Nationalisation Mines South Africa cartoon

Nationalisation Mines South Africa

Nationalisation of Mines in South Africa

While additional arrests of rhino poachers have been made in South Africa since the post last week, our poor cartoon rhino is still struggling to lobby Julius Malema for his support. For those of you that didn’t know, rhinos are modestly intelligent creatures so Wonkie decided to take its cue from one when considering today’s subject for discussion.

Wonkie thanks special guest columnist, Mzansi Economistress for her contribution below and look forward to reading your comments:

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Has the time come for us to get rid of the mining industry? All that digging and dirt – what a tiresome industry! Just recently, Gwede Mantashe revealed in an interview that he was bored with the mining industry. As it turns out, Julius Malema and his assorted band of nationalisers have come up with a genius solution for relieving the country of this dull industry once and for all. It’s a rock solid proposal: distort incentives, create uncertainty, undermine productivity and deter future investment. Which industry would not buckle under such a determined attempt at annihilation?

In Kliptown, 55 years ago, it was declared that the people shall share in the country’s wealth. The Freedom Charter is a beautiful document. It is essentially the sacred text that inspires our democratic aspirations. Like all such texts, it’s not always meant to be taken literally. The ANC, under the Mandela and Mbeki administrations had made peace with this reality and had forsaken the idea of nationalisation. The people shall govern; but the people shall govern pragmatically. As Marshall, the eminent economist, put it over a hundred years ago:

“Every new extension of Governmental work in branches of production which need ceaseless creation and initiative is to be regarded as prima facie anti-social, because it retards the growth of that knowledge and those ideas which are incomparably the most important form of collective wealth.”

For whatever reason, sense has gone out the window. Perhaps this is indeed a bail-out all dressed up as national interest. The rise of the state in countries massively hit by the financial crisis has also provided some breathing space for nationalisation – government ownership has become fashionable again. Even if we were to assume that this was a proposal made with the best intentions, it would still fail on the merits. There is always this temptation, especially in societies facing immense challenges such as poverty and inequality, to imagine that with the right policy design, public ownership can be an improvement over private ownership. But history has been generous to us in providing much evidence to the contrary.

Governments are, in reality not simply concerned with maximising social welfare; politics, patronage and corruption often get in the way. Of course, there are exceptions. Countries in the East, such as Singapore and South Korea come to mind, not so much for nationalising their key industries, but for having significant state involvement in the economy. There is just one inconvenient thing about the East Asian model – these governments insist on running their civil service as a meritocracy and in most instances, aspiring government employees have to take stringent exams in order to qualify for professional public sector employment. Compare that with the recruitment practices of our state-owned enterprises! Exams, ne?

The truly discouraging thing about this current nationalisation debate is the failure of imagination that it betrays. We seem to have lost that innovative spirit that we tentatively displayed not so long ago. Yes, we have challenges that need to be addressed urgently. But to run back to the old slogans is short-sighted. Fact is, the Mining Charter was an interesting approach to the country’s development needs. It brought together transformation, socio-economic development and the profit motive without resorting to extremes. It even had provisions for diversification away from mining in the form of the beneficiation pillar, where mines were to trade-off BEE ownership with commitments to develop new industries to add value to raw materials before exporting them. But it was not to be.

The Mining Charter was hijacked by those obsessed with narrow ownership. This was enabled by entrenched ‘white’ interests in the industry that were not interested in the intricacies of broad-based development. Those in favour of nationalisation can now turn around to argue that this policy will allow the industry to fund social investment where the industry and the Charter failed. Instead of improving on a workable solution that allows capitalists, government and communities to play their proper roles in society, economic suicide is advocated. Fortunately, at least at the NGC in Durban, the overwhelming majority of ANC delegates did not fall for this. We live in hope.

Mzansi Economistress

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  1. u know with that imagination n mentality,every1 will recognize that this topic was compiled n written by a rooinek, portraying all the negative implications of a has been mentality,everything is subject to change coz its good…failure to accept change automatically identifies fear…i think i smell fear from u wonkie,fear of the unknown or ….????

  2. OLD FASHION says

    Afrikaans saying: Erfgeld is swerfgeld. Someone asked JM what is his biggest wish: His reply: I wish everybode on earth would die so I can have everything in the world. JM what would you do with everything? His reply : I would have an auction.

  3. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    10/10. Wonkie! Your cartoons just keep getting better and better! This one is CLASSIC!
    (Dumb Piet sure chose the right on-screen name……….)

  4. well said Rhino

  5. The politicians are the last people you want involved with running the mines. Their track record for the existing parastal management is not a recomendation.

    Rather allocate a mine to a black miner, at least he knows some of the problems in mining. If it collapses like the farms then we can figure out the reasons.

  6. @dumb piet – I will pass on your comment to our rooinek guest columnist and leave her to respond. As far as Wonkie is concerned however, we have to admit what you smell is fear – Fear that economic decisions based on uninformed stupidity will drive beautiful South Africa into the doldrums.

    @Old Fashion – LOL. That’s only funny if you don’t believe that the martians are coming to Limpopo in 2012.

    @Hastheworldgonecrazy – thanks 🙂

  7. The new world order favours capitalism, but in earnest absolute capitalism is not even there in the number one capitalist state – USA. So those who are against the nationalisation of SA mines are the greedy lot who not suprisingly killed our forefathers to get our resources through conquest. So to all those who are for Africa’s emancipation, our resourceful countries have to fend for their citizens through their resources and avoid capital flight to the greedy capitalists who hide behind privatisation to self enrich.

    For starters there was no reasoning when they were killing our fore fathers to get what they claim to be theirs on our lands. Let me say this – its bad when an African talks about get’n riches from his land and its good when someone exploits an African to get resources for free. Its time to look on the flip side of the coin and let reason reign supreme over selfish thinking.

  8. Nationalization brings rationalisation, and then we only live by imagination.
    If the states owns all only the rulers have a ball so we on ground level no longer can have a ball. Wonder what part of their brains are missing, looks like the logical part.

  9. Is this Julius Malema character a Minister of Nationalisation of Mines or a Youth League Leader? & i still have to hear him being vocal of the Students & Youth matters…i for one,i am nyce & saturated with this Bafoon…”finish ‘n klaar”

  10. Interesting reading. Thank you.

  11. Old Fashion I like your joke its almost prophetic. So many are indirectly killed, crime, illness as the health dept is incapable, hunger; so many do not have food, hyperthemia and deseases caused by living in the most unhygenic conditions, soon there wont be many left to vote for them. Let the RULER of nature WHO created us fulfill HIS plans.

  12. Mzanzi Economistress,
    Thank you for an imaginative and inspiring bit of literature.I hope you will not object to my passing this on ? I feel it needs more scope for a “hearing”,

  13. pius swartbooi says

    well done rhino….

  14. Yes Mzansi Economistress it seems that mining is the right name for nationalisation as for the state it becomes mine. Maybe we should just do away with mine’s and practice the giving i.s.o taking objective, give a blessing to receive a blessing, be loving to receive love. Why are so many rejecting the GOOD NEWS and rather excepting the things which destroy? too much for my mind to understand.

  15. Rhino!! why did he choose a white one and not a black one, maybe he does not have much trust in the other one. Who knows , if we had a Word of knowledge we would know the answer

  16. Der Fuhrer Malema not only wants to own everything, he also wants every-body to work for him. Vavi is the only ANC dude that speaks out on the truth. The rest is scared.
    Julies Caesar wants to own the land. and all its peasants.

  17. If you look at the success Malema and his tjommies made of the AURORA mine, just imagin what they can do with the rest. Old Bob will look like a genius compare to this lot. (At least he has a decent education behind hi name., and yet ??)

  18. Peace, you do have a point. The mines may be the entree to the main meal. Back in the
    50’s emigrant Milicevic, our neighbour, had a beautiful raven haired divorcee daughter,
    and I asked her to come and pose for a few photos. I still have them, but had to bargain
    with my wife to keep them, by paying for her perm and also let her pose for a few shots.
    She was so pleased that the pics came out very nice, she said they compared well with those of her rival.

    Millicevic’ wife was thrilled at the way I teased her daughter’s hair, and said the photos made her look like a young film star. Well, she was rather photogenic. However, I noticed that they seemed to be very
    poor and in their late fifties or sixties.

    During our chat, the way the man spoke coupled and his bearing, gave me the impression that he must
    have been well off at some time. He then told me that they worked very hard all their life saving money for
    their future retirement, and eventually bought a fair sized block of flats. They then settled down in one of the
    flats, and the rental from the others supplemented the pension they would receive when he retired.

    Sure as rain, when the commies came, his flats were taken over. He said they allowed him to remain in his flat,
    but would have to pay rent like all the others. And that is why he decided to come to South Africa.

  19. Ol’ Pliny I find it ironic that your neighbour came to S A , maybe he should go to Australia before the same thing happens to him again.

  20. Why do we blacks call the white supremists?? is it because we are inferior to them? but they now have become equalizers, they no longer serve their God that use to help them, they do crime and fraud, they beg on the streets, drive smaller cars and are living like paupers, visiting sangoma’s and submit to the forefather (evil) spirits. so they are no longer any different. After this I should stay in excile.

  21. Nationalizing the mining industry is a sure way of creating even more unemployment which added to the present 40% would be a national disaster. Or does JuJu believe it is an even easier way of filling his already bursting at the seams bank accounts.

  22. donald south africa says

    do we really have to bother what the ANC does , let them do as they please. they r the gods, but one day there will be a “WAR OF THE gods.”

  23. Peace: “I find it ironic that your neighbour came to S A , maybe he should go to Australia before the same thing happens to him again.”

    No pal, what he did was a 100% good move.
    He knew the SA government was stable and that they hated commies.

  24. Yes Ol’ Pliny, maybe you are right it was a good move. Nobody knows what the LORD”s plan for our country is and HIS plans are always good as HE is the only good GOD.

  25. Peace> “…maybe … it was a good move”
    Had the poor guy lived till now he’d be 110 perhaps,
    and his lekker daughter, say sexy sixty. 😀

    Good if he is dead, and not able to lose a second round to the commies.

  26. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Ntombi? What HAVE you been smoking? What has that got to do with nationalization? Anyway, I don’t know ANY blacks who call all whites “supremist”, white supremisists are a small, elite group of whites around the world who believe that whites should dominate EVERY OTHER race, not just blacks! If I’m not mistaken, they originated in America, with the Ku Klux Klan, and believe it or not, there are not that many in South Africa. And they are as insanely dogmatic as any other radical group, political, religious or otherwise, who believe that they and only they are right, and that they are the rightful heirs to the planet! Most of us common, working-class whites are, quite frankly, embarrassed by them!

  27. OLD FASHION says

    Yeh it will be cool if entities are nationalised. Just imagine long term how much employment is going to be needed when eventually a new party has to take over to fix the mess. So long term it can be a good thing. GOD always turns the bad eventually into something good,

  28. lets nationalise fisrt thing first.NATIONALISATION OF EDUCATION from primary to tertiary and our country will be crowded with people who have the skills,expect,knowladge and will be trained to run those mines.since we all agree even our own dunderhead Zanuficalised woodboy agree that education is the key to succes and if we want to succeed in terms of nationalising mines and other mineral resources.Nationalisation of EDUCATION should be a pre-requisite to nationalisation of mines.

  29. pietpompies says

    nationalize the mines? Julius what do you people know about managing ( running ) mines?. What lasting things have you developed or built since 600 BC?See what Japan, Germany, France all Eastern Europe have accomplished since they were flattened in the last war! – a period of approximately 65 years. Suppose you will blame appartheid again!!!

  30. OLD FASHION says

    I just love Wonkie’s site its so much fun. It makes me think what does GOD think about this probably laughing with the angels saying who do they think they are I have other plans for that country that’s much more fun and totally harmless to anybody. They should seek ME and ask ME and I will help them the only correct way, but they don’t believe that I exist and created all of the earth and heavens, incidently it includes the mines but it does not make ME any less real. When I return it may just be too late to ask ME. 2010 years I have been trying to get them to choose ME and it just looks as if I have to stretch the time a bit longer. Time is no problem to ME 1000 years is like one day to ME. ( I wonder if that is really what GOD thinks) its possible though.)
    HE is the ultimate, the good, the kind the mercyfull but unfortunately HE left the choice to us. When will the right choices be made?? try it the LORD is so much fun and so faithful who wants to serve anything else.?

  31. A gas station owner in a pep talk with his employers, tries to get them to be diplomatic.
    “What would you say if a white person asked you what B.P. stands for?”
    “British Petroleum”, came the quick answers. “Correct!”
    “What if a white person with a black passenger asks?”
    “Best petrol” says another. “Correct!”

    “What if a blue light convoy should roll up?”
    Everyone in unison shouts, “Black Power” “Very, very good.” says the owner.
    “But what if an Afikaner has to ask you?”
    “Boer petrol” says boss boy Wisemam. “Brilliant!”

    “Now, supposing Julius Malema comes along and asks you?
    They all murmur amomg themselves until eventually their spokesman says:
    “Better privatise”
    “Excellent!”, says the owner, “If you all stick to that answer, our future is assured.”

  32. Thier track records does not qualify them to run any thing
    they will nationalise even your house,in order to make themselves more
    richer an d u can hear through the media that one is calimming to be a
    champion for the poor while they are busy donating R20,000 to thier
    famous friends where have we seen them, i f indeed themselves are our

    yes they are represanting thier own cucubines and fellow combrades and selected few those who have been blind folded by the poor dark cloud of poverty ,Ag this things of nationalisation must come to an end. i am highly aware that is an adopted policy of the Ruling organisation.
    you can fool the people sometimes,but you can not fool people all the times.

    Now i got you Education should be the first priority any issue concerning youth should be delt with that is ANCYL is meant for not this things of Get rich Faster without reporting on duty i will be rich.

  33. Man…,I will contribute but be careful that I will not need to visit my psychiatrist soon after posting this becauseI get really distressed by these buffooned,blinkered and cretin rulers and less said about them the better!

    Nationalisation should not be a part of the freedom charter or any bodies rule but 90`s talks that culminated in the post`94 era!If it was discussed that means it should have fallen into the reconciliation and healing process meaning that whites were gonna give communities a chunk of the mines not shares unless they were not binding and were available to them immediately.

    Priority should have been the attainment of political power not economic power which was then gonna decide the fate of our resources ownership.Economic empowerment is good if one knows how to use it to empower themselves politically but with blacks is not the case.When Indians realised that they could not empower themselves politically in the past they then opted for economic empowement to empower themselves politically

  34. mining industry give the uneducated peaple an oppprtunity to work, this nationalisation thing to me is not a good idea at all. let mines operate and manage their business

  35. Kaunda nationalized Zambias mines. By 1990 copper production was one third of the 1970 level. Freddie Chiluba privatised the mines when Kaunda was kicked our. In 2007 copper production returned to 1970 levels. Africa has a track record of believing it can do things better than those dirty rotten evil eurocentric capatalistic demons. Pity Africa cannot learn.

  36. Wonkie. there appears to be only about 4 or 5 posts so far that support nationalisation.
    These (as usual) Include the faithful sycophants who share your loves/hates.

    About 11 or so merely waffle, tell jokes, (like me) preach or respond/argue with others.
    Perhaps I miscounted, but it seems that there are 12 or more that oppose nationalisation.

    Wonkie, PM, or whoever you are, we really do appreciate that you have given us a platform to express
    our views. But, as I have sincerely advised you once before, please don’t try to twist our minds to
    suit your own views. Just present the facts and leave it to us, your paying readers, to judge matters.
    Why bash poor old ‘Dumb Piet’ just because he differs from what you wish he would believe.

