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Service delivery South Africa

Fixing Service Delivery in South Africa

Wonkie is certain that since South African president Jacob Zuma launched 17737, his Zuma hotline number, the number has been inundated with calls. Judging by the number of protests recently about service delivery or rather its non-delivery, by government it would be interesting to see the statistics of the queries processed and resolved through the hotline.

What the government in South Africa seems to lack is ironically enough exactly what customers expect from business services such as Mr Delivery – solid service level agreements that someone can be held accountable to. Sadly these measures and those accountable for them either seem not to exist or are well hidden in the state bureaucracy. And all this despite the South African taxpayers having to fund a whole new team for Performance Management and Evaluation in The Presidency headed by Minister Collins Chabane.

The strategy of denial that problems exist, or acknowledging them and then doing practically nothing significant about them seems to be the only definite policy in place in government for the moment – particularly to address major public concerns such as service delivery, HIV, job creation and crime in South Africa. This strategy has resulted in numerous protests such as the residents of Parys, a town situated on the banks of the Vaal River which had furious residents dumping their uncollected garbage outside the town’s municipal hall. It is also no surprise that there is serious violence accompanying some of the recent protests in townships near Balfour and Brits where the problem is significantly more serious.

There are certainly problems in the country and if the government wants to address them, they need to approach solving them in a structured manner. Applying the logic a management consultant would use when similar issues arise in business, government here needs to do the following – and urgently so:

1. Identify the issues and quantify them in measurable terms as best possible.

2. Instead of the Presidency simply blurting out buzzwords like ‘community engagement‘, ‘cooperation‘ and ‘working together‘, the state needs to confirm these measures with local authorities and community residents – get sign-off from all the stakeholders concerned.

3. The state then needs to work jointly with the community to put in place agreed, reasonable targets to resolve the issues in definitive time-frames. It is unreasonable for residents to expect these issues to be resolved overnight and it is equally unreasonable of government not to commit to what will be done and by when.

4. Communicate the targets to all the stakeholders concerned – i.e. not only to those that need to deliver, but also to all residents and citizens that will be affected. Knowing when things are expected to happen with clarity will certainly help diffuse the tension and allow officials to focus on delivery.

5. Execute and actually deliver against the agreed plan (obviously, but worth stating explicitly just in case)

6. Finally, President Zuma needs to act on his threat to remove non-performers based on the delivery against the agreed targets.

These are seemingly simple steps and hopefully The Presidency has a plan in place along similar lines. It would be even better if they actually intend to implement such a plan within Mr Zuma’s lifetime. If not yet, Wonkie is happy to offer its strategy consulting services to help get things going.



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  1. How many protests down here in Cape Town? The ANC wants to take Cape Town over and screw it up like the rest of the country.

  2. As I see it the Govt and its agents are made up of political appointees who actually dont have a clue about what they are doing. All decisions are by a collective which results in nobody actually haveing to carry the can for poor delivery. Govt is a master of political vote gathering promises but does not know how to delivery. They have two choices – service delivery or over the top salaries, luxury cars and no responsibility. Guess which I would take.

  3. what service provided where?and delivered where and when? Certainly not by mr.Zuma and his cabinet!Not only services,what about crime and the daily murdering of farmers?

  4. As long as we have half educated fraudsters in charge we will never get anywhere These blacks want all for nought- free education – free accomoation – now free transport. Just now it will be free ijuba, free food and free willy.

  5. OLD FASHION says

    Voters are to blame for this mess, that is what the masses asked for and that is what they got. Confirms the theory Quality outsmarts quantity masses are mostly wrong.

  6. OLD FASHION says

    We are now educating preschool little ones that a good moral social responsability can be fun and is of vital importance to ensure a secure and happy nation. Pleas support us in this tremendous task as our children are our most important asset. Lets ensure that they are kept drug and abuse free. Protect all children in your social environment , Need help I will forward a contact number.

  7. There is at least an avarage one service un-delivery violent protest per month across the Country.We also have the most unserviced Township that is rather forgotten in Temba(HAMMANSKRAAL),near Pretoria.The overall infrastructure is disgusting and residents here never complain or protest.This small and remote township is one of the oldest(1937)and yet nothing is happening there.We dont even have a SINGLE FOOTBAL GROUND,let alone recreation centre.Yet there is over 500 lisenced tarvens and shebeens.Wake up TEMBA.

  8. Wonkie you’re the best i cant stop laughing at this piece of work(*cracking*) , and it depicts our reality as citizens, its truly a night mare to be a south african citizen especially the tax paying one, its like government employees attend morning sessions of incompetence daily, and those in the higher acelons of government daily morning sessions of corruptive methods coupled with a few from incompetence,,,, yerrrr

  9. The delivery of service,although limited by finances,was perfectly in order,prior to 1994.The profiles were in place and the knowledge of how to fulfill the mandates.Had the idiots in power had the balls to carry through the original intent of the ANC,this delovery issue would have been improved,BUT,of course,the fools knew better and having meetings at international hotels,overseas consultants,no concern for any man in the street except the higher echelons of the cadres and of course family.Naturally the theft of the never ending resouces has never been considered as theft and so the power of ignorance,greed,indifference and downright stupidity of the masses keeps them in their poverty and misery.
    Cerrtainly,all the methodology is in place with minor adjustments to suit each case,is already statuted and available.Money wastage in more indaba’s just continues to rob the system of the necessary finances to,or a large portion of them,to be able to produce meaningful results.As long as nepotism is the major condition to granting tenderprenuers with the tools to rob the state,thus the public,service delivery will remain a myth of epic proportion nad the middle classes cannot simply carry on paying into this black hole.I think that the auditing of these “Gucci suits”,including their Mafia Fathers,is a start.However,as with the independence of the judicial system,now,maybe a more sensible option is to sit back,light up a dubie,and laugh because,tears as an option,are just playing into the self satisfied,smugness of our disgusting,dishonest,and evilly incompatible leaders.

  10. Do people pay for service delivery? In our complex we have not had service from Pikitup since 2003, yet they charge our owners each month. A representative from Pikitup came to a Body Corporate meeting and told us that we have to pay even though we do not receive a service. He said that the rich cross-subsidise the poor. In our building the owners, mainly pensioners and widows, were very chuffed to hear that they were considered to be rich. Now the question is, are these people the ones who are being subsidised, and, in fact, are not paying for services which they are striking for?

