share his wealth with the guys like us who cannot forge a signature.

  68. Chris,

    Yes, education is the thing…I don’t think africa ever noticed that some people are mamparra and others are brilliant..or maybe they did, but can’t see the two differ from one another; also does it not seems to be important to pass without stealing the exam papers or some other form of corruption…as long as you pass even if you screw the teachers (like in hazyview) as long as you find a way to pass and arrive at varsity being hardly able to read or write! Let’s face it, the african way of thinking and handling things eventually render everything worthless, the law, the courts, teh police, the army, health services, roads, environmental affairs, you name it, corruption makes all laws/systems/governance teethless and worthless!
    For this reason, a guy like malema need not fear as they will do whatever they can to protect with zuma, mc bride, shake-shaik, yengene, selebe..the list is getting long

    On the other hand, africa seems to regard this corrupt lifestyle very highly

  69. Tim,
    Your puerile ranting and raving about whites shows a paranoid

    Now you are jumping the gun!

    My assertions here are that for as long as you pale and vampirish morons are resistant to reconciliation and healing for failing to follow on Amy Biel`s parents example of what you must do to reconcile I will always see you as being hostile towards me and so an eye for an eye!

    You have killed a lot of blacks over the past fifteen years assisted by black gangsters and security guards and your ululating when the order to shoot the bastards was vomited is indicative of this accusation!

    Reconciliation is not about charity per se but about development to make-up for the damage caused by the policies of underdevelopment.You have no idea of the anger that is boiling on the ground for your failure to change and sooner or later you are going to disappear from t5his country as you disappeared from all the independent African countries.Yes,I`m in touch with the former liberation forces of SADC just as you are bussing the Renamos,Unitas,Bushmen from the previous special forces and recently the MDC to assist you in ensuring that we were annihilated and enjoy no freedoms,rights and privileges.

    Jaa,you will always be anti-white governments because you cannot manipulate and screw them like you do with black ones and benefit tremendously from them.

    I agree that the only reason the ANC fools remain in government is as a resulrt of the enormous and growing masses of uneducated

    Bull!What godem education are we talking about here?In politics we have conscientisation,intelligibillity or illiteracy or the opposite of those.You whites voted for the ANC because you have already been informed about the benefits you were going to get and blacks did so because of freebies they were promised and its not black masses who returned them to power but beneficiariaries across the populatiion spectrum.Oppenheimer,Rupert,Ackerman are all beneficiaries and they just issue a directive to its black force to vote for the ANC and because it has enabled them to get shares from their employers they vote for it.

    You white people are still induced by your pale skin to elevate yourself but you still have the temerity and balls to accuse others of illiteracy but how literate are rightwingers?


  70. NCEBAKAZI says

    I really do not have a problem with Malema’s wealth and how he got. He is really an inspiration to me and am sure that should go for everyone more especially every black child who aspires to be rich one day. At his age he has done well.I would have loved to have those millions given a chance to do that.Maybe if I was in the same position,with the same exposure I would have done the same,who wouldnt or rather who would say no to an opportunity to make millions?So why would I want to judge to him?Wont that be because of sheer jealousy?

  71. praising PW for being “moere democratic…its verey simple!For PW NOT TO PURSUE THOSE WHO COINED THE TERM”groot crocodile”and those who called him by it that to me was democracy whereas would anyone now call Mandela die groot crocodile they`ll pay dearly.

    Look at whaty happened to the rape accuser!

    really do not have a problem with Malema’s wealth and how he got.

    This nicompoop…poephol was and is still a member of the notorious 26 prison gang and was bullying kids at school to join or pay protection fee with their pocket money and that`s how he got his wealth.

    During his tenure all student marches resulted in robberies on hawkers and that`s another way he raised his wealth.That`s why he is avoiding the bullying thing because its his gang thatj is involved.

  72. Media people plz give Malema a break as he is not proven guilty yet. Let us now celebrate the the good news of welcoming the former Cope dep. President to the real Peoples Congress where she will cope well with anchoring the progressing ship. Welcome comrade LYINDA Odendaal.

  73. Odendaal is finished with dividing and ruffling Cope and now she has moved i9nto this party of dozers and they will be an easy meat for her if there`s any available chance that she has a role to pl,ay in that regard because I believe the white mafia{third force}has torn it apart and there`s nothing left for to have fun.

  74. Batman

    Going down? Not even mugabe who was voted out by the nation stepped down! In africa, a leader is a god! Even if it comes to light that he is in fact satan, they will blame the light ( I see Tim named the light “the white mafia{third force}” ) and just carry on worshipping their currupt-leadah-god!