    By being neutral you could well distinguish between the genuine and the boot lickers.
    Moreover, we are all patiently waiting to hear your ‘rooinek’ guest columnist’s response.

  37. pietpompies says

    Madoba you are SO right about the Zambia copper mines, I was there!!

  38. Whatever is meant by nationalisation thebbottomline its that it cannot be don on its own but have to be part of a broader intergrated service delivery linked to reconciliation and healing.

  39. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Unfortunately, Madoba, the Julius Malema’s of this poor, sad world, could not possibly entertain the notion that they have anything to learn! So, while Africa has these buffoons in charge……….. I guarantee that if you were to take JuJu up to Zambia, and physically show him the mine stats., he would believe it was no more than an evil white plot to discredit him! Let’s just hope that reason prevails in SA!

  40. I support malema about the mining things to get back to government.
    so everryone can get work.


  42. @ dumb piet – You couldn’t be further from the truth by assuming that this post was written by a rooinek. I suppose you have just demonstrated the bankruptcy of simple identity politics. I am expressing views that reflect my principles, not ‘ethnicity’. I would appreciate it if you could play the ball and not the ‘man’.
    @ Pablo E – what you fail to see is that this nationalisation plan is not about empowering local communities. It is aimed at rescuing those same capitalists that you don’t like from bad BEE deals and the environmental liabilities associated with aging mines. It’s also the perfect populist platform for those seeking easy votes. The government already extracts significant tax revenues from industry – why do we not talk about how well that money is being spent before trying to put more money into the government’s hands?
    @ Chris – thanks for the compliment.
    @Keny Bosoma – as things stand, the majority of South African children are educated at public schools, so education is already nationalised. Unfortunately, the education system continues to fail most students in the public school sector, whilst those in private education sail through the matric exam and generally succeed in tertiary education. Perhaps the state should focus on delivering its mandate in basic services such as education, health, safety & security and development will follow.



  45. pietpompies says

    Iwazi, Time for you to wake up! If you people are as long in Africa as you say
    you on your own have done literally nothing to improve the continent. I remind you again – look at the northern hemisphere – from north America west to Japan.
    Tell me what has your contribution been?
    Leave the mines alone!


  47. you have intensified your destabilisation of this continent so that today you must blame us for failing to rule the continent better than whites that`s why the mugabes of this world wants pale and bald aceless morons and vampires out of this continent!

  48. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    OMG! Let’s hope Tim and Malcolm never meet in person! Hey guys! We are all entitled to our own opinion, and I honestly think we should have more respect for Wonkie’s forum, and stop hurling this ridiculous, childish abuse at one another! This is possibly one of the most light-hearted, non-racial forums I have ever seen, and we should not start this kind of hate-speech! Mugabe is not our president. Thank the Pope we have a more intelligent, more moderate president than Zimbabwe! He has his faults, but as a leader I commend the job he has done so far. And he does NOT hate any other ethnic groups, which is mute testimony to his abilities. Thank goodness he has not given in to the petulant demands of the arrogantly childish ANCYL leader, who clearly has his own agenda.

  49. we should not start this kind of hate-speech!

    i am motivated by the agreements of codesa deliberations as to what we need to do to foster good race relations in order to bury the past however i have been constantly monitoring whites as to how they are committed to reconciliation and healing and i found strongly resistant people whom every time i btroing this issue up they retort that i want white farms and that i must go work and buy a farm and not want to be given a farm on a silver-platter!

    reconciliation and healing is both philanthropy and moral.Whites denied blacks the right to earn a decent wages by denying an eduacation that can enable hem to advance themselves professionally an economically through reserving the technicons for themselves and again with their pass laws blacks were not able to hold down a permanent job because they werelocked-up constantly and to find their places filled-up on their release and so their dependents suffer so whites must acknowledge this and be philanthropic.

    Morality of it its that instead of giving me your farm teach me all aspects of farming by starting a bursary or scholarship scheme to enable blacks to learn the skills they were prevented from learning or start training workshops to teach thm farming

  50. @Malcolm and @Tim: You gentlemen are veering completely off topic and hurling abuse at each other without adding any value to the discussion. Please stop it and stick to the subject – or at least take the fight offline as it will be much more entertaining to watch.

    Seriously though, please stop it.

  51. Man,I feel sorry for nationalisation just as i`m pissed-off by him because he has no idea that he has just awoken a sleeping tiger and now it is swiftly and gradually advancing with his nationalisation.that tiger its whites and observing their excitement with the removal of his security its obvious the end-results its assassination.But,he`s not a big fish so i think they will hit him with a littl cane like destroying him financiaally as they are now celebrating the threatened move by the sheriff to confiscate his assets.

    in the eighties i exposed the zille`s midnight trips to the townships of capetown to go meet with and arm vigilantes then escort them to go attack comrades and i don`t know how i escaped their net because it involved the entire capetown whites and the security branch. most probably i was assisted by the training holomisa gave me to which he doesn`t have it!

  52. I think nationalisation is a bad idea and it will not happen in my lifetime as for Malema well he is just an empty vessel making a very loud noise.Nways I was never at all in favour of this administration.I suppose I’m just one person.

  53. Nationalisation must entail African money staying in Africa and Africans stopping taking black money to whites but bringing white money to blacks!

    Kaunda`s form of nationalisation was a great success where he even got blacks to engineer the mines since it doesn`t make sense to shout blackness while whites run the show!

  54. fenderbirds says

    nice article, keep the posts coming

  55. Hey dont you people know we are all working underground as soon as you want to say your say your pushed under ,malema have only recently climbed out of his cave and is now an expert on any subject

  56. Corrie, perhaps many here read between the lines of your post.
    As far as we ,the electorate, are concerned, most could not care two
    ticks whether they nationalise the mines or not. Firstly, there are
    few Lester Matthews among us, and secondly, South Africa, being
    an African ‘Democracy’, in plain words means, that no matter how we may feel
    about things, the ruling party in effect will say, “Look, you voted for us to lead
    you, so leave it to us to decide what’s best for you.

    In any case, as far as economists are concerned, their opinion depends largely
    on who is paying them, or whose boots taste better.

  57. The Zambian formula of nationalisation was a great success as opposed to chiluba`s privatisation disaster.

    The only problem was whites and indians looting and plundering by taking their money and skill to foreign countries and leaving a vaccuum which requires the government of Kaunda to find capital and skill.It was not a papbroek plan but well oiled one that targetted all major institutions including established churches to transform them.

  58. its now high time to check as to whether did the poor people benefit from privatisation?so tell me now couze you have been opposing nationalisation without coming up constructive wayforward which will benefit the poorest of the poor,can anybody now tell me and show me the gains of we the poor people benefit from the wealth of motsepe????????????

  59. If privatisation happens in white ruled countries then it has two-pronged approach.1{It takes black money o whites;2{it contributes to economic growth,stability,employment,development and the revenue and infrastructure.

    Before a black government embark on any of the two it has to groom blacks to run the show so that they can encourage blacks to invent and create products so that the markets are saturated by black products and so the money comes to blacks.An example is that milling companies must be supplied by black small-scale and big farmers.

  60. OLD FASHION says

    Very very weird, the high flying new packet filling, driving expensive cars and one had a birthday party spending R700,000 on an totally immoral party, why did he not rather give it to the poor for a good cause, this is why nationalisation is worrysome it will land in a few empowered back pockets only

  61. emancipate yourself from mental slavery’none but ourself can free our minds, my brothers and sisters,wake up and smell the coffie,let it be done; africa for africans,yes i m the son of the soil.nationalisation of our mines is must,whether babylon likes it or not,we know we will win as we are confident in jah victory.mayibuye i afrika.

  62. yee Tendani!You`re wrong man!How can I emancipate myself mentally before physical emancipation?

    We are emancipated mentally but physically we are stil the persecuted because persecutors are not mental but physical!I`m talking about those who rounde-up blacks at a shopping centre parking lot on susppicion that the were there to rob a business!I`m talking about those who never asked whites for thei identifications but blacks!

    Is capitalism not nationalisation…especially the one of the past which excludes blacks and enrich and empowered whites poliically and economuically?Until I see the document we were told forms part of the ruling party`s policies and which contains nationalisation I can`t comment formlly abou the proposed nationalisation.

    On thing for sure you can`t nationalise one resource amoong a litany and you can`t go it alone!

  63. pietpompies says

    Tendani, Sorry to wake you up- I ask the repeating question again and again and I do NOT get any answers. What have the Black people of Africa south of the Sahara accomplished or achieved on their own since the Pyramids were built? This is how long you say you have been in Africa! Why did you not build dams, roads,aqueducts,viaducts, beautiful buildings etc etc like you find in Europe? It was only when the Europeans arrived in Africa that things started to change. If you take over as you would want it to happen things will eventually revert to what it was before. It is very easy to take over what you get on a plate.Better smell the ‘coffie'(sic) while there is coffee still to be smelled.

  64. Hey-dumbass…what the heck did separate development mean to you?did it not mean…hold blacks back so that they don`t become inventive and productive?Was it not blacks who invented marimba?

  65. I guess Piet-pompies you are still with stone age mentality. Thank you to the Europeans for taking us Africans (south of the Sahara) out of the dark age (if I can say that). Revolutions come as a result of a people; getting enlightened; getting to view things differently and realising injustices, now is a time when we too are enlightened and as such we are acting against the greed that the Europeans have and have hid behind private enterprise. I guess the Octogenarian – Mugabe of Zimbabwe is bad for preaching against your warped views, wake up, your grand parents left you stolen legacies and now its time to share resources equally and eventually Africa will take its place in the global market and Africans will be in charge and get back what is theirs.

  66. Yes indeed, Blacks are noted for inventing the marimba, reggae, rap, etc.
    Blacks make the best boxing champions – especially when using goat muti and
    bracelets which make them invisible to their opponents. They are also better
    basketball and tennis players, also great athletes and marathon runners.
    Perhaps not too good at soccer – maybe they had too many White coaches.

    As for entertainment, Michael Jackson and Music lounge on TV1 speaks volumes.
    They are also excellent rental and rates evaders. Municipalities know that.
    Also excellent at spending tax payer money on nepotism. Government departments know that.

    Phred clearly referred to inventions and discoveries that benefit everyone.
    Those four Afrikaners who played a major role in the rescue operations in Chile are unsung in this
    country. Blacks just don’t have the ambition to pioneer into fields where they have to help others.

    The death wish of trying to rid this country of its Whites will be Africa’s death blow.
    When Whites go, sanitation is next, with disease as runner-up.
    Second last comes starvation with death hot on its heels.

    Regarding the question Tim asked, “Was it not blacks who invented marimba?”
    That reminds me of a Cape coloured joke. These have the ambition of Blacks
    along with the chutzpah of Whites:
    Employer: “What all can you do?”
    Moegamat: “Well, I made this Jersey I’m wearing.”
    Employer: “I mean, what can you do on the job.”
    Moegamat: “I made this on my last job.”

    OK, this is all just a lot of waffling to liven up the post – perhaps tit for tat.

  67. pietpompies says

    Pablo E this argument can go on and on.FACT is you people did NOTHING to develop the country you occupied. How long was Ford in America before he produced a motorcar. How long have the Americans been in America, How long have the Australians been in Australia, how long have you been in Africa before the Europeans arrived ???? It took you a hell of a long time to get ‘enlightened’. It is actually futile to pursue this argument. Just be honest with yourself .

  68. It is actually futile to pursue this argument…

    what did you initially think?that this was indeed a positive and constructrive argument when you brought it up?its futile because you`re an Afrikaner Withno godam brains!

    You chained people then you comeout and say what did they do during the period they were chained>?

  69. Pietpompies and all the others with brains: Stop arguing with people that do not use their brains one day we hope that they may discover that they do have some kind of brain and will try to use it. Lets rather pray for them that they may come to their senses and start being a productive contribution to society and abandon their wicked ways of destruction, crime and evil.

  70. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    EISH! C’mon, pietpompies, Tim, PabloE and Thendani. Wonkie ALREADY asked some of you to stop it! This slanging match is only proving just what racists ALL of you are! It is counter-productive, and going no-where! Get over your self-righteousness, and look at the bigger picture. We are ALL Africans, Black, Coloured, Indian, White. We were all born here, and we all, albeit in a very small way, have contributed something to this country! The past should stay right there…… in the past! We should be working together like the brothers we are Universally, to build this country, to improve the lot of the poor, to acknowledge the common ground of our heritage, and to learn to respect one another because of, and not despite, our differences. Stop harping on things that happened in the past. It cannot be changed, but it can be forgiven! Look to the future, which rightfully belongs to our children. We do not have the right to mess that up for them. Give them a South Africa free of racial intolerance, rich with the cultures of different ethnic groups, peaceful with the love and respect we should have for one another.

  71. Hasthe world… About two years ago, I searched the net for an answer to what
    many people would like to know, IE: “Is silence an admission of guilt?”
    You need to picture any practical situation in order to understand the enormity
    of this subject, EG: Someone may be accused of something, but refuses to comment,
    let alone give a straight forward Yes or No.

    After days of research, cross reference and visiting various forums on this, I was none the wiser.
    Seems every situation has to judged according to its merits.
    Generally speaking, if someone accuses you of wrongdoing, silence can be assumed to be guilt.
    Why should you or anyone else not desire to clear their name.

    However, if a person is known to be honest, respectable, sincere and never faulted, it would deem
    an insult for him to want to have his character challenged. For instance, the man Jesus remained
    silent before Pilate. But when Pilate asked, “Do you not know I have power to crucify you?”
    Jesus said, “You have no power at all…unless it had been granted to you from above.”
    (John 19:10,11) He wizened Pilate on his last question.

    We have seen on racist government replace another, and those who elected it soon copied their
    leaders. They believe that their majority empowers them to hurl insults at Whites as they please.
    Notwithstanding the fact that the greater number of them are ignorantor have basic education.

    Whites on the other hand, feel the need to uphold their dignity. You cannot really blame them
    for exposing the true facts. Slanging of te not. Truth is truth, whether you say it or shout it.
    “There is a time to keep silent, a time to speak out, a time to love and a time to hate.” (Eccl 3:11)

  72. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Hello, Ol’ P. Nice to hear from you again. Whilst I do not in any way advocate silence as a response to any kind of accusation, my problem is the way in which these people are attacking one another. I applaud anyone who can “expose the true facts” in an objective and rational manner, and clearly, these guys are unable to do that! What is the point in barbs and jibes aimed personally at an individual? YOU made me realise that, which is why I felt a need to apologise to Dirk!
    We live in a heartbreakingly beautiful country, which is in turmoil at the moment. Government aside, if each individual looked past the skin colour, religious background, political stance of every other individual, surely that would be a step forward? And we could then have a sane and rational debate on the pros and cons of nationalization, with everybody able to have an opinion without being ‘pounced on’ by someone with a different viewpoint.

  73. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Oh, and btw, that is one of the problems I have with the christian bible. There is NEVER a time to hate! Sorry! Off subject, but I thought it warranted a response. I do not in any way condemn or demean you for incorporating that into your belief system, I speak purely from my own personal viewpoint. I think hate is a most un-god-like response to anything, and cannot countenance a god who would condone hate.

  74. Hi Hastheworld, you said: “Oh, and btw, that is one of the problems I have
    with the christian bible. There is NEVER a time to hate!”
    Firstly, seeing the Bible is not your favourite reference book, you can be forgiven
    for your lack knowledge about its contents.
    Secondly, God himself hates certain things, and so do you. (Prov 6:16-18)
    Thirdly, when you read the word ‘Hate’ in my post you assumed it applied to humanity.
    Like one of our pals here once said, “Hate the sin – not the sinner.”
    (Phred – I think)

    Oh dear, this is gonna hurt:
    Fourthly, on the basis of you latter post, it appears that you take advantage of any opportunity to
    belittle the Bible and Christianity. Rather not do that – it’s too obvious.

