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Future of Julius Malema

In case you’ve been too caught up with a case of the post World Cup blues, Wonkie thinks that now is a good time to notice that South African ANCYL hero Julius Malema has been rather quiet over the last couple of months.

Mr Malema is trying to make a strong comeback though. Despite the ANC scrambling around to negotiate out-of-court settlements, Julius expelled Lehlogonolo Masoga from the ANC Youth League earlier this week.

The current episode has its roots in a rebellious uprising against Malema in Makhado, Limpopo a little while back. Reports are that SABC is concerned that if the latest saga is televised by e-TV as a reality show, it may even outrank the popular 7de Laan soapie.

Wonkie is having trouble keeping up with who is battling whom. Will Julius still kill for Zuma? Or are they no longer best mates since the president reprimanded him a couple of months back? Has Malema formally adopted Mugabe as a mentor? Is there a good reason for Julius to spit snot at the ANC top brass and not appear to care about the consequences? What is the deeper message when a politician such as Malema pays no regard to high court rulings?

All this and more… in the next episode. In the meantime, Wonkie looks forward to hearing your thoughts! Please take part in the poll below and leave your opinions in the comments section underneath.

Where is Julius Malema headed?

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  1. Julius future will only depend on his behaviour. As of now I see him as a disrespectful, undermining other people and taking the law in his hands. e.g. like he ordered the police to remove the youth that did not support him in Limpopo.

  2. whataprick says

    well i had the misfotune to meet malema two weeks ago, and he has short man syndrome, not that i am that tall either,his pompuse, arrogant, attention seeking, self indulgent and arrogant.

  3. I have it on good authority that Juju is to be posted to Outer Mongolia after SARS is done with him. Bon voyage, Fat Boy.

  4. I care less about African politics. Whether Julius or Jacob is the president, it would not matter because all these people are after enriching themselves. They worry less about the people who voted them into power.

  5. Shalas van der Mashala says

    He is making nonsese in firing Lehlogonolo. I am not an ANC member but I strongly feel his decision to expell Lehlogonolo from the party is stupid.

  6. sello Lemao says

    Julius Malema is the prtesident of the country in next 15 years.

  7. Any news about the idiot is bad news…. so no news is very good news!

  8. He is just cooling off a bit, he sure will to come back…he is not a type to keep quite for the space…he makes politics interesting..

  9. Colin Murray says

    Julius will be sulking for a while, however I think he is planning a big strong come back with uncle Robert’s encouragement. JZ will not be pleased at all, although being a buddy of Robert will not rock the boat at this stage anyway.

  10. Sepho Hotsticks says

    sello Lemao, you are obviously a supporter of uncle Bob’s runious politics. Malema has not got the brains to lead his own household never mind a country LMAO

  11. Julie has never guided the youth at all. This must be the main objective of the youth leader – to conjure up support from the ranks of the youth. He has rather bedded mates like Bob & South Americans, North Koreans etc. Not having done his job he MUST be fired – through a G5 cannon. Agree with Shalas, though. Sello: only if we, the people DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, will we continue in a democracy

  12. S.A is sitting on a ticking time bomb if we allow morons like Julius to do and get away with ease. History beares scars of such individuals who were just let go without care and ended up putting the legacy of apathy and distruction. Htler , Mussolini, Amin and George Bush. WATCH OUT..

  13. Current politics is about self enrichment under the pretext of political parties. I have made political analysis and clearly from creation of unnecessary dept to appointment of management echelon is strategic payback. This youth was used and now in untrollable to his masters because is been doing some dirt for them. This organisation is untouchable as is full of mafia that can manipulate the system up to judiciary. It a shame for those who fought and at ultimate end not benefiting they are vulnerable, poor and unemployed, I am talking about people that are known, when they passed on the sabc accompanied by some senior party members will be broadcast all the empty promises made to the bereaved family.

  14. Malema’s political future is at a cross road. Is either he start thinking positively to ANC or he form his own political party like others. The guy behave like Zim president.

  15. so many thought that even if hell froze over – Never would zuma with all his baggage and bile ever be President …. and boy were they proved wrong !!!! so watch this space ……

  16. God help us if that idiot becomes president!!!!

  17. Malema Malema Malema
    You truly are a dilemma
    They love you – eish
    That hamster-cheeked face (faish)
    So behave yourself boyyyy
    hey wena!!!

  18. Manthata says

    I am scared, very scared, well, this is not just about Malema, it is about the whole ANC NEC, they are showing clear signs of what kind of leaders they are, dictators, that is what they are, expelling those who are a threat to their leadership within our organisation
    trying very hard to regulate what the media reports about them, I think it is time our local media becomes very vigilant to this people
    maybe we must start a campaign against Malema before he starts a campaign to destroy our hard fought democracy, I can’t live with myself if Malema ever comes to be one of the prominent leaders of this country.

  19. Manthata
    we have an obligation to our children and grand children and great grand children to make damn sure this mampara gets the boot.!

  20. Gaatvol of Juju says

    We had enough publicity on this Negative Sentiment Generator (NSG). We want something positive upon which the Nation can look up to in order to focus our energies and patriotism. We can do it without NSG

  21. The poor pathitc Julius desperatly needs a crash course on how to speak English ,manners,carpentry and ubove all to realize what a youth leader’s portfolio actually is about, to encourage self esteem ,pride and to promote a better place for all, the world cup proved that we do get on with each other, we can have fun together, we are able to support the many causes that impoverish our dear land like education ,manerizims and job skills. YOU’R FIRED!!!!

  22. Ann McDonnell says

    Why don’t we follow Gareth Cliff’s example and IGNORE the idiot. No politician can do without publicity, whether good or bad. Starve him of his name in the press – it will be like oxygen starvation for him

  23. Manthata says


    If we starve him publicity we will only be killing ourselves because by the time we realise, he will be owning every single company in this country through nationalised shares.