  75. Not even mugabe who was voted out by the nation stepped down…

    Are you sure about that?Where`s the evidence?

    Mugabe won the uncontested elections free and fair and that`s fact!

  76. u stupid malema

  77. Dukie 743 says

    The following lyrics are normally sung to the tune of the Colonel Bogey ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’ march.

    Mugabe, has only got one ball,
    Nsimande, has two but very small,
    Malema, has something similar
    but poor old Zuma has no balls at all.

  78. That`s it!This is what being billionaire means!This South African whealing and dealing emmigrant to Canada who left with just a few hundred rands in his back pockets and who is now a respected and undoubted billionair in Canada is indeed a billionair because he has the billions in his back pocket and he made them himself!

    This man worked for these billions from his teenage years and he ne ver gave up until his dreams of being a billionair were realised.In that part of the world its not easy to evern make a million and if you do make it you must hang-on to it like a umbilical cord hanging on a mother because if you lose it there`s no chance in hell that you`ll ever lay your hands on a million!Those South Africans who were socialising with the high-heeled and mink and manure when they get on the other side they become nannies or gardners just to put bread on the table.

    Our so-called post-apartheid billionairs will make you to wait for ages before they show you their billions but not with that individual.Great stuff…my man,pal buddy…!!!

  79. The Youth of South Africa must teach Malema a lesson of life. You cant speak on the right and walk left. Malema is just the same with those he had accused of being fake communist. The ANCYL should not defend Malema’s smearing politics and Malema is responsible for factionalism because of his narrow-minded tactics. Malema should apologize to the poor and stop populism.
    Lefanzo from Tembisa

  80. Tim
    You must be black as you are serious to make a fool of yourself and have a strange way of calculating things….if mugabe won the election, then why is it expected of him to share power and why does he sit with a prime minister he hates with a passion? Fact is, mugabe, like all african leaders do, refuse to hand over power when they go senile (and then the rest of africa’s leaders take a ride over there to eat, drink, sing and dance together for a while to convince the western world that they are trying to get mugabe to step down while in reality they won’t go against the predictions of the sangoma’s bones!)…they ALL aim at creating one party states…..mbeki dreamed about a “united states of africa” for just one reason…hoping HE would become africa’s obama giving him more places to land his presidential boeing but the unfotunately the bonethrowing sangoma at the polokwane dancing sessions bones were against his dream!

  81. then why is it expected of him to share power and why does he sit with a prime minister he hates with a passion

    That`s why I am reluctant to talk politics with the pale and bald because their politics its economic politics of colonising and exploiting and of course semantics.

    This bloke never followed the goings on in imbabwe which led to the bringing-in of white apparitchik morgan-and not powersharing…

    Mugabe is not power-hungry since if that would have been the case his army would long have removed him but is ensuring that the one wjo will take over from him is not going to hand the country over to colonialists on A silver platter to ravage like they have done with all the other African countries including South Africa!!!His army is behind him all the way on that score!

  82. Woow! That Bra Julie for you

  83. hey there

    wrote a Malema blog and put your link on it.

  84. Woow! That Bra Julie for you

    wrote a Malema blog and put your link on it.


  85. I dont see anything wrong concerning the wealth Julie has made, because its not like he stole it. the only thing he did was just to follow all the procedures like everyone by bidding for thos tenders he got. If it was any person from a foreign country non of the alligations could have been made. and the age thing does not matter its not like you have to be 40 or 50 to can make it through the wealth world Big up Bro, that shows al young S.A youth about the importance of getting serious in the coporate world. Leave him alone he did not still it he earned it al.

  86. Tim

    fact is that the “colonialists” does have a reputation of running any country better than what any african can ever dream to do…therefore, handing zim over to some “colonialistst” willl be better for all who live there! – This is a fact that has been proven over and over right here in africa….also here in south africa we see the wheels falling off all the time since black-sangoma-rule in 1994 – not even ONE thing got better!

    Fact is that the brainless mugabe is the senior dictator in this region and no other african leader will go against the bones – all their so-called talks with mugabe is just another reason to go have a nice singing and dancing footstomping handclapping drinking eating session with the poor (you included) paying for it with their taxes.

    Next time you have a look at the news, take note of the fact that the politicians are foerever grinning and showing teeth …. they are not advertising colgate – it means they are ready to eat fools like you!