    Fifthly, don’t kid yourself, we all hate some people some time or other.
    For instance that other party trying to steal your husband or wife.
    Have you ever hear of “The mourning Bride” by William Congreve”
    “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

  75. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Sigh! Dear Ol’ P. Ever the judge and executioner! I notice you did not comment at all on my first post, only on the one you could attack me with because of your superior biblical knowledge. You know, that post was simply an aside, because you had brought it up, it was not intended to start up a whole new argument, but it seems that you are hell-bent on ridiculing and belittling me, so….. what the ho! At NO point did I assume anything from your post, I was simply commenting that in my PERSONAL opinion, there is never a time to hate. Even a deed. It’s just such a waste of time and energy! One can be sickened by a deed, one can certainly abhor the deed, but to actively hate, even a deed, is truly pointless! I agree with you, we all hate at various times during our brief sojourn on this planet, but it does not make it any less of a waste of time and energy! And that’s all I was trying to say!
    Believe it or not, I’m not trying to belittle the bible. For what purpose? Again, a pointless waste of time. What would I gain by it? Any dedicated christian would take absolutely no notice of my comments anyway, and any dedicated non-christian already has his own opinion about the bible, and would hardly be interested in what little ole me has to say!

  76. pietpompies says

    Peace, The only answer is to give them a brain transplant!

  77. pietpompies says

    Just heard Julius Malema wants to close down Twitter – believe this joke was recently told by Julius in Boswell’s Circus. Raised a good laugh! Watch it – next will be Wonkie!!!!

  78. Hastheworld says: “Sigh! Dear Ol’ P. Ever the judge and executioner!
    I notice you did not comment at all on my first post,”
    Well, you answered it yourself by your words, “We live in a heartbreakingly
    beautiful country, which is in turmoil at the moment.”

    After which you said, “Government aside, if each individual looked past the skin colour, religious
    background, political stance of every other individual, surely that would be a step forward?
    Come down from your ivory castle, my dear, that will never happen. It’s been that way long
    before Miriam moaned about Moses having a black wife.

    I too, often used the word ‘if’ when hoping to change deeply entrenched things.
    40 years ago, whenever I expressed similar hopes, my father-in-law would repeat to me,
    “If my auntie had b***s she’d be my uncle.” It took a few years before I woke up and agreed
    that saying such things made me sound like a ‘goody-two-shoes’.

    Allow Doris Day to take over, “When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, “What will I be?
    Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?” Here’s what she said to me: “Que sera, sera,
    Whatever will be, will be; The future’s not ours to see. Que sera, sera, What will be, will be.”
    What’s the use of wishing for things we cannot change?

  79. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    There is absolutely no point in WISHING for things we “cannot change”. Mere wishes aren’t going to change anything! However, one person’s actions can cause a ripple effect and slowly start the change. Take Nelson Mandela as the perfect example. His first speech after being released from prison was about peace, forgiveness and unity in this country. During his term of office as president, that is precisely how everyone strove to live…..ONE man’s words and actions. Unfortunately, his successors have not been as sincere and selfless as Mr Mandela, resulting in a lawless, crime-ridden society filled with intolerant, greedy and hate-filled people. So, all I am saying, to any ONE person who cares to listen, is to stop when that mean, hateful thought starts worming it’s way into your psyche. Take a step back, look at the object of your negative thoughts through new, compassionate and more subjective eyes, and instead of lashing out in anger, speak softly with love. You cannot deny that that is at least a possible start to tolerance, and at best a possible solution. This “if” is not a mere wish, it is a possibility! Unlike another old saying, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride,” We are all capable of loving our fellow man, we do not need to wish for it. It is a choice we consciously make on a daily basis, and, sadly, most of us make the wrong choice every single day!


  81. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Tim. I am assuming you are black, as I am sure you have (correctly) assumed I am white. Unfortunately, there is no “programme” for reconciliation and healing, nor should there be! Reconciliation and healing should happen from within each individual. An example of this, is Amy Biehl’s parents. Their 16 year old daughter was brutally murdered in a foreign country (South Africa), whilst she was out here trying to help the very people who killed her. Her parents could (justifiably) have spent the rest of their lives hating the perpertrators of this horrendous deed, and yet, they CHOSE not too! They reached out in love and understanding to those who had taken their daughter from them, and not only forgave them, but assisted them with education. What an example to us all! They had no need of a programme. They could have thrown bricks, but they CHOSE to give love!

    You are right, Tim, from my own personal perspective, the onus IS on me to create a non-racist society. However, from YOUR perspective, the onus is on YOU. We can only take responsibility for our own actions, and we have no right to point fingers at others, unless our own actions and words are without fault. I CHOOSE not to throw bricks at you, Tim, but should you wish to throw them at me, I would rather build myself a house with them, than throw them back at you!

  82. pietpompies says

    Tim you are talking rubbish! “HASTHEWORLDGONECRAZY” is the only one so far on Wonkie who is showing the right attitude, that includes everyone who has commented on Wonkie. Well said “hastheworldgonecrazy” hope more will take a leaf from your book!

  83. Tim and Hasthe.., you guys are truly the ‘Wishful thinkers’ that never die out.

    If (Oh my, there I too use that word-albeit in another context) If it rains on the plain
    in Spain every year for centuries, someone will soon make a song about it, and tourists
    will flock to the Med during that season.

    Now, that’s not the point. The majority of humans have never been out of their country, let alone travel
    to Spain, where all that rain is a pain by the time it gets to the taps. But, they will believe whatever the
    books says about the rain on the plain.

    Yet, humans ignore the book that contains the most reliable information about human nature – the Bible.
    The theme of that great book is that man is bad from the day he is born – some women too. ?
    OK, I can see your mouse moving to that big X on top, Just hang in there a while and learn.

    Adam had everything he needed in Eden, even a beautiful wife. (If one can excuse the nudity)
    By Jove, he craves apple cider and now we suffer. Then his stupid son Cain goes an kills his own boetie.
    Not long after, Enoch comes into a world filled with horror, murder and crime since Cain,
    and begins to object. (Read Jude 3-14)

    When God had enough of all that, he decided to wash the filth from the world. Let’s pause there.
    Go ask any of those Diwali guys. They have their own kinds of Bible like the Bhagavad Gita, etc…
    In these they accurately tell how eight men and a zoo of animals climbed in a boat while the earth
    was being washed. How’s this: Their God Vishnu translates into, “The man Noah’

    At that time a situation existed that all you hopefuls are iffing about. The earth was clean and the
    only occupants were God fearing, honest, non-racist and non-political. Utopia at last!
    Well you be damned – it didn’t last. Some kook called Nimrod upset the Lord so much, we now have
    To battle to read Chinese, speak Ruskie, and click like Xhosas.

    By the time the Lord called Abraham from his comfy home in Ur, the soon to be promised land
    was filled with people like Saddam Hussein, Osama bib Laden and George Bush. Abie’s seed
    was forced to go slaving in Egypt for 400 years while watching the Gippos worship Ha de dah’s.

    When Moses eventually freed them and took them out of the brick fields and the hot sun, their
    shoes were hardly dry from the Red sea bed, and they began to moan and threaten to go back.
    To add to poor Moses’ woeses, his boetie Aaron goes and make a golden calf while Moses was
    up in the mountain talking to God.

    OK, I won’t bore you with all that happened in that land of cows and bees, after Moses died and
    Joshua took over. It’s too horrid. Except to say that there was one war after another until God sent
    King Nebu to wipe most of them out. (He kept their best craftsmen, though) But, then God remembered
    his promise to Abie and Called Cyrus the Mede to free the remnants, to go back and rebuild all which
    that vandal Nebu destroyed.

    While some of Babylon’s red dust was still on their shoes, them Joots got to be even worse than before.
    So God sent his son down to try and change them, to no avail. They killed him too.

    The point now being, you guys have the temerity to believe that the situation can be reversed.
    Ha ha ha ha ha, er, er, erkkkk. Ol’ Pliny just croaked laughing into his beer.

  84. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    pietpompies….. THANK YOU! I appreciate your kind words very much. Also loved your comment yesterday about Julius and Twitter. Lol!

    Ol’ P……I don’t for one second believe that the situation can be completely reversed, but I DO believe that, as individuals, we do not have to tolerate it. I refuse to choose a side, refuse to treat anyone differently simply because of his status, skin colour, religious or sexual persuasion. We are all as much a part of this earth as the plants and animals, and, as such, we are all linked. Unfortunately, as the only inhabitants of the planet with the ability to reason and logicalise, we have become a greedy, self-serving, selfish species, who have lost the ability to tune into the harmonious thread which definitely links us and everything else to the rhythm of this planet.
    You keep throwing words from the bible at just about anything you don’t agree with, as if this is incontrovertible proof of just how stupid everyone else is. But tell me, why should I heed the words from that book, more than the book about the rain in Spain? Both books were written by man, but for some obscure reason, it was decided (by men!) that the bible was written by god, and the book about the rain in Spain was not! And, quite honestly, if christianity is the only route to god, then it is the most negative, hopeless belief I have come across. To not even want to TRY and be positive about human conflict is sad, to say the least. To not even WANT to try (albeit just as the tiny individual you are) to start the chain of change, is anathema to me!

  85. pietpompies says

    Ol’ Pliny must say you’ve got a good sense of humor. I had a good grin! I don’t agree with all you said, nevertheless – a good grin.

  86. Hastheworldgonecrazy…

    I`M NEITHER BLACK OR WHITE BUT A CITIZEN AND A HUMAN BEING!AMY BIEL`S PARENTS DID NOT DO WHAT THEY DID OUT OF THEIR OWN VOLITION BUT IN TERMS OF THE trc act and I`m surprised that this egime did not compel all whites to follow-suit because that would have demionstrated their commitmnt to reconciliation and healin…instead they opted to commercialise it and attach it to corporate social responsibility programme.

    So,that has been an indication that they are not remorseful about what apartheid did to m e as a black person therefore chosing a hostile path with me.All the claptrap you`re spewing hereis of no meaning to me but change is what is needed.And mind you!Since you are building -up a strong supremacist empire here in this country it is shortlived because you will clear the decks of this country as it happens the whole continent where you tried to undermine through subversion and destabilisation the black new rulers but you failed.Zimbabwe was your last country and now you`re running to South Africa but we are here and are planning insurrection of some kind to revenge apartheid injustices.Hostilities comes in all forms and you can`t dictate.

  87. pietpompies said: “I don’t agree with all you said,” I never expected everyone would.
    Objection is meaningless unless valid reasons are supplied. Moreover, it’s one thing to
    fantasise on an ideal world, and another on how that will be implemented.
    Candidates at beauty pageants take much trouble to prepare what they will do to
    improve the world once they have been crowned. Will all the fickle please stand and applaud the winner.

    Many who fell for Obama’s one liner, “Yes we can” have come to realise the emptiness of fancy speech.
    Even in the very unlikely event that you are able to reverse the turmoil and trouble the world has seen
    during the past 6000 years or more, what about the rest of the world which remains in chaos?
    Be realistic about this.. Who will you be accountable to?

    When the seven year itch sets in, a married couple may consult a marriage counsellor.
    In many cases any truce is temporary. It useless being either accountable to yourselves, or to the marriage
    counsellor, who may also be battling with his own marriage. In any case, the advice of one may differ
    greatly from that of another. People are by nature partial. Parents will usually base their advice on behalf
    of their own offspring. A human failing. Very few marriages will be completely peaceful. (1 Cor 7:28)

    Advice found in the Bible is perfect. It is based on the interests of both parties.
    Accountability being to God who is impartial. (Acts 10:34) Hear how the wise congregator put it:

    “And further my son, be admonished by these. (sacred books) Of making many books there
    is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh. Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:
    Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is man’s all. For God will bring every work into
    judgment, including every secret thing, whether it is good or evil.” (Eccl 12:12-14)

    Mankind must of necessity be ruled, otherwise anarchy would set in. (Rom 13:14)
    Even whilst penning that line, I already visualised differences of opinion on that scripture.
    Those who disagree, are already in anticipation of either continuing their support for the present
    government, or are hoping to vote them out of power. Neither way will bring lasting peace?
    There is only one source of permanent peace – God’s son Jesus. (Isa 9:6)

  88. OLD FASHION says

    Hi Guys, all this slandering and accusations is not going to get us anywhere.
    Next week all KINGDOM children from all Christian nominations are getting together to get the LORD to BLESS this CITY. Some of our citizens are like Elisa’s slave who saw everything with a worldly eye and got scared when he saw the mighty enemy coming to kill Elisa end was panick stricken. Elisa however knew that (one man with GOD is in the mafority) the army GOD sent from heaven were far more then that of the enemy, Elisa prayed and asked GOD to open the spiritual eyes of his slave so he good see the masive protection God had sent, so for a moment he was able to see the Heavenly angels.
    Elisa went out to meet the enemy and asked who they were looking for, they said they are looking for Elisa, God had blinded their eyes to recognise Elisa and so Elisa took them for a 14 mile hike to the King of Israel. The king of Israel was overwhelmed and wanted to kill the king of Aram’s soldier and Elisa know dont to that they dumb, give them something to eat and send them back.
    Next week the prayers of many will be sent to heaven to reach out to the help of GOD for the city of Jhb and I know that the works of the LORD will be visible to all wether they believe or not. May they not be blinded like Aram’s people , may GOD open every South African’s spiritual eyes so they can see that there is only one GOD , who loves all people and want everyone to be saved and have eternal life. Time is short and is running out, Now is the time of salvation , let it be from a contrite heart as the period of grace will soon depart. Bless you all and be part of the great mission on Saturday 14/11/2010

  89. Old fashion’s reference is 2 Kings 6:8-17. During the reign of Israel’s King Jehoram,
    Ben Hadad, king of Syria intended to attack Israel without warning. But Elisha, man
    of the true God, kept warning Jehoram of Syria’s movements. This got Ben Hadad
    to believe one of his own men was a traitor. But, he later found out what was the
    cause, and sent his army meet Elisha and his assistant at the hilly area near mount Carmel.

    The assistant was terrified, so Elisha prayed to God to open his eyes. The assistant then saw
    fiery horses and chariots circled the entire area around Elisha. It was then that Elisha
    prayed that God should blind the Syrians. (mental blindness)

    The point here is not only a matter of ‘faith’, as explained in verse 16, where Elisha said to his assistant,
    “Do not fear, for those with us are more than those who are with them. Take note of those
    words. Who do you think were ‘those’ that were with the Syrian army? Obviously, it was Satan’s
    forces in those days, which is equivalent to those in our day who resist or attack God and Christianity.
    Have we not heard them in this very forum?

  90. Here is some GOOD news and Bad news: Bad news first: GOD IS HERE
    Good news: GOD IS HERE.
    Bad news for those who do not wish to know God. Good news for us who knows and serves HIM

  91. The situation is very serious in that we are like a powder-keg waiting to explode and to explode it will!

    Whites have set 2014 as the year that foreigners will domineer,control and rule in this country as the demise of blacks will be recorded.They have hooked-up with local gangs to recruit blacks en masse and that`s what they`ll be by 2014…gangsters pushing trollies,wearing bibs and carrying buckets and fighting for R2s at kerbs.