  24. Ann, you are quite right,mmmmmmmmm sorry who were we talking about?

  25. Andries Botha says

    You are geographically challenged. It may be harder for you to find Makhado in Mpumalanga then it will be for the ANC – and South Africa – to get rid of Julius Malema.

  26. i really worry about us with this man. we could def en up like Zim and those poor uneducated fools that he has fooled will soon realise that when you vote for an idiot you will get nothing – good luck to all of us when that day comes – one cant even live in the hope that he may come right and do us proud – everyone against him must be agents – hahahha

  27. chris du Plessis says

    The only way anything in this country can ever have a POSSIBILITY to change is if ‘YOU, THE PEOPLE, STOP VOTING FOR THE ANC IDIOTS !’
    So stop complaining and do something about it !

  28. Blessing says

    SA is poised to be in the news for bad things. Crime levels and xenophobic attacks will take precedence over the shenanigans of Julius Malema. The ANC to survive will go down the Zanu PF way and take the country with it. The Zanu PF mentality that as they were the liberators of the country from colonial rule, they are supposed to rule forever will take root in the ANC, sooner than later.

  29. I think the tention between Zuma & Malema is good for our country as Zuma will now listen to other people’s opinions not only Malema’s .

  30. I am pretty sure that if this Malema thing happened in the USA he would have been silenced permanently a Long time ago.
    Perhaps this will happen if he is idiot enough to eventually stand for president of the RSA. He is just too dangerous for the peace and quiet for this country.

  31. Yes I agree complaining without action serves no purpose. Cope’s potential to become a strong opposition party has diminished, atleast that would be an alternative to cast a ballot paper. DA and others oohh please. You can hear the comments of the majority of the people about the ANC but they dont have alternative to vote, I am talking about people who suffered severely during apartheid regime, they dont want to hear nothing about white dominant political parties. I am just been honest and real guys and PLS I am NOT racist if you have experience you will quickly understand.

  32. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    @ chris du plessis. Too true, Mate. A pity not too many people can actually see that! THINK before you put that cross next to the ANC candidate at the next election. Let’s try (ever optimistically!) for a more moderate, honest (if that’s possible!) government, who will actually give a damn about the people! Problem is, Juju will probably arrange a military coup, and take over anyway! Sigh! Let’s just get the hell out of this poor, godforsaken country!

  33. Please just a point of correction, Makhado is in Limpopo not Mpumalanga as it is written in this column

  34. chris du Plessis says

    @Msandas. Thats the problem with ‘THE PEOPLE’. They keep on looking backwards and teach their young how bad apartheid was and how good PanAfricanism is. Now we have these youngsters moving in the the power positions as the old guard retires and die-off. They think the Robert Mugabe is the way to go. After all, just look how the man gets treated by other African leaders — Superman , Yeah !!!
    It is time to do a SWOT analysis on political parties if your mind and hart pull stwo different directions and vote for the one the will offer the best future for your children.
    If a white guy is better, then vote for him.
    So far the DA is the best option to replace the ANC. But they can always be replaced by someone els, if another better option arises. Thats the beauty of Democracy and you guys dont realise that.
    So why have democracy.
    Now you are back in the fuedal system with the ANC as the aristocracy and the rest are pesants because of tis mentality.
    Its all in the mind.

  35. Wobbelyone says

    The ANC knows it is losing support, that is why they wheel poor old Madiba out as a mascot hoping to impress the peasants. The rationale is if you do not vote ANc you are rejecting what Madiba stood for. The grassroots are not impressed with Malema at all, the Africans have always respected their elders and behaviour of this idiot goes against the grain of the Africans. I agree why cant the media just refuse to give him any publicitity. They are not doing the country a favour by glorifying Malema.

  36. Msandas – As much as I understand your antipathy towards traditionally “white” political parties, I still cry inwardly at it. What you are inadvertently describing is a new “nationalism”, an identity that is racially defined. In effect you are enabling exactly what the nats of yesteryear set out to do; create a 1 party state under the guise of democracy that serves an elite. That is exactly what the anc has become. It needs to decide whether it is a political party that currently governs and runs the apparatus of the state, or a liberation movement which panders to the lowest common denominator and uses all means, both fair and foul, to achieve its objectives (which are not always, despite their protestations, laudable). What this country really needs, is for the populace (the people who should mean the most in a democracy), to become DEPOLITICIZED. There have been signs of this, hence the anc’s decision to unleash a mongrel like juju to repoliticise (racialise issues) the youth and raise issues that THEY should have laid the groundwork to solve with competent policies on education, job creation, housing, etc.). Disingenuous and very damaging to national morale and “patriotism” (which is good and distinctly different from nationalism). An apolitical electorate, though an unlikely pipe-dream (doesn’t exist anywhere – closest is New Zealand & Aus – they don’t hold their elected officials in high regard) is the ideal. Then people will purely vote based upon the ability of the politicians to DELIVER, not interfere and try to run as oppose to govern and enable. Unfortunately, the black electorate who suffered the most under apartheid, are the ones who are going to have to put the past behind them and forget the most if they want to see the fruits of their hard won “freedom” and “democracy”. We are at the crossroads in our democracy; we have soo much going for us and the people (I work with so many young black wanna-be entrepreneurs who want to get on and make a difference) want to get going and make it happen. What we need is a government that governs and creates an enabling environment for us to get on and create businesses, social networks, growth and community, and a better life. Free markets are not perfect but the alternative is too dire to contemplate – imagine a future where we get dictated too by a muppet like juju and his cronies (because he WILL surround himself with thug hangers on who will swill Johnie blue while telling the masses they are looking after them) while they control every aspect of your life, no free press, nationalized industries making nothing, no foreign investment except mines given to grace mugabe et al for support, inflation running at 1000%, “dissidents” such as desmond tutu who speak out “disappearing” etc. get the picture? The politicians are meant to be our SERVANTS. If they are not delivering on their promises and building a better future for our children, but instead enriching themselves and their families at our children’s expense, then look past the past, look inwards, then to the future, and vote for someone who can, whatever their color of creed….