  11. Sorry to put a political spin on the absence of service delivery, but isn’t it true that its victims will still only vote for one and the same party regardless? I mean, regardless of what people are not getting? This tends to compromise the sympathy one should be feeling.

  12. vilakazi khaphata says

    It is not the President or Jacob Zuma who should be doing service delivery but the work of you and me. Let us take the words of wisdom from Politicians. The rest of the work is ours. This includes control of corruption which we observe whilst engaged on our own Idependance.


  13. I thought I heard ‘one settler, one bullet’. I didn’t yet hear ‘one MP, one bullet’.

  14. francis janssen says

    yes i live in PARYS and i must say that we in PARYS call this the holy town and the most dirty town ,our MAYOR went to JAPAN to find out how to run PARYS and for all the money in the world he still does not know how , we have a new sokker complex, that has cost up to date R99,00000 s o far [ not jet finish] when we do know , already been stip of things now i ask you why spend so must money on something that will nevr be use some times i wonder were these flok come from ans a nother ting i wonder what JULIES would say if we stand up and saY one buullet and one ka”””””””””””’ i think we will be put in prison for that thank you

  15. Ol' Pliny says

    I heard a joke somewhere. The guy said, “These days there’s the Police service,
    SARS service, Prison services, etc. I wondered why until one day the adjoining farmer came to borrow my bull. I said, “”Do you want to plough?”” He said:
    “”No, I want it to service a few of my cows.””
    That’s when the penny dropped.

  16. I like wonki’s structured manner…it has merit…the plans are perfect…implementation is the problem…time frame also is a challenge as everybody wants services overnight…in general black residential areas never received services from way back hence there were Toyitoys against the regime, why do we expect them to stop now…there is progress…we just need to monitor it to filter through…

  17. never under-estimate the power of protests…they shortened the life of “apartheid”,so… they will, the same way, bring services faster than negotiations…we just need to mobilise the suburbs also to join in…

  18. There has never been a better answer than what Wonkie has provided. The problem is not because there is no such inputs but like Chris said everything was planned well and then came the hungry stupid representatives. Yes the ANC is people, but not everyone serves it to the best interest of the party, this makes the few loyal to give up hope of loyalty and join corruption. JZ must stap his feet and start implementing Wonkie strategies, going to England can just bring more money for the crooks in the government. Let us face it, corruption has been there from since Jan Van Riebeeck, but the whites were careful how they do things and when they award favoured tenders the services are delivered without any doubt and very satisfactory. Wonkie keep the movement, recruit me when the government appoints you. Thumbs up this is nation building not all the critic words without solutions …. big up guys… I support this indifinietely !!

  19. You are doing a pretty good job by rendering yourselves available in helping the government of the day to actually get to its senses and know that it exists for the people, and by the people. Its about time now that the African governments pull up their socks and deliver than dwell on their olden style of being forcused on enriching themselves at the expense of voters, and thereby forgetting their vows to the public during their campaigning which actually led to them winning the electins.

    That is cheating and must not be condoned in anyway. I dont know how it feels and looks on the ground, but i want to believe its just the same as in my country because though we are elder than you in as far as gaining independence is concerned, we are role modelled from there as even our food is still from (RSA) there. Can you imagine, after over 42years, we are still talking of self sufficiency on food security and most basic issues are not in place. My government therefore, also needs to be prodded and your provided guide could be very much ideal.

    Thank you very much and please keep me informed.

  20. Ol' Pliny says

    that’s also a tactic on their part. They had over 40 years to think out what they
    will do after apartheid. First a cooling off ubuntu period, then jobs for blacks in white business. Then milk the public for extra rates, and electricity.
    Then add a little reduction in tax to gain a little trust.
    As Winnie said, “The greater part of business is in the hands of whites.

    Yes, there will be protests – they expected this.
    The objective was to bleed the boer until the protests get too violent.
    Then they relax. (For a short while only)
    In the meanwhile, they have accumulated much wealth for BBE, BBBE,
    Tokyo and pals, Juju, et al.
    By the time a new political party is born, they all retire in luxury.
    The moral: Who want’s to govern anyhow.

  21. Service delivery protests that the country is now facing are the outcomes of apartheid regime.

  22. Old Zuma is really interested in our cuntry!!

  23. So right, Wonkie! But I wonder if anyone with intelligence and an open mind in goverment ever reads you? This country should be run by technocrats. Not by has-been gorilla fighters, most of whom joined the fray because they were too ‘sleg’ to work and saw it as an opportunity to jump on a gravey train and get rich quick. Trouble is, most of them do not have any insight into what it takes to run a sophisticated country. Look what we got for a president who only has grade 4! An embarrasment to all of us.
    I vote Wonkie for President.

  24. Tshediso, please explain how you connect service delivery protests to the apartheid regime? If only the ANC had learned from the apartheid regime, who were experienced in administration and delivery, the country would not be as filthy and run down as it is now. Houses built in the townships 40 years ago are still standing while ANC houses are not fit for human habitation.
    Come on, open your eyes!! But there are none so blind as those who will not see.

  25. The government must be accountable for its people.They must’nt just be big mouthed without giving the people who voted for them their basic needs.

  26. Zuma is the man, get it all of uuu!!!

  27. Tshediso , why do you and every other 2nd previously disadvantaged person still blame the apartheid regime?? We finally got rid of it, and everyone has freedom, but dont seem to understand that with it comes work. Tanni- 100% smack on the button – but they are all so busy lining their own nests………..and the people still love them. Unbelievable.

  28. The breakdown of service delivery is a direct result of BEE/AA. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to realise that if all the skilled (white) people are chased and they are replaced with inexperienced people with unsuitable qualifications (other than being black) the infrastructure will crumble.

  29. To Fritsa- The man for what???????? Please catch a wake up , before its too late for all of us !!

  30. Where are all the ANC spokespeople that used to FLOOD this site with their senseless, useless banter before Zuma came into power (in fact, when he still had those charges hanging over him and, by failing to go to court, they still hang over him)?

    The likes of vilakazi khaphata and Tshediso should just do the delivery for Zuma and his nincompoops. We don’t elect people into government, pay taxes for them to work, only to do the work ourselves. Are you two being serviced as well?

    Ol’ Pliny had better keep those insightful jokes coming! 😀 Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

    This is a BAD joke…

  31. Ol' Pliny says

    Nda, I take it you are Black, but intelligent. That places you in a special class.
    The following speaks out on the part of the majority of Whites:
    In our hearts, most hated apartheid but, “when in Rome do as Romans do”
    We had to pretend we agree with the system, so as not be labelled Boeties.