    These foreigners they`re fighting for to be allowed in this country are their footsoldiers to annihilate blacks… are trained in military covert operations to destabilise,infiltrate,penetrate,assault,terrorise,humiliate and embarrass.So far they have expose their tricks and tactics by their remarks that women must go o them not to blacks because they know how to spoil them…that was a true military remark seeking to humiliate and embarrass black men of South Africa and divide them and their women and children

  92. Dear Tim,
    I really really feel a lot of compassion for you and is extemely concerned about your spiritual welfare, the hate in your heart is eating at you and is getting to the stage where you can not even sleep anymore. Hate is a huge enemy that destroys your spiritual sight so you can never see, hear or taste the goodness of the LORD. I Pray that the LORD will reveal HIMSELF to you so they you might find mercy, forgiveness, love and contentment.

  93. You mean the God of the Freemasons,scientology and quakers?Thanks very much I`M CONTENT WITH MY gOD OF THE


  95. Freemasons, ancestoral spirits, scientology, quackers are of demonic forces I mean JESUS HE only is the Light the Truth and the Way to Eternal life

  96. Peace!!Black people did not started the tensions of the past but whites and therefore whites must end the tensions then we can talk of togetherness!

    The suspicions harboured by blacks against whites are still in place right now because whites don`t want to own-up and reconcile.What Greg Blank did in prison was reconciliation and healing in its true form and shape because he acknowledged the fact that it was white rule that created those conditions blacks were incarcerated under!

    In the eighties I was exposed to white people`s true activities in the townships of Capetown where they go in there as so-called piece makers or feeders but to build-up strong communities o oppose freedom fighters something which was attributed to the wars there to which they were sponsoring them.Zille was a core part of that third force and right up to thos day we don`t talk!

  97. pietpompies says

    Tim you MUST see a good psychiatrist urgently. you are completely confused!

  98. Tim you MUST see a good psychiatrist urgently. you are completely confused!


  99. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Dear Tim. Why is it you take umbrage at anything anybody says to you? pietpompies is right! You ARE confused and so filled with hate, it is heart-breaking! And whilst I do understand that the iniquities of the apartheid era are unforgettable and regrettable, we should live by the example set by a man who had even more reason than you to hate, and CHOSE not to! Nelson Mandela, a man who advocated forgiveness and compassion, despite the fact that he had every right to hate, and to act on that hatred. He showed not only South Africans, but the whole world that every human being on this planet is capable of this heightened level of thought, and that we can overcome our fears and paranoias with reason, compassion and love for our fellow man.
    Tim, I do not know you, but I fear for you. My compassion and caring for you knows no bounds. Please, please, stop this negative, destructive train of thought, and try instead, to see the beauty and love which surrounds you.

  100. Tim, take some advice from someone who would like to help you.
    Those who know little about religion or any other organisation that claims to be
    a church should rather not display their ignorance.

    I have been looking into Scientology since 1986 and still only know the basics,
    which is not much more than what that organisation sends out by way of pamphlets in efforts
    to gain more disciples. I have also spoken to a few in person, which added little, except to say
    things in praise of the organisation.

    In addition, I’ve listened to Larry King interview one or more of their leaders, as well as a few
    disgruntled ex-members. The latter are all bound to secrecy by oath and exposure.
    All one ex-member revealed was that it was an expensive way to feel good.

    Yes, they do use psychology. As do the deist churches – and government as well.
    The Bible is an excellent source of mind bending.

    Ever since my teen years, have I been intrigued at what I heard about the activities of the
    Free Masons. The nearest information I ever received, was when I once asked one of their
    members, “What do you people do there.” Without any hesitation, he said, “We lay goats.”
    (Not his exact words)

    You are out of you field in these matters. Stick to politics and nationalisation. You will be in
    good company, because few of us in this forum know what Government is up to. That means
    we cannot argue with whatever you tell us.

  101. Lisa McPherson Memorial Page: killed by the Church of Scientology

  102. I once popped into a freemasons building and the labourers who were working on the building told me they saw coffins at the basement…but their bosses came running towards us and I was not able to verify this but I have no reason to disbelieve them because they were only there to do a job and knew nothing about the background of this building.

    Mandela`s credibility is tainted for his selling of weapons to countries that were gioonna use them to kill civilians and he kept verwoerd`s legacy alive by concentrating on delivering to his white paymasters and neglecting the blacks of this country.

  103. According to Scientology’s Fair Game policy , an enemy of Scientology “May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed .” Are the following allegations the result of that policy?

  104. Pablo E

    Typical african-wingnut, you had nothing to steal ever! All yuo had were clay huts and nobady was ever interested in that! Even your cattle were of such a quality that even no white man ever bothered farming with it.

    So exactly what did the white man steal from you blacks?

    What I see all the time since the day of my birth is that it is blacks who never stop srealing frim whites – we have some corrupted-typical-african-inacurate crime-stats available if you think whites are the thiefs!

    and Tim, verwoerd was killed because he could not be bought by any so called white paymaster.

    And scientology is the work of one of this worlds biggest bullshitters L Ron Hubbard ( an englishspeaker naturally – they can’t do nothing but bullshitting.

    Now, as far as nationization is concerned…it’s just another way of the black thiefs stealing from whites – the good thing is that whatever the black man steal from a white, or whatever enterprize the black man touch, ALWAYS turns into shit for lack of vision and brains!!

    Lastly poor tim, there will NEVER be togetherness between white and black as there will never be togetherness between light and darkness or good and evil.

    When you put shit and icecream “together” in the same bowl, the shit will not become better shit because of the icecream, but the iceream’s value will go down to the value of the shit! Happy race mixing/downgrading to the leftwing fools of this planet!

  105. The afrikaner withno brains farmers hired Basothos to bring them black livestock from the eastern cape rural areas and they are now sitting comfortable with all that riches while those poor people are scratching their heads trying to findout where will their next meal come from and now they say this is black crime.This was what Byleveld meant when he alluded to the fact that these pale an bald morons were behind the spate of crime happening in this country!

    I`m talking about these hottentot-hollanders who are starting security guard companies on a fax machine on the backseat of their cars.probably cars that were rented and never returned!Jaa…the hottentot-hollanders who tookout lfe insurance on theirone day employees then kill them anD casHhouT and today they brag that they ork hard for their money!THE NYAMAO LERATHA BASTARD HOTTENTOT-HOLLANDERS WHO HIRED ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS THN HAND THEM OVER FOR DEPORTATION ON PAYDAY AND SEND THEIR CHILDREN TO VARSITY WITH THEIR SALARIES.


  106. Dirk
    I loved your comment because it brings out the truth about you guys(your message paints you white & if you noticed I had avoided using black or white in my previous comments). You passionately hate blacks so much that you have a warped view of the reality on the ground. Gone are the stone age days, now that we have seen the light (which your race seems to have brought) we are protecting the resources that we should stand to benefit from as Africans (I am black, but let me highlight this by African I did not mean black or white).
    So, Africans are taking charge of their economies and what you have to realise is that new leaders are emerging who are not cowed down by what your kind seems to have brought to us. Your references to the black African’s past is a tool that your fellow have used on the less brainy of society to bring an inferiority complex in them that has allowed your kind to abuse them without them questioning the wrongs that you do – especially on your farms where you shoot them and mistake them for baboons. Race mixing or not the new world that we live in has the reality that racial intergration is here to stay.
    So with all the respect in me bro if you can not take the challenge I guess you have your land waiting for you in your erstwhile developed native lands where natural resources are abundant.
    You can leave Africa to Africans and see if they will kill each other en-mass, wake up from your hate.

  107. Eh one more comment to Dirk and his like minded pals – take your brains and your money out of Africa and see if the continent will still have stupid sponsored wars and puppets ruling the continent. Wake up.

  108. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Dear Dirk,
    Please stop it! You purport to be a Christian, but the evil, demeaning, belittling, hateful vitriol that spews forth from your posts says otherwise! When I read your words, I cringe with embarrassment for you, and desperately hope that those at whom you are referring and who may read your disgusting diatribe, may see YOU for the “fool” you are, and disregard you opinions as insignificant and idiotic! I would be very interested to know to exactly which christian denomination you belong, because I have had inter-action with many different “Churches”, and have been overwhelmed by the love, acceptance and caring I have found in them. I have never in my life met a christian who is so filled with hatred and spite! Tim, for all his faults and racist attitude, has not sunk to your level of puerile insult! Please, Dirk, tell me that your God could possibly condone your hatred of one of his creations. He is supposed to be a god of LOVE, not hate!

  109. Hastheworldgonecrazy…when whites said yes…they were bad in the past but that it as not they but their secret societies,parents,teachers,priests,etc that poisoned them we believed them and moved over backwards to give them the space to seek and find themselves and changed but i now turned to that they are now intensifying their rightwingism where they are now vying for the total annihilation of the blacks of this country by killng them through their security guard companies and these zimbbweans they`re importing to this country!

    So far there has been only one man {white}who has reconciled an healed and that`s none other than Greg Blank.reconciliation is not about attacking whites to appease and placate blacks but to atone and repent!you have killed black in the past or seen your folks,friends,mates or colleagues killing or abusing blacks…expose these things and apologise and seek forgiveness and come-up with initiatives to heal those wounds!

    black prisoners who were sold to farmers never returnedand farmers just took release papers which these blacks were made to sign on day one back to prisons bar the prisoner!you know about all these things and if you are reconiliator expose them!

  110. I am absolutely horrified, reading tim,, dirk and the rest of the dirty mouths. Wonkie please close down this blog it is a revelation of what our people are really like. Lost and of this world. no finesse, bad morals, inconsidered, full of hate and disgusting to mankind. I am so glad I am saved and NOT of this world. Serious advice: Take your hearts to JESUS HE is the only one that can clean it up or perish.

  111. OLD FASHION says

    Hi Peace, we seem the only two that agree, noticed over the weekend that none of the others responded. Most of them use their office equipment for private matters it seems. Just shows how undedicated some people are.
    I watch these responses and just hand it over to GOD who knows all hearts as HE certainly is the only Judge.Well wether people believe or not the end of all this evil in this world is very close and nobody can stop it.

  112. pietpompies says

    old fashion!I do not know how “edicated” (sic) you are – I have my doubts, please check your dictionary ( if you have one ) and see what the word ‘wether’ really means!

  113. This is suppose to be about nationalisation, but what does it really mean, do people want to claim what belongs to the LORD anyway, and will also go up in fire one of these days. Let them continue to imagine that its all about our imagination but our “imagination” is GOD’s revelation. Those that do not believe are the ones who are imaginaning that this world will just keep on continueing. Hopefully their eyes will open to the TRUTH, The Way and the LIFE.

  114. pietpompies, yes you right I am uneducated, and the dictionary I have , have only the word of LIFE in it and you obviously are a doubting thomas

  115. Ol fashion , you do not seem to be uneducated , with answers like that without insults deserves a medal. Hope to see more of that on this blog.
    This world needs people like you. I often read the comments from the top down, and yours and Ol Pliny seems to be the most inspiring.

  116. Old fashion, when I was upped to manager over thirty years ago I was well equiped in the
    English language. Afterall, I had been doing cryptic crossword puzzles since 1955.
    Shortly after, our director called me to his office to discuss a suitable candidate to second to
    an outlying area. He suggested a certain individual and asked me if he would be suitable.

    After often wincing at this guy’s spelling, I mentioned this. The director looked annoyed. He said, “Never mind
    that, I want to know how reliable and ambitious the man is – being literate does not make them work any better.
    In fact, it’s the guys who think they know everything who believe they are indispensible.

    Well, that was another of his regular pert but wise sayings which helped change my attitude toward people.
    He often picked me out, but in a constructive way, which made it impossibe to take offence.

    There have been quite a few posts in these forums which were full of spelling errors. So what.
    If we know what the person is trying to say, why should the errors upset us?

  117. OLD FASHION says

    Tks OL’Pliny you are so right, its not the spelling it is the message that important, bearing in mind that I am not inglish or afrikaans but dutch speaking, imagine if I had to write in my home language? that will be fun

  118. Please excuse my previous badly compiled message. OUTLOOK 2010 is far too
    technical for this geriatric to comprehend.

    Peace, I’m at ‘peace’ with you and Dirk, whether we see eye-to-eye on everything
    or not. Because we do have a bond that is based on God’s inspired word. There are
    atheists out there, ever ready to throw stones at any Christian disunity detected.
    Please accept this aside: Your words, “Wonkie please close down this blog” is well meaning, but the
    consequences could be drastic.

    My observation being, that the Post Moderator up till now, has been very tolerant indeed.
    Experience is the better teacher. Long before the internet came, we older ones had Beltel,
    run by Telkom. (Telematics) We used 1200 kbps modems and had chat lines similar to
    Wonkie. Then came the Bulletin Board systems. (BBS) There were two in East London:
    The STAR sponsored by Mercedes Benz and another which was run by a German doctor,
    Michael Koerber.

    Besides chat lines, we could download games, and utility software, some of which I still use.
    To get to the point: They also had moderators like our PM. (Post Moderator) But, most of them
    abused their authority. Instead of allowing a tense situation to die out on its own, they
    intervened and in many cases insulted those who were at loggerheads, worse that they
    themselves had been doing.

    Many users took umbrage to being taken to task in this way. The result being that many
    of those who offered very good comments, left. BBS’s all eventually died out. What a pity.


    YES,mCauley made his suspect church multi-racial to lure blacks and turn them into mderates that`s why he was not acted upon for defying the SEPARATE DEVELOPMENT POLICIES.



  120. Tim, you should really address your comments to whoever you have in mind,
    rather than leave it us to wonder. Assumingly, you have me in mind.

    Moffatt’s version of the Bible reads: “Never answer a fool according to his folly,
    lest you become like him: answer a fool according to his folly, lest he imagines he is wise.” Or,
    according to Fenton’s translation: “Answer no fool, like his folly, lest you make yourself like to
    himself. Reply to a fool as his folly requires, lest he seem to be wise in his own eyes.”

    Seeing you, as with others in these forums, have an attitude toward Christian teachings, why
    should any of us “cast our pearls before the swine.”? Your God appears to be the political
    element – keep on worshiping that. Religion does not appear to suit your ideals.

  121. Tim, you should read again about the bad news and the good news. GOD IS HERE. Indeed the war is on since the beginning of ages. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood (meaning people) but against the evil spirits of demonic powers of darkness in the air. God has a plan which will soon come to pass and many will weep out of desperation because they did not believe, I do not know why but GOD gave man freedom of choice to serve who soever they may choose. Today may be your last day of choice I do not know but take a moment and be still before GOD the creator and ask HIM to help you find HIM, I guarantee HE will answer you and then you will have a direct answer from GOD HIMSELF. Right now I AM very concerned about your salvation as you are definitely following the wrong direction by putting your hope and trust in people. May our Heavenly Father, and our High Priest JESUS CHRIST by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT reveal HIMSELF to you so you may find the only true joy, peace and protection. This my prayer for you

  122. OLD FASHION says

    Hi Peace, just to let Tim know that I am praying with you for him, may GOD remove the hate and darkness in his heart and replace it with love and His Light. Indeed this war Light against darkness will continue until Jesus returns. I love knowing that 1; rd was casted out of heaven but 2; rds of the angels remained faithful to GOD so darkness is on the lost side they are outnumbered 2 to 1. God is in control of this country and Israel so there is no reason for us to fear any human or evil force as we are under HIS protection.

  123. God bless you Ol’fashion and thanks for joining in prayer for Tim , lets all of us who have a prayer warrior annointing on us join in prayer for Tim, this will be a great testimony as we have all his notes of hate and racism , just imagine the LORD replacing it with Love and compassion. Come on prayer warriors lets fast and pray for Tim, like Saul he also can become a Paul.

