Jimmy Manyi Black Racists cartoon

Jimmy Manyi Black Racists

Are Jimmy Manyi’s comments racist?

Over the last few years Wonkie has been observing an interesting phenomenon in South Africa. There appears to be a growing misconception that black people are actually capable of racism in South Africa – can you believe it?!

Perhaps it is because of the numerous utterings of the likes of Julius Shoot the Boer Malema; or those of Higher Education minister Blade Nzimande’s comments about darkies in parliament. Perhaps, the misconception could have been aggravated by Jimmy Manyi’s recently misunderstood statements about the over-supply of coloured people in the Western Cape. Wonkie is sure that what Mr Manyi, the president of the Black Management Forum (BMF) and the previous Director-General of the Department of Labour, meant to express, was his grave disappointment that there were not more colourful coloured people in other parts of South Africa. After all, why should the Western Cape be the only province that benefits from them – it is simply not fair.

Following Manyi’s comments about coloureds and about the way Indian folk “negotiate” themselves into the upper echelons of corporate South Africa, Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel, wrote Manyi a widely publicised open letter accusing him of the “worst-order racism” and tribalism.

Ironically, Mr Manuel’s letter comes after he himself, together with the rest of Jacob Zuma’s cabinet had already jointly agreed on amendments to the Employment Equity Act. These changes impose national demographic quotas on the provinces – precisely to avoid the coloured and Indian “problem” that Mr Manyi speaks of. Wonkie finds it interesting that the timing of the critical letter is so close to the local elections – certainly Mr Manyi will not have won the ANC many coloured friends in Western Cape, and one can but wonder what the underlying motive of Trevor’s open letter actually is.

So what’s the deal in South Africa with respect to racism? Can police commissioner Bheki Cele call an Indian, Shrien Dewani, a monkey with no repercussions just because Mr Cele is black? Is it now acceptable if rich white folk quibble about the vast over-supply of blacks in the country? Will there be a shades of black Plascon colour chart introduced as part of amendments to the Employment Equity Act to make it easier for employers to determine who is more deserving of a job? Wonkie would love to read your thoughts.

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In other news, Julius Malema feels that taking over 60% of mining behemoth Anglo American is the most practical way forward to achieve economic freedom. Wonkie is not sure if Mr Malema meant economic freedom for himself, for the ANCYL or for the world in general. In 2009, Mr Malema expressed significant concern that the economic related cabinet posts were all occupied by non-blacks – this, he claimed, was preventing economic freedom of blacks in South Africa – for the related article, check out the post: Is Julius Malema a racist?


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  1. Great article Wonkie – it’s really unfair that some black people seem to think they’re free from the possibility of being racist themselves. To be fair, most of my black friends and colleagues cringe when they hear stuff like the ‘over-supply of coloureds’ etc – the ANC really needs to get its own house in order to make sure we’re on track to a truly non-racial South Africa.

    Kudos by the way to Jay Naidoo who issued a challenge to the ANC leadership. How the ANC manages Jimmy Manyi will be telling in terms of their attitudes with the coloured and Indian populations in South Africa. Manyi in my opinion deserves to be removed.

  2. This is a load of rubbish – Jimmy Manyi’s comments were taken out of context and besides he’s right – there is an oversupply of coloureds in the Cape – it’s obvious!! I don’t think he intended for his statement to come off as racist and it’s a pity the SA media are dragging him over the coals for nothing – cheap publicity before the local elections to put the ANC in a bad light..

  3. We had a situation at work not so long ago. Black lady was fired due to continual racist remarks. Took her case to the CCMA and even made the statement that she can’t get fired because of racism because black people can’t be racist. The CCMA was not amused and upheld the company’s decision. Now she is going to the labour court because according to her the CCMA was racist.

  4. Its a fact that western cape consists mainly of coloureds…..Jimmy is right…..why cnt ppl of south africa let go of apartheid?

  5. Well my friends we can’t run away from the fact that it is impossible to introduce a rainbow nation immediately after apartheid era without first solving the underlying problems connected to racial tensions in SA. The white supremacists built that into our minds and it’s not a matter of black and white only but black ethnic racism as well.

    We must understand that the notion of coloureds thinking they are better than blacks exists in their minds and the notion of blacks thinking that Afrika belongs to them and only them exists. So basically I’m saying these tensions exist and we cannot just wish them away, something has to be done soon.

    As far as Manyi’s statement is concerned, It is true coloureds think they own the WC and that is where they are wrong.

  6. Hi There
    Its shoking but sometimes its a reality. Racism is here to stay,specially with indians and white coloureds people. most of these people call africans- blacks forgeting they come from black females and they cannot date blacks. Indians have no respect for black people and they do not see themselves being black. They think they whites. mark my words. there will be a war very soon against indians,coloureds and black people. I am half coloured from south african black mother but you will not here me talking about black this and black that.

    concerned south african coloured guy

  7. Isn’t it interesting how Trevor Manuel and various SA Indian leaders have vilified Manyi for his ‘racist’ attitude about their respective constituencies ?
    I haven’t heard a peep from any of them about the daily barrage of direct and indirect discrimination against Whites, promulgated, or planned. Whites are a minority also, especially non-Afrikaans Whites, who have largely ‘educated’ themselves into the upper echelons.

  8. Ofcourse black people can be racists, and they can be the worst ones too…!! But we can debate all we like but the fact remains, the past will always haunt us, to some, they are trying to forget and move on, but to others, its unforgettable!!
    And believe me when I say that racism will never end, or atleast not in our lifetime (meaning not in the next 30 – 50 yrs), its just hidden. You must just see the comments people make when dealing with a racial topic
    I live in the Cape, black, trying to make a living. But hey, I tell you, without interpreting what Mr Manyi said in a racial manner, you would CLEARLY understand his statement, not to say its ok to say it in public, but we keepin it to ourselves
    And ya, its a new thing that now black people are being racists too, and you get them believe me. But I still believe whites and coloureds still dominate when it comes to racism, and still will…
    Like I said, come to CT, you’ll see it all

  9. The Cape is home to coloured people in South Africa. I don’t think this should be a problem, but there are a few arrogant blacks in South Africa that feel South Africa belongs to them and they want to do what ever they want to. Coloured people form part of Blacks. In the apartheid year they were not white enough to be white now they not black enough to be seen as black. They will never succeed in moving coloured from the Western Cape.

  10. Ashley A.Eaton says

    SA blacks have always been racialistic iro whites,coloureds and indians.

  11. i don`t want to engage in these rulers utterances so i will answer your question outright!

    I was the one who said to bullard that i`m a rightwinger so as to contend with white rightwingers squarely and have shut the doors on all white people contacts of mine.i treat them the ay they treat me s a black i.e.tell that white tramp beggars to go to whites they have all the money.As far as I`m concerned black of thi post`94 era have no taken any negativ stnc against whites except that they`re wooing whites for bread an butter reason!

  12. The answer is obvious though unpopular. Anyone can be a racist regardless of whether you are white or black. people must avoid attaching the word with the so called SA history. I Kno of too many blacks who most often say things with racial connotations and one of them is Jimmy Manyi though his spin-doctors may feel offended for it is inthe nature of spin-doctoring to always differ with facts as long as the same facts affects their favourites. The truth should be told even if it means harming angels.