  87. Simon Ashton says

    While everyone is shaking a fist at Malema, what’s happening in government that is more important. Focusing on this insignificant little ….. individual will only distract us from the SACP conveniently hijacking the brand name of the ANC and then, if you thought Zuma was bad, try the SACP running things in SA.

    Look under the superficial icon that is Julius Malema and you’ll see something more sinister that a proponent of hate speech.

    The reichstag is going to burn, but this time, the communists will be the victor.

  88. Malema had a chance to manipulate the structures of this government and i dont see any wrong in him for aslong as the State President Mr Zuma is afraid of him.

  89. First of all I am not saying Julias is right, but I wonder if we were to comment like this if Julias Malema was a White guy. We suffered Vlakplaas massacres, the 1976, not long somebody thrown in Lions Camp, some dragged with tide with a van. All this nothing.
    If Julias Malema has killed somebody, rather contesting tenders like any citizen of South Africa, let jail him, for nobody act beyond the peremters of the Law. If not Lets live Julias, and keep our JEALOUS within ourselves. R10 Million is money like R1, if owned by JUlias what wrong.

  90. malema is trying to be smart on us, but he keeps on confusing the country. theres nothing lyk investing only stealing the states money, if mr zuma can pls get rid of this little destroyer in the government pls.

  91. obama z wr8,malema rly has the intellegence of a 12yr old…

  92. Reports in The Star South African newspaper last week indicated that Malema who is reported to earn something like R20,000 (US$ 2,600) per month has net assets amounting to the millions.

    that`s a bloody capitalists and colonialist politically correct paper that thrives on sensationalism to sell the paper to make-up for the loss caused by withdrawal of its buying power because of the politically correct shit and drivel it carries.

    on the eve of these street sweepers strike this naive,junior and inexperienced reporter reported that as a white she mingled easily with the marchers whereas readers expected her to highlight the disinterest of cops to prevent the littering .

  93. tom
    The ANC is not a government…it’s not even a good try 😉

    And Tim

    Why would the cops stop the littering? Most of them are black and I think blacks like the litter around them….africa is the continent of litter! Have a look next time you see a program on TV covering Europe ( I saw such a tourism program on TV 2 this morning) and you’ll note that their streets are cleaner than africa’s hospitals!

    Looks like these strikers think they are still fighting apartheid as they only litter in white the black townships where the idiots live who steal everything and underpay them, there is no litter…looks like these strikers are so retarded that they still blame whites for the fact that the black councilors and mayors etc, can’t get the job done! What a bunch of retards! LOL

  94. Here’s an interesting one…
    It is my belief that the sensationalising press are virtually solely responsable for the continuity of reporting the crap that Malema is sprouting and what has been a spin-off has reflected in the chants of the municipal workers during their current strike,singing “ubaba uyajabula etc” and “Dubul’ibhunu”,while trashing the streets of Durban.
    How does this relate to the boer ?These arseholes are overpaid as it is,Durban is a filthy city and every time they toyi-toyi,they further trash this place.There is just no control,discipline,or core value,at all.Of course,the brave bastards beat up a 16 year old white school boy amongst others.Samwu are investigating………..bullshit.
    Another lulu is the fact that Mpisane has been paid +- R300million to build nothing,effectively,he’s a police sergeant??????The Mercury intimates that the City of Durban is being criticized about lack of supply of essential services and expected to vindicate Zikhulise.
    The truth is that there will be no recovery of wasted monies from any of the contactors from their nebulous dealings or action taken against the thieves granting the tenders,of course without legal requirements put into action and so millions and billions will continue to go up in smoke and the poor still blame the boer.I say they can rot in hell for their own crass stupidity,irresponsibilitly and I predict,without any hesitation,that,the 2010 FIFA deal,is going to attract millions of neighboring indigeni,who,having seen how sophisticated,beautiful and attractive this country is,by comparison to where they have been forced to live/exist,that they will just remain in SA,adding to the woes of an already hopelessly overwhelmed infrastructure,demanding medical,roads,housing food etc,that I think this country is heading for frightening times.This is what the boers really were fighting against,not intentionally really wanting to dominate the blacks,but to protect this land for the good of all.Their methodology was wrong but not the ultimate intention.
    AND,if the blacks in SA think they had it hard,by God,maybe one can tell them about the Spanish revolution,the Chinese march,the Russian revolution,the “killing fields of Cambodia”.The real truth is that they are their own worst enemies.The wanted it,they got it and they are destroying themselves and begging the Western world,mostly WASPS,to continue to finance this fiasco.
    Malema and Zuma are a disgrace to decent society and the Feedom Charter is just words to the current government.Is there even an attempt towards a sensible morality.Falling morals have through the ages destroyed all the civilizations and there is absolutely no reason to doubt this country’s demise into continued and abject poverty and the Western World will,until they cannot any further,bale the freaks out.