    Most intelligent people who were not racist, are prepared to put faith in a new
    government because they realise it will be in their and the country’s interest.
    In other words, they put aside their fears and doubts and fully co-operate.

    Sadly, this is not the case with uneducated Blacks – which they ANC heavily
    rely on. They stop at nothing. Burning down their schools, even their own people.
    No matter how logical and plain a solution may seem, it is rejected mainly on
    account of the hatred for whites people as Mokaba did, and Juju still does.

    In a nutshell; there is no answer to this. It will remain the ‘status quo’.
    Read Proverbs 1: 20 – 33 (Good News Bible 1977) See for yourself.
    It’s either wisdom or death.
    Sorry if any of you are discouraged by this – We have to face facts.

  32. Everybody here is right . and Ol’ Pliny, yes what u said is scary but true at the same time people should understand that history creates your future. But you can still shape a better future. If we all take time to look at Proverbs 30:20-22, you will also understand why ex-slaves are acting in this manner. Again if you read the whole book of Judges you come to understand that this is a book that describes how people in bondage rely on God and forget him when in freedom. All of Judges is about the Kings and people who worshiped God in sorrow and something else in happiness. This is exactly the case in South Africa, we have rejected the Lord’s prayer in parliament and if you look at how we sing our National Anthem these days, you will be embarrassed. People used to sing this song in tears, fully understanding the meaning of “Nkosi Sikelel’ i Afrika” that God is the centre of attraction, but they forgot where we come from and hence every evil is here. To be honest, Zuma is trying as a ‘man’ to bring people together, to get the country to another better level, but as a man thsi is not achievable even with his popularity. I await a God fearing president who will stand firm and understand that there is only one solution to our problem and that is for God to be in control of the parliament, Jesus himself. In the meantime we need to understand as people that if we need development we need not destroy the very building and little development we already have, there are many ways to kill a cat than to shoot it at all times. We need to try this:
    1. Create structures outside political boundries (community structures)
    2. The structures are voluntary people who will assess our development. can be structured with proffessionals in all spheres of study including civil engineers.
    3. The structure will independently inspect and evaluate construction areas, local municipal projects and other issues around the local municipalities.
    4. Volunteers will rotate annually to avoid corruption and no member is to serve in succession no matter how good they are, this is not an experienced man’s job everybody knows what the community needs and the old group can always teach the new group how to get things out of the council. They will be called “Council Inspectors” or anything that suites us. MAybe we can all discuss this in details and implement it all over SA.
    5. Involved the accountants will inspect the council budget and follow up on all planned projects to see that they are implemented correctly and that the council is on time.
    6. Many of the functions can be addressed based on the local government regulations

    The idea of democracy is not about who came with the plan, but its about helping the people in power to get things done the right way although it may not be 100%, but we would have done our best.

    I know government will reject this, but if we want things done, we have to put structures in place that will follow up things as and when they happen not aftermath. This is like attending therapy after being hurt so much, there is no way you will think straight, hence the violence from the communities.

    I am taking the initiative to gather people and unemployed educated youth to start this concept in Middelburg as of beginning April. But everybody is right here according to their understanding and analysis of the problems we are facing. Keep thinking, but when you criticize, I prefer to bring a solution after that criticism.

  33. Isn’t it funny how there are continous squawks about Colonialism, colonialism, colonialism and all it’s subsequent suffering and extortion of the poor black masses………..!!!!!
    but in the next breath a visit to the Great White Queen in England is seen as something that Zuma’s wives need to fight over about who’s going to attend….And him in his fancy duds and red sash…..It was so funny to watch. Someone should have helped wife number three understand “cheers!”….. she was left holding out her glass for a few bewildered moments – before giving up and drinking the contents in a gulp !

  34. Tshediso—The only excuse you idiot ANC guys have is to blame it all on ”apartheid”.How old are you? Probably still wet between the ears and never lived in the apartheid era.After all these years what has black rule achieved — sweet f— all.Just f—– it all up.

  35. Micheyp, I don’t know what type of a person you are, but in our belief we have this thing called “Repent and forgiveness”. We were taught this by missionaries too, and it is a great word of God. Irrespective of how they treated, cheated and stolen from us and all the inhumanity done to us, we forgave them and that means we have to learn their culture, eat and drink with them including the comment you are making about the President’s wife, your first lady.

    Respect for elders and Ubuntu for each other is what we have in Africa, we don’t just laugh at people, instead we bring them up and help them. Seems like many people preach “When you wronged someone ask for forgiveness and repent and the other one “Forgive your brother 70 X 7” without understanding it unless they refer to themselves as the only people who have a right to do wrong and ask for forgiveness and immediately we must forget what they did. Please before you start criticizing, see if you can help the wife of the president understand the cheers, maybe you can offer free training for English culture to her instead of standing across the river and laugh at her struggle to cross.

    Ol’ Pliny. – It is scary but true, but people should understand that history creates your future. You can change the future but if you really look at Proverbs 30:20-22, you will also understand why ex-slaves are acting this way.

  36. Brother Wally, I am sure we gave you all the time to get things right, so give us time too. This is our time, allow us to make the mistakes and if you can’t help us and work with us together as we struggle to get the right pattern just like your forefathers did years ago, then maybe you should try and keep the language simple or suffer the mistakes we gonna make, because to be honest with you the ruling party or black government will be here for a long time.

    It is time for the other folks to join hands and show the way, but right now all the criticism and vulgure you are bringing is not helping instead we think you have anger problem and you need therapy when you might have facts. So I advice you to understand that in order to win a woman’s heart show her respect and she is yours forever unless you don’t acknowledge the damage done by apartheid at all.

    We cannot hold on the past, but we should not forget the possibilities of history repeating itself, that is what you guys say in your language isn’t ?

    But as a brother, that is if you see me that way, we need to come and seek ways to show our stubborn leaders that they are causing serious problems to our economy and there will be nothing left for the children if the carry on like this.


  38. This is not suprising, because we as South African at the moment we believe that politicians are those individuals who can speak loudly, so you selected those and u must be now enjoying the fruits. U sow our President was trying by all means to please everyone but true leaders don’t do that, Steve Biko, Sole Plartie, Mahatma Ghand, O R Tambo, Moses Kotana is this the country you were fighting for, My President, T. Bos Mbeki is this the vision you were working on for this land, Tata you relax now we know you loved us we will love your country and the peaple who leave in it, not the money and that can not be taken by money, siyabulele enkosi, siyabonga, Dankie, keyaleboha. Peace, Love and Happiness in our country, There is still election to come you will see.

