World Cup upsets cartoon

World Cup upsets

World Cup upsets

The final set of matches have come to a close at the 2010 FIFA world cup and sadly it looks like the South African Bafana Bafana team will be leaving the tournament along with all but one of their African collegaues – Ghana.

The South African team certainly shone in their final match against France, beating them 2-1. This followed significant drama with the French team – their key striker was sent home and in true French fashion, the team decided to strike for a day. Current champions Italy had an equally lack-lustre performance in the opening round and will also be returning home this week.

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  1. Actually it was the ball!

    The Jabulani ball…designed by an English uni for a German firm for a World Cup played on South African soil…tested by a prestigious US university if only non-comprehensively to be admittedly able to slip from rough turbulent flow back into smooth laminar flow and then back again…

  2. I agree….just cant trust Refs to make proper decisions these days. Lets have the technology…video…and on the screens for all to see!!
    This is for the vuvu blowers who make such inane deafening racket we cant even hear the commentators….and the incompetent Refs! Damn Them All !!

  3. why bet if the result depends on the Ref’s mistakes?????

  4. Deena Naidoo says

    I’m just waiting for the 2010 to be over. Besides the vuvu’s blowing so loud at the stadiums that even the commentators cannot be heard, the vuvu’s are being blown in residential areas. BAN the vuvu’s from the residential areas just as fireworks were. I’ve seen dogs running away so fast when a vuvu is blown, in fact I’ve even seen a pregnant dog getting run over by a car. Parents need to control their kids as well, as they are the main culprits in residential areas.

  5. For the firtst time ever I’ve watched another sport besides cricket, rugby, athletics, gymnastics and tennis. I would suggest the following to improve the beautiful but boring game 1) ban the damn vuvuzela 2) shorten a game to 60 0r even 45 minutes. It’ll speed it up. SA has done it with cricket and even the Poms had to accept it 3) ban all the unnecessary antics of players after scoring. It is OK in any sport if you show you happiness and congratulate the scorer, but give at least a yellow card to a player in a team sport that runs twice around the field, giving the spectators an opportunity to have a good look at such a near god, then simulates having sex with the rest of the team and even the coach etc. 4) Use cameras and ban players for taking “Oscar-winning ” dives- or swallows as the Dutch call it- for at least a month after such a transgression. If this is done I might watch soccer again.

  6. mojalefa says

    It has been a wonderful experience for the World Cup to be hosted in South Africa and again the Economical landscape of the entire continent is going to have and make new meaning to many lifes out there.IVA FIFA VIVA………….

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