state of the nation 2012 cartoon

state of the nation 2012

State of the Nation Address 2012 – CartOOn

Last week saw the fancy dress parade of the political elite that is the opening of parliament in South Africa. Having said this, the presidential address in 2012 prompted much applause. Mr Zuma, at last, seemed at ease in his role and switched from English to Zulu with charm. For once, he showed his enjoyment, and his ability to command an audience.

Have we heard all this before?
His speech was predictable, but significant. The government’s National Planning Commission (NPC) has finally starting doing something that could be considered valuable. A master plan for the reindustrialisation of South Africa leading to significant job creation is proposed. This will involve expansion of mining, beneficiation of raw materials and the imposition of legal requirements regarding local content in state procurement. Particular regions where industrial/mineral complexes can be strengthened were identified. Massive upgrading of rail, road and port facilities as well as the provision of reliable power and water supplies are the key elements.

However, will it be churlish to say that we have heard all this before? After all, the Reconstruction and Development Program (RDP of the early nineties) made exactly these points. GEAR, which followed the RDP, made similar commitments although here it was the private sector that was to deliver. As such, why were they not implemented in the past when our financial resources were far greater and the sense of mission (and social commitment) on the part of ANC cadres was infinitely higher? Why have we lost over a decade during which we have become bogged down in a culture of corruption, entitlement and thuggery?

The answer is not straight forward, but is also not that complex. The situation, globally and locally, is greatly changed. At the macro level, the 2008 financial meltdown removed the illusion of sustainable growth without state guidance. Indeed, the finance sector’s excesses exposed the myth of a benign market that can deliver human societies from poverty of the mind and body. The role of the State has thus been vindicated. However, on the micro level, the internal dynamics appear to be extremely negative.

The ANC is racked by internal division. Opposition parties are slowly gaining support while service delivery dissatisfaction rises and Zuma is forced to fight off a relatively powerful faction that does not want to give him a second term. Given this gloomy picture can the ANC really deliver on the NPC plan’s potential and build a solid foundation for sustainable and ecologically sound growth or will it prove to be just another example of grandstanding, another attempt by a discredited leadership to distract from the many crises (particularly in education, health care and job creation) that are sapping our society? In other words, has the rot been left for too long so that the state machinery necessary to execute such a plan does not exist – witness the collapse of key provincial departments in Limpopo, the Eastern Cape and Gauteng, not too speak of the chronic mismanagement in Mpumalanga and North West.

Watching Zuma’s address was thus a soul wrenching experience. The future of South Africa is very much dependent on this plan’s success but the credibility gap induced by past incompetence and corruption does not give one much hope. Indeed, the most telling comment made by Zuma was that a summit is to be held soon to draft an implementation plan. This begs the question: how much work has been put into the detail, into plotting the time frames for each project and the costings? How much local capacity do we have to pull this off or do we require a Big Brother (e.g. a FIFA) to push deadlines and make it happen? It was significant that Zuma made repeated reference to the Soccer World Cup’s success and that we need to revive the energy and commitment we produced then.

In other words, will this summit be the long awaited Economic Codesa we have been crying for? The bringing together of all social partners to combine resources and expertise, crossing class lines for the common good in a systematic and honest way so as to impart a sense of collective will and spirit to a society that is showing the symptoms of greater and greater stress. Only time will tell if the ANC is able to play an effective leadership role and defy the pattern of negativity that currently holds sway. Much will depend on the Zuma presidency’s performance over the coming months – it may well be a decisive watershed for not only South Africa but the whole of the region.

Wonkie is curious to read your thoughts on Jacob Zuma’s 2012 State of the Nation address, and the prospect of a brighter future for all.

Share YOUR COMMENTs on Jacob Zuma’s 2012 State of the Nation Address in South Africa.
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  1. The typed letters and paper has more value

  2. I never bothered to watch the State of the Nation Address – I knew what was going to be said beforehand. Same old same old. Nobody believes the ANC anymore – same empty pre-election bullsh*t. If the country wants to prosper, the ANC must stand down.

  3. You are just racist with your cartoons – why don’t you give Zuma a chance? It is going to take time to make such big changes – you expecting it all overnight when that is hardly possible. The legacy of apartheid is hard to disassemble when the whites are the ones still holding economic power in the country… why don’t you make a cartoon about that for us???