  37. Makabeni M says

    It is so unfortunate that Juju only realised late what former president Mbeki stood for. He is now frustrated to see the Communists taking over our beloved South Africa.

  38. Phred, well said and that my dear follow South Africans is the reality that we are all having to deal with. Think very carefully,think about the future of your children and their future families,whatever happens in the next few years is ultimatly as young voteing adults going to be your decition , and inevertably to your childrens gain or detrement.The choice is yours and that my friends is democracy.

  39. Wobbelyone says

    Extract from City Press:”Mariechen Waldner and Piet Rampedi report that Malema is a business partner of Dr Christos -Eleftheriades of Thermopower Technologies, a company facing a series of charges for environmental violations. Eleftheriades’s Medicare Process Technologies and Malema’s company are partners in Tshumisano Waste Management, a consortium which won the Limpopo contract. “Blue Nightingale, of which Malema is the sole director, owns a 3% stake in Tshumisano….Eleftheriades said that the Tshumisano consortium paid Blue Nightingale a monthly dividend of R136 000.” When contacted by the newspaper the ANCYL president denied everything” Friends this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  40. Chris, this is about wanting to change the mind set of these people for them to start looking in real practicalities of life. It is high time we STOP politicising crime and fraud. Guys these people are enriching themselves on the pretext of apartheid and racism. I think we need another political party to lead. Phred said it enough that it should be about capability to lead and manage. If juju can afford 250000 wrest watch how much he has pocketed and from where and how he got that lot of money.

  41. chris du Plessis says

    Msandas, I agree with you but for one thing.
    The only solution to the crime problem is a political one. The people in charge of it is appointed by the ANC and they are either corrupt or incapable of dealing with the problem. It is a top-down structure and wil only be fixed when the right qualified and experienced people are appointed and they overhaul the system with support from the polleticians. just look who are the heads of the police and justice departments. ANC cronies. You cant fix internal problems if the managment are crap. Start at the top and work down.
    Unfortunately it is going to be very diffucult because little of the experienced remain or are available to replace the rotten apples. So even with a new party running the goverment, it will take many years to fix the ANC bugger-up we have now.
    But it’s got to be done – or Zimbabwe !

  42. @Andries Botha and @Geez – thank you both for pointing out the error – updated!

  43. People – my posts are not anti-anc posts – more an anti-politician/politics posts. I am in essence, and will remain ever, APOLITICAL. I despise political posturing and those who seek power to serve themselves instead of those they were elected to serve. While the anc has many capable people in its ranks, it is not by merit alone that people from within are selected for positions (I think we all, anc supporters included, should be mature enough to acknowledge this). With and iron grip on the levers of power, this is a very dangerous position for any democracy, especially a young one, and in a country that has no history/culture of democratic, universal franchise participative electorate, extremely dangerous. The biggest danger is then self-evident; the ruling party can do almost anything (self enrichment, no delivery, empty promises, erode the freedoms of institutions and those they were elected to serve/protect), without fear of reprisal at the ballot. When the dogs of division are loosened on the public and not reprimanded, then the warning signs should go up. Fortunately ALL of the anc supporters that I know have no truck with juju and his kin, so that is a good sign that they still believe in the founding principals of the organization and want the best for the future of the country. It is time we made our voices heard – we are the people – we are the ones who put you in power – we DEMAND that you take our needs seriously. To add a cautionary note – we need to rid ourselves of this “RIGHTS” mentality – with rights come “RESPONSIBILITY”. It is your right to cast your vote in a ballot. it is your responsibility to your country to cast that vote. It is your responsibility to your fellow South Africans to apply your mind diligently while casting that vote (preferably with forethought) and bearing in mind the consequences of YOUR actions/choice for ALL our futures (i.e. if you vote for a person in a local election who promises you access to tenders but he/she is useless – do you vote for them for short term gain or do you vote for another competent candidate…?)

  44. Msandas and chris – you are both right – it is at once both a political and a mindset issue. Chris re crime; I would suggest you fight the fights you can win, criticise when criticism is due, BUT equally importantly, give credit and praise when it is due too. Look at the lower levels where delivery is often hampered. The area I live in is a previously advantaged area but the police station was seriously affected by budgetary constraints etc due to poor decision making further up the tree. The existing (white) CO was replaced by a new (black) CO who was not from the area. A few people complained about it but the majority of the community pitched in to see how they could help the station and new CO. An extremely strong community – police forum was created and the local businesses got involved and so did the main security companies servicing the area. The result – the station was “adopted” by the community, the morale of the staff went up 1000%, they new CO flourished and was roundly praised for his management (unfortunately he has been promoted away, but he deserves it), crime is down considerably, people feel safe and EVERYONE benefits. Notice – nothing has changed much in the competence of the politically appointed structures, but at the community level where the people who join the SAP to serve are concerned, their job has been made easier safer and more rewarding (now if they would just improve their salary packages by reallocating most of the excesses that are paid to the political appointees….)

  45. chris du Plessis says

    Hi Phred, yes I am anti- ANC. ( that also makes me a racist. )
    I am fed-up with their way of goverment and I just dont see any other option but for them to go. We need to start this democracy from scratch.

  46. if malema is going down than zuma must be careful,because he might also sink with malema.