  13. Black is a colour, so if Mr Manyi was including the colour black in his statement then we do have a problem. Who will then benefit from the affirmative action? Aliens! If they do exist. Why not drop the whole spectrum of colours and use affirmative action for people living in South Africa. We are People! I hope to one day stand next to a fellow South African and only think of him/her as a person instead of being constantly reminded of the past.
    The struggle continues 🙁

  14. these days its all about races and this one saying this about this race…Kuli def got the MEMO. but im certain that we wont fight against each other so that the other race can watch and laugh as we destroy ourselves…

  15. old major says

    First of all you need to understand the term” racism”.it’s not all about black and white. it’s simply more than that.Yes. blacks can be racist if they discriminate other races. This is a universal phenomenon.

  16. of course blacks can and are racists. thankfully not all of them, just as not all white, indian and coloured people are racists. when my son joined the army, he was told outright by some of the black recruits: we don’t want any white people in the army. makes one wonder, doesn’t it…. why not then????? hmmmmm…. i have a good idea.
    viva the black, coloured, indian and white people who just see people and not colour.

  17. Well i’m a proud young blck south african…bt i certainly blieve tht there r sum blck ppl who stl hs hatred towards whites, and dat i blieve leads to us blck ppl baing racists towards white ppl. The politicians such as Malema also play a huge role bcause we young luk up 2 thm, and we alwys blieve watever thy r saying.

  18. If Blacks were not Racist,you wont have Tribal wars.

    Racism is the dislike of another human.No matter what color or creed or to there own.PERIOD

  19. I had experienced encounters in various places and situations where blacks had been very straight forward in their intention to show their opinions regarding disrespect for Coloureds which I conclude to be based on race … because why do they not display it to other blacks in similar. (I think we should disregard the race classification and call ALL South Africans)

  20. Many people in SA do not know or understand the legacy left behind by apartheid. The whites in the country still enjoy the fruits of apartheid. The fact is, poverty, created by apartheid, can not be eliminated in the next 100 years. The struggle was black, the fight for equality was black and blacks died for justice and the eradication of apartheid. Now black is the capitalist, what we died for, greed, power hungry, control and abuse, where the poor still remind us of the contemptuous apartheid regime. When I say, with extreme logic, sincerity and ernest, that I can not forgive the whites who still enjoy the fruits of apartheid. They own the economy and have their own covert white worls of wealth. Am I a racist for not forgiving whites who live in wealth and sumptuos life

  21. Baddaboom says

    Racism is a heart attitude. It comes from with in us. We can remove all white, coloureds and indian and there will still be racism black on black. You can remove all the black people and there will still be racism. People just like to blame a colour so that they can fulfill their own pride. Racism is a sin coming out of sinful man’s heart. The whole world is corrupt and spoiled. People can choose and need to choose to treat others as Human beings. We all bleed the same!!!!

  22. Baddaboom says

    Robin, it seems to me that you are an extremely insecure person that likes to ride on other peoples strenghths. Apartheid was an evil most definitely but your comments of unforgiveness toward white just seem to be a Scape goat. Take a look at history and see what the Black people did to the bushmen. Do we still dwell on that. No! You are just looking for a sad excuse to vent your anger in the wrong direction. Either help to bring a positive change because quite frankly your comments are truly racist and not helpful at all.

  23. You would be an idiot to believe there is no such thing as racism in South Africa. If the blacks were to get rid of all other race groups in SA they would start hating each other. Just look at COPE. So would the whites coloureds and indians. Its just the way we are. We are all different. The thing is, if a white or coloured calls a black a darkie, or whose, then we are racist but when the rolls are reversed it is done in the name of the struggle. Huh? You’re struggle was for freedom of apartheid. Now what are you struggling with? Catching the gravy train? Or catching your breath running to conclusions. With most of these fat ass politicians it must be quite a struggle to get off their plush govt chairs. Or maybe they are struggling to stay awake in parliament. It will never end. the only thing we can do with racism is acknowledge that it will always be there.

  24. I understand Robin very clear, we can say we forgive whites for all the misery they put us in for more than 300 years. Will they give us back the wealth they accumulated during that period which has placed on the top of the foodchain in Afrika. I will never be apologetic of the fact that I hate whites for what they did to Afrika and you can put all the labels you have for me but you have to understand yoursself that you are ignorant. You blame the victim for wat the oppressor did.

    I do not care if you love me or not but I will never forgive whites unless they give the Afrikans back their wealth! Izwe Lethu!!!!

  25. Notaround says

    shaking my head at all these remarks and cringes at the hatred flowing through them. Hope for South Africa, I don’t think so.

  26. OLD FASHION says

    Racists are just proof that the ungodly exists and currently far in the majority on earth. That is the reason why the LORD will return and HE HIMSELF will clean the earth of the GODLESS unpure. You reap what you sow, sow hatred and you reap hatred but if you do onto others as you would like them to do to you the world would be a better place but the hardness of mans heart deceives him on account of listening to world leaders in stead of living according to GOD’s calling and commands. The results effects every human being. Social responsibility has become a swear word and the action totally ignored

  27. @Old fashion if your GOD was righteous himself he would not allow his creation to dominate the other but he did, which leaves many questions to be answered by him before we can answer. We cannot blame ourselves for his failure to control his creation. You seem to think blacks will eat spiritual food instead of real food which is in the hands of a tiny population which is currently white. I will not be apologetic of not believing in god as well.

    We cannot bring the question of morals now when we didn’t 300 years ago.
    To hell with religion and oppressors.

  28. I am a black male in cape town, and don’t have angel towards whites. after the statement of mandela when he was released in prison thats where i told myself we are all human being and we all have mistake. But believe me or not there are people who are still recist especial coloured in cape town. yes some blacks are the racist but remember the best way of defending is to attack. Coulored always treat blacks like stupids and think cape town belong to them becos we can bullshit them like what we did to whites. Mzu and Robin yes white still enjoying the fruit of wealthy but we need to push ourself to get it back not by anger..Peace people

  29. OLD FASHION says

    Mzu GOD is like a gentleman, HE never forces HIM onto us as HE gives us total freedom of choice to serve and worship whosoever we may wish to do.l God is extremely patient otherwise we would have been wiped off the earth years ago. Wether you believe in the LORD or not it does not make HIM any less real. Pity that you have never experienced HIS joy and blessings you do not know what you are missing.