  95. jst waiting for his hearing today,bt am jst wndring if thrs any future for south Africa…wht bwt the freedom tht Nelson Mandela hs fought for if we stl say”dnt cm with tht white tendancy”,wht if tht wz a white person saying tht?am tlng u,he wld hv been fired immediatley…
    you got it right when u say blacks are their own enemies…2010 is jst around the corner n yet we’re calling each other by names…
    all zuma says z”the ANC leaders have to think before the talk”,yet lots of people get hurt everday by malema’s speeches…the speech he made yesterday,telling zuma tht he shldnt forget the person who hs put him in that place,,,,wht the hell on earth wz tht?
    i see no future for south Africa besides apartheid(bt it will be the other way around this time).

  96. D- Bongz says

    This is one crazy SOB if he gets away with this it will prove a point yet again that in South Africa the RICHER you are the more likely you are able to get away with crime ask ZUMA and SHABIRE SHAIK!!!!

  97. As South African we still have problem. Let us not ref count a colour, gender and the like but actions. Malema only won a tender like other tenders. So his luck! Why don’t we say at least Black Economic Empowerment Policy is now in place unlike vomitting our angers and frustrations to the public. Let’s give our selves ample of time to appreciate other people’s progress.

  98. it`s going to be a puzzler for a lot of us after blue bulls fatal gbh

  99. it`s going to be a puzzler for a lot of us after blue bulls fatal gbh

    “Those who live by the sword with others…will or must die by the sword…”

    For too long I have been observing these big tummies and bums madafakas turning the public into their punching bags and I saw it coming!!!

    Objections your lord!!!My client will state that the deceased attempted to drive him to the ATM to withdraw a thousand rand to bribe him in return to ignore his driving while under the influence and when the accused refused or didn`t respond quickly the officer became physical with him and the accused attempted to break free but the ssailant hanged on to him and when the accused eventually let go the deseased fell onto the ground and banged his head hard on the tarmac leading to his fatalities!

  100. Tim

    You must have been the magistrate or close family to the retartd who granted the R100 000 for showing how easy a white man can kill a corrupt policeman misusing his power!
    When s savage or ten rock up on a farm chopping up those who generate their food with pangas, they are granted R500 bail! This magistrate who are dealing with this case, must be you or someone close you or of the same kind!

    Remember the policeman must have been armed and the blue-bull may have had no other chioce but to defend himself against a boer hating savage with a blue uniform and gun missusing his powers a policeman!

    If I was in the blue bull’s body, I would have killed all the crimanals in the holding sell with me the first night so they would let me go on R100 bail next morning rather than putting me in another cage with some more monkeys to kill. Unfortunately I was’nt there to advise the bull how to use his strength and the oppotunity to send the message of the anger of the Boer wich is at hand to explode! Woe to those are in their (the Boerjies) way on that day!

    This circus-anc government only managed to disarm the fools between the Boetjies..the rest of us are still armed..legally armed and it’s going to stay that way. If anyone of my licences are not renewed, I’ll take the police to court and have my guns legalized again – as simple as that. And where I see my way open, I’ll claim and get damages as well…I did in the past and will in the future do so as well and I love it getting taxes back!

  101. roux must find himself another good lawyer who will fight for the case to be thrown-out at the senior prosecutor`s office otherwise if he retain the present lawyer he`s going to the dogs!

    His lawyer should have said he was heavily intoxicated and so had no control over his actions and was out of self-control and he could have been saved from being trialled!Now,for this lawyer to den that his client had had a single drop of alcohol it means he was in total control of hjis actions and therefore intended to kill not to restrain or disarm the accused.

    The court will examine any injuries he might have incurred and if these injuries required excessive force to defend oneself!

  102. roux must find himself another good lawyer who will fight for the case to be thrown-out at the senior prosecutor`s office otherwise if he retain the present lawyer he`s going to the dogs!

    His lawyer should have said he was heavily intoxicated and so had no control over his actions and was out of self-control and he could have been saved from being trialled!Now,for this lawyer to deny that his client had had a single drop of alcohol it means he was in total control of his actions and therefore intended to kill not to restrain or disarm the accused.