  124. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Dear Tim. You are fortunate, indeed, to have loving people like Peace and Old Fashion praying for you. You have done nothing but spew hatred and threats at them (as well as the rest of us!), and yet, they have responded with genuine love and concern! To both of you…. Respect! I do not have the security of knowing their creator, but I, too, will be thinking positive and loving thoughts about you, Tim, in the hopes that you will stop, and realise that life is not about revenge, war and subjugation of another race. Life is about compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love for our fellow man. If you can hate so passionately, Tim, just think how passionate and radiant you could be if you turned that hate into love! For what it’s worth, and we have never and are unlikely to ever meet, I love you, Tim!

  125. my fellow africans,the bible say what is due to ceaser you better give it up ceaser, and what belongs to i you better give it up to i,africa is for africans those at home and abroad,repatriation is a must,nationalisation of mines will totaly emancipate our black people from mental slevary,yes black power for african people,ligalise it

  126. my fellow brothers it seems to me that evreything good in this world have been done by white man ,can anyone tell me why my history was vever been told ,many people including african still believe that civilisation was brought to africa by europeans,no dude we have been having it,eg let me remind the whole world,during the proceess of colonialisation ,ithiopia had concoured,

  127. Hastheworldgonecrazy says

    Tendani, please could you explain in detail how nationalisation will improve the lot of black people in South Africa? How will it emancipate them from mental slavery? And why are there still black Africans who feel they are mentally enslaved? We live in a democracy now, all equal ( as things should be!), so why would anyone still feel enslaved? All nationalisation will do, is put even more power in the laps of those who currently rule our country (and not doing too good a job of it anyway!).

  128. I need to understand how will this Nationalisation work, can anone out ther explain to me.I just think the idea won’ t fly.Maybe I’m wrong

  129. Russia nationalised everything which led to a total disaster and national poverty and national bancruptcy, incidently they were whites, so it is not a question of race but of practicality and they also banned and persecuted all the christians, which resulted in a catastrophy for that country. Thank God it has all changed now.

  130. pietpompies says

    Tendani, perhaps you were not around or have forgotten that Zambia where I once lived nationalised the copper mines thinking they can do better. It was total disaster!!! Learn from history. There is NO reason why the ANC can do better!

  131. Malcom, Nationalisation is a synonym for communism – the way government is heading.
    Their motto being, “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine, and everything
    belongs to the comrades who keep us in power.
    This is an ideal form of government for South Africa, where the majority of the
    population are poor, uneducated and desperate. (You can fool ALL the people most of the time)

    These people have little or nothing, and are very unlikely to ever better that situation.
    For this reason, it suits them fine if government acts like Robin Hood.
    (He was said to have robbed the rich to give the money to the poor)
    Mugabe set the ball rolling with his land grabs, which will shortly spread to this country.

    Taking over various industries, such as the mines, feeds the coffers, and allows government
    extra cash for housing, grants, pensions and nepotism. There is only one small, insignificant ill
    effect to all this. Once the Whites are poor, and the nephews are fat, conditions deteriorate
    misery comes in leaps and bounds to take all that money back from the poor.

    All this can be explained by the following Robin Hood joke:
    One day, Robin Hood came tearing out of the city with a bag of money he stole from the mayor.
    He rides past a few peasants, tosses the bag of money to them and vanishes back into
    Sherwood forest where he always hides with his friends, a big guy called Little John
    and a robed preacher, like Tutu, called Friar Tuck.

    Anyhow, just as one of the peasants reaches out to grab the money, his pal jerks his hand back
    and shouts: “DON’T TOUCH IT! – Now that we are rich, he will soon be back to rob us.”
    Something like that, my friend is what will happen once nationalisation gets fully underway.

  132. Ol’ Pliny, thanks hey,I just think the Nationalisation is nonsensical idea that’s all I’ll say on the topic.

  133. We have an undisclosed website (reason being to avoid scams and spam users) were we contribute to charities in Africa for poor children. It is amazing how many there are. Lack of training to be responsible is the main cause why so many can not make a living. There is no family planning, children by the dozens whether there is money or education facilities are just of no concern. What contribution can there be to a normal prospering society where children can have normal lives. Some of these kids have to herd cattle etc and are basically slaves. They live under extreme conditions, some sleep in the open veld with no protection what so ever, no investors are interested in doing any upliftment as they can not use the people of that country to work for them as they have no education what so ever. People from proposed investors country excepting China does not want to relocate to Africa so they halted their investment plans. S A is vastly also becoming over populated , people not doing any family planning, and a big concern is that some kids I have spoken to do not even no their fathers, have never seen them neither heard from them. Some woman have 3 or more children and all from different men. When is our rulers going to address this problem it is a major cause of poverty, we need mentors to train as facilitators and teach the citizens how to plan, family life, how to raise children in a happy environment, and how to be responsible citizens with a constructive contribution to our country.
    We are busy training a few but it is only a drop in the ocean, and only a few were interested for a better life besides the courses were free and no charge we have church members contributing to this training scheme. We have a passion for children of all races and help where we can to improve their lives. We have no interest in politics as we cut out any form of corruption therefor do it without any contribution from any political party.

  134. Hastheworld.says: So far there has been only one man {white}who has reconciled
    an healed and that`s none other than Greg Blank. Take note of her comapny.

    That man was convicted on 48 charges of fraud and sentenced to eight years in
    jail. He was involved in fleecing Old Mutual clients of R10 million, which possibly
    includes many pensioners. He reckons he is doing just fine as a day trader.
    In his own words, he gets his money, “I beg, borrow or steal,”
    All this seems OK to our lady, so long as he did a little re-conciling.
    I’m watching you! Goes the advert by thr man with one big eye. (O.o)

  135. I’m sorry Hastheworld, for that false accusation. The old guys ‘uyes’ are
    not so good lately.
    Please forgive and reconcile for awhile.
    It was Dim Tim who, as usual, has his priorities deurmekaar – sowaar.

    Having previously looked for, and saw some good in you, I felt sure
    you would not say something as stupid as that.
    Jammer dat ek nog leef.

  136. OLD FASHION says

    Lets just look up and know that prayers from contrite hearts are always answered. We should not have any fear as fear is not from God. My personal life is a testimony of what God can do. Whenever someone digs at me somehow it hits back at him, when the evil curses me God turns it into a blessing and the curse becomes a boemerang. Why cant everyone live like that? No fear, 24/7 protection, all my needs supplied, there are times when things are not going well it is still to my benefit. So whether mines are nationalised or what ever it will surely have no effect on me but it still raises concerns about those who do not have faith but has to suffer on account of some selfish regime. Money surely is the root of all evil.

  137. OLD FASHION says

    Hi Peace, keywords!. More JESUS, more love and everlasting peace?? hopefully we will meet soon. We will continue to pray throughout each dark night until that day.

  138. Old Fashion, I hesitate to publicly credit God for protection from evil.
    This is best done in secret prayer – seeing he is the source of all good.
    This was my decision during my younger days, after hearing a few accounts of
    doubtful authenticity. One man related how halfway on a 200 km trip at night
    to visit his daughter, his car suddenly stopped . He then noticed that his fuel tank was empty.

    He then prayed, re-started and managed to complete the trip. Just as he approached his
    daughter’s house, the car spluttered and came to a stand-still.

    However, your words bear a measure of truth, IE: “Whenever someone digs at me somehow
    it hits back at him, when the evil curses me God turns it into a blessing and the curse becomes
    a boomerang” That was exactly the very course Baalam took. But, his curses turned out as
    blessings. (Num 22:16-21) But the matter does not rest there.

    There remains a reckoning for those who are rebellious to God’s commands, and continue to
    follow their own course to destruction. Please read 2 Pet 2:13-18

  139. OLD FASHION says

    Tks Ol’ Pliny, I know the Word very well it is my daily bread from above and I gather it is the same for you. God bless you for taking a bold stand for HIS Kingdom and Word. It is a bit of concern that so many that know the way shy’s away when it comes to declare the love of GOD. Our lives should be a visible testamony so that all can see the LORD in us. We have many of all races in our community that is such a blessing to all and are doing great deeds glorifying the Lord by their actions. So there is much hope for our country the rest of the population becomes the same. This is what our prayers and objectives are.

  140. Hi all contributors, just reviewed a good comedy by reading all these comments. This was suppose to be about nationalisation of the mines, Some are mining for souls, some for compliments and some for disasters. I will pick the ones that will restore my soul. My first and last contributiion as I am not a comedian but love reading this comic strip

  141. Hope all contributors have a wonderful blessed day no matter who you are or what you believe in may GOD make this your best day.

  142. “whites are hard at work trying to figure-out the type of nationalisation that will benefit them and only if they find a trick and it gets accepted by our all-time buffooned,blinkered and cretin rulers will nationalisation happened.If they won`t benefit it won`t happen because they`ll bribe powerful nec excecs to oppose it indefinitely!!!!!

    This country is in the grip of white domineer,control and rule and all our laws are influenced and informed by them.

  143. Tim, unfortunately you compile your opinion to less then 1% of rich whites. Most whites believe in giving is more blessed then receiving.

  144. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Oh, Tim! My heart aches for you! To live in such despair must be unbearable! Please, please take note of what Peace and Old Fashion say to you. Clearly, you cannot find happiness and contentment without God, so please, please look to your creator for comfort and peace of mind. Look around you at the incredible beauty of the world in which we live. Take people out of the equation, and simply look at nature. Listen to a waterfall, climb a mountain, sit on a beach and let the wind caress your skin. Walk through a forest, smell the damp earth and wet grass. Try and realise that our time here is very temporary, and to live with such paranoia and hatred is wasting the very little time you have left! All you have to do, Tim, is take a deep breath and decide you are not going to think like this anymore, that you are going to let go of your unsubstantiated anger and hate , and you are going to be happy. This is my wish for you, Tim.

  145. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Ol’ P! Whew! So glad you realised your mistake! Of course you’re forgiven! I’m just glad that you know it wasn’t me who made that puerile remark! And, I’m also awfully pleased that you ARE still alive! Although you drive me batsh*t at times, I do enjoy your erudition and intelligent comments. Wonkie World would be a LOT less interesting without you! Just as Rome would have been without their most erudite author, Gaius Plinius Secundus, or Pliny the Elder! (I assume it is the Elder’s ID you chose, you being “Ol’ Pliny”) I eagerly check my email every morning for a Wonkie comment from you!

  146. Yeah, I’d better be careful also. I dunno how this forum works from Wonkie’s side.
    Maybe Tim has his own way of doing things.

    Normally all our posts appears the way yours does, IE:
    Author: Hastheworldgonecrazy…
    Comment: %&%#@^$@ (just kidding – you don’t swear)
    The last names being the author.

    But in Tim’s case, it was as follows:
    Author: Tim
    Hastheworldgonecrazy blah, whites, blah…apartheid…

    The last name was YOURS-not his.
    When I got to the name Blank, I stopped reading.
    Later I realised you never write in that fashion so I went back to read it again.
    Glad you were not offended

    Originally, I ignored Tim’s racist approach, and tried to befriend him – I really did.
    But as the months past, it become evident that no matter what we do or say to indicate
    our willingness to support unity and cooperation, Tim and the likes of Juju and company
    make it very clear that they do not want White participation.
    No! I correct that. They don’t want Whites ti even live in this country.

    Sorry, Tim, Joseph, Kill-the-boer-Malema, etc, I have given up the ubuntu concept.
    But that does not stop my charitable attitude – especially Black women and little kids.
    Very few are as militaristic as Winnie-the-pooh.
    Whenever I see those old ladies doing weeding, I stop and give them a few rands.

    Here’s a little story to cheer you up.
    A lot of Blacks walk the streets all day. Probably looking for jobs.
    Now, I stay near the end of the main road in Gonubie.
    One day, I went all the way down Deary Road then up into Gullsway.
    On the left was a very wrinkled old girl, smoking a long homemade pipe, while pulling weeds.
    I stopped, called her and gave her Five Rand.

    This is truly Ripley material. The very next day, the old girl was ringing the bell at our Gate.
    I only recognised her when she lifted her screwdriver and made a digging motion.
    Altogether, one, two, three….. Oh Shame.


  148. The word tolerance is a word that only somebody with some IQ that is above average can understand. If you cannot tolerate the changes in the present world then you will be suffering from decadence, and in my view all those are strongly against nationalisation of mines have their selfish egos to stroke.
    Insults may be hurled left right centre, but the fact remains Africa has changed and its catching up with the so called civilised world. So in this context those who still think that they brought salvation to Africa should be left alone but we need to guard against them turning into serial murderers from the hate and anger that they habour. This I direct to the selfish people who still insult the black African and still believe that the African (black) was condemned to be a white man’s labouror to eternity. That has changed.
    So Wonkie, for reason to reign, I have the following to say – Black or White, politicians will remain fakes and phonies and they will always say things that they want people to hear and as such if the nationalisation debate goes and is won, that will be the Mzansi position and the country men have to critique the implementation of the process lest the politician abuses the process. Such critique has to be beyond skin colour. Whites have a history of being barbaric and recently USA’s acts against Iraq are evidence of same as blacks too have their own barbaric history but the later race’s major crime was being weaker than the former back then and they had their lands taken by conquest. So let the hatchet be buried and let all and sundry understand that we were made by the same God and we are the same in his eyes.

  149. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    I, too, tried to befriend the strange and hate-filled Tim, and also did not get it right! I actually tried to love him! My responses to him have been sincere, loving and gentle, and yet….. he spits back so venomously! Not too sure which raw nerve he’s talking about, btw. You are right, again, Ol’ P. Radicals like him don’t give a damn about anything except ridding Africa of the despicable, evil white man! Well, I’m sure he’ll be happy to know I will be leaving this beautiful country of my birth early next year. I have decided to go to a country where I will not be condemned and hated because of my skin colour, and where I will not be resented and hated simply due to the accident of my birth. I am weeping inside at the thought of leaving my beautiful South Africa, of never again experiencing the powerful rhythm and unique heartbeat of Africa, but at least I know that I have made ONE person happy! You have my permission to celebrate, Tim. Two whites out, only a few more to go!

  150. pietpompies says

    Tim your brain is like scrambled egg! you are a danger to society, you are a danger to yourself, it has become imperative that you see a psychiatrist.

  151. Hi Tim, we are fortunate enough to know that you are only speaking for yourself and not the majority, and in no way to we take offence of what you claim. We have our conscience to guide us and as long as we do what the LORD tells us to do we have no fear whatsoever. Jesus has taught us to love our enemies as only love conquers , hate destroyes the haters not those they hate it is important for yourself to remember that.

  152. We do not like to proclaim what we do but this is meant for Tim. For many years we were involved with someone full of hate and violence but continued to pray for him for 28 years. The last 3 years of his life we had no contact with him, when he passed away his daughter traced us via his note book, they had no money to bury him and asked if we could help. We helped but was reluctant to go to the funeral as we were unsure if he was saved. Nevertheless we went. it was overcasted and rained constantly, but while the coffin was lowered a beam of sunshine passed throught the clouds on the coffin and 3 of us heard: MY Word never returns empty to me. Walking back to the car we met up with 2 of his friends who had informed us that during his last 2 years he had repented , excepted the Lord and was saved. On account of this I know that the same will happen to you even though you are fighting against your own salvation now we will meet up in Heaven one day and we will continue to pray for you.

  153. “Africa is catching up with the so called civilised world”, says Pablo E.
    But that doesn’t give an indication of HOW far behind.
    How long has it been since the Kenyan Uhuru, or Rhodesia, or Lorenzo Marques?
    Only the leaders claim improvement – not the masses.
    There are beggars and jobseekers at nearly every corner in business areas of East London.
    As with crime statistics, the true unemployment figures will never be known.

    The latter two are related. The more crime, the more unemployment. Few people these days
    would risk taking a labourer off the streets. That’s asking to be murdered day or two later.
    Only a few construction companies may hire them as diggers or cement mixers they can watch.