  39. Cedman– You write a lot of nonsense.All you guys harp on is the past.What has a womans heart got to do with this corrupt government. You dont want ”WHITE BRAINS”, that is why BEE has made such a mess of things. Just read your own newspapers and see what their news says.I can speak and understand isiZulu, and it would surprise you what i overhear every day from Zulu speakers in the shops and garage forecourts.Most agree with my sentiments,and slate the government at every turn.

  40. reading through all these remarks again, I say Cedman for president !!

  41. I really respect this podium as a platform for public expression and with that I cannot swear nor call people idiots. I have great respect for white people all over the world for the intelligence in them and great respect for black for the strength in them. I have nothing against white people that want to work with black people and I have no idea who told Wally that we don’t want white people in power. We need each other irrespective of who has brains. This is not a show off Wally, this is nation building, why are you guys always competing even when its not necessary, even when people are dying (not white or black, but all people).

    I still say you need God Wally, you need him to calm the storms that are ragging inside you. Sometimes you have to accept defeat Wally and see good in it. You know what?, maybe you are right we are really stupid, we are idiots because when people hit us on one chick we turn the other. We are idiots because we want to stay peaceful with everyone, we are idiots because we want a gun free South Africa, we are idiots because we still share everything that we know is entiltled to us through our forefathers with people who look at us and think we are inferior. We are idiots because we have allowed other people to stir war amongst us. But Wally know one thing, there is no greater victory than to know when to stop, when to say sorry and mean it, when to forgive and let it go, when to move on and see what is inside of the person than what he has. There is no greater power than that of a man/woman who helps his/her enemy fix his/her roof before the storms comes, especially if its the only house left. This is not a problem of white or black people, it is a human problem of all race.

    You have relevant points, but as long as you call me an idiot I cannot see good in what you are saying, that is what I was trying to say about winning a woman Wally. And just because you didn’t get the relevance of the example and others got it, I won’t call you an idiot, you learn everyday my brother. May God have mercy on you.

    I am not here to fight anyone, as black as I am I admire your culture of thinking and exploring things but to get solutions and views from other people. Tim there is nothing greater than the people, but as you have said sometimes people should try and do things on their own. In the structures I was referring to will play a great deal in what you are saying. Great stuff Tim.

  42. Cedman – Amen !

  43. Cedman….she’s not the first lady….she’s the third !

    Stop being such a tense little brick ! You actually say a few sensible things but for the rest you are just too sanctimonius and forgiving of fools…..

    South Africa has been ruled by fools for far too long – also in Apartheid days.

    We have become the laughing stock and the butt of jokes worldwide and lost the ‘sympathy ‘ vote long ago……and it’s time for those who get the chance to rule to do it properly…..whatever colour they are !

    A very wise old man once told me that a sentence he’d once read that had such an impact on him and had never left him…… and after I heard it, i’ve felt the same about as well, was….. “Man would be petrified if he knew by what small men he is governed !” Let’s all wake up !

  44. goto Google’s home page, starting in “Julius Malema is”then wait for Google auto-complete to suggest searches

  45. Well, I guess we all have to admit now and it has been clear that the only person who is wrong is Zuma and the rest of the ANC, which is mainly formed of black people that you guys call “A bunch of fools”, that includes me and many who are black even if they are no ANC.

    I have read so much stuff on this blog, all I noticed is a bunch of sissies who are always complaining, I have only seen 3 if not less positive inputs from this blog and it is sickening how determined all you bunch of smart people are to bring down a man trying to bring people together. The same man that invited many farmers to come and share what they think should be done to make farming better, but guess what they majority thought he is crazy and this is not because of his criminal record as all know, but he is black and they don’t believe a black guy can be president. This is exactly what happened and is happening to Barak Obama, no criminal record but the man was crucified by so many white american for his ancestral links in Africa, Ethiopia to be precise.

    You guys enjoy it when someone suffers, you believe everything you say is right and true and should not be questioned. Since you are used to that, you are horrified that we finally stood and said enough.

    If you can follow the real story of Nelson Mandela, you will come to understand that he gain momentum by making a speech without thinking like you imply what Julius is doing, he never think remorse, he was jailed for that and was labeled a criminal. Many things they did for the struggle including crime, but that was then. There is so much to be done in leadership in Africa, I acknowledge that we have problems that needs serious attention which some of them is corruption, but the way of “Hatred speech, mourning and winding while pointing fingers helps us not. We need a remedy and that remedy is not removing the government, because you think the next person will be better, who will that be DA, INKATHA, NP or COPE. None is better, if they cannot work on making things better now, then its just an exchange and struggle for power. Even changing the premiers and corrupt officials makes no difference, they leave our tax, best they pay what they stole and stay at work.

    In this case I would say “Alua continuere” – let the struggle continue. It is very simple “You guys can’t take it that we are no longer convinced by your tricks which you go even further using the bible wrongly …. The word is true but we are the only people who were suppose to use it “Do not kill” … but you were killing us. Say many time of harping on the past, yesterday is also history so you must also forget what the government did.

    If not then nothing is to be forgotten…… at all and like one of us said “We are never going to resolve the colour issue” .. it was, is and will always be like this, we just have to compromise where we can.

  46. Ol' Pliny says

    Unlike aimals, humans are driven by emotions. If we keep blasting Julius
    without pausing to ponder on our comments, hate speech will soon take over.
    Here’s a joke to cool things down a liitle:

    Julius is at a press conference in New York. When asked about his companies,
    he rattles off, “S.A. is a free country. Nobody stops you to have money here.
    You can have everything you……. “A reporter interrupts him.

    “Julius, do you really know what a free country is all about? You can stand anywhere here in the U.S. and say: ‘George Bush was the worst president
    we ever had’, and nothing will happen to you.”

    Without any hesitaion, Juju responds: “Look here mister – You can come here
    to S.A. and say that same thing also. Nothing will happen.”

  47. I am laughing at last, men you are like a seasoning pepper on hard to cook chicken, you know those old home grown chickens at my grandmother’s backyard, we need you here to cool things off. But please people take this platform to transform others and not to judge.