  30. its a sin with these blacks of this post`94 era who talk war but they don`t have the capacity to wage warexcept their mob violence!

    why don`t they use their money responsibly by researching issues and people because i don`t agree with them that whites in capetown are racist because what i know its that for a black to be accepted by coloureds he has to be a gangster and by indians he has to be an indian and whites ask only for honesty and trust!

    white people of capetown are motivated by blacks inciting words towards other blacks when they visit the white businesses they work for not to want to associate with blacks.they cannot afford to be nasty to black clients as blacks urged them to because they are not as rich as vaalies since this government doesn`t give them contracts or tenders so can`t afford to lose a single customer

  31. Kaiser Wilhelm says

    Kill a few more white farmers, pull out all the old liberation struggle rhetoric and songs, chuck in a few racist statements and you have a perfect Zimbabwe with a small black elite, even smaller white, coloured or indian (and these days Chinese) elite and millions of impoverished blacks. One day you will see the light and realise that it is not about race but about being the king of the castle and not the dirty rascal, no matter what your race. So hopefully all of your spit and venom will be able to wash you clean so that you are the king and not the rascal with all the wealth that you managed to wrestle out of the hands of those greedy self seeking whites that invaded your space. I sincerely hope you don’t end up one of the rascals, because all this hatred would then have been vented and wasted on the ones you thought were kings and ended up rascals next to you.

  32. Baddaboom says

    @Old Fashioned- Right on man. There is a God and HE WILL JUDGE THE EARTH.
    @ Mzu- All I can say is Shame. Your comments are filled with hatred and it will come back and bite you. I promise you that. What you sow you will reap. Stop blaming the whites. This country wasn’t taken from you, I don’t know what history book you are reading. You sound as if you still are a snot nosed child that can’t get his way. Grow up Mzu. This country does not need you and your hate speech. I work with black youth every day and they are by far a better example than you

  33. OLD FASHION says

    Mzu I once was just like you only believed what the human eye can see. Coming from a godfearing family there was a time I thought they were crayzy. My life turned into a nightmare I would almost have to write a book to give all the facts. It became so bad that one day I just had to fall on my knees and yelled GOD if you are real please help me. That day my whole life changed and today I can not understand why people do not serve HIM. As a small child I use to hear voices and answer them, as a 5 year old I dreamt about the end of the world. My parents thought I had the biggest imagination anybody could have. When I had my encounter with the LORD that dream became clear meaning that I will still be in this life when JESUS returns . Therefor I never give on anybody there comes a time when GOD gets them and their whole life changes miraculously

  34. Makhekheleza says

    HEY My Boy ! ! not Black or white !!!! POT HOLES thats the problem . YOU ARE ARE LOOKING FOR EXCUSES! Now please My Boy , tata lo intoe lo and fixa lo verdomde pot holes , seriaas !

  35. GatvolinSA says

    I am with Makhekheleza on this one. Hate of others who look different, speak different or have more than ourselves will always be around, but the darned potholes will kill us all long before we find resolution! Please fix the potholes.

  36. OLD FASHION says

    Sad to say apartheid in our country is here to stay, it has become worse then it was before. Verwoerd limited the Jews in the business world and that is happening again now but by the current ones. How can you adopt a system and practice it when you fought for it to be abolished? does this make sense. They have defeated the objective to make SA an equal for all country. This is exactly the action of man claims they detest something and then goes and does it himself.

  37. The comment was wrong, if we cannot call it racist or whatever technical term for whatever technical reason. You cannot refer to people as a supply and being in surplus. They are human beings. Not machines or commodities flooding the market. Let us treat each other and refer to each other as human beings with the same intrinsic worth and dignity. That simple. I think our politicians lack maturity and lack ideas so they throw out these stupid comments to distract us. And it works.

  38. As a white in goverment I feel that I’m not wanted.
    Why don’t they offer us golden handshakes

  39. a year ago they pilloried manyi for his outbursts and now without explaining their change of attitude they are now backing him and that`s what a buffooned,blinkered and cretin politician look like!


  40. Why are we surprised? From the start there has been Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. If we had Negative Action or White Economic Empowerment, we would be guilty of racism! I read billboards declaring the publication of a 100% Black-owned Businesses manual and wonder whether there should be a companion manual of 100% White-owned Businesses.

  41. @ Old fashion, maybe we can continue this discussion when you have woken up from dreamland. @ Tim a typical white men would speak like you are doing right now. Some white stupid guy once said to me they are more human than blacks which is a similar thing than what you are saying about coloureds and Indians but one thing strikes me…”why don’t you guys go to your little Europe where you will feel more human and leave with other human beings?”

    You can’t because you would starve to death as you have nothing to boast about except pretty buildings which were strrengthened by African Steel. You are less human than blacks because you obtained all your dignity and wealth by bullying Afrikans.

    This race issue was instigated by you (whites), you turned us against each other and now you are benefiting from that division because it has been your tactic to divide and rule. So unless you go back to Europe and leave us in peace..

  42. To all of you who gave me snobish comments, I can conclude you are white and live comfortable lives. You do not take into consideration that more than half of blacks in this country live below the poverty line. You cannot come here with peace nonsense when you are where you are because your forefathers had to kill blacks and treat them as subhuman beings or better say dogs.

    It is easier for you to speak holy because you are reaping what you sowed, which is haterd of black people and it paid out for you….. You are rich selfish bastards who treat their maids like thrash and you come here and speak as if you are holy.

    I wish I believed in thius fairytale of heaven and earth because if it was true, you were going to come with me to hell.

  43. this is an era of building and constructing not to be sitting at shebeens sipping yourselves to stupor then come and vomit in public forums!

    every year i submit development plans to local authorities and i`m told i`m the first black to do so!you don`t know your rights undr this constitution except o tlk war you know nothing about you post`94 bunch!you make me rea;lly sick!

  44. OLD FASHION says

    Mzu you seem to be the one in dreamland, at least I woke up to meet the TRUTH, THE LIFE and the WAY. You may be able to live without GOD but ask yourself: Can you afford to die without HIM.? An ex colleage of mine use to mock me ( he was white) and one day stood in front of me with a drink in his hand saying praises to the god bachus. Immediately I silently prayed for him and asked GOD to spare his life, forgive him and change him. That night when he left the office he was in a serious accident and lost his legs. During the time he spent in hospital he excepted the LORD and today he is a powerful witness.
    Be careful and think before you deny GOD , HE is patient, forgiving and full of grace but when people mock or scoff HIM he leaves them in the hands of the ruler of this world (satan and his evil angels) and they can do to that person whatever they want . Satan is as real as GOD and he takes lives and redirects them straight to hell as he has no mercy only fiery.
    The earth turns so there may be sun for all nations where ever they are and not just on one selected country.
    The LORD says : Seek ME and you shall find ME.

  45. OLD FASHION says

    Mzu because you are full of hate you seem to judge others by yourself. We do not hate blacks , we have black neighbors and friends whom we dearly love and respect as they live decent lives and contribute a lot to those in need. We are surely deeply concerned about the many living in poverty and that is what we have against the current rulers, not because they black but because they do not care about the needy. If they were rightous and compassionate they would not take all the stakes for themselves and their families, this is what is why so many are against them. Be honest with yourself and look at the current circumstances , have we gone forward with this new regime or backward. The state of the country is worse and only the few in power seats are reaping the benefits.

  46. If you guys choose to ignore the truth so you can be angels, you are free to do so but lying must be a sin according to your religion. If you think that streetkids , childheaded homes and beggars are what they because they chose to be like that ……. then I think you are too ignorant to acknowledge that god exists.