  47. what is the benefit of being racist I am afraid that will be cascaded to your children which will be frusted because the environment they live do not have a room for it. SA is different now, yes its natural to always compare previous system with current but does not mean that one must the past. Take the good from the past and see if will fit in this situation if it work let it be condoned. We cant begin to want to have our own territories within SA that rediculous. We cant disintergrate our lives from politics our task should be how do we merge the two to better our lives. It will be an abnormal life if this route cannot be hilly therefore lets work together to make it even for the sake of our children. Our parents fought under terrible situation atleast is better now as compared, lets also fight for our children to make it even better than us. ANC enjoy majority because of their marriage with cosatu n sacp but divorce is in the pipe line. I am sure you can see that too. These red guys are infiltrating government key positions and would want to change policies which will clash with anc. JZ is throned by them therefore will have to also pay back through deploying them in govnt positions. Come next election dont be surprised to hear that sapc/cosatu are independent.

  48. Makabeni M; when you hungry you dont think of tommorrow but you want to fill you stomach now. Mbeki’ intelligence is incomparable with any of the JZ camp. He is very principled, strategist, economist, visionary, poetic you name it, of course there will be human error like any other person. He is sober minded therefore cannot associate himself with a bunch of idiots, power mongersHow do you begin to say people must stick to one partner to eliminate spread of hiv whilst you hv team of wives. You can decide for yourself about our leaders.

  49. E Makiwa says

    People should not waste time talking about Malema.

  50. Hey E Makiwa you are so rights it hurts.

  51. chris – being anti-anc does not make you a racist. Being prejudiced, bigoted and small minded makes you a racist. I have more news for you to digest – the anc is an integral part of our democracy and the future of this country. It is not going to disappear miraculously from the political firmament – get used to it. What I, as a South African and a patriot hope, is that they will succeed in transition from liberation party to responsible government and appoint those from within (and external) who are best qualified for the job. To give you an example – a member of our church was tasked by them to clear up several HR issues at the local government level. The anc in council were so impressed with his integrity and even handedness that they offered him a position full time as HR legal director (he is an attorney). They asked him if he would consider joining the anc to facilitate this move. He told them that he would be happy to carry on in the position full time but he was not prepared to join the anc to do so. They recommended to the council that he be appointed and he duly was… Chris – I too get mad when Zuma’s nephew can ride on his coat tails for mining concessions etc, other connected people get contracts etc etc. That is the lot of many politicians and I will criticise and fight it through the media, sanctions and the ballot; BUT I will also acknowledge the good that is done and achieved. You must live in a very small bubble if you don’t think the nats weren’t the same. They just had longer to perfect it, only 5 million “people” to concern themselves with, and no media free speech to report it… People have VERY short memories…

  52. Makiwa E; we are practising what is said to be democracy not wasting time. we need to express ourselves particularly when we see the likes of Juju gradualy destroying their political profiles.
    I fully agree with those who encourage our people to think before they put their X’s in a ballot paper.
    You know Guys there’s one thing that needs to be done that will see us out of the whole mess to EDUCATE OUR PEOPLE ABOUT POLITICS particularly the majority in rural areas.

  53. chris du Plessis says

    Phred, you are waiting in vain for the ANC to change into a model political party. They are changing the exact opposit direction. the longer you wait , the more damage they will cause and the more difficult it will be for anybody to get our country and people out of the crap hole the ANC has taken us. All the ANC supporters think that way. ” If we wait and be patient, the ANC will come right and solve our problems. ” Even the ANC think that time will solve their problems and in the mean time they can so-long solve their personal problems with taxpayers money and make sure that they keep the positions of power to reap any benfits that might pass their way.
    The time for sitting on the wire is passed. If we wait longer we will only go backwards more.
    Act now.

  54. Phred says it all. Malema must go….

  55. as a member of the ancyl i feel very much disturbed about the state of the youth league in the country. the manner in which malema runs the league is not satisfactory because he does not want to be opposed or advised. the expulsion of masoga and the dc processes leading to his expulsion leaves much to be desired. i think malema would be a good leader only if he can subject himself to democratic principles this country is laid upon them or else he may find himself ruling like a dictator. his future in politics is bright because he is a seasoned politician but he needs to work on the respect for the rule of law or else he would turn to be mugabe in making.

  56. Genral MK says

    its very unfortunate becouse we thought that Andile lungisa will be bolt enough to rescue us from this Vempire but its seems that he is as well shy to fight these battle with the likes of captain Masoga……….we have been sick and tired since we came back from mangaung its very lonely these days to be an Active member of the YL becouse of the likes of these Dundaheads.julius misguaraged to be the President without proper protocol.he is surprise president

  57. i think the ANC god[s] won’t take their fellow comrade where the grace of ANC will not protect such a member. The point here is that ANC supports its members at all costs!instead it was suposed to be concerned for every wrong thing that an ANC member has done [vicariously so…] .Its commonplace that ANC deployed malema . common sense tells us that ANC has trust in malema so much that it entrusted him with authority and powers to serve people of south africa in particular youth. if he does something untoward while in the office , common sense continues that the employer must chip in and rightens up wrongs. So this is something ANC has not being doing instead it was attackiing whoever was saying malema ‘s job is not kissable. i want to believe that ANC is supposed to oversee its deployees,train,counsel,made them aware of the standard of work expected of them and made them to account on it and the public they serve… this is not happening! ANC has made malema what he is and it should be fingered. when a leader does a good thing we say ANC is servicing people but when its leaders are doing brown envelopes you want us to split hairs… that is not right. people should not be misled by media reports,big headline news that “malema in hot waters or ANC gatvol” because ANC has history and it will continue with its trend of being a player[bad one of course]and referee at the same time. with the current administration its even worse bcos the attitude now is the cheque book politicking. malema ‘s doing is nothing different to all other ANC members are doing… ANC IS A CHURCH,you go in there without a believe and you start believing in something.