    If we can make it, it will be working together whether we bring down whoever but stop calling others idiots, that is unacceptable and shows no respect for your fellow man. By the way MicheyP, she is the third lady show some respect if you want some too.

    Our cultures are different, that we must understand and we have different believes that on its own is division already, but we must learn to live in peace with others who may not agree with our ways of doing things. A Zulu man is allowed to marry as many wives as he can afford, a Muslim is allowed to marry up to 3 or 4 wives if he can afford to. Many Europeans don’t allow that. Europeans are not bounded by South African law to marry more than 1 wife so I see no reason why Zuma has to be bounded by Western culture.

    His child with Irvin’s daughter is abomination cultural and biblical, he is very sorry for it, why crucify him further. Lets wait for judgement day and that is the next polls. Right now lets get a solution to service delivery together and leave Zuma’s sexual flames to the experts, we have commented enough on that for the year and I am sure he got the message.

    The question is since we cannot remove this government until the next polls, we have seen that the violence destroys the very few improved areas and infrastructure thus taking us back again. For example if we burn the clinic, council building and street lamps etc, not only are committing crime but we commit crime against ourselves, we robbing ourselves. By the time they agree to concentrate on service delivery, the whole suburb needs renovation before we even tackle new development. We are robbing ourselves in the manner we strike, the people who suffer is till us at the end of the day.

    We should figure out other strategies which can we use to make them pull up their socks, that should be our focus. Community Investigators is still my priority and I will bring you the results in the next few months after the research, maybe it can be implemented across the country, of course if it works.

  48. Cedman….why do assume that the ‘next polls’ will do it…or do anything? It will be the same sort of clots that are voted in again….and again……and again. This is not like Britain and the USA were if you don’t make the voters happy you pack your bags and go back where you came from. Even Barack is starting to feel that heat……!
    But I do agree with your statements on people destroying the few services that are around just to make a point and leaving themselves worse off after they’ve vented. Rather dum the rubbish in the gardens of the Municipal managers and see if that works……

  49. Cedman, with all your long nonsensical tirades which are just as scrambled as Malemas,do i detect that you are a paid letter writer chosen to defend the ongoing stuff ups by your beloved ANC fraudsters?

  50. micheyp, you missed my recent tongue in cheek expression, IE:
    “Who wants to govern anyhow?” Perhaps in yesteryear.
    Gold and Glory is the attraction these days.
    Look at all the recent floor crossings. How can one claim to to be faithful to one party and later jump ship when theirs leaks?

    Martinus did, and effectively murdered his N.P.
    So did Douglas Gibson. When Chris Baronne interviewed him he claimed he could serve S.A. better that way.
    Oh Dougie, Oh Dougie, it’s Gold and Glory, you know.

    America is a first world country. You can never compare their leaders with the
    total ambitions of all African leaders combined. As Donovan Leitch song goes:

    Circus of Sour,
    Holds shows every hour,
    The lion is eating the bars, hey the bars.
    I was erected,
    The poor man is expected
    To climb to the stars
    Balanced just on one knee.
    Look out your window and see,
    Look out your window and see……

    Oh dear, there’s a copyright cop at the door – cheers.

  51. G.J. Ditsebe says

    Destroying another government and making it ungovernable is a simple thing for everybody to accoimplish, but governing and puting up decent service delivery structures is not simple. It requires people to be educated and trained, but more importantly, a spirit of nationalism is imperative.

  52. Ditsebe, forget about “a spirit of nationalism” It’s all about value for taxation.
    For a goog laugh on democracy go on line to “The Quote Garden”.
    Select: “Goverment” Here are a few to whet your odium:

    Man will never be free until the last king is strangled
    with the entrails of the last priest.

    If people behaved like governments, you’d call the cops.

    Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey
    and car keys to teenage boys.

    Majority rule…you can’t have five wolves and one sheep
    voting on what to have for supper.

    Capitalism: Man exploits man; Socialism: The reverse is true.

    Democracy is a government where you can say what you think
    even if you can’t think.

    A civil servant is sometimes like a broken cannon.
    It won’t work and you can’t fire it.

    It’s not the voting that’s democracy; it’s the counting. 

    Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and
    free than Christianity has made them good.

    Democracy is the art and science of running the circus
    from the monkey cage. 

    And three cheers for Wonkie:
    Democracy becomes a government of bullies tempered by editors. 

  53. Ol’ Pliny, well said. I’m checking the site today.

  54. Well said Ol’Pliny. At last Cedman agrees with some of the criticism aimed at this corrupt supposed to be democratic government. I hope he enjoys the site without getting his nickers in a knot. Some great quotes.

  55. Hey Wally, I always acknowledge faults but I still say we must bring more solutions than criticism and on the other hand some other people must acknowledge they are part of the problem thus we need to all be part of the solution.

    My own quote “Greater is man who acknowledges his mistakes and rectify them, than he that hides them and pretend to be noble.”

    Glad to see you guys making a sentence without any offensive language its constructive and motivating, maybe I can listen now.

  56. Ol' Pliny says

    Wally, you should see the quotes on religion, racism and war.
    In fact, I am Christian – who isn’t. It’s the idiots of the world that
    brought shame to the the Bible’s author.

    Here are a few quotes:
    Most Christians spend the first six days of each week sowing wild oats, then
    go to church on Sunday and pray for a crop failure. 

    Christendom has done away with Christianity without being quite aware of it. 

    Thousands have gone to heaven who never read one page of the Bible.

    The last Christian died on the cross. 

    If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses. 


  57. seems to me you guys forgot what this post was about in the first place, and are now ( as any other post in this country) on to politics, race and religion. I am now opting out, this is stupid, Cedman, Ol’Pliny , Wally and others, go play in your sandbox.

  58. Ol' Pliny says

    Marianne, who criticises some and attacks others, on March 11th says ‘Amen’ to Cedman’s comments.
    Then on the 12th elects him as president of South Africa.
    She now condemns him and opts out of the discussion. Hey man, what did he do?

    Cedman don’t feel bad on the part of those who only find fault, and are unable to offer
    feasible alternatives.
    This blog concerns government’s misrule and exploitation of taxpayers.
    All expressions are appreciated and welcome – even the dogmatic.
    Seemingly Marianne believes Christians belong in the lion’s den – not here.