    @ you Tim if you’re refering to me with your pseudo development statements, I suggest you don’t because you have achieved nothing rather than boasting about lost causes. I don’t care if you black or pink ……. it has got nothing to do with me because I can see you are the same with the likes of Nelson Mandela who sold SA and Afrika to the whites (his masters) and to me you are just a white brat trapped in black skin. I owe you nothing and I will not succumb to your romantic plans about Afrika whilst leaving all the wealth in the hands of white supremacists.

  47. OLD FASHION says

    Mzu hopefully you will understand that we do not hate you or judge you as only GOD is the judge. Jesus said that everybody will hear the GOSPEL before HE returns so no one will have the excuse that they did not know. Some are hearing this via blogs, internet, radio , dstv etc broadcasted over the whole world.
    Like for many others we certainly will be praying for you as well.
    May God bless you.

  48. Baddaboom says

    Hi Mzu. It seems to me you are quite well educated by the use of English terms you use. It also seems to me that you do not stay in a poverty stricken area just by the mere fact that you have internet and are able to leave your comments on this forum. How much are you doing to help the rural communities with their poverty? What are you personally doing to uplift the lives of the impoverished youth of this country? I am guessing-ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!. It seems to me you have been falsely indoctrinated and brainwashed. The Germans Hated the Jews Just because of a few people that brainwashed them. You seem to be speaking from an academic level and nothing more. It is easy to come with your academic standpoint and try and impress people with your so-called historical knowledge but not make any difference to the lives of your own people. Your hate speech is is going to bite you just like it did to Hitler and his henchmen. Once you have walked in the shoes of of those that you are complaining about and have honestly tried to help them then you might be able to make some constructive remarks. You have obviously used this forum to unload your antagonism and hate toward another race group while you sit in your room and no-one knows how you even look like. It is cowardice!!! Make a difference rather with your time and also your money just like alot of other whites, indian and blacks are doing to uplift the impoverished. PUT YOUR BELIEFS INTO ACTION AND STOP THE WHINING CHAP!!!!

  49. Thanks Old Fashion…..

  50. Babadoom you whites ae seating on top of resources and you want me to make a fool of myself and try stuff that will not work because I have to kneel down to Master Babadom for money(crumbs) and deliver back to my community. Sorry my white friend, you have made a fool out of Mandela and his succesors but not me. The only difference that I can make is by warning my people about how evil you are.

  51. Baddaboom says

    Wow Mzu. You did not even comment on the nature of what I wrote. You just have to have your say don’t you. We can go on forever and ever and it won’t get us antwhere. If I met you in the street I would probably think you are a nice guy because you certainly wouldn’t act the way you are speaking. Dude, you need internal cleansing. What comes out of the mouth comes from the heart. I wish we could speak face to face. I am sre you are a good person and you mean well but I have to reiterate what Old Fashined said: ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE AND SAVE US AND OUR COUNTRY FROM OUR SINS. I am not here to defend apartheid and I am not trying to belittle you in any way. What was done is done. We have to move on. We all have to take the blinkers of colour off our eyes. We cannot repay evil with evil. Dude, I really mean this when I say: We are all made in the likeness of God and have the same blood- I love you man in the name of Jesus

  52. Ok people sorry to those who were offended by the truth. But the fact remains you guys are ignorant, one can easily say what happened happened and now we should just move on…… I mean that is obsurd to just move on as a slave and you a master in my homeland. This is easy….. go back to Europe and leave Afrika for us. Bullies

  53. OLD FASHION says

    Our congregation runs a daily aftercare for the poor children that can not afford to pay. This way we keep them off the streets away from the drug peddlars and help with their schoolwork. Wonkies blog has become a tool to teach the children how to handle conflicts and racism. Some of these children show more wisdom then many of the grownups and it is pleasing to know that they will be a positive and constructive contributors to our society.

  54. You are not angels when doing so, you are only returning crumbs of what you robbed from their forefathers back then. Owners have become your beggars now. hat’s ironic

  55. Baddaboom says

    @Old Fashion- Nothing anyone says is not going to do anything for Mzu. He has made up his mind. His shallow mind and shallow comments hold no constructiveness. He seem s to be sour and thats that. One can even go to his house and give him physical evidence of what good there is happening in our country and he will still condem it. Just something very interesting though- Mzu said that the white people should go back to europe because that is our home. Well then the black should go to zimbabwe because history proves that is their home. No matter Old fashion- dust your feet and move on.

  56. i am a black south african and i am disgusted at the way that we are behaving.plundering the coffers of the state,raping,pillaging,plundering etc etc.bringing into disrepute the strugle of mandela @ co. i think it time we raise the issue of a major over supply of damn lazy, stupid,arrogant,raping ,murdering out of the jungle straight into the cities black people who have forgotten the reasons for the earlier strugles against apartheid.yes!we are the biggest racists.and we call ourselves christians

  57. OLD FASHION says

    Baddaboon thank you for your concern but there is no reason what so ever to be concerned, We hold nothing against anybody they hit you on the right cheeck then we turn the left one as well. The beauty is that forgiving them for they know not what they say and hold nothing but nothing against them except by praying for forgiveness on their behalf they will never be able to rob us from the Power and JOY of the LORD. We have everlasting joy and protection from GOD and never want to be without it.

  58. Baddaboom says

    Old Fashion- You are correct

  59. @mzu
    Your real enemy is GREED. At present it could be wearing a predominantly white exterior but the tide is turning and soon it will be wearing a black exterior – the sad fact is that there will still be millions of impoverished blacks as there are now because the king of the castle is not about to share his wealth with the dirty rascals, be they any shade of the rainbow nation. So pack-up all the whites and ship them off to wherever, somehow I don’t think it will enrich millions of blacks – but at least you can then blame everything on blacks, see total empowerment. Nationalisation and all these other tools for economic empowerment will be highjacked by Greedy people and voila, next you will be sprouting off about the black elite.

  60. Ok guys, seems like I’m wasting my time with you. Funny thing though is you are raving about my mind which is made up as if I convinced any of you. I will not listen to the so called black guy who is turning against his own. I am used to blacks who kiss their masters a**es for survival and they were here before Mandela. All I am saying is we can all live in peace if the whites can learn to share Afrikas wealth with Afrikans but they are so selfish and want to spoonfeed them crumbs as if they are their pets.

    The mentality of a white person tells them that they are superior than blacks and unless that changes ……. they are not worthy of being in Afrika. Moses Afrika belongs to you and you should be the leader of Afrika but I doubt that you can do it as you would succumb very easily to white intimidation like you are doing right now. Whites are so quick to bame black leaders which I’m not saying are holy but What did the whites do to Afrika?

    Afrika is the worst poverty stricken continent but it is the most rich one in terms of minerals. It is because of them……………. They fucked us up and now want us to pretend everything is okay and we should suddenly be friends after 300 years of of treating blacks than piece of shit, ha never.

    You can say whatever you want to say and infact I don’t give a damn about what you think of me, I owe you nothing. You may have fooled the majority of blacks in Afrika but you will not fool all of us. Go to hell

  61. Blacks simply can’t be racist as they hold no economic power, They may have the political power but economic power rules at the end of the day…..