  58. chris du Plessis says

    The fact that there are people in the ANCYL that thinks Malema is a good leader worries me much more the Malema himself.
    Malema shows a very low level of inteligence. That is why he makes all these stupid mistakes in the first place.
    Our leaders should be the brightest and most talented cream of the country that can use their skills the govern a modern and complex state.
    Persons like Malem and Zuma are well loved by the people because they are good talkers and say the things we want to hear. That does not make them good leaders. And that is where our democracy is going wrong.
    I thought Malema got to be the ANCYL leader through some clever tricks and not because young blacks thought he is the best the ancyl has to offer. Seems I was wrong. The members of of the ANCYL REALY thinks he is a good leader. Thats whats scares me. The future of the ruling party is blessed in dumness.
    Thats why we are heading for Zimbabwe.

  59. Lets identify our wants at our local area and analysing them versus the current situation. This can be achieved through engagement at local level with the ngo’s, churches and various community structures, it should be the platform to discuss non party politics instead it must be real issues that directly affect our lives. We must’nt fold our amrs and want to rely on ineffective concillors, unresourced police stations etc etc. Come the election we will then know where to put “X”, Lets all pull together in one direction otherwise it will be complains after complains with no positive solutions. This is our lives and we must be incharge. stop wasting valuable time about the self centred bunch of idiots.

  60. Genral MK says

    watch the space and time Captain Masoga is in juju Out

  61. A plea to the people of SA – when you look at your “leaders”, please look at their CHARACTERS, not what they promise, which party they choose to stand for at that given time, etc. Because someone was a “liberation hero” it does not mean he/she will be a good LEADER. They are two different things. They MIGHT be both but there is NO guarantee. A persons actions are a window to their inner being – hence my total distrust of juju and his ilk. Their actions are completely contrary to their words – crass consumerism and selfish pursuit of personal gain while/through campaigning in a position/on a ticket of “helping” the poor/masses/disadvantaged…. JZ unfortunately, is another who fails the character test – whilst being popular and seemingly approachable, he does not possess many characteristics of a true leader. It is common knowledge that he was “used” to oust mbeki by factions within the anc that wanted their turn at the trough. He has the “common” touch (unfortunately, it does not mean that he has an understanding of the issues facing the underprivileged and how to fix them…). So, in summary, when people stand for election, look at their history, their actions, not what they are saying, when evaluating whether to vote for them or not. e.g. The fact that JZ was not prosecuted for his “generally corrupt relationship” with shabir shaik (as irrefutably proven that there was such in the judgment handed down in the shaik case), the fact that it became irrefutably apparent that he could not even balance his own household budget and had to rely on “gifts” from friends (who of course stood to gain NOTHING from the positions of influence that he held & now holds..), the fact that he knowingly engaged in unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman (while being the spearhead of the AIDS awareness campaign… DUH!) the fact that he has several children outside of wedlock(s) (which implies that he has no regard for his wives and family) etc. etc. , should be enough to PROVE to even his most ardent supporters and family that he does not have the attributes of a leader nor the capacity…

  62. A well known saying goes, “WE DESERVE THE LEADERS WE CHOOSE/VOTE FOR”. This would be true in an egalitarian society where everyone has access to equal education and information to make decisions re voting etc. Unfortunately, in a society where the levels of inequality are so well defined (no longer exclusively by race either), this is not the case. I believe all South Africans deserve a lot more from their “leaders”. We don’t owe them ANYTHING. We pay their salaries and they must be held accountable for their performance by US.

  63. Msandas, well said – chris, you could learn quite a bit by taking to heart what he has written – attitude makes the difference – unfortunately I think your well has been poisoned by your prejudices which you take to be prove FACT. How does your worldview account for all the positive things that you blithely seem to ignore (merely a few of which I have alluded to)?

  64. Genral MK says

    the price of aparthy towards public affairs is to be ruled by an evil men says “Bosoma”

  65. Manthata says

    I told you people, let us start a campaign to get rid of this ANC and its dictators, send messages everywhere you can, print pamphlets and distribute them in your areas, I have started, talk to people, show them the way

  66. Manthata says

    tell them the anc is for its leadership, not for the people on the ground, the ANC must diiiiiieeeee.

  67. Moses Chiraya says

    Malema will remain sidelined by ANC until towards elections when they need his idiot tricks and undemocratic behaviours. His quietness is a disguise.

  68. chris du Plessis says

    @Manthata. Which party do you recomend voting for ?

  69. taurai mubaiwa says

    do not just throw anything on anc, we need to critical thinkers as intellectualls.

  70. chris du Plessis says

    @taurai: Too late. We dont need thinkers any-more. There is no more time left for thinking. It is time to do.
    Every body knows what must be done.
    Dont vote ANC !
    As a matter of fact: Vote DA.

  71. who cares ;he never been a politician anyway.

  72. chris du Plessis says

    @ MZ: Yeah, well, the ANC Youth Leak voted him their president.
    And according to the Wonky pole at least 17 % of people (with internet access) thinks he should lead the country. (these are the educated people of SA). If you add the 80% of the disadvantaged people who do not have this privileged and is fed the ANC propaganda by the SABC everyday, this % will probably rise to 40% + .
    Thats where democracy takes us !
    Thats where it took Zim. And Old Bob probably has double the IQ of Julius Malema.


  74. well Julias Malema will never rule this country though i support him on his call for mines to be state owned.Important businesses like mines,air ways,railways,mital and even the reserve bank must be state owned.This is the onlysense spoken by Malema but most of the word s spoken by him are nonses.

