FIFA referee cartoon

FIFA referee cartoon

FIFA – Referees and Technology

The FIFA 2010 World Cup has certainly been an exciting one so far with a number of upsets including Serbia defeating Germany, Switzerland beating the Spanish and of course South Africa emerging victorious over France last week. Upsets of a different nature altogether however have been caused to both players and fans the world over with the officiating at some of the matches.

Besides a seemingly randomly disallowed goal by USA against Slovenia last week, and numerous dodgy fouls and penalty awards, a couple of serious and blatant errors were made by the Fifa referees and assistant referees during the matches over the weekend. Notably, Super Frankie Lampard’s legitimate goal was disallowed by Uruguayan assistant referee Mauricio Espinosa and match referee Jorge Larrionda. This could quite easily have been avoided had Fifa decided to employ well-established goal-line technology. Instead, both the players and (England!) fans received a raw deal. An unfairly awarded goal that was clearly scored from an offside position by Argentina’s Carlos Tevez later that day caused the entire rhythm and attitude of the Mexican team to alter into an aggressive and negative one from the supremely positive one they had been playing with.

In both cases, the events affected the psychology of the team and had the goals been fairly allowed or disallowed, the remainder of the game could likely have turned out quite differently.

Wonkie believes that the technology is there and it should be used to make the game more fair. Diving and play acting – notably with the Italian and Portuguese teams seems to have risen to Oscar level. This makes for excessive interruptions as players tumble theatrically in the hope of receiving free kicks and penalties – even a feather touch is capable of making some players look like they’ve just been flung head-first down a mountain. The use of replays, although not infallible, certainly could help referees make more informed decisions – just as they do in cricket.

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  1. Once Again says

    introduce the goal line technology rule, not to say England could have done a thing to recover they have always been worse.
    diving is pretty easy to see/judge refs must be assesed on the number dives that they wrongly award as a fouls. this world cup refs suckkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Taurai Tawa says

    technology readily available for use so why not use it.

  3. It is very disheartening and frustrating when a ref and his linesmen make a wrong decision, diallowing genuwine goals, allowing foal goals i.e, like that goal by Maradona populaly known as the hand of God ,(Lionell Messi also scored with his hand becoming the second Agentinian to score by hand wearing a number 10 jersey for Agentina which Maraddona also used to wear, seems like Maraddona set a precedent and refs have to follow it, this is so so wrong, it ain’t fair, it kills the game),or disallowing goals like the England goal scored by Frank Lampard against Germany in the current Fifa world Cup.
    The England players got frustrated and lost the game. So I do think that technology will play a very vital role in the soccer games to allow fairness.

  4. use the technology available as other sports do and give credit or discredit where due. As for the play acting….the soccer players should play one rugby game against the Springboks to know what real pain is!!!!That will sort out the men from the boys!

  5. Shocking decisions so far! Sepp should go / retire ASAP! It is not so expensive to implement it as they claim!

  6. Douw Steyn says


  7. Musapunakie says

    i do agree with goal- line technology and it will fare Game for every team.
    What about Jabulani ball.

  8. It is here – use it!!!!!!

  9. It (technology) is here – use it!!!

  10. Goal line technology is over due to say the least. Non deserving teams are winning matches due to human error. For how should we continue to say poor officiating is part of the game? Please introduce GOAL LINE TECHNOLOGY for the good of the game!

  11. sipho mabuza says

    Soccer is a game and mistakes are things that cannever be avoided but let the ball roll and benefit the lucky ones on that day. It has been like that ever since so why only today do people start thinking of technology?

  12. Piers Neal says

    Of course we should be using technology as much as possible. There is too much at stake these days in both world cup games and league games. The game is so quick that it is unreasonable to expect referees to be able to make the right decision all the time with just the human eye. The game is being ruined by bad and unfair decisions and this could be so easily solved immediately using technology. It works so well in rugby. I do not understand what FIFA is so scared about. Sepp Blatter is a disgrace, a dinosaur and should resign or be sacked immediately. The majority of the world is calling out for the use of technology. As for players fouling, diving, acting …. they are also a disgrace and I personally believe that using after match video evidence they should be fined at least one month’s wages every time they are found guilty of cheating or trying to fool/trick the referee. It would not be long before players would stop behaving this way and all the money raised could also be used for good causes. So c’mon, let’s have someone with balls take these decisions and bring football into the 21st century …………… PLEASE!!!!

  13. Mojaki K. Mojaki says

    I can’t agree less with Wonkie. We need reviews during games and that could be done through recorded technology. Let the game be fair to all by allowing TV to show errors.