  62. rutang mosweu says

    raisizm is a good excuse for lazy SA PPL

  63. Sam Simango says

    After years being tutored by the masters of racism South Africans are masters of reverse racism.They learned and use it very well in such guises as -xenophobia yuck! Should the Zulu people be redistributed from Natal, the Pedis be redistributed from Sekhukhune, the Swazis from Mpumalanga ; or is it okay because they are black? This is nothing but blatant Bantustanism!!learned from the masters. They are so ignorant they do not know that when one Party does not deliver they can vote it out of power and vote in one of their choice, no, burn the infrastructure, toyi toyi, kill each other and vote for the same non performing duffers – ahem!

  64. There is much more to Manji’s sinister remark than meets the eye. I am busy reading Dr Anthea Jeffrey’s tome, THE PEOPLES WAR, and have come to realise that the ANC’s agenda for this country is the total subjugation of all who do not adhere to their evil ideology. Open your eyes and read it for yourselves. After 1994 they just went ‘underground’, but every now and then one of them says something that makes one realise that their struggle is not over yet .

  65. ag shame, Mzu! you are raving about the white people who “stole” the wealth of Africa. tell me, if the blacks have been here for such a long time before the white man came, how come the blacks did not cultivate the land, did not mine the gold, diamonds etc. how come the blacks still lived in clay and mud houses. how come that everything you learned, everything you have and use today, including internet and the computer, electricity, cell phones etc, were brought to Africa by the white man????? why did the black people not develop the land and invented all these wonderful things you are benefiting from today? stop your hatred, the white man taught you what prosperity is. taught you how to take the precious minerals from the earth and taught you how to read and write. if not for the white man, you might still have lived in a mud house, tended the goats in the veld, used smoke signals to talk to the next stat. the white man brought you the knowledge of how to use what was hidden in the earth for millions of years. we are willing to share what we know and have. we are willing to teach you and learn from you. what is your hate accomplishing except to make you bitter and unhappy?

  66. A swarm of killer beeze came and stung,
    a man for the hatefull song he sung.

  67. yes,you don`t know me because you were in the doldrums all these years and thanks to aa`s and bee`s that has given you motorcars and big houses and you can now participate in public activities.

    i`m poor as i was born and i intend to remain that way to remind myself of the message that was attached to me when I was born that i was born to suffer due to the laws of that time that restricted black ruthlesslly

    i started my struggle at a very early age by being confrontational to whites in town inspired by muhammed ali who urged us to use our mouth and fists to empower ourselves.i would never sip beer with a white person until he has given me the assurance that he was not going to the army and for blacks i demanded that they first condemn gender discrimination that is part of their traditions and i disowned my people and family because they were part of those traditions that make women and uncircumcised youths servants of circumcised men.the time when mandela was moved to a private house that`s the time i disowned him because i realised he has sold out and the time his cadres arrived straight to white areas from exile and pollsmoor that`s when i disowned them.i intended to fight them at the polls by standing as an independent councillor during the first post`94 local government elections againstformer razzmtazz disco owner solly rametsi but when i realised that local government was centralised i never went any further with my campaigning because i realised that if i win i will have no authority or powers.i never hold down a job because i negotiated my remuneration before i start the job and i call the employer by his or her first name and was regarded as a cheeky kaffer and today too i cannot be a part of corporacy because i will first fight for the implementation of new policies since companies policies are still those of the previous era of white rule!my struggle was never against whites but defensive against white offensives.i was and still fighting injustices,inequalities and inhumanities wherever they manifest themselves.

    blacks in this country have no political or economic or tradiional powers otherwise they would have been like chinese in china,indians in the middle-east and afrikaners in the white ruled south africa

  68. Mzu, we need people with your kind of passion, the problem is that the passion needs to be wisely directed at the real enemy. Don’t agree with you that blacks can’t be racist because they are not econically empowered as racism is an attitude of heart not finances or skin colour. This attitude is fuelled by external factors and economic empowerment is only one of them. To take your argument to its logical conclusion it means that the rich blacks can be racist and this is exactly the question of the Wonkie Cartoon. While you are busy spitting venom at the whites another coloniser is busy moving into Africa. The Chinese. So racism with all its rhetoric becomes this smoke screen that politicians and colonisers, former (white) and current (Chinese) are happy to exploit while they are lining their pockets. I for one am not convinced that if all the whites were turfed off the African continent that it would equate to millions of blacks no longer being empoverished. I say again, we need your passion but wisely directed.

  69. This thing that say blacks cnt b raisizm is bullshit coz of wat color u are that’s nt wat raisizm is coz anybody nd everybody cn b raisizm so nw tell me if u black only means u cnt b raisizmi wil take my time nd beat it into ur head wifout thinking twice abt it just as stupid sum ppl cn b

  70. @Kaiser you are one of the people I respect not that I disrespect the others though, however I beg to differ with your narrow view when it comes to racism. You see racism was invented by the whites in order for them to disempower the indeginous natives so and only so they can rape Afrika of it’s resources(economic activity). So emotions have nothing to do with this as they also brought that aspect after they had finished whaqt they started and were in control of the wealth. @ the stupid Ouma…. I can sense the false superiotrity which runs in your mind as you state your stupid facts about improving Afrika, the only reason you did all those things was so that it could be easy for the gold and diamond to be shipped to Europe… so don’t pretend to have improved Afrika. I’m disgusted by how you think you are the messiah whilst you are the oppressor. It shows how inhumane you whites are …. you cannot see that you are disastrous to the Afrikan community..nci nci nci nci…… Rastafaris are right even though they smoke drugs when they say you are the descendants of the devil and that you carry the mark of the beast with you..

    @Tim I do not understand what your ridiculous political credentials have to do with this, go and kiss your masters a*s like you always do and get a warm plate of food because you deserve to leave with these Beasts.

  71. you blacks of south africa you arte the most obtuse and confused bunch of society than the rest!you talk africa,westernism,imperialism,racism but you`re practising precisly this.

    not a single black o bjected when a black tld the media that we blacks hire and fuck our women no abou the security guards who walk around with sjambksd or about other form of injustices,inhumanities and inequalities practiced by blcks!you talk africa but you leave your africa n the rurl areas when ou come to the metro an urbans and you become an italian.yo invit white tourists o soweto but there`s nothing africn about soweto excpt italin pizza franchises.you have aid a mouthful but i still get no logic or consistency in yourgobbledegook text.you msay whitges inventd racim bu you can`t put it on the table since any invention must be tangible and visible.those kwazulu natal faction fights are you gonn say hey were part of the racism invented b whites!you are creating western cikies you say yo`re africans but there`s nothing africans about yous! you`re just a whinging and whining frustrated bastard and you better get a life or die!

  72. You are a confused bastard although you raise a good arguement when you speak about the injuystices that are perpetuated by our Afrikan brothers against our Afrikan brothers however your context is obscure and reactionary. Get a life.