    Fact: One cannot exclude God from matters concerning earthly affairs.
    He owns this earth. (Exod 9:29)

    Any worthwhile Christian will know that the events taking place on earth today
    are inextricably interconnected. The whole theme of the Bible being that God is
    the ruler of the universe is unhappy with the rulers who ignore his

    He has declared his son to be the only worthwhile ruler of the earth.
    Read Psalm 2 and see for yourself.

    In other words, the solution to man’s problems will not come by continuously
    changing the men that collect the tax. They are all God’s enemies. (Psalm 110:5,6)
    Most on this blog have in effect said amen to that.

  59. anonymous says

    [Removed by moderators]

  60. what were we to exzpect from a polkitically appointed mayor if not a political speech ?i can never have any confidence in mayors or premiers or presidents that i have not had a part in their election or appointment or deployment.

    here everyone is talking about the besieging of the cbd`s by local gangs{carguards,street urchins and vagrants}fopreign gangs and syndicates and the world`s most reknowned and feared mafia he is talking about jobs and rdp.

    people who emigrated have pointed these out as some of the reasons which led to them fleeing but these tinpot dictators wants to impose their dictations and whims on us.

  61. Not surprising Marianne cant make up her mind,after all she is a woman heh heh.Maybe she must stick to her knitting circle and knit willy warmers for dis advantaged Eskimos.

  62. Ol' Pliny says

    Wally, you probably noticed my last remark:
    “The solution will not come by continuously changing the men that collect the tax.”
    Corruption has been in the world long before the first senate sat in Rome.
    In a previous message I said, “There is just no solution to this problem.
    People don’t realise this for the simple reason, they just don’t live long enough.

    I grew up in the days of General Smuts and personally met him in Port Elizabeth in front
    of the city hall. It was a battle to get near him as he sat at the back of his car. Believe it or not,
    I was the only White. The car was surrounded by smiling blacks trying to shake his hand.

    While yet in my thirties I strongly believed that some day things will turn out better for all.
    That shining knight never came. It was only when I went into my late seventies that I realised
    things were getting worse to the stage where it is frightening. The average man in his thirties
    grew up in the days of burglar alarms, even before terrorism, and cannot discern the change.

    Sixty years ago they almost got me to vote. I jump for joy now that I can truthfully say that no
    one can blame me for supporting either apartheid or the ANC. I just never voted – thank God..

    My name appeared in this same Daily Dispatch when I refused to even vote for councilors.
    I denounced all who tried to argue me into voting for a non-political council. My argument
    was that it will one day become political, simply because it was already political, but well
    hidden from the public eye. There are no fools like those old bigots – and I proved it.

    Mark these words in your diary: Things will get much worse – people are farting against thunder.
    Terrorism has the upper hand. People are terrified to even say anything against Islam.
    And keep you eyes open – it’s coming here as well – and watch the farms as well.
    All I was trying to say is in all my messages was, “Only God can save the world now.”

  63. G.J. Ditsebe says

    It is very much discouraging to see how our towns stink, and smell of urine all over places with water (sewage spillage) flows through our streets these days. Do black people have an idea of what a municipality is all about? I hate it most, if these people think that they represent me.

  64. its unlucky to be a public figure

  65. Binkie wa Dipheola says

    Sometimes when I look around in all the towns of South Africa, even the former independent states, and see the pot holes, all the roads overgrown with grass and trees with no place to replace a flat tyre, I become overwhelmed with anger when people who are enriching themselves say it openly that they will still be governing this country when Jesus Christ comes. I have a tip for them; Mugabe thought so in 1982 when he toppled Ian Smith. Unfortunately governments which do not deliver cannot stay in office for long. They may capitalise in the high iliteracy rate oif the majority of citizens of this country but they should remember that the literacy rate is improving year on year and unless they start to deliver, they won’t be here in the next ten years. South Africans are not that much foolish.

  66. Tim (March 11th, 2010 at 10:00 am )

    I get the impression you have no idea what’s happening around you – Governments collect taxes so they can deliver roads, water electricity and otgher infrastucture.

    You say your uncle was a councilor during apartheid!……Just show that the apartheid years was not as UNFAIR as you try to picture it! What I wanted to say about your uncle, just like you, he had no idea what was happening around him and misinformed you by telling you that communities should tar there roads themselves! Communities pay taxes to have that domne by government – what we have today, is no government, it’s a band of stealing lying corrupt criminals and YOU, Tim, voted for them!

    Binkie wa Dipheola
    You say south africans are not foolish….so how come they voted for this brainless ANC hooligans to rule?

    lawrence, the public figures became public figures by advertising themselves as leaders – that means that it’s got nothing to do with “bad lucK” or being “unlucky” like you say, they wanted to become public figures so they can steal from you! – Wake up man!

    Cedman, the only way to be part of the solution is:
    2. Vote for people with brains next time you get the chance to do so
    3. Acknowledge “democracy” as the greatest of all the foolishnesses man ever came up with! ( FOOLS CAN’T RULE and democracy allows the fools to rule!)

    And Wonkie, I get the impression that the hue of your skin is too light! Therefore the savages won’t make use of your offer to solve their problems…..on the otgher hand, when they blink their eyes, the eyelids move so slowly that I don’t think they have noticed the shit in the drinking water. To remove the non-performers they will have to remove themselves as the whole ANC bunch are non-performers.

  67. Ol' Pliny says

    French, Romans, and other country men,
    The people came and buried Apartheid also the AWB, not to praise them.
    (Democracy was buried many moons ago) Oh yes, racism too.
    Quoting Dirkie:

    Quoting his Bible:
    “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth…”
    (Acts 17:26 KJV)

    Big chief Sitting bull said, “White man speak with fork tongue.” He was racist too.
    Big chief Jesus said: “Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out
    of the mouth, this defiles a man.” (Matt 15:11)

  68. Dirk oh Dirk, which is the best language to listen to ? and Ol’ Pliny I ended up reading the whole of that scripture, quite touching you know.