  75. simon, simon, simon my son…. I am tempted to put “simple” in-front of your moniker for the simple reason that it just might be true if you truly believe the statement you have just made. Please enlighten us as to where in the world there are any examples of “successful” state-owned major enterprises. Certainly not in this country where the parastatals are mired with poor, ineffective management, political appointees as opposed to merit based appointments, poor delivery from said parastatals, gross mismanagement and misappropriation of funds and budgets, etc. etc. Let me spell it out for you, “The government is meant to GOVERN, ensure safety and security of all citizens, provided infrastructure development in accordance with growth targets, and not interfere in the press, judiciary, and the business and private lives of the citizens. In essence, the BUSINESS of government, is to enable the people to do business by ensuring that they utilize the tax paid by the people well, to manage the utilities and support structures that they should control.

  76. chris du Plessis says

    @phred: Well said man. You should be the President. If you start a party, I’ll support you.
    I also like to ad that the state is already getting huge taxes from these companies. That is the same as having a share in them.
    13% VAT + about 35% tax on profits = 47+%.
    Sounds to me like the goverment is allready owning half our economy.
    If it becomes state owned, it will make a loss (as proved by history and statistics) which means tha goverment will get nothing. As a matter of fact they will now use tax money to pay for the loss.
    So th sum becomes 13% VAT – loss (lets say 20%) = -7%.
    Yes, Simon, you and your clever ANCYL are going to pay much more tax for your briliant plan.
    So suck on that, genius !

  77. chris du Plessis says

    The Best option for Goverment involvement is to rather make new mines pay royalties and/or be placed in a special type of tax bracket which will give more income to the state. Let private companies run it the way they still do but share this way in the profits without placing state inefficiencies on it that will kill it for everybody.
    You guys are stuck in the past with the communists. It is time to think out of your box and look at other countries which are the most succesful in this regard.

  78. Manthata says

    Let me tell you how nationalisation was practiced during apartheid by your fathers,
    Top positions in the railway services were reserved for your fathers ( white fathers ) while our fathers, regardless of the knowledge they had, had to clean railway lines.

    The same was done with the postal services, our fathers had to drive bicycles while your fathers drink black coffee for the whole day doing nothing.

    Mines in South Africa beneffited only the white communities, look at black townships and white suburbs, and tell me the difference.

  79. Manthata says

    I stiil have to see how capitalism benefit the whole country, actually, everything must be state owned, what you people can do is make money in our country and invest it in your countries in Europe. we must nationalise everything

  80. Manthata, you don’t have to tell me about the nationalists – I was there. It was a grotesque parody that damaged this nation beyond belief but which the majority of the magnificent people in this country have risen above and found it in themselves to rise above their circumstances and try to get on with their lives. I find it intriguing that you only mention the “sheltered” state employment (i.e. railways, post office, etc.) and forget about all the “real” jobs/businesses that were created (albeit in a sheltered economy with a very cheap/almost slave labor force) by a host of excellent business people the equal of any other country on earth. Now that those opportunities are opening up to all people in this country (theoretically anyway), I look forward to seeing a thriving economy (if only the government would leave business to the entrepreneurs and focus on their job…).

  81. Manthata, cont. It is not the system that is at fault (none are perfect, capitalism in its various guises, has consistently outperformed any other – fact), it is unbridled greed and a generally low moral and ethical threshold that exists nationwide (daresay worldwide), which allows it to go unchecked. HOWEVER; I would far rather ambitious entrepreneurs (in corporate and smme sector) be the drivers of the economy than greedy little inbred cretins with little education, experience and zero grasp of how an economy (any economy/system that is) works. Basically, capitalism is a consumer demand driven system which is driven by demand for goods, services etc. This demand requires consumers who are in turn EMPLOYED/have businesses, etc to GROW. Growth is required to drive the system which in turn encourages people to make more money/expand their enterprises. Taxes pay for the fiscus/budget which in turn is used to buy from those very sames businesses goods and services for government, pay for govt utilities, salaries of public servants, government grants for aged, kids, pensions, and infrastructure and development projects (roads, schools, clinics, bridges, water sanitation, ports, etc. etc.) which in turn attract investment (both local and foreign private investment – money into our economy). The stock exchange allows for investment into listed entities for fund managers, investment businesses, financial institutions, etc. which yield profitable returns for investors (people, funds, pension funds, etc. etc.) and this investment funds growth for these businesses (most mines are listed entities) which will then yield either an dividend on profits declared and or profit on sale (very basic explanation please understand). The “system” is therefore not closed but is growth and results/returns driven (though no system that operates within a finite resource based area – the earth – could ever sustain itself indefinitely). In effect all the money in the system “CHURNS” and spin-offs are felt all the way down the chain to the entry level consumer. Compare this to a “closed” system such as one where there is nationalization of all the major industry. The government controls everything, therefore they: appoint all management/directors/board members. They are accountable to government only, not you, shareholders, etc. All people who work there (sorry – have a JOB – don’t necessarily work) are salary takers as in all other government/public employment. They won’t do anything more than the minimum requirement (often times not even that), most have no ambition, they will not be evaluated for promotion on the basis of performance rather “connections” and political affiliation. There is no general incentive to grow, improve, actually do or achieve anything because at the end of the day you will still get your “salary” and you probably will never get fired. The system strives for mediocrity and not excellence, is never self sustaining, and like most government run businesses, will require endless public bail-outs (might as well just throw the money down the toilet). Add to this the complete lack of direct foreign investment (due to nationalization and restrictive trade practices that always go with this) and even a die-hard “nationalization” proponent will eventually concede that it is doomed to fail (the usual rallying cry here is, “but we will ensure that it works/succeeds because we are honest and upright comrades looking out for the poor and the disadvantaged could NEVER become greedy, that is a disease of the capitalist, colonialist west… blah, blah, blah) – yes Bob, wonderful liberating policies have “freed” your people, the “west / 300 white Zimbabweans” are to blame for the implosion of your economy….