  14. i think its time to adopt the rugby -type of match officiating because it would not help us to complain everytime when the wrong decision is taken and nothing afterwards. the going goes if it fits wear it…! i was very moved by the red card given to khune instead of awarding bafana an offside and the list is endless…we need to have a comitee that seats at the stadium and whenever the controversy provoking decision is made such comitee wil replay the subject-incident,deliberate on it while the game is on halt and decide because it cant help us to always throw salvos on the referee given the urgence with which his cal requires him to make decisions. we must not loose sight that the referee is a human being like us therefor his conducts must be measured within human limitation,that is he is prone to err. i think adoption wil help preserve this beautiful game of soccer and more so relief referees from verbal-beatings and batterings.

  15. definitely use technology on the goaline and for replays
    a fair game can only be GOOD for soccer as the true result will prevail
    ENGLAND WERE DONE OUT all doubtful/ wrong referee/ linesman decisions will be nullified

  16. Cristiano Ronaldo says


  17. Goal line and offside line in international/tournaments and the top leagues that can afford it. It is insane not to use it. Yellow card should be used as per hockey/rugby – player spends 10-15min on the sideline. If ref suspects “simulation” then ask for slow-mo review and send offending bastard like girly-boy ronnie off for 10 min (yellow). 2nd yellow reviewed automatically and if ref satisfied then 2nd yellow and bye bye naughty boy. straight red for serious dangerous play and deliberate foul on player through on goal. I also have a major issue with players handball on the goal line to stop a legitimate goal. The goal should be awarded and not a penalty – penalty could be missed when an illegal action stopped a definite goal; therefore benefit should go to side who scored, not the option of saving a penalty to the side who broke the law – player who deliberately stopped a legitimate goal by handball should also be shown straight red card. If these rules are applied without fear or favor then you will see the game cleaned up and none of the ridiculous play-acting that has come to characterize this beautiful game.

  18. Yrag – england were done out of a goal, but no englishman or any of the players are using that as an excuse – stevie G said the better side won and complaining about the goal would merely be trying to paper over the cracks. The far superior side won – the disallowed goal was unfortunate – englands current problems are far greater than a disallowed goal, ask any of the english pundits and fans.

  19. the game will not be as exciting as it is today. that is exactly why we are following the game. No technology in the beautiful game. technology will make it ugly. The refs must be vigilant and fit. Mr Blatter please no technology in the beautiful game

  20. Yes!!! Make use of the technology, soccer is such a nice game, but is unfair to not acknolodge a goal by a refugee when its was indeed a fair goal

  21. taurai mubaiwa says

    fotball is football handina kana basa nazvo inini zvetechnology.

  22. GWYNDEFF says


  23. bigbrain says

    soccer as a form of international unity cultural xchange and skill devolution.its a noble idea

  24. irene serala says

    it is so appalling! given the highly aclaimed status of the competition , such blunders were not supposed to even begin to happen.I expect refereeing at such level to be infallible ,to show that only the competent and the knowledgeable and extremely observant are in charge!


  25. its a shame, its technology gone to waist by deliberately blundering referees. maybe its behind the scenes scandals, who knows….

  26. Sam Simango says

    Disgraceful officiation. I suppose FIFA will be using blind referees for the next worldcup for their asinine aversion to technology. Or maybe the megabucks politics escape me??

  27. john ongaga says

    Let the technology stay.referee should be final the way it is.if applied it will look like football is full of regulations.

  28. No question. Why not use the technology we have?

  29. this is awake up call for FIFA to introduce a goal line technology to have best team fairly winning. there have been bludders going on during the 2010 FIFA world cup in SA. the loosing teams should stop complaining about the Jabulani ball and look at the refrees with multiplied eyes. some of this tecnical if not delibelately decision taking by the so called well orintated refrees are killing the mood and the momentun of the games which in most cases have put a drastic negative impact on the results.



  31. mvembe nhlapo says

    it is here so use it for best!!

  32. Price fixing – match fixing, what’s the difference. It’s cost the previously taxed man billions of rands, to make a loss for him. How can that be justified????? Fifa officials have pocketed millions of rands, and, still prevented supporters from taking in their own food into the stadiums. Have you’ll tasted the food inside at the food stalls????? Nooooooooo, I won’t even feed my dog the same food. And not taking into account the cost ot same!

  33. According to me the reffering was very disguising and unfair during the FIFA world cup 2010. I put the blame on SAFA with their new rules.Thanx

  34. hi T-girl.
    i undastand and respect your feelings abt poor refeering during the world cup however i want to clarify something with u … it might be that world cup is staged in mzansi but it is not safa that regulates game rules and the like instead the buck stops with fifa. safa toes fifa lines! i want to believe that you will find this point as correcting than otherwise a bad -sumthing done with point-scoring attitude of small hyenas. thank you T-girl

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