    The court will examine any injuries he might have sustained… if these injuries required excessive force to defend oneself!

  103. mlungiseleli gungqwa says

    well done to the son of the soil .

  104. Goodday!Mr Malma i am very happy and wish lots more millions come your way . i am a victim of horrible situation and i must raise some how R8million rands can you please guide me how i can complete this task because i have no clue please i admire you you have the voice and courage our support.
    Please can you help me orgenise a charity or advice me please how to get started the amount is huge and i got in this problems without the choice so please help me raise this if you need to know anything please you are welcome to email me .thankyou!

  105. Wow, upon reading all the replies and responces to the main topic of discussion i only have one thing to say. Our lack of proper education in this country is the result of poor spelling, grammar and the incorrect use of punctuation. But after 16 years lets still blame that on the old regime, even if an average school term for kids ammounts to roughly 12 to 14 years. We all now get the same education and a child who started school in 1996 has had the same opertunity to an education as any past regime’s children and still i hang my head with shame to the way we write. Imagine someone from a first world country reading these messages posted on this site. Their reaction will be “leave those fools to their own demise”. Come on guys how about we use the time and effort we take to write some hatefull comments about people we dont even know (meaning the people posting on this website) and write about what is good in this country so that people who read this from other countries might find an interrest in visiting this beautifull land. Why not rise above all this hatred of blame and shame and do something usefull for your fellow man. We as the people should have compassion towards each other and meabe, just meabe our leaders will follow suit whatever their faults or misgivings are. South Africa should be victorius and not the individual blaming or living with hatred.

  106. We are not sure how he got his multi millions if he has anyway,but it is equaly true with any other filthy rich Afrikaaner or evn Juwish Zille. The fact is we know Afrikaaner farmers came with no land in SA and the Zille’s brought no million on their first arriva in SA.Mabe it will be wise to start by answaring the mistry of the tourist who ends up with thousands of hactors of land in the world of strangers. then we beggin solving the confusion of Malema’s welthy.

  107. phuti ecleen says

    people why can’t we do away with malema’s personal life despite the fact that he is a politician or he is famous. you can’t afford to anticipate him to be poor-why should he be poor? the is no outstanding reason for him to be poor. perhaps he have utilised his ability to be the way he is.

  108. Julius proves that you can fool most of the people all of the time. Just get them angry enough and they will forget all about 27 April 1994. Also it is against the law to discipline children and he is still a child/youth. He does remind me of a big fat gingerbread man with raisons for eyes. Shame.

  109. bhailoog rulz says

    F….. Malema and the government..bcuz of these Bastards this country going backward..and F..those people who follows Malema and thinking he is the right person …they put illiterate bastard as a leader..

  110. Peter MokMalatjiatji says

    My question is who questioned the self enrichment by whites during apartheid ron the state funds like we question the gains of Julius Malema from the job he has been employed for. Jealous is not a way out but to apply like Julius is.

  111. vuzi malatji says

    Reading the post concludes that even the educated spell maybe as “meabe”. Don’t judge my spelling, I don’t claim to be educated by bringing the others down. Just you mr. Smarty pants. Anyways, malema wants to nationalise mines so that he can benefit from it. At the moment millions of us have jobs at the mines. The politicians in zimbabwe nationalised their mines and over the past few years no one had jobs there. Granted its looking up over there now. I decided that since im 20 now, my vote goes to the DA. Simply because the world has changed a lot in the 16 years the ANC have been in power, and the DA have multi cultural ideas in thought. Also they are against corruption, which means that YOU and ME may have a chance is the tenders were fair. I can NEVER get a tender, neither YOU. WHY? It only goes to friends of the officials. Everyone tenders, I have done so before. Nothing.

  112. malema is good politation only because he the truth and fact

  113. Peter Mokete Malatji says

    Many laundring and theft are criminal offences in South Africa. For Julius Malema, is once more demotive for us who followed him, provided it is not just political paint. To me he is not guilty court prove him to be. Again, those in driving force behind this Julius Zuma like JZ should be investigate for the same charges against Malema. No man is an angel.

  114. From what you where to what you are.. it clearly gives a picture of a good democratic country …

    We all free to be and to do what ever we want … Like the old Bophutatswana Anthem said: ” LEFATSHE LENO LA BORARONA RE LE ABETSWE KE MODIMO, KWANTLE GA TSHOLOLO YA MADI ”

    Ke NAKO like they said ka fifa 2012 world cup – For African Black brothers and sisters to shine too ..


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