  82. chris du Plessis says

    @manthata: My ‘Farthers’ arrived here when there was nothing. The created all the stuff you mentioned. Your ‘Fathers, went there to ask for a job because they could ern more money and takes better care of there families. Now, why should my ‘Farthers’ just hand it over what they brought with them from the first world and then watch how it is destroyed and corrupted, like every where els in Africa.
    No, they did the right thing at the time and that is way South Africa is the economic and political leader of Africa. That why we produce 40% ef Africa’s energy and 25% of Africa’s gdp. That is also why so many Afrcans are fleeing their own countries for South Africa.
    Despite all the bad things that happend here , this country is stil by far the best place to live anywhere in Africa, because of the contributions of my ‘Fathers’. And for that, I will not stand back for anybody.
    Stop looking back and feel sorry for yourselfs. It is your time now, to take it forward and build it for the future of your children.
    Our ‘Farthers’ has voted in two reverendums in 1980’s and 90’s to share the governance of this land with You in the hope that it will benefit us all.
    It is us who gave up all the power and expose ourselfs to the African mindset.
    We took the risk in the hope that black people will do a good job.
    Now it seems that the noble intentions the ANC promised was just a farce.
    They are still promissing every body everything but they keep the promis to themselfs.
    And it braks my hart to see how little respect they have, not only for my kind, but for their own people, who is suffering even more than us.

  83. LEFU AMOS says


  84. tshepo moyo says

    i think that, if they fail to stop him from behaving like this, he’s going to become a president by force

  85. it’s amazing how far some people will go to push their own political agendas, why can’t we just live together in peace and stop and racializing everything. Malema is merely following what the ”whites” started a long time ago. If you don’t like our lovely country,(both black en white) then just bounce like the rest of you people are doing(both black en white). Please leave us alone now, we will eventually figure a way of how to deal with all these kak politicians on our own. Gaan canada toe.

  86. jabba – there’ll be no fun, no cartoons, no jokes if everyone thinks the same. Who will we fight with? What will we laugh at? Who will we point fingers at?
    We need our diverse opinions!

    And I don’t wanna go to Canada.. it’s c-c-c-c-c-c–cold there!!

  87. malema realised that he is pushing away his political support both from anc and youth league members.he will end with no support and fastly go down.he damaged his political prospects and his current silence is redemption and support revival.lets forgive him,he was in political adolescent stage and is slowly outgrowing it.

  88. chris du Plessis says

    @ thapelo: No, dont forgive Malema. He is a dumd-ass ! Get rid of him.
    We need briliant minds to be the leaders. Low IQ will never get better over time or be out-grown. Get over it and get a new youth leader !

  89. @ Chris du plessis
    Any party outside the ANC, remember I fully agree with nationalisation, however it must not be done by the current government of the ANC

  90. chris du Plessis says

    Manthata, I dont agree with you on nationalisation, but I understand where you are going with it. I think there are better methods to achieve that purpose.

  91. I suggest we pause to be talking about “die laittie”. I am dissappointed on government on public servant wage negotiations position, it was agreed in Polokwane that it will be two digit. The same people that took those resolution have somersaulted.

  92. malema bcse he a great leader who can take a risk , and know his story aconding to his one of the leader that we want in sa,thax u malema u diseve best


  94. chris du Plessis says

    @Msandas: It is interesting to see that Goverment decisions are taken by the ANC in Polokwane. Hear are some more observations.
    Firstly, the Goverment belongs to the people of South Africa and is not the propery of the ANC
    Secondly, the ANC makes promisis to ANC cadres with Goverment/Taxpayers contributions. This is fraud, corruption and downwright theft.
    Thirdly, we are all used to the ANC fals promisis and lies. Why does ANC members belief it even when they konw how things realy work. Duhh !

  95. Mojalefa Malinde says

    people should first know the aim of the the then ANC leaders to bring the concept of having ANCYL as its alliance then they can start engaging JULIUS MALEMA around political issues, particularly those that affect young activists of the organisation.I am in NW province DR KK region and from the branch political point of view we find MALEMA more than prepared to serve fro the next term (ward 10 in the TLOKWE SUB-REGION ) VIVA JUNJU VIVA …………..We therefore are saying phambili with nationalisation of mines phambili…

  96. Mojalefa Malinde says

    the one that says ANC is incurably rotten you can just hear from reading his name that he is one those that still cant bilieve that ANC is in poer ANC is in control nomatter the infights,since when have you heard of the du plessis supporting ANC ? hed rather jump into the sea and wait for their goedehoop and drommedaries to tranport him back to where his ancestors belong…they never had a young president while they were in power and they should not blame or tease MALEMA for their fathers’ greed

  97. Yes govenment is formed by various political parties but remember that ANC by virtue of its majority representative in parliarment unfortunately they decide socio-economic policies. There is one thing that can weaken its power and that is the people’s vote. If it wasnt about power mongersim that escalated our country minority parties would merge to weaken the power of ANC, other than that forget my friend not now will the ANC be toppled. SACP/COSATU marriage also strengthened the ruling party’s power. Yes corruption is as a results of majority people wanting to be on par with the few elite that has been financed by the previous regime. It bad now that previous beneficiaries are not on the list anymore and they begin to see its bad part when there is new beneficiaries. The bad part is they are enriching themselves out of legislation and publicly otherwise it would have been good if it was legislated. Poverty is bad to be starved is demolition of human soul. I think it was good with previous govnt because it benefited everybody now is benefiting its members and those related to them.I am just been realistic.

