World Cup betting cartoon

World Cup betting cartoon

World Cup Betting

The FIFA World Cup is here once again and the tournament with the largest viewership globally is sure to see much money changing hands in terms of sports betting.

Wonkie wonders whether the host country this year, South Africa, would have been better off coordinating some kind of national betting pool to recover some of the exorbitant costs it incurred to host the sporting event. According to a BBC sports news report last year, the UK alone will place over a billion pounds in World Cup betting over the course of the tournament.

The websites below offer some great special offers if you’d like to place your 2010 bets online – go on, click on one of them and give it a try – a small wager certainly makes the games more entertaining to watch!

Very long-established in the betting game and one of the most sophisticated platforms is betfair – they are based in the UK and even allow you to bet directly against other players:

Ladbrokes is one of the most reputable sports books internationally:

Soccer betting photo
Giving the best odds for South Africa at the moment can be found on Boyle Sports:

2010 world cup betting image
William Hill places the largest volume of transactions for World Cup betting:

World Cup betting image
If it’s cricket world cup betting you’re interested in, then check out bet on cricket world cup for more. Have fun and enjoy the Fifa 2010 World Cup matches. If you’re going to bet, please be sure to do so responsibly – unlike Sizwe in the cartoon above!

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  1. Andre Piek says

    I use William Hill for my sports bets – they’ve been very reliable and the odds they give are usually quite good compared to Eurobet… I can’t believe the figure though… over a billion pounds being betted just in the UK alone… crazy!! It makes my R100 bet on Argentina seem rather lame!

  2. I do not do sports betting. But if you want to make money, bet on Spain. Will be the world champions.

  3. @baresytapas – good team but I don’t think they’re going to make it to the final… Bafana Bafana all the way my man!

  4. Alfred MacAdams says

    I think Angentina will make heads roll at the world cup and i sure they are going home with gold need i say more

  5. Ayoba Mzansi, Shapa Mzansi Shapa. I am confindent that Bafana Bafana will make it this World Cup. Even a blind men can see it that South Africa will shine. VIVA BAFANA BAFANA VIVAAAAAAAAAA.

  6. go bafana feeling it i’ts in my blood. m sure u a not going to disappoint

  7. Bafana Bafana wil surprise a lot of people in SA and beyond!!!!!!!11

  8. pius swartbooi says

    lets say the ball is round, but i’m 100% sure its Bafana Bafana……….

  9. Bafana bafana,you owe the nation of SA,make us proud,we are 100% behind you.


    Feel it,it is hear! Keep that trophy in SA,It belongs here eMzansi!

  10. Lindiwe Gumede says

    Bafana bafana,u rock!

    we are 100% behind you,love you guys!!!!!!

  11. ludick mboweni says

    go vuvuzela for bafana bafana go
    the noise 4 the nation
    our no 12 striker

  12. pius swartbooi says

    hola 7, its that time we’ve waited 1000 days and its finaly here.go Bafana GO BAFANA.

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