    Even so, there are a staggering 137 African tribes. Each with their own culture.
    This alone, tends to prove that peace is a long way off, because the Hutsi-Tutsi games drag on,
    while the poor kwerekwere camp on the borders or church grounds..

    Africa will, if time allows, take many centuries to get rid of its superstitions.
    Locally, a poor beast has to bellow when slaughtered, so as to wake up dead ancestors to
    smell the braai and give their approval to eat and drink beer from 5 litre paint tins, like Zuma.
    Then we have Presidents, Chiefs and Kings who dress in leopard skins and carry shields and assegais.
    That belongs to the days of Chaka, Dinizulu, Dingaan and the Vikings. Poor leopards.

    Cremation is said to destroy the soul. So the hearses line up to cart dead people to arable land
    until there is no more left for housing, industry, farming, animals, vegetation or squatters.
    Pal, I’m not mocking you. Just face reality.

  154. Ol’Pliny, thanks for quoting me and giving a shoddy reference to the blacks from your poor state. My reality is not defined by the short sightedness that you exhibited in your critique, you have to look at the bigger picture, Mzansi will never be ruled by another PW Botha and neither will Zimbabwe be called Southern Rhodesia again, that is a fact that you have to live with.

    You have to look at the bigger picture, and this might be evidence that you are not well traveled. May be you travel between your first world ancestors’ homes and your corner in SA where you have chosen to isolate yourself from black contamination. Get out of your shell, open your eyes and see Africa for what it is and what it is becoming.
    I did my high school at a mixed school (it had black and white pupils), I happened to notice a statistic that the number of white students who excelled to qualify to move from lower classes to higher classes was lower than that of blacks – so much about blacks having a low IQ to the whites, I guess that is evidence of the fact that given an even playing field the white will come second to the black – that’s how the world is changing. So my word to you Ol’Pliny is that if you are an African white accept the fact that blacks educated or not educated are taking over your supremacy that you once enjoyed while in their backyards , no wonder why you are taking your private schools further away from
    The so called violent blacks that you alluded to are in the same fold as persons like those of you who still believe in white supremacy who harbor an anger against the way why things are the way that they are – they like the white supremist or rather rightists, are morons who need to be schooled on the ability to face reality and adapt to it. For your own benefit, I have never bowed to a white man or said Sir or boss to one, I have worked at the same level with them and so I do not worship a black or white man. I give respect to a person if they deserve it, I do not come from a family of gardeners for me to think that whites are a devine being. We are all human and the fact that there are societies still following their primitive cultures is a sign of a healthy country which condons freedom of association and worship. So in as much as there are christians, hindus etc, so are the different beliefs in African culture.

    Again I say wake up my brother and face the facts – Africa has changed so you have to realise same and adapt to the changed environment.

  155. The day our country becomes: crime, murder, corruption, hate and evil free, then we can boast about S.A. Right now we should all rather humble ourselves before our creator and beg for forgiveness, to exhalt ourselves is an abomination to the LORD and will never bring prosperity. What you sow you reap, sow hate and you reap hate. We were all created to be a constructive contribution to all our fellow human beings. Wars are caused by greed and hate, Napoleon set out to conquer the world , what did he gain from that? he died at the age of 32 , and what did he take with him? nothing.
    Our rewards are never down here it is being kept for the day we go to our eternal home and to some there will be no reward but eternal punishment.
    The debate can carry on and on , hitting at each other but I fail to see the purpose behind it, it only causes more hate and how can reconciliation come from selfish hate. You can have all the education and knowledge that the world offers but if you do not have wisdom from GOD you will just be an empty tin making a noize and pleasing yourself only.

  156. It took a while for me to decide not to answer Pablo. He drifts off topic like
    his pal Tim, and makes false accusations from start to finish.

    “so much about blacks having a low IQ”, he says.
    Seems he has an inferior complex. I never touched on that.
    We have to develop that quotient – it’s not inborn.

    “I have never bowed to a white man or said Sir or boss to one”, he says.
    Well, I certainly did. Before magistrates, my director, and anyone deserving of that.

    “You are not well travelled.”, he claims.
    You guys out there have probably heard Woodie Guthrie’s song of the early forties,
    “This land is my land.” I have that beautiful LP sung by the Jordanaires,
    with other titles such as Michael rowed the boat ashore, All my trials Lord. etc…
    Mostly of religious nature.

    Well, my version will sum up how much I really have travelled
    around this great land, which I am quite happy to share with Blacks:

    This land is my land, this land is your land,
    From the Malopo to Rezano Garcia
    From the Limpopo down to Cape Town
    From the shores of Clifton to the sands of Durban
    In this land I went from dorp to dorp.
    From hill to mountain, from sea to sea.
    I travelled, explored and surfed.
    Yes, this land was made for you and me.


  158. Tim if you think proclaiming the Almighty Power of God is religion to con!!! then you are awaiting a very surprised rude awakening. Please do not mock with GOD nobody can , I can almost give you a prophecy on your life but this is a public blog so I will rather continue to pray that your experience will rather be of salvation then that condemnation. Religion is a curse but serving the LORD JESUS is fullness of life.

  159. Rastas have religion,muslims have religion,underworld have religion,populace have religion,jews have religion,secret societies or cults have religion and I`m still to figure-out which religion is being harped-on here.

  160. Religion means all religions, There is only ONE way to GOD and that is through JESUS CHRIST. this is not a religion but a fact. Only JESUS is coming back to condemn this world and not religions. One day Tim and many others too when you have a personal relationship with the LORD then only will you understand, not knowing him now I do not expect you to understand what is being harped on.

  161. For years I listened to peoplke on the podium assuring congregants that with God they don`t need security because this god will be their security but now not only are their churches barricaded with security but their person and family too.

    I listened to McAulley saying by bringing jesus to your life you won`t suffer any more because jesus will provide but he is sorrou ded by bouncers and when he was asked how has he accumulated all this wealth never did he say jesus provided but that the congregants provided in the form of tithes.Are you conning me?

  162. I am in no way trying to con you, JESUS says in this world we will have tribulation and persecution but the suffering will end with HIS return and we WILL have joy and life eternally, that is what the Gospel is all about , it is not about worldly wealth or money. In fact we are warned in the WORD against the rich and famous and rulers of this world; is it not them who tries to get every penny out of us that they can to enrich themselves. We do not have much material wealth as it is not our wish but we get what we need each day. Peace mentioned about training that they do free of charge and we do the same, we receive GOD’s grace and love everyday free of charge so we hand it out free of charge. This blog costs me nothing to proclaim the message of Salvation and we also do not receive any tithes from it for doing so, another blessing being able to reach broken hearts and lives free of charge. is this not great? All belongs to the LORD , Heaven and earth we are merely travellers on this earth with expectance from GOD that we will be a constructive, working contribution to HIS Kingdom. I am anxiously awaiting changes of hearts and know one day how many have received eternal life from the blogs I am using. The greates reward is winning souls for Heaven!!

  163. I’ve said something in one of these blogs previously which is worth repeating:
    It is not possible for any person, anywhere, to possess land eternally.
    Once this is fully understood, all squabbles on that subject will come to an end.

    After the Hebrews were liberated from Egypt, God allowed them to draw lots to own land from
    Benjamin to Dan in the north. If they and their offspring were allowed permanent ownership,
    would it not be reasonable to assume that Palestine today still belongs to the Jews?

    What God really did was to set aside land for them, so as to live in security.
    He did the same for non-Israelites such as the sons of Esau and Lot. Read Deut 2:9 onwards.
    When Hebrews received the Mosaic laws, hear what God commanded. “The land shall not be sold
    permanently, for the land is mine ; for you are strangers and sojourners with me.” (Lev 25:23)
    God’s laws are eternal, and the land principle still stands today. It’s the rulers of this world
    who have changed matters to suit themselves, and subjects put leaders above God.

    Although we also ‘own’ land Government and Municipalities grant themselves permission
    to expropriate your land for whatever purpose suits them. Gone and lost now, is the security
    that God gave us to inherit a piece of land in security until the day we die.

    But, let’s go back to the beginning. Only by carefully reading the book of Genesis, can we realise
    that we are no different from the wild or domestic beasts – we are merely of higher ranking.
    (Eccl 3:19) Animals were created before man, who was made curator of them by God. (Gen 1:28)
    Which in turn means they have just as much claim to the land as we have.

    God loved them so much, that he even gave laws to compensate for any reason we may
    have to kill them. Their blood had to be poured out on the ground and covered, which
    would then sanctify their death. That never suited the kings of the earth. Nimrod came
    along and established a great name for himself as a mighty hunter against God. (Gen 10:9)
    (Like the buffalo, leopard, lion rhino and elephant murderers in our day)

  164. How many remember the prediction of the hail storm???? as big as tennis balls well go check on Tzaneen what hail they received. Was on the blog :Will the world in in 2011

  165. Hail storm can be viewed on the web : Hail storm in

  166. Real christians out there in the world are fighting the devil and the war against scientologists and masons by the populace and the german government is a typical example…what are you doing to fight the devil in our midst like in thge case of the ngk refusing to admit people of colour?

    have you gone out there to administer the word of god to those who think like the waterkloof 4 and the nels?don`t bullshit me,man.

  167. The works of many humans are evil right accross the colour bar, just as their are many serving the LORD with their lives right accross the colour bar, in our community serving the LORD are many races and we are all brothers and sisters in CHRIST . We worship, laugh and work together and our purpose is to help others find the LORD so they too may have eternal life. If this message does not get through to you clearly enough then you are following your own inhibitions, consisting of hate and rage, this is soul destroying and robs you of wonderful joy. We will continue to pray for you.
    This is the very end time we are living in the world is the testimony of it, people are hateful, uncaring, selfish, denying the LORD , destroyers and lovers of money, immoral no self respect and so the list just goes on and on.
    You obviously do not have any communication with true believers so we will continue to help you get there via this blog. We have not and will not give up hope for your soul. We pray that you will have a blessed week and hopefully meet the LORD soon.

  168. Old fashion, here’s just a little ‘down memory lane while we ignore Tim’ rantings
    until someone continues a more sensible contribution to Nationalisation.
    Incidentally, Jesse Jackson has stated his disapproval of that cause.

    I have collected quite a number of Bible translations during the past 50 years, and was fortunate
    to have found an 1885 Revised version in mint condition published by Henry Frowde,
    Oxford Warehouse Amen Corner, London. “Translated out of the original tongues”

    The text carries some quaint expressions, EG: “And the Lord spake to Moses” (Lev 23:1)
    “He frustrateth the devices of the crafty, so their hands cannot perform their enterprise.” (Job 5:13)

    Another is one taken over by my wife when her grandmother died in 1955.
    It is written in Hoeg Hollands and was passed down to the latter by her granny.
    Although fairly fluent in Afrikaans, and understand a little Dutch, the text
    in this Bible is almost impossible to understand.

    We have sealed it in plastic and intend passing it down to our own granddaughter who is
    already in her thirties.

    The Bible still has all the ages, although very worn. We have left it like that rather than
    mend it and perhaps damage it. It must have a very colourful history. Perhaps it was
    read daily for protection in case the Kkakis caught them, and took them overseas.
    Whatever the case, it surely was during that period in our history.

  169. Yes Ol Pliny the downfall of the last regime was the same as the pagans they too built statues and monuments of humans in stead of worshipping, and gloryfing the LORD like their pre decessors. The time is now for them to repent and turn to the only POWER and LORD who alone can renew our spirit and make us holy. Joyfully there is an awakening and revival and many have already repented and are turning back to serve the LORD. The Israelites did the same on many occassions but when they repented and served GOD again they once again were blessed and protected. We are also living in the time where the sheep are being seperated from the goats and as the Bible says: We are a peculiar people not being equal to this world as we are not of this world. Jesus will come and fetch us before HIS wrath is poured upon the unbelievers and worshippers of this world.

  170. Old fashion, seems no one has more to say on nationalisation.
    You said, “The downfall of the last regime was the same as the pagans they too
    built statues and monuments of humans in stead of worshipping, and gloryfing the LORD like
    their pre decessors.” How brave you are, whereas I feared to rush in on this.

    The majority of mankind are completely kept in the dark about God’s purposes which are right
    now taking place. History is repeating itself. Ancient Babylon was protected by the Euphrates River
    around it, plus high walls and a strong gate. On the fateful night, as foretold by Isaiah, they forgot
    to close the gates. The two kings from the East, (Medes and Persians) dammed up the river,
    crossed and defeated Babylon.

    At Revelation 16:12 God’s angel dried up the antitypical Euphrates River. (The World power’s
    influence) so that God and Jesus, (our two kings) could set in motion their purpose to destroy all
    worldly governments. Satan is busy preparing the kings of the world to oppose God’s kingdom,
    by keeping the kings in ignorance. (Rev 16:13) But they will soon be defeated at Armageddon.
    (Rev 16:16) Quite a number of people have called on me to explain these things, and it really
    does make sense. I wrote a note at that last scripture, referring to Dan 2:44 Look it up.

    As for the monuments you spoke of, Eugene Terreblanche, he with holey green underpants,
    (MHDSRIP) showed little respect for the Voortrekker monument when he crashed the gates
    with is 4X4 to make love to his girl friend Jani Allen inside the property.

  171. Yep, the great big nationalisation of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is worth waiting and labouring for, what happens down here is not of everlasting substance, it changes virtually every century and we are living in the fullness of time. Never has time passed so quickly as now, never has commumication been possible in a second to anywhere in the world. The last century was the first time man got to the moon and the big space age began, which is written in the scriptures only the prophets of those days did not know what a rocket or a fighting jet is as it did not excist behind their wildest dreams yet, and they had to write down and describe what they saw. Politics as is , is the most facetious and despicable element of this world, we never vote and never will on account of not having for the past 70 years any GOD fearing and serving people to place in a ruling position, each new one seems to be worse then the previous as they have gone so far now to ban GOD from most schools etc. no wonder everything is in a devilish mess. I am not afraid to call a spade a spade we must address all issues according to the LORD’s command. My hot line: Jeremiah 33.v 3. “Call upon ME and I will reveal to you great and many things which you do not know” says the LORD.
    If we are afraid to proclaim the works of the LORD and the message of salvation, we can not expect HIM to lead and deliver us from evil.
    Dirty tricks in politics has just happened again, to try and bluff the masses for votes, who wants to vote for humans who are fighting to get a position in place where they can control people ( not leading them in to the ways of rightousness) what a bunch of puppets so many are in the hands of man.

  172. Living in difficult environment or difficult employer and you find it tough! David worked for a violent king who was troubled by an evil spirit and who threw javelins at him. David’s job was to bring peace, order and productivity. Notice two importing thiings: 1. David did not attempt to pray away his problem! if David had prayed away Saul’s evil spirit, he would have prayed away his opportunity to serve GOD in that environment, and the ones to follow, David knew God intended something good so he kept his joy, tuned his ear to God and found out what the moment demanded in order for God to appear. God is a trouble- shooter. When HE sees trouble HE sends in a shooter. God can empower you to be a solution to the problem, whatever the problem is, so that God can be God in the midst of the mess. 2. When David was called he dit not just come, he came with gifts. He brought”. an ass laden with bread..” He also brought his harp-playing skills! He did not ask, What’s in it for me? We need to get rid of our “give me spirit” and replace it with a heart that comes to serve. That involves keeping a right attitude, saying>” This may be a hard time, but it is also short-term. So I will check my attitude regurlarly and be grateful for what I have, so I can be trusted with what I am about to be given. While I am here I’m going to make GOD happy. HE picked me for the job, so I’ll show those I work and live with that I have got something they need. If everybody in our country have this attitude we will be living in a real Utopia.