  98. Mojalefa Malinde says

    julius malema we love you very much no matter what they say about in the media or anywhere,they just need to be popular as you are but hey everyman has his tricks of doing his things, malema used media to gain the fame and others should try something different. you can see by the way he moves that he represents the most vibrant youth political organisation in the entire continet …viva junju viva..phantsi ngbo du plessis phantsi

  99. Mojalefa Malinde says

    patience is vertue, hope duplessis can read this because anc waited patiently for many years to gain power please open another poliical party of the du plessis that will cvontest power with anc

  100. chris du Plessis says

    @ Msandas: You are realistic and that is what our country needs. For me , a white Afrikaner, life has changed a lot. Some good, some bad. I think the the professional Afrikaners are better off in the new south africa, despite all the crime and discrimination against us by way of AA and BEE , ext.
    The same can be said of the black and other race group pro’s.
    We can all take care of ourselfs no matter how much the ruling party stuff up the country.
    The big problem is that the poor and unemployed massas who have no voice and or economic power to assert themselfs, are very exposed and suffers the most from the goverments failure. They are the cannon fodder which is fed into the ANC’s election machine to keep them in power. The system is being kept in power by the poor masses who lives on false hope that the ANC will somehow change for the better and keep its promisses.
    Others just join the system and ride the wave, no matter the long term cost.
    When this country goes down the drain, all these profesionals will simply pack their stuff and leave. ( All races). We have an option that the poor ones dont have. We can actually take more risk with the country’s future because we can escape when things go wrong. The poor masses can’t. They are stuck when this becomes Zimbabwe.
    The poor people are the one’s who should care the most about the rot that is taking over our country.
    That is why the unwavering continiued support of the ANC and Julius is such a worry to me. The poor people just dont realise where all this is going.
    Where is ‘A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL’.

  101. Mojalefa – you need to learn very soon that anti-anc does not mean anti-“black”, the same goes for labour v management etc. WHEN you grow up, perhaps you will wise-up and look back at the folly of your youth and see it for what it was (I hope you are actually a “youth” as the definition implies and not just an idiotic 25 to 35 year old who should have grown up and learnt a bit from history… ;). Unfortunately your populist support and approval of juju is evidence that you don’t apply very strong/high/good character/ethical/moral standards when it comes to choosing who you support/elect to leadership. The fact that you are willing to look past all his (and many others’) shortcomings is commendable in terms of loyalty (though concerning that you would associate with his ilk), but shows a distinct lack of maturity and/or integrity on your part. One could assume that your agenda is to achieve as high a place at the trough to get your chance to guzzle before it all runs out and the real poor and underprivileged run out of patience…

  102. i most likely agree with you tumi, julius’s future will depend on his behaviour and only God knows it. @ lefu:people change you know!

  103. ha ha ha lol avu. He will definitely rule @ lefu.

  104. Julius need to go back to school, we they can teach him how to communicate,to give speech and lastly to speak a good english.

  105. There are many basaries for people like Malema.But I think is useless for him to get a bursary with that matric results.Firstly he must go and upgrade his symbols that he got in matric and thereafter,he an decide about his future.

  106. There is nothing that can be done with a Dumb-ass like julius malema excetp to put maybe euthenasia. the worst of all is that he was voted leader of the ANCYL. That means that he was the best that the ANCYL has. These idiots who voted for him must be even dumber than he is, to fall for that one. And these are the people who are now moving into power. If you think tha ANC has done a bad job of ruling this country over the last 15 years, you have seen nothing yet.

  107. Guys be careful you dont suffer from mental amnesia due to this continuous debate and arguiment about Juju, and ANC. I will input when you debating varying subject from the latter.

    what about the workers strike action. Labour unions effective tool to be heared/listened is by pulling off its work force. Do you agree??????? your comment

  108. I honestly do syphathise with the government workers about the low salary that they are earning, but the strike hits hard on our children and the community – espicially the hospiltals and clinics. Peolpe that are supposed to get their chronic medication like high blood presure and sugar diabetes supplements are presently suffering and this kind of a slow murder to our oldies and young people. I wish there can be a sort of agreement that can be reached between the government and the workers and soon.

  109. He is just a cartoon character who lives in his own world. I am sure that if he can be a president I will live this country. I am sick and tired of being led by opportunists.

  110. mwa, I advice that you start investing ernomously because nothing is impossible

  111. He is prematured,and not fit enough to lead,need to learn about the leadership qualities, and the manner of approach,need to be tought,think before he talks.In a nutshell, Malema had failed as a leader of the ANCYL.We are very proud of this organisation,and therefore,we need leaders we would not causes chaos and make nosense public statements.

  112. anyway what separates malema from zuma? as far as i kno
    they r both presidents, entitled to make opinions,bring leadership ,right. malema owns up decicions,zuma does not.who is fooling who? i have learnt that if two people agree on everything one of them is not thinking. so y i r u persecuting a leader for thinking different?

  113. The guy is a failure.He is a disaster and a disgrace to our country.He has no idea of what politics is about.

  114. damn me and my friend (Johan) find this guy totally amazing. He is really funny although he seems stupid and dumb. He could be an comedian instead of being a politicians” what a disgrace damn man” lol…. anyway we looking forward for some more fun.Of hoe mense?

  115. The future for malema is a tyre and petrol round his neck. I want to see that kaffir burn!

  116. @Damon, u know biblicaly those that wishes bad for others are those that see themselves near “hell” therefore wish to have company. Its degrading, humilliating and inhuman to be having such cintizen with such commentary/mentality if u are a SA citizen of course. You need serious religious intervention, prayers will do a lot of good for you.

  117. but not too much petrol, coz that baboon must burn slowly

  118. I suggest we send malema to the London Zoo. The children there can then see an African monkey.

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