  73. Mzu, for the life of me I cannot find one instance when you have coherently addressed the issues raised by other posters in reply to your venomous, RACIST bile that you have spewed on this forum…? You also display an alarming lack of knowledge of history (not your biased, myopic believe what you want to version so favored by fanatics such as the nats and others). You also assert that whites “invented” racism which is so laughable it needs to be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. Pray tell, what of the Arab slave traders in Africa in the 11th century (long before “whites” arrived in Africa). What of the West African and Nubian peoples who subjugated other African people and sold them into slavery…? What of the Mongols, Turks, numerous European/Caucasian peoples who fought and subjugated each other over the millennia; the Japanese and Chinese ethnic groups who fought and conquered and subjugated on another? – examples too numerous to mention throughout history…. No, my friend, racism is a form of hatred that comes from the heart (often fueled by such minor, inconsequential differences that they are ridiculous when viewed with dispassion). Racism, bigotry, xenophobia , fundamentalism all stem from the heart and are always “supported” or “backed-up” by groundless, nonfactual generalisms held as truths…. Basically the garbage that you have been sprouting in your posts…. Ergo, you must be a RACIST….

  74. Further Mzu, if you would like to see what ordinary South Africans are doing to try to improve the lives of the poorest and ensure that they have a future then have a look at these links: http://www.liv-village.com/home ; http://www.lungisani-indlela.org.za/home.html. Just two of the many many organisations represented by thousands and thousands of South Africans of ALL races trying to make a difference (and succeeding mightily I might add).

  75. SA citizen says

    If only overseas people really knew what blacks are capable of. They are also racists. They have big plans to take over the Western Cape. Now they come up with stupid labour laws to keep coloured people out of the job market! Isn’t it enough that they rule the rest of South Africa?

    In Gauteng there are more blacks than any other race. Why don’t they spread to other places?

    Blacks talk about Apartheid and how bad it was, then they do the same thing?! Talk about hypocrites. You are doing the same thing.

    Coloured people also suffered. And they are still suffering. We don’t have a place in the sun. We don’t have a place in South Africa.

    This is not fair at all. I saw a job advertisement that states that you must speak a black african language in order to get the job. I looked at the other jobs as well. It says the same thing. Why? It is pure discrimination.

    Look at the streets. It is filthy. You don’t feel safe in your own homes.

    Blacks want to run everything, then they can’t deliver. This is the truth. I don’t care if some black person leaves a comment on this. You’ve failed!

    They promised in 1994 ‘Jobs for all’ , ‘free education’ etc, etc The list goes on. Where is the jobs? Where is the so-called free education? Nowhere! You still have to pay for the kids education. They have manipulated people.

    South Africa will look like the rest of Africa in a couple of years time. Sad.

  76. Mzu the Israelites were in slavery bondage in Egypt for 400 years on account of their disobedience to GOD. Yet on account of a few amongst them GOD had mercy on them and call an 80 year old shepherd in the dezert to go and free them from bondage. Nevertheless it took them 40 years to get to the promised land i s o 40 days on account of them being disdobedient to GOD.
    The same has repeated itself here after 300 years of bondage to evil spirits some still have not repented and thanks given to GOD for delivering them from bondage.

    Tangible silver, diamonds and gold can never make you a king or queen but brings misery untold.
    but if your heart is of diamonds and gold your reward in heaven will never be sold.

  77. Ah, Phred! you talk sense. thank you.

    Mzu, you don’t know me, so you can’t judge me. you generalize and hate and spew out venom that we can do without. i’m not superior. i am a human being like you and everyone else. i have black friends, indian friends, coloured friends. I entertained them in my house, housed them, fed them prayed with them, hugged them, kissed them. took them out to lunch in public places. not to be seen, but because i really like and respect them. there are white people i would rather not be seen with. so, how am i a racist. i just pointed out that your argument is devoid of all sense regarding the fact the the white man stole the wealth of Africa. what about the VERY rich black people like Malema with all his houses, cars, expensive clothes, jewelry etc who still spews out hatred against the white man while he is enjoying wealth few white people have ever tasted. you are biased and racist. get a life and stop complaining. DO something worthwhile with your energy. study, work hard and carve out a decent, respectable life for yourself.

  78. Baddaboom says

    @Mzu- You obviously have nothing better to do than to sit on this forum and vomit out your unfounded comments. People have tried to be nice and civil, people have even given you grounded comments but you have chosen to retaliate like a terrorist would. It does not matter what good and constructive comment are being made but yet you choose to challenge everyone of them with malcontent. Tell me, are you getting paid to rock the boat or are you just bored and have nothing else to do. People have commented negatively and positively but you are the only one that will return over and over and over again. Next thing you no you will be telling every one you are an activist. Like that is going to be believable judging from your unfounded, ignoramious speech. Every thing you have sais thus far has made no sense at all and has been based on your own self opiniated person. One thing I do know for sure, I agree with Ouma and old fashioned and all the rest who have had something positive to say about other races, especially the black race. that we are not the racists- you are dude and you have proven it and you have benn found wanting. I wonder what wonkie feels about your comments. The director is a black guy by the way. Everything he has said throuhout Wonkie has benn constructive and positive. Why do you not have a go at him-Please do I beg you and see what his response is. Give it up. You are showing your true teroristic colours

  79. It’s unfortunate and I think there need to be a clear understanding between the blacks and whites here in this part of SA. Sometimes, I think, arrogant or aggressive comments come from some kind of thought complexities. Regards, Daniel

  80. yaaa…yee man…your spewings are neither constitutional,struggle orientated or academic so i`m estranging myself to you altogeter lest i stoop to your buffooned,blinkered and cretin levels!

  81. Ok people I must say you impress me when you distort the truth. I will just say keep on fooling those you can but one day they will see through you and you’ll be in trouble. Mandela will die and I’m not sure who’s going to be your next puppet and I hope he does soon. Till that day, keep on resting but beware of the next uprising which will not be diverted by Mandela when a leader like Sobukwe will be resurrected and you’ll be history….

  82. noo,you see in the past whites used to buy off those blacks who speak his language and he is expecting some whites to arrange some meeting with him to bribe him just as the nationalisation threAtened kebble and he bought them off with his millions and as they now are on about nationalisation they`re trying to find another kebble!

  83. I think you should start speaking all this crap with your fellow whites and those who wanted to pray for me pray that their fellow whites see that their existence in Afrika is destroying human beings. Leave people please

  84. A dangerours statement spewed out by MZUU but leaked out long ago out of the blue.
    So all already almost in place. no fear : this delema we’ll face.
    Continue your plans and try and carry on
    soon your evil works will be destroyed and gone.
    So rather repent and shy away
    before you meet the end of doomsday.
    Nothing they venture will bring them any gain
    except eternal punishment and pain.

  85. Is there nothing else to speak about except of this because we are going nowhere, you stand by what you say and so do I.

  86. Baddaboom says

    we need another topic in this forum. come on wonkie. what’s next

  87. noo,this was number one topic but the problem in south africa we are a divided race with our extreme agendas and beliefs and principles and so will only mellow when someone from our camp express something but if it`s someone from the opposite camp we will close our eyes and just flatten them even if what they say makes sense

  88. According to Luke 21 GOD’s Word
    Anather quake in Japan just ocuured

  89. That is inevitable Tim, we cannot always agree even if we are all human. What makes sense to me is stupid to you and the other way round.