  173. do you understand me?i don`t even want to mention your names because to me you`re nobodys just a bunch of gremlins that is haunted by the hordes of humans you murdered in the names of god so in my last engagement with scums like you i say`taKE YOUR GOD TO YOUR WOODVILLE AND STAY THERE DABBLING IN YOUR SATAN AND VAMPIRE HOBBIES!

  174. We take all concerns to GOD: Here is a word from the LORD to Tim: ” I am coming to get you!!!” and HE means it in the nicest gentle possible manner. GOD will get to you not in a satanic way but as the GOD of Love, compassion and Great deliverer.

  175. Oh, where have you been Billy boy, Billy boy… (Hastheworld)
    Sad to hear you are going away-keep in touch. I came to appreciate the fact that you
    were able to ride out the stormy forum weather, and also don’t mince your words.

    While clearing old mail today, I came across your message 11th Nov:
    “(I assume it is the Elder’s ID you chose, you being “Ol’ Pliny”)
    Clever girl. I chose that NdPlume being an admirer of Pliny the Elder.

    Great men of old were usually noted for a specific calling, for instance
    Like Plato the Philosopher. Archimedes, science, etc…
    Pliny is my role model mainly for the fact that his main interest in life was to gather
    knowledge, which he unselfishly passed on for the benefit of all.
    Here is an excerpt obtained from Wikipedia:

    Gaius Plinius Secundus (23 AD – August 25, 79), better known as Pliny the Elder, was a
    Roman author, naturalist, as well as naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire…
    Spending most of his spare time studying, writing or investigating natural and geographic
    phenomena in the field, he wrote an encyclopedic work, Naturalis Historia which became a
    model for all such works written subsequently.

    His son Pliny the younger was also a notable person, who served as magistrate, rising from
    rank to rank in both civil and military offices. Unfortunately, his image is marred by the
    fact that, while serving as governor of Bithynia, he persecuted Christians.

    He wrote the following message to Emperor Tragan:
    “I have asked them in person if they are Christians. If they admitted it, they were punished.
    However, others “denied that they were or ever had been Christians.” Put to the test,
    not only did these offer up pagan sacrifices but they even “reviled the name of Christ:
    none of which things, I understand, any genuine Christian can be induced to do.”
    In his reply, Trajan commended him on the way he had handled the matter:
    “You have followed the right course of procedure in your examination of the cases
    of persons charged with being Christians.”

  176. What happened to Peace? he is rather quiet and peaceful currently. O’ Pliny your hobby seems to be reading . I gather you are also at retirement age like us although I work via the web at home and my hobby is producing dvd’s and composing music for children. We are indeed living in a very interesting timezone, much goodness is happening right now and like the ex Major of a Swapo regiment we will one day say to Tim, Welcome pastor .

  177. O.F: “O’ Pliny your hobby seems to be reading” Yer, half right. You’d never
    believe me if I told you all my hobbies. I said ‘Half’, because a lot of time is spent
    reading about them.

    That is, only when the weather is bad. Otherwise you’ll find me in or on the roof
    fixing up things. Not many nowadays can afford the ridiculous plumbing, electrical and painter’s
    costs. Otherwise I go snorkelling among the drols. (caught a nasty strep throat last week)
    I gave up surfing at 69 when poor Anton DeVos was taken by a shark. I was there that day and
    saw them pulling him out the water – Terrible.

    Back to topic: The ANC should try nationalising itself.

  178. O’l P , Why would the anc nationalise if they have already personalised everything?

  179. Old Fasion, i guess your comment sums up the ‘real’ issue. In my view the debate took a terrible turn when it touched on racial issues. The ANC as we see it has people of all races so in their selfish political minds, they might steer up national debate on sensitive issues such as resource distribution so that they take advantage of a ‘seemingly’ marginalized section of society’s views and use them to self enrich. So race matters aside, the introduction of the bible to the discussion thawed the rightist and leftist mentality and God’s grace sobered the extremists’ minds, may we pray before saying things that will hurt the next person.
    If I am not wrong Jesus once said how can you claim to love God when you can not love your own brother whom you see (and by brother I do not remember if the bible states whether Jesus meant black or white). So to the Pasters keep up the good work and be sincere in your teachings because as I see it God’s word is not ethnocentric.
    So to Julius if the nationalisation of the mines has a set of controls that the current ANC’s fat cats will not be the only beneficiary ahead of the needy populace ( by needy I mean people who are ready to work the mines, have resources availed to them and people who have the knowledge), then as a fellow black man I will support that, but spare us the rhetoric if that is done to self enrich.

  180. Hi Pablo, thanks you have a sober healthy mind, God bless you. You are so right Jesus said all the nations. God loves all people and all that HE created , it is some people of all nations who turns wicked and will not acknowledge HIM and rejects HIS love. As far as nationalisation is concerned is of no real issue to me , it can not change my relationship with GOD neither can it seperate me from HIS love. This is the way I pass through this life but I do have a big concern about those who are really living in harsh conditions and so little being done for them.

  181. Pablo E, education teaches one how to speak – not what to speak.
    That matter is left to development in protocol, etiquette and culture.

    Even as manager in my fifties, my director on occasions called me to the carpet.
    Once when I callously pointed out an error in correspondence, he gave me some stern advice:
    “When something upsets you, calm down before you speak or write. When you do write,
    place the letter in your inbox, then read it again a few times before sending it.”
    Naturally, I nodded and smiled when I walked out, though burning inside.

    I later marvelled at his advice because I tried it and it worked. Besides correcting some letters,
    a few were destroyed. He died some years later, but I think of him daily – especially when I
    speak to write to people.

    You touched a raw nerve when you said, “Ol’Pliny … accept the fact that blacks educated or not
    educated are taking over your supremacy…” Some of those uneducated already have.
    Especially one with an ‘F’ woodwork and H maths grades. Who needs maths to count votes.
    Certainly not Magube. Would that please you in this country?

    After reading your latest message, I realised you spoke in haste.
    Albert Einstein, among the most knowledgeable who ever lived said,
    “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.”
    How true. Some of the more knowledgeable design computer viruses which
    They maliciously distribute to wreck businesses. Others design weapons of war.

    Einstein also said, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
    He probably means that science reveals an intelligent God, and that religion needs to accept the
    usefulness and necessity for science.

    Regarding religion the Bible says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools
    despise wisdom and instruction.” (Psalm 1:7) That scripture indicates that true knowledge will
    only begin once we believe in God and learn to fear him.

    Knowledge of mundane things is indeed interesting. But, to what purpose will we put knowledge
    gathered from God’s word, which brings wisdom? Gained knowledge and wisdom should be to
    the betterment of society. One can only do that after having achieved a position of authority or
    leadership. Wisdom will then have equipped us with a peaceful nature, responsibility, tact,
    reasonableness, caring, and the ability to set priorities. May it go well with you.

  182. you were enjoying the fruits of national party`s nationalisation and affirmative actiion without a murmur and you come and deafen us with your racial rejection of blacks aa and nationalisation…

    Zambia`s nationalisation was a success however colonialists sabotaged it by not investing and bringing in skill because the blacks that Kaunda developed to take over in logistics,strategy and production could`nt fill the void left by whites.It was not a black or white thing but the streamlining of internal affairs where the nitty-gritty was to keep Zambia`s revenue in Zambia so as to register its independence because its folly to claim independence but run after those you defeated with begging bowls!Colonisation of the continent is a thing of the present and the future if its not stopped.

  183. Nationalise the whole nation to serve the only Creator GOD with their whole heart and souls and no mathematician will be able to count the country”s blessings.

  184. Here in this country blacks have ensured that the economy remain in white enclaves by throwing their weapons in the sea and hold begging-bowls to the enemy for the BEE money in return for them to bring whites the black money and not the other way around!

    We started to see vavi running with workers pension funds to whites and pocketed the interest accrued to workers and now he pretends to be the lover of workers and the poor!

  185. Hastheworldgonecrazy says

    Thanks, Ol’ P. Still have a few months before we leave. Will certainly try and keep in touch if I have access to a computer when we get to UK. Must say, though, I’m getting pretty sick and tired of idiots like our Tim, whose dreadful diatribes have almost forced me into resigning from Wonkie! Thanks to people like you, (voices of reason and intelligence!), I am still around!

    Can’t understand why these know-it-alls, like Tim, PabloE etc., have not solved the nationalization debate yet! They have so much with so little substance to say, I’m surprised Wonkie hasn’t closed this blog down out of sheer boredom!

  186. Hastheworld.. we wish you well on your new destination the UK. We are off to Oz in a few weeks time to visit our son and daughter for 9 weeks in OZ and use their computers to access our emails and websites. You must keep in touch it will be nice to hear what is happening in that part of the world from the horse’s mouth. One is rather surprised that this blog is still on the go but who knows maybe for a very good reason behind it all. We sure have found a lot to pray for by info from Wonkie’s and a few other blogs.

    Just an interesting incident that happened in 1975 with the building of the Richardsbay harbour. Some nasty experience caused by immigrants from Europe (won’t mention the country) who were site engineers. I was assigned there by the audit company I worked for during that period. The big surprise was that Dr M Buthulezi was the one that got the situation under control in an absolute diplomatic manner, we had the honour to meet him and was very impressed with him. He addresses people so that it is impossible not to have respect for him.



  188. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Thanks, Old F. And I hope you have a wonderful 9 weeks in the Land Down Under.
    I am very pleased to here that you have such a high regard for Dr Buthelezi. Although I have not had the honour of meeting him personally, I have always felt that he is a voice of reason and intelligence.
    Interesting that you were involved with the Richard’s Bay project. At that time I was living in Durban, and made many, many trips to Kwa M’bonambi (??spelling??) to visit family, and also followed the R.B. project with great interest.
    Keep praying for the unhappy Tim. I sincerely hope he finds some sort of peace, and once again, Respect to you for treating him with so much love. I’m afraid, like Ol’ P, I have given up on him, and don’t even bother to read his venomous posts! Wonder how he would react, were the ANC to implement nationalisation, and things went the way of Zim and Zam! Guess he’d still blame the white man!

  189. you must pray that i don`t become the president of this country or army general because i will chase all non-africans to the ocean…to show how sick i am of them!

  190. Phred, vhat hom vhas, vhat hhom lhaag,
    Laat the boere bler.

  191. We do not have to pray that you don’t become president, it is not GOD’s plan to have you as president. In three years time whether I am down here or up there you will be singing praise songs to the glory of GOD. Hasthe… you and Ol’P.. Pablo.. and all those following this blog will hear the testamony of Tim how the LORD has changed him. His outcry now is the same as what happened in Mathew 9 v 28 – 32 so please do not hold it against Tim he will be delivered from that evil spirit that has now control over him.

  192. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Ol’ P – LOL! You have a great sense of humour!
    Old F – I hope you are right! For our sake as well as Tim’s! He is another Idi Amin in the making!
    Tim – I AM an African! I was born here, as were you. So what makes you more African than me?

  193. Tim – I AM an African! I was born here, as were you. So what makes you more African than me?

    China for Chinese,Europe for Europeans,India for Indians,West for Westerners and Africa for Africans…plain language!!!

    If you are a European then you belong to Europe regardless of wbhere you were born!Those non-Europeans in Europe will remain non-Europeans despite the fact that they too were born and bred there!The black Americans are now resorting into calling themselves African Americans despite the fact that America is their home but Westerners refuse to acknowledge them as Westerners…!

  194. Tim quoting Hastheworld… says: China for Chinese,Europe for Europeans,
    India for Indians,West for Westerners and Africa for Africans…plain language!!!

    Seeing we have so many cross-breeds here in S.A., IE Chinese/Black,
    European/Black, etc., when you become president, how would you then take the Yellow or White
    part out of a person and toss it into the sea, as you said earlier, and keep the black part.
    Wait, I almost forgot about the Sangoma body snatchers.

    Ja well no fine. Many in this forum reckon you’re even to nuts for a lunatic assylum.
    But you could try

  195. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Clearly, you are somewhat confused, Tim. If America is the home of those blacks who live there, and you obviously feel they should not call themselves African-Americans, because “America is their home”, then what is wrong with me calling myself an African? Africa is my home! Not Europe. I was born in Africa, NOT Europe! I am NOT a European. I AM AN AFRICAN! Live with it! Your opinion is so insignificant, in any event. You rant and rave like a madman, clearly can’t speak English properly, and quite frankly, I think everyone on this blog site is sick to death of you!

  196. when you become president, how would you then take the Yellow or White
    part out of a person and toss it into the sea,


    was born in Africa, NOT Europe! I am NOT a European. I AM AN AFRICAN! Live with it! Your opinion is so insignificant, in any event. You rant and rave like a madman, clearly can’t speak English properly,



  197. We print all Tim’s comments and pass it on to our black brothers and sisters who are horrified reading this hate speech. They are making it a priority to pray for him. Thank GOD for those who do have wisdom and courage to make things right. Two weeks ago we had a Bless this City campaign it was heart warming to see black , coloured, indian and white working hand in hand to make a difference. Madiba’s dream of a nation with many colours was indeed a prophetic one and will soon come to pass. So no worries for God is at work and HIS Power soon to be experienced. (When will we welcome pastor Tim?) hopefully not long to go.

  198. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Carry on with your prayers, Old F. Hopefully something will eventually work on our Tim!
    Took me a while to decipher this, and then to actually understand what you were trying to say. So, let’s try to address this mess point by point :-
    1) Well, No! I wouldn’t actually go as far as saying you can speak English, however…… at least you try! (Please could you give me a dictionary definition of “COMPREHENCY”? A new English word, by all accounts.)
    2) I would not join in conversation on a Xhosa/Zulu/Pedi blog site and make a complete and utter idiot of myself, purely and simply because I CAN’T speak those languages!
    3) Could you please tell me what the language “aFRICA” is? Something else I have clearly overlooked in my research and was denied by my educators!
    4) I actually know quite a lot about Africa, having lived here for over 50 years, and having lived in various different regions. I probably know more about Africa than you do, because I am so very sure you are a relatively young person, hot-blooded and intolerant, like all youngsters!

  199. pietpompies says

    it is a total waste of time to debate with tim. he’s an irrational imbecile ( i found nine synonyms for imbecile – which all directly relate to him) It serves no purpose to talk to him and i think he ought be ignored completely by all. i think he must be drugged when he vomits these incoherent platitudes.

  200. P.P., Click X at his next post. Don’t read it.
    He may include muti to make you stagger and lose the argument.

  201. reconciliation and healing is not about charity or generosity but human development and growth to make-up for the inability to develop and grow due to past educational disparities and imbalances.

    Greg Blank acknowledged the fact that whites were responsible for the gangs in prison and so went about to eradicate them and develop member individuals.He`s not going around boasting about the millions he spent in this programme!

    If you have no problem with the broken english of col.loureds,nigerians,afrikaners then you should have no problem with my english too.

    …MUCH TO YOUR COMPREHENCY{comprehension

    : ” I am coming to get you!!!” In three years time whether I am down here or up there you will be singing praise songs to the glory of GOD…thgat`s now the scientology threat which has already been tried but i got the warning signals and i ran!look man,what you are trying to do will be thwarted and scuppered the same way it was in Zimbabwe in 1980 since the intelligence is highly alert after being briefed by the ICO about the real reasons why matabeles are forced into our country.why don`t you just live your life and stop this military attempt of yours of removing governments you disapprove of since you will never win!How much lives were lost in the apartheid wars and revenue and what was it for since there are no tangible or visible results.