    As I much as I don’t want to admit but we have blind leaders today. In the case of Mugabe I disagree. If you follow up the story of Mugabe and the promises made by Western government (Britain) to be precise regarding the land reformation, you will be surprised. The reason Mugabe did not kick the British in Zimbabwe’s independence is because the British made a promise to invest more than 30% of their production in all sectors of large businesses (farming and mining) to the Zimbabwean government in gratitude of the fact that Mugabe has let them stay in the country after the civil war (despite the fact that the British turned some Zimbabweans to be rebels against ZANUPF) and still lost. In the light to make people understand (Capitalism is a system which was tailored and engineered overseas, thus we don’t know how to stop sharing but when we do we lose the balance and become greedy). Now after negotiations between the parties, Mugabe got tired and fired all British who are not willing to live with his people and commit to their promises, they were given time and many didn’t conform to the request, so what did Mugabe had to do when people are still in pain. Zimbabwe after independence was still poor and under developed because the British were still stealing from the poor people. The media never told the story of Mugabe because they want him to look bad, young people of Zimbabwe are turning against Mugabe because they think they have a better chance with the British but little do they know that they can have far more better than what Britain can offer. If Mandela would have given up and accepted the offer “our old regime” made to him (Take a package and go stay in London and forget about the struggle, get paid for doing nothing monthly and live large), where would we be today ? Or I guess you also didn’t know that too. Look many leaders are greedy, but Mugabe is focused, he is not the one suctioning Zimbabwe, it is the British who are killing people. Mugabe wants to sell Gold to them and feed the people but no “Zimbabwe is under suction” yet the man they say to be punishing is free to move around the world. They have created their puppet in Shangirai, to use in the system for the benefit of the British. Look at this, Shangirai is not working and is in polictics, a runner up to the ruling party, yet he has the most expensive closed “Vesage” suit, limosines, flies to SA every week, with more than 20 body guards, where is all this money coming from, answer Britain. If I were to talk to Britain, I will say “I know what you did before independence, and it ain’t happening again”

  69. no comment but point taken from the last contributor!Those are very strong words again that calls for reflection and re-assessment!

  70. Ol’ Pliny brother, NEVER quote the scriptures the way you just did…you did not metion the part that God has set the boundries of their habitat too!

    This is what that scripture really says…and God seems to believe in apartheid too!

    26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;
    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.

    See why I say people should NEVER listen to an english speaker?

    Cedman and Tim,

    What’s wrong with you guys? Why do you need a leader? If you don’t need a leader, you won’t have too deal with blind ones…to be frank, africa NEVER produced any leaders anyway…only terrorists and thiefs…sorry to say, but that is a fact! Mugabe is one of the richest people on earth and he could not ever care a fidler’s fart about his “subjects” and now he is blaming Brittain for making promises…well maybe they did make these promises thinking mugabe had a brain…of cource after learning that darkest africa does not produce brains, why give money to a thief! You see, the english speakers only see now what africans are like…there was a time they believed africans were little angels…LOL I can’t wait for the day Madonna’s adopted savages kill her for breakfast! Just another 15 years or so and that will be the news headlines!

  71. Ol' Pliny says

    Quoting Dirk> “See why I say people should NEVER listen to an english speaker?”
    Sal jy my glo as ek in my ma se taal skryf? (Will you believe me should I write
    in my mother’s language?) My friend, perhaps you need a better reference Bible.
    At Acts 17:26 Paul revealed the unknown God the Athenians were worshiping.
    He quoted Deut 32:8 where Moses explained that God separated the Israelites from among the
    descendants of Adam and apportioned their boundaries with regard to the rest of his descendants
    that would surround them. Note! These were all in the Abrahamic lineage: Deut 2:4.5 (Esau)
    Deut 2:8 Sons and daughters of Lot. (Ammon and Moab) Gen 21:17-21 (Ishmael Arabians)
    Nowhere at any other place in the Bible does it specifically mention other nations for which
    God had set boundaries. In fact, the Israelites could not even own the promised land. God said
    The land belongs to him alone, and that we are merely squatters. (Bywoners. Lev 25:23)

    Should one take your argument at face value, then your country is either France or Holland. Or, to
    going back to the time of the flood, as a white man, you would be a descendant of Japheth, whose
    nations spread all the way from Asia to England.

    Another area where you misunderstand the scriptures is when you refer to Blacks as ‘The Heathen’
    The correct translation being ‘The Nations’ Read Psalm 147:19-20 which says that God gave his law
    to Israel alone, and not to any other nation. Every one of those nations had there own gods, and as such
    were heathens. Here again, should one take your argument at face value, then you too are a ‘Heathen’
    seeing that you are not a Jew.

    Hopefully, you will accept that, as your brother in faith, rather than belittling your beliefs, please
    consider all this as constructive criticism. Your quest to see justice and righteousness prevail, indicates
    that you are a good person deep down inside. Do not let your anger disqualify you. Read Psalm 37:1-4

  72. Ol’ Pliny

    It’s now clear that you are brainwashed by this “Israel Vision” teachings. God’s law is for all humans who except and believe it all those who do not believe, are heathen! Easy to see and understand…blacks happen to be part of the heathen nations who refuse to believe and except the wisdom of God’s perfect law of freedom!! ( James 1:26 )

    The scriptures God gave us, are for all nations and for all centuries as it contain the wisdom of God! To now see acts 17:26 the way you do is like a man wbho say that the book of romans in not for me as i am an Afrikaner and that the book of Corinthians are not for me as I am not greek or to say that to understand Revelation, I must figure what what John wanted to say to the people of his time…sorry… I don’t buy that! Every word in the Bible is God’s word and not that of the writer. Everybody knows that Luke wrote the book of acts but what Paul or Luke wanted say with it, does not matter, what matters is what God wanted to say with it and if you want to know what God wanted to say with Acts 17:26, then just read it as you find it and do not take any part out or do not add anything to it.

    It is satan’s theologians who always want to show how learned they are intreperting the scriptures by putting it into the time it was written…a clear indication that they completely underestimate the wisdom of God! God knew that the Bible will be read in the year 2010 also and had it written in a style to speak to all ages…it’s the false teachers who wnat to nullyfy some statements by wanting to figure out what the writer of a book had to say to the people of that time…atb the end, it will mean the the scriptures are no longer valid as it was meant for the time it was written ….

  73. Ol’ Pliny, clicked the submit button too quick…again read also the verses around Deut 32:8 and you’ll see it’s clear that God seperated all the nations and that he gave each nation their part – whosoever is against what God intended, or try to “undo” what he did, is the satan of God! Those who are against apartheid, are the satan worshippers as I find apartheid in the Bible and it’s logic the best solution for peace here on earth! The more this world move towards one nutral-grey people, ( under the false pretend of “brotherly love” the less we will have peace here…and now we have it!

    1 Thess 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.

    To deny that this verse is applicable to that de klerk satan’s new south africa of today, is worse than an ostrich with it’s head in the sand!