  91. It is good to study the history of this country. Our blacks were never slaves and were free to work or not to work for whites. Read about the Difiqana when tribes were annihilating one another. Read about the Fingo, Mosheshwe and Mzilikazi and learn about the dispersement of peoples. The whites were not involved. The blacks were not peaceful, rural people who were subjugated by the whites. The blacks point to the whites and say that they had robbed them! Rubbish! The colonial powers withdrew fifty years ago and Africa is still a basket case! Get a Life!

  92. when it comes to society its a case of unity and disunity.On matters of national concerns like national security,economic growth,accountablity and transparency society must speak with one voice.

    During Clinton`s reign I attempted to emigrate to America and was told I must first be an American right here in South Africa to be admiitted and that was the mandate of Americans not their government`s decision.Following on that a questionnaire was issued to Americans asking them if must their government be soft on immigrants or tough and the ovewhelming majority was for tough immigration laws across the population spectrum and that`s what I mean that on certain matters society needs to speak with one voice and put your differences aside!Now here in South Africa people mandate a government on their whims and dictations and no patriocy!

  93. this south africa is not about ancient history but about codesa an its dliberations.

    it was deliberated that whites must balance past imbalances by developng,empowering,improving and humanising blacks!Greg blank was in jail and he knew that the apartheid government encouraged gangsterism among coloureds and blacks as a way of depoliticising blacks and turning them into a wasted community and so in his own way of reconciling and healing rehablitated gangs in the jail he was incarcerated in and today those former gangs and jail birds are top itc men and women so he showed you what individual balancing of past imbalances was

  94. OLD FASHION says

    Yes Tim, you are correct, we need to rectify all the the wrongs, many have identified major problem areas but no constructive measures to addapt the required changes. We know which immigrants are causing major concerns here but it seems as if they are starting to reign over a huge domain. We are experiencing it on a daily basis, we also find them extremely arrogant when they realise you can actually see what they busy doing. Somehow they get away with it in a big way. Unfortunately those are the ones also who promotes racism between our own citizens.

  95. @ Moxie you are confused and come here with broken facts….read again and at the rest go to hell

  96. I do not argue with cretins! I was attacked by 3 black males in my bedroom at 2 o’clock in the morning and had to fight them off – so who is the victim? My attackers were too young to have “suffered” under Apartheid. To blame a government for gangsterism is ridiculous! Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour. And I am not confused!

  97. You are the fucking cretin-mother`s behinds!When the securocrats{white}used to break-down black people`s houses doors in the past nobody attributed this to whites so where the heck do you get it right to associate blacks or politics with crime!Byleveld told the media that whites were behind the spate ofcrimes happening in this country and both themedia and white zipped-up than seking explanations!When Debra Patta was till on radio she investigated drug and crimelords in Hillbrow and discovred hat whites itting in mansions in Kempton Park were behind the addictions,hijackings and cellphone snatchings.Sh iscovered whit managers of cash-in-tranit vhicle were behind th robberies and that`s why they know exactly which routes these vehicles will take and by which time they will be at certain places.Former soccer ace-Doctor khumalo lost his father in a hijacking incident in Soweto!DON`T EVER COME HERE AND TALK SHIT TO ME-SCUMBAG!GOT THAT?

  98. Not nice!


  100. OLD FASHION says

    If I was wonkie I would shut this blog, it has become more then vile and makes a sewrage farm look like wonderland. The language, intolerance, and venom and we are suppose to be sharing a country and contribute towards a freedom for all and all on equal footing, well it sure is not going to happen with attitudes of some on this blog.
    I refrain and restrain myself from possible contamination and will continue to pray and trust that GOD will protect the ones who have clean hearts without hate.

  101. Silly question. SA is the most racist country in the world under laws and policies created by (ANC) blacks. Blacks want to take over everything that non blacks created. This is the story of post colonial Africa. Wouldn’t it be nice to see more blacks actually do something positive and creative! Become entrepeneurs insteaad of tendertrepeneurs. The Poms used to have the reputation for whinging but most SA blacks outdo them. Do yourselves a favour and read Bill Gates’s 11 point address to a school and then have a look at the person you see in the mirror. Google Bill Gates and his sayings

  102. black people cn sumtimes be racist,am black too

  103. white ppl they wnt to take over everything in our beautiful country hell no to them.


  105. Mthofi Muhali says

    Blacks can be racists. The two, Himmy Manyi and Julius Malema have something in common, both are idiots. In this new South Africa there is no room for racists. It is just unfortunate that both Julius and Jimmy are from the so-called ANC and there are senior members of the ANC who are always defending them.

    Let them continue with their idiotic statements and let the likes of Gwede Mantashe support them, but one day God will punish them together with their supporters and their party.


  106. Every race is racist, the whites did & do it publicly and the rest of the races did & do it privately. WTF? cant you guys see that this whole racism is getting old? Plus why is anyone listening to Julias? This guy has his head so far up his ass he thinks with his fart. Whatever happened to united to stand divided we fall?

  107. we have said that before rocsta and now we`re working on solutions and those solutions must be to fight racism within.

    i said to you i estranged myself from my community,family and relatives because of gender inequities manifested in our traditions,i didn`t sip beer with anyone until they have convinced me they were not going to the old army or were racists.what are your current principled actions to rid yourself and society of racism.

  108. @africa. The white people created it all! We didn’t take it over. If we didn’t create it you would still be running around in skins. Where are the black Einsteins, Newtons, Brunells, Teslas, Beethovens, Chris Barnards, Barlow-Wadleys…….? Why don’t you blacks invent things, create things instead of taking over the achievements of others. There is not a country in the world where the dice are so loaded in favour of the blacks in SA but you just destroy everything you get your hands on. Hospitals, education, sanitation, roads……

  109. these aliens come here claiming to be coming to develop and economise but they have done fuckall for their countries but only loot and plundered their countries after independence and once they have cleaned them out now they run after their persecutors begging for help offering their cheap labour.what a shame and pity that peopl can fight fo all these years only to end-up holding begging bowls to the enemy!

  110. Who are the aliens? except those we know
    destroying, whinging where wickedness flow.
    satan has them in his claws
    disobeying God’s good laws.
    What JESUS has done they will always deny
    in the day of judgement we will here them cry
    O God why did I listen to satans lie.
    It might just be your last chance today
    to ask Lord JESUS to show the way.

  111. tich m ataz has bob mabena to thank for relieving him from being a garde ner for the rest of his life and taught him radio… making him the famous person he is today.thirty years from independence and zimbabwe is still in the hands of whites and those that lost whites like malawi etc are a dearth of themselves yet you have these bastards coming here spewing out rubbish!no taxes are accrued from them,no job creation,no economic growth fuckall yet these rulers are giving them taxpayers money and resources to be secure,comfortable and convenient.foreigners got the beating of their lives in lybia because of this clever mentality of them to host countries…watch this space!!!! here in this country we`re letting hiv-aids and cholera clear them for us!

  112. Fuck you Tim and your allies. Go fuck your stupid heads.

  113. Guys, please stop with the verbal abuse, personal attacks and name-calling.

    Wonkie realises that this is a touchy subject, particularly in South Africa but please stick to the topic at hand and kick the issue around as hard as you’d like, not the person making their opinions heard.