  202. black brothers and sisters …those are truly your brothers and sisters since they`re missionaries and are behind your endeavours to colonise the continent.when you say mugabe is bad and puppet morgan or muzorewa is good they nod-so don`t link me to my enemies since i am totally estranged from black missionaries since they`ve seized to be black traditionally or imagely but in their colonised minds!got it?

  203. Hi Ol P.. did you ever read the book: The Cross and the switchblade by Dave Wilkersen, if not it is worth reading. These are issues that really happened in the American ghetto’s in the 60’s and how GOD got to the main leader and changed his heart, calling and destiny. There was also a film based on this book with the actual people taking the part but I never saw the film. Similar issues are stilling happening this day just to prove that GOD never changes HE remains the same as yesterday today and to-morrow.

  204. No, but I did see the movie – with Pat Baboone . Perhaps I’m prejuced, but
    never liked him or Cliff Richard. I was a rocker and biker those days.
    The movie never impressed me – it was kinda sickly sweet – like Pat himself.

    My favourite singers were mostly woman, like Rosemary Clooney, Carley Simon, etc.
    Natch, also Elvis, the Beatles and Neil Diamond, Creedance and Jim Croce.

    Anyhow, statistics on religious crossings are just as likely to happen as cross back to switchblade.
    Some, like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Bakker even cross over while still in office.
    Some to fornication, others to self-enrichment.

  205. Ol P, that is so true, so many use evangelism for self enrichment, that is so opposite as to what the LORD teaches us, for free out of grace we received our salvation and free of charge we need to pass it on. JESUS paid fully for our full deliverance. Paul had his income from making tents and the thithes they received went to the poor, and that is how it should be. I know of some of these evangelists that ownes a holiday home in a lot of countries as well as owning their own private jets, I do not condemn or judge them that is for GOD to do , but I do know that the Gospel must be spread throughout the entire world and who knows maybe that is why GOD lets them have all that. One day we will know the answer to that.

  206. that is so true, so many use evangelism for self enrichment,

    it apply to congregants too who o to churches for luck and other form of assistance.There`s nobody who is not involved with a hurch fo no gains!

  207. Old Fashion, I’m replying to you here rather than the Dewani murder forum, out
    of respect for the relatives. These deserve our sympathy.
    Your posts indicate that you are pure in heart, because you seek peace and good
    neighbourliness. Of the ten commandments at Exodus 20, four relate to loving God
    and the other six relate to loving our neighbour.

    Love for neighbour defines that you will neither steal from them or harm them, covet their
    possessions, be unfaithful or bear false witness against them. Your prayers, as mentioned to Cynthia
    for that ‘Heavenly broom to sweep the country clean’, will soon be realised. (Psalm 37:1-11)

    As for the wicked leaders of various countries, Paul said at 2 Tim 3:1-9 that these would never
    progress to what is good – which is why Psalm 2:1-6 describes them as God’s enemies.
    The ‘Heavenly broom’ cannot sweep them clean, seeing it’s their loyal masses who voted them into
    power because, as can be seen in these forums, they hate God and their White neighbours.
    In return, their leaders show favour by turning a blind eye to their hate speech and criminal
    activities. That cannot be put into more plainer words.

  208. We were in a war that has devastated my people who have no answer to it then suddenly you declare the war over and living in peace together!

    You do so while you`re stil armed And you expect me to take you seriously!for a war to end there has to be surrendering of weapons,their destruction and handshake and commitment to work for the good of this country and that has never happened.The old guards former special forces or recces are still very much transgressing under the cover of security guard companies and they are grooming their children to take the torch forward by entrenching white supremacism and keep blacks at bay by unleashing their footsoldiers against them to unsettle and disturb them so that they must never have peace and happiness!

  209. Tim, there’s only one solution. Government must consider nationalising
    all weapons, the old guard recces, security guard companies,
    children with torches white supremacism and their footsoldiers.

  210. OLD FASION says

    Hi Ol’P, I have stopped reading or replying to Tim’s comments as he just keeps on overloading his debt up there. He has been handed over to the HIGHEST AUTHORITY and soon we will have a different, wise and gentle Tim.
    We are almost ready to spend time with the kids in Oz but will keep checking on this column . If not: You know the reason for the Season so we wish you and all the rest a Joyous Festive Season , besides Good Friday the only worthy celebration days. God Bless

  211. Ol’ Pliny
    December 2nd, 2010 at 9:05 am
    Tim, there’s only one solution. Government must consider nationalising
    all weapons, the old guard recces, security guard companies,
    children with torches white supremacism and their footsoldiers.

    There I agree with you wholly however you have not answered my question!What have you personally done to undo the past to your children.Have you conscientise them so that they must not regard blacks as subhumans and third-class citizens?


    We are almost ready to spend time with the kids in Oz


  213. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Hi, as well, Ol’ P. LOL! LOVE that sense of humour! Old F. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Oz, the “Land of Perpetual Light”, (hehe!), and hope you and your family have a blessed, joyous and safe festive season.
    I’ve been off line for a while. My son has been very, very sick (THAT should brighten up Tim’s day! I can just imagine him high-fiving his poster of JuJu, and yelling “yES! sUFFER, yOU wHITE sUPREMist!”)
    Anyway, not being able to afford a medical aid, we have to attend one of the state hospitals, where, despite the fact that the waiting is almost unbearable, my son received top class medical treatment from the most incredibly kind, gentle and dedicated medical staff, both BLACK and WHITE, and even an INDIAN doctor! Thank GOD none of them was Tim. He would surely have slipped something in the drip to get rid of one more of us! I applaud and admire these dedicated people, whose pay is minimal, who have to deal with thousands of patients on a daily basis, and who (as I have personally witnessed) have to deal with rudeness and abuse from the very people whose lives they are saving! Thank you all, for your kindness and skill. For the loving and gentle way you handled a very sick and frightened man. Yes, he is a man, but unable to work due to his medical condition.

  214. OLD FASION says

    Hi Hasthew… We pray and trust that your son will be healed,. The Lord also has a wonderful sense of humour and serving HIM can sometimes be a lot of fun. I am sure that is why the Scriptures claims: The JOY of the LORD is our strength. Thanks for the good wishes. Just to add a note abouth our human race. ” Talk to the good in people and the good will respond. Talk to the bad in people and it will rise up and try and bite you.

  215. Hastheworldgonecrazy says

    Thank you, Old F! Kindness much appreciated. We both need all the kindness and positivity we can get at the moment!
    I agree with your last comments completely, and am trying SO hard to find the good in tIM! Very difficult! He is spiteful, nasty, hateful and non-responsive to all the love that has been sent through the cyber-world to him. THAT I cannot understand. You, in particular, and Peace, who seems to have disappeared, have done nothing but send him loving and positive messages, and yet……. he remains as aggressively vituperative as ever! Bless you, Old F., keep up the good thoughts!

  216. OLD FASION says

    The Medical, teaching and policing professions are the most important services to be rendered. They also seem to be the lowest paid services , and yet they have to sacrifice the most. I agree that their salaries are far too low and should be addressed.

  217. Hastheworldgonecrazy…
    OLD FASION…Ol’ Pliny


  218. Hi Tim so glad to see that you don’t hate whites or anybody. I am sure you may just be over reacting thinking that everybody hates you, I for sure do not hate you and have read in between the lines that somewhere you got so badly hurt that the wound is difficult to heal. We will continue praying for you and I know that you will find inner healing by our GOD of Love , Grace , Mercy and Compassion.

  219. Tim asks O.P. “What have you personally done to undo the past to your children.”
    Well, all three had congenital mid-body appendage constriction syndrome, due to a
    faulty inherited gene. The doc who gave me the chop died, so I took them to the
    General – It was free in those days.

    After reading your message I contacted them to enquire my chances of undoing the past
    to my children.The nurse on duty L.H.A.O., then asked, “Is that you Tim? “
    When I hit the phone against the wall, I heard her scream, “MY EAR!
    Well, I did try Tim – anymore questions.

  220. Noo,its true in that in the past few days i have been commemorating Andre Stander and enquiring from Jan Van EcK`S COLLEAGUES WHY HAVE THEY FORGOTTEN HIM AND NOT COMMEMORATING HIM!


  221. Whites started their struggle to destroy the blacks of this country and deny them their opportunities and benefits in the 90`s.

    Railway white schemed to kill blacks through mysterious train accidents and drivers were told to die for the folk as long as they take hundreds of blacks wit them unfortunately God was on the side of blacks following the injury to a few commuters and no deaths.

    Then they push so that whites must not go to jail by provoking gangs so that these must harm them then they must use this as an excuse not to go to jail when arrested arguing that they were the targets of sodomy and violence.

  222. Tim, like some others in this forum, I tried to find some good in you, and some
    even tried to befriend you. Sadly, you appear to be in a wilderness surrounded
    by hidden bottomless pits and a fathomless ocean on four sides. Your happiness
    is probably list of freedom songs, and a bag of dagga to keep you dreaming of
    a country that will be free of Whites.

    Reality to you is like the mass of stars in the unreachable heavens, and the future you are hoping
    for will surely become like the dust you walk on.

    Despite your Black government, that promised you utopia, you and the likes of you, perpetually hold
    out a begging bowl to Whites to compensate you for the things that many in the past, as well as a
    great number since 1993, had no share in.

    You are destroying the little faith remaining in some Whites who sided with the freedom struggle.
    Often when I see Blacks approach parked vehicles, I hear the words, “Go ask Mandela for a job.”

  223. OLD FASION says

    Andre Stander was regarded by the majority as a criminal and appalled his actions. Just for Tim’s info, previous to 1994 there was a large percentage of us who never voted as there was no fair party and we struggled to find a party that was truly fair, uncorrupted and equal opportunities for everybody.
    Employment and all imortant positions to be held by top qualified people in that field and NO nepotism what so ever. Should that be the case the country will be well run. The three important factors for employment. Knowledge, Skill and attitude. That has been absent in this country for almost a century. We continuously before every election write to all political parties with a few very important questions .
    Some of the parties deleted the email request before even reading it, some did not reply and some gave answers that makes one wonder what will happen if they have to rule, so guess another election where we can not vote. We keep our trust in GOD as HE is the source of our needs, but we still pray for those in government for guidance as GOD commands us to do.

  224. OLD FASION says

    O I almost forgot to mention, no man is worthy of a statue, there was no statue for Moses, Paul, Elijah, Elisha, Abraham or any of the great Bible characters, even they were not worthy of such a thing. God is the one that ruled them and gave them the faith, wisdom and faithfullness. That was also a thing of the previous regime we hated as that is an abomination to GOD.

  225. O.F. You said, “no man is worthy of a statue, there was no statue for Moses”
    Not too many people are aware that building statues of people or naming places
    after them is mainly of pagan origin. Take for instance some days of the week,
    Monday-Moon god, Wednesday–The God Woden, Thursday-God Thor.

    Even some months, January-God Janus, March-God Mars, August-Augustus Caesar, etc.
    God does not want us to honour angels, let alone imperfect people. (Rev 19:10)

    During Biblical times, place names were usually descriptive or to God’s honour, EG: Jerusalem
    “Place of peace”, Bethel “House of God”, etc. Abraham, Moses and Gideon named places in
    honour of God. (Gen 22:14; Ex 17:15; Judges 6:24) Knowing this explains why God hid Moses’
    body. He knew people would worship their great leader, as is the case in latter days, where shrines
    are made for some popular leaders.

    When Joshua took over from Moses a man called Achan was put to death for taking things
    which God said should be destroyed, also gold which was to be kept for sacred purposes.
    Joshua named Achan’s burial place “The valley of Achor” to the dishonour of his name.

    In our time, some stadiums and municipalities are named after struggle heroes. It may be OK
    to call ours Buffalo City, although it may not always be that. In the very near future another
    place will receive a dishonourable name. Those who oppose God’s laws will be dishonoured
    by being buried in “The valley of Hamon Gog.” (Eze 39:11)

  226. Ol’P you are so right, even in the new Testament you read of the 1st day, 2nd day and so forth, They never called it Sunday, Monday or what ever. Sunday incidently was named after the sun gods, Saturday named from Saturn . which was a greek god of the planets. Nevertheless when Jesus returns all eyes will see HIM for WHOM HE is and many will bite their tongues and crawl in agony for not believing in HIM. This is what we find so extremely sad and totally unexceptable that anybody can reject, Grace, love, peace, joy, and all goodness that can only be obtained from the LORD. HE came to identify HIMSELF as GOD so that we may have true life in abundance and worship and follow HIM and never ever have a dying spirit and soul. Terrible it is to fall into the Hands of the LIVING GOD.





  228. OH YA~!

  229. Haffy, are you also jumping on the racist bandwagon?
    I find no reference to the poor in the Quran – nor to the rich, for that matter.
    The lord Jesus referred to both; condemning the uncharitable rich, and telling his
    disciples to abandon their wealth to the poor in order to inherit paradise. Even
    Mohandas Ghandi spoke of his deep respect for Christian teachings.

    Most people will help the poor and suffering, but one may well ask why do they remain so.
    Take a good look at both White and Black vagrants (hoboes) on the Durban streets, and the
    Bergies at Cape Town. Poor, but otherwise healthy, (and tough) individuals who prefer to ‘bum’
    rather than work. Most of those I have seen were stewed in meths bought with money they
    received from their begging. I’m one of the suckers. Who wants to see them dead in the streets?

    Have any in this forum seen that bearded man at the Cambridge/Vincent traffic lights?
    I once saw a documentary film on poverty. Some Blacks in Africa stunt their children from birth
    by binding their limbs in twisted positions until the age of ten, after which they are taken to city
    centres to sit in the sun all day, holding up a rusty tin. Those who fall for that tactic are really
    increasing the child’s torture. Yet, if no one gives, the child will die anyhow.

    Fear of labour is inborn in some. Simon vd Stel said of the ‘strand lopers’,
    “These people appear to prefer hardship and poverty to servitude.”
    No wonder that wise son of God said, “You will always have the poor with you.”

    On the other hand, look at the many success stories of those Blacks who applied their God-given
    mentality to manufacture, invent or design certain things that helped them remove part of the
    burden the rest of the poor put on the rest of hard-working humanity.

    Dirkie, the time that we are living in is one of those described at Eccl 8:9.

  230. Ol’ Pliny

  231. Haffy, peace be unto you. I am an authority on all major religions of the world,
    Having studied each in depth, having found some good in all, and laughable
    in others. As an aside, take the Jains. Like ancient Egyptians, they despise the killing
    of any life forms, and even wear masks in case they breathe in minute organisms
    which may die in their lungs. Yet, they overlook the majority of insects, such as ants,
    they trample on by the hundreds every day, or swallow on their sandwiches.

    Hindus have many thousands of gods. These dwell in hills, caves, rivers, stones, lakes, etc.
    As one once said to me, “See this pencil? It too is God.”

    As you may well know, many of these are broken into sects – which does not exclude Islam.
    Christendom itself has 20 major branches, and over 10,000 offshoots, which is truly despicable
    in the eyes of the true God. Yes, I have read the ‘Quraan’ and well know it’s history.
    I’ve said this here before: Everyone is free to adopt the religion of their choice.
    I propound Christianity, and have no objection to you practicing Islam – whatever sect of it.

    Religion can be compared to exercise. Whether one does push-ups every morning, runs, owns
    a private gym, or sits out in the open meditating on pure and peaceful things, that person will
    gain a healthy mind and body. If Islam makes you happy, keep on with it.
    Each of us must answer to God one day. (Rom 14:12) Hopefully, this will put your mind at rest.

  232. Sasa Thapelo says

    Nationalisation and Land redistribution will negatively affect the JSE as the two contribute very well to stock exchange.Remember that the two (Farming and Mining) are called pillars of JSE.


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