  75. Tim,

    I donate money to the BOEREMAG every now and then, not because I agree to what they did, but because they are ilegally beeing kept in prison for no transgression at all! That is an indication that you black bloodsuckers are afraid of them even when having all the power you need…only thing you come short is called brains and you demonstrate that ALL THE TIME…poor you! You are as pathetic as this circus you refer to as your government!

  76. when you are squatters begging the stupid bl;ack government for food,jobs and two-roomed is it when you are being clever?when you went to go throw billions in cuitocuanavale,owambo,caprivi strip and nkomo and end-up with nothing but mud and eggs on your face is it when you`re being clever?me think you`re just using your skin colour to think you`re better than everybody else!getoutta here-asshole!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Marianne says

    7 weeks hence and Dirk, Ol’Pliny, Tim and Cedman is still at it. Not the lack of service deliveries mind you, but their own holy racial war, it seems. Now I have to block this site unless you gentleman can exchange email adresses and go battle it out elsewhere with out boring the rest of us .

  78. Marianne
    You could close the site as far as I am concerned..well that is if you own it but looks like you don’t as I still found this thread open..

    Tim ‘s got such a big mouth that I don’t think anything but a boer’s fsit can close it but he refuse to do, as he threatens to do, like comming to my front door, so I can close it for him&co BOERESTYLE!

  79. Marianne says

    sorry Dirk, what I meant is close the subscription to the site as my email box is full every morning of all this. YOu all got big mouths or nothing better to do than sit and insult each other. Its sad when you are all nice decent people and could maybe make a difference if you buried the hatchet (so to speak) and helped each other and worked together. We all have to live here, so let us do it in peace . Unless you can zoom off on the chicken train to greener pastures.

  80. Ol' Pliny says

    Marianne regrets all the comments here that she heard.
    Some good, some wise, while others are simply absurd.
    In one post she writes “Cedman for president, Ole!”
    To Fritsa see says “Pease wake to see light of day.

    Soon after it seems she forgot everything that she said.
    and tells Cedman, Wally and me she wishes we’re dead
    Says, she’s sick of this post and is opting out for good.
    OK, we heard you and your intentions are well understood.

    But lo and behold, seven weeks later she’s back in the post,
    spitting the same insults and venom to give all a good roast.
    “This time all incoming emails from this post will be blocked.”
    Rejoice not, like delivery promises, her ears remain cocked.

    Hey Look! I finally made a comment on ‘Fixing Service Delivery.

  81. marianne3 is probably a junior,naive,underdeveloped individual by the virtue of her not understanding what freedom of speech,language and expression entails and what constitutes censorship.

    well maybe she should have listened to one talkshow radio which called it; “taking it off your chest” before giving two parties the mike to have a lively but heated go at each other.maybe she should watch WWE AND SEE HOW THE TWO CONTESTANTS ARE GIVING THE MIKE AND URGED TO GO AT EACH OTHER UNCENSORED.ITS DISTURBING THAT AT THE TI ME THAT OUR MEDIA IS CLAIMING TO BE CELEBRATING ITS FREEDOM YOU HAVE MEDIA PEOPLE DISPLAYING SOME FASCIST TENDENCIES!DO AS YOU PLEASE,DEAR!ITS ALSO YOUR FREEDOM TO CENSOR AND BLACKLIST!

  82. TLHOLOGELO says


  83. service delivery is poor in this country not bcoz we are poor bt bcoz our government z greedy they only care for themselves.i wuld rather b a slave in zimbabwe than a youth in SA and hav a freedom to hell

  84. We did our part of the deal (which is voting for the ruling party), don’t you think it would be fare for the ruling party to deliver their part of the deal now, which is Service Delivery?

  85. OLD FASION says

    What service delivery????

  86. I applied for a RDP house in 2003 and again went back to update my personal information in 2008 for the same purpose. ‘Til today, Im still waiting. I maybe having a suggestion addressed to the housing ministry. We are aware that you have improved the shape and size of the new RDP houses to offer to the needy, kindly offer the same to the low cost houses because it looks like there is a financial problem in making sure that you deliver as promised. Example: if you are going to build 10 000 houses for the needy in the year 2011-2012, make sure the same number is allocated to the low costs as well. In this regard will make the number of the awaiting houses list decreases. More people who have been on the list are now working and others have managed to buy the same RDP houses that are offered for free. The more you build the low cost houses, is the more people will be able to afford, due to the fact that most of South Africans are in need of shelter and they go for anything that can make them to have roof on their heads.

  87. Identifying service issues and compiling an action plan is great, but only effective if implemented, actioned and if people are held accountable on a weekly basis to determine progress and ensure goals / targets are met timeously. Service Quest can help cultivate a service attitude that is the ingredient that will keep service delivery alive.

  88. Hoorah! at last Winnie Mandela is being made useful in the SERVICE DELIVERY department. And who best qualified to deliver sh*t houses to the poor!

  89. but people of SA until when is the government going to give u everything whilst u stand aside and watch. those who are not working want houses and you know that u r not adding any in come to get pregnant u get grants,you want houses with water and electricity.after the government gives you all this what will be left for economic development. come on let SA grow coz u are pulling it down

  90. Gaba-wa-Dipheola says

    The powers that be enjoy giving out free housing, food parcels and all sorts of grants to the poor (who unfortunately seem to be a bit lazy to think). Apparently this is the only way for them to secure a 60% + vote in elections since South African are lazy to work for themselves and demand a decent salary or wages from their effort. The picture depicted by tr ch ve above is really sickening. For how many more years is the South African economy going to be driven through government transfers. Will there be a stop to this. Sick!!

  91. brian dempsey says

    My brother is in Clairwood Hospital transferred from Albert Luthuli to Addington
    I am in the UK
    Try this
    3 emails to the lady in charge of Albert Luthuli
    No respnse
    3 Emails to the Kwa Zulu Natal chief Medical Officer
    No response
    Amazing communication but typical of a 3rd World country

  92. Zipho Zulu says

    On a serious note, the president of the country(MR JACOB ZUMA) must make sure that all those who are none performers, or those who fail meet the target in terms of the service delivery-should be expelled. One more thing is that the president must make sure that they only hire professionals.

  93. i think the govt need to speed up the services they have promsed to the people of south africa,because it is long time we have achieved what so called the democracy



  95. rinah molimi says

    i am staying in zebediela limpopo in Gedroogte village as im writing this the communities are on strike and one of the learners has died because of this strike there is also no school please let our president help we need tar road


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