  114. [Deleted by moderators]

  115. THANKS, PM!

  116. Well sorry fr that comment but some comments by whites here are disturbing. The whites have an illusion in their minds about them being superhuman beings and blacks being subhuman beings and that is a blatant lie. We Afrikans are superhuman in Afrika and white superhuman in Europe…….. The problem is we are really superhuman as blacks because everything these vampires need is in Afrika and Europe has nothing….

    If Tim you feel you are crowded by black then go to Europe in your ancestral land and leave Afrika….. Please whites I beg all of you!!!!!!!!!!



  119. The pot is calling the kettle black
    even though they from the same shack
    They have created their own despair
    that’s why their pockets and cupboards are bare.
    Poor blind men they just could not see
    That JESUS alone can set them free.
    That they one day should perish seems a shame
    but then>> they only have themselves to blame

  120. Tim you seem to forget that Zim is in Africa and SA is in Afrika. I forgot whites are stupid enough to think they are Afrikans……..

  121. We may be stupid , but by far not enough
    to take note of a comment called as a bluff.
    We forgive you for that stupid thought
    but shame you just scored another nought

  122. Sure!Then if that`s the case then whites who want to enter Africa for whatever reasons must denounce capitalism,clonialism and imperialism that`s associated with white supremacism.

    This is in line with their demands on us when we enter their countries in Europe and the West that we denounce communism,terrorism,socialism etc.This formed part of my submissions to SADC and AU.

    au and sadc must bring all black leaders especially traditional leaders so that they can come-up with a plan to Africanise the continent including corporacy and currency.We must have all attractive istitutions right here in this continent and become self-dependent!

  123. Since when did I get marks from whites, you should take care of your little pale face……. It will turn pink when we finally decide to chase you away from Afrika.

  124. It is easier for a girraffe to go through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to go to heaven.
    Glory riches or fame I surely dont want,
    That is for those who’s souls are blunt.
    Rather call unto GOD HE is always near
    with a forgiving heart and an open ear.
    Dont make the world’s problems bigger then GOD
    a twist of HIS finger and HE can pull it apart.

  125. You come here and pretend to be righteous people with the bible whereas you come with hatred and thirsty for blood. You and your GOD can all go to hell. I hate god and you white people.

  126. We surely dont hate you just trying to show
    which is the only right way to go.
    God does not judge by colour or creed
    as HE created them all and wants to fullfill all they need.
    If you despise HIM you playing a dangerous game
    to scoff and to mock HIM will bring you no fame
    HIS love for all human races soooo great
    but our own choices seals our own fate.
    From all the worlds nations HIS children hears HIS voice
    because they obviously made the right choice.
    But I want to ask: When and with what did you buy this land
    and from whom , what name and what brand.
    Show your proof on white paper written in black
    and I will swallow my words and take them back

  127. well done, Riddle. and thank you for showing us God’s great love for all mankind.

  128. when we finally decide to chase you away from Afrika.who`s we?

  129. To Tim and Mzu: a message from GOD to you:
    “I am the LORD full of love, grace and power
    I can change you in less then an hour.
    The prayers of MY faithful I constantly hear
    Please save Tim and Mzu came through very clear.
    I will take your hearts, change, clean and recycle
    the hate, unbelief and make you MY disciple.
    Great plans I have for you in this life
    no more hate, conflicts uproars or strife.
    You will labor for ME every day
    I will teach you and lead you the way.
    Powerful messengers you will be for ME
    MY power in you all who knows you will see.
    That I am who I am the Creator of all
    Savior of those who answer MY call.
    Not by chance this message came through
    but by MY Spirit and MY great love for you.
    Deny this world with its idols and evil deceit
    with My power you will conquer and defeat.
    One day in heaven praise songs you’l sing
    Glory to JESUS our Savior and King.

  130. Vote ANC`ancer and help to keep the poor in POVERTY

  131. No more comments

  132. We are a nazi country so his comments were a part of our nazi situation.I`m talking of a country whreby persecution of blacks is the norm where evn blacks themselves join-in in order to be secured,comforted and convenienced.

    Blacks human rights are not even respected by our courts who sentenced them even if they report torture under oath or unconstitutional methods of arrest!Shooting to-death of blacks is legalised!

  133. Tim, take note: No matter how people treat us or threaten us to have their own way they can never outsmart GOD. One man with GOD is by far in the majority. If JESUS is in our boat it can never sink. We should not feel sorry for ourselves but feel sorry for those who have no CAPTAIN in their boat. Japan serving an idol man made buddah and persecutes God’s children, where was their buddah when the wrath struck?

  134. Jimmy Manyi said something with racial lines… !
    Whether he is one or not, i dont kno.

  135. How come whites knows about all their predecessors,, they have family crests and tell you their history about their ancestors, where they come from, what profession they had, how many children etc etc. We were stunned when we saw crests at our white neighbors and asked them if it was shields that they won , when they told us no it is our family crests. It still bugs me today not knowing further back then my grandparents.

  136. Mzu. If you eat sadza or tshima thank the whites for bringing it to Africa. There’s not enough millet to feed all of you. Look around you and see what the whites brought you! You people created NOTHING

  137. How can one billion rand disappear in one area??????? if your checks and balances are in place?? This happened in EC health dept. This is shocking what they do with the tax monies we pay. If you had a village and made sure that you give money enough to run everything and one day you decide to go have a look and you see everything decayed, dirty, and no equipment working, and you find out that those you trusted had taken your money for personal use. What would you do. You will fire them all without a package as they had taken all already and close stop giving money. What will they do if taxpayers really get fedup and stop paying taxes that lands in the pockets of those who are suppose to manage it for the needs it is intended for. I know we stand for peace and prosperity but is this peace and prosperity, we can see clearly that it is not. The time has come where the right action needs to be taken, not by violence or force but in a orderly fashion just withholding all tax monies until we have trustworthy and honest people running this country. Another municipality blasted 200 million on tenders that never materialised, how does it happen? coming from an audit background I fail to understand how this happens. Do we not have regular audits by qualified CA’s in this country’s government institutions anymore.?
    Should this continue SA will be bancrupt and there will be nothing left to squander very very soon. I am not a pessimist neither a whinger but to see how all the good is diminishing, more people suffering, is a fact that can no longer be ignored.

  138. be careful!the role played by black politicians in this continent which remain invisible to you blinkered and buffooned and cretin mampara is because it secretive and only understood by whites with their military background!

    tsvangirai s puffing,huffing and foaming afte he realised how zuma and mugabe duped him with this granting of his supporters permits to lure hordes of them to south africa then call for elections and if these elections happened this year and he participate zanu-pf will have a meal out of him!

  139. @Tim. Are you registered as an intelectually disavantaged person?

  140. your masters who bussed you to south africa to perpetuate the terrorism you are perpetuating in zimbabwe and lie that it`s ico or zanu-pf youths are pushing you to gag us by trampling on everytthing we express so that we must be demotivated to give you the chance to spew out your disinformation,misinformation and propaganda against zanu-pf government! yes,you`re terrorists hence these abducted and abused women ho escaped by throwing themselves from balconies to the pavements running from your torture in these hijacked buildings!


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