  4. The State of the Nation address is a lot of hogwash they will never succeed until they remove the rot from within and put competent people to help run this country instead of applying apartheid in reverse gear.I don’t think this will ever happen it is an election ploy raising hopes for the illiterate who are not prepared to improve their own lives.

  5. As far as his state of the nation address is concerned, I think all he does year after year is change the dates as nothing new is ever added because the previous proposals were never implemented. All that is ever achieved by the guests is to have a slap up evening with a 5 star meal with the most expensive wines and other alcholic drinks all at the poor tax payers expense.

  6. Same old sameold says

    Ha…ha…ha…The prez speaks about job creation while they – the government – are the biggest culprits in killing and losing jobs by not paying their commitments. Examples are hospitals not receiving milk – non payment, not receiving medicine’s-non payment, medical alb tests suspended – non payment and the list goes on and on and on. Meanwhile, they propose garndiose plans for infrastructure development which we as tax payers will have to foot the bill for. Why are there no such grandiose plans to stop corruption and palns to reclaim the stolen money to pay the bills which should have been paid in the first place had they money not been stolen!!!!!

  7. Same old sameold says

    Mabang wake up and get of the bullshit bandwagon of apartheid!!!!!!!If your toilet at home is broken do you blame the shit problem on aprtheid?????How many tenderpreneurs whom stole money are white and how many are black? What about your brother Melama whom drives around in a brand new Range Rover but is representing the poor youth in this country??????Wake up and use your intelligence if you have any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ann McDonnell says

    we need Sol Kersner to drive the new infrastructure – not government which is not up to the task!

  9. First of all to Mabang. I think it was in 1994 that we first heard these promises and every year since. The only difference was the person reading it. It is actually easy to make a state of the nation speech in the RSA as the nation is in a helluva state. As for the economic power being in the hands of the whites? Hello, wake up we have almost twice as many black millionaires as white in this country. Makes you think doesn’t it?

  10. @Mabang
    18 years later and all the empty promises are still just that, empty promises. You want to tell me that the ANC could not improve things in the last 18 years??!!! Incompetance, corruption, greed, power, tenders, etc is keep them far too busy to worry about running the country. Stop bluffing yourself, nothing will change this year either.

  11. @Mabang no offense buddy, but how long are you going to stand there in ignorance and blame an apartheid era without relising what is in front you. Three ANC Presidents that promised and didnt deliver? And most of the promises, free food packets etc etc before elections? Where is the hospital plans, better policing and funding for police, nurses, teachers and ensential services? Just services, focus on only that, and you have the symptom indicating the illness killing our country. Not sure how you stand their and sya bad services planning is to blame for a past apartheid era? really? its the whites fault because teachers, nurses and schoolteachers do not have support, fundng and planning from your elected anc party? that just crazy and narrow minded. It is sad really with that kind of bigotted attitude is what rules this awesome country. We have such potential irrespective of class, race or creed, just the people of this country. interesting fact, every day i stop at robots, because they are red, in a normal stopping lane, i see brand new bmw’s, merc’s and cars of that class, drive past in emergency lane, driven by the previously disadvanteged..and black beggers asking for a sponser, being blatengly ignored. i once aske done of them when i gave him some money, why doesnt he ask his rich brothers to help him, his response? white people are more generous than black people… interesting dont you think? makes you think doesnt it…..

  12. @Mabang your comment: “The legacy of apartheid is hard to disassemble when the whites are the ones still holding economic power in the country… why don’t you make a cartoon about that for us???”

    Yes i concure, let wonkie please do make a cartoon about you. About the new rich elite profiting off the backs off the past poor, and the new poor they have created. Yes please lets make a cartoon over your new anc holding the new economic wealth, why, we wouldnt need to look far..ancyl ex or is he president… yes i agree let wonkie make a cartoon, because i agree with you, it is a joke……

  13. Big empty bucket filled with empty Zuma (“imchimiyami”,
    , his nickname here in KZN) words and promises.

  14. I Think we must PRIVATISE Government an have NO political Party serving in Government which will result in a Blissful and prosperous for all situation in this country.

  15. Watch this space. In the not too distant future, countries will be run as private companies. People in general throughout the world are sick of despotic governments, religions and world leaders. The movement has started already, watch world news. Google the subject as well. According to many in the know, this will start escalating from the end of this year. Apartheid died in 1994. We buried it. Why do some keep trying to exhume the body? Let it RIP.

  16. Apartheid.!!! Yes, the only avenue to blame for Government Corruption and INCOMPETENCE.
    Love to weigh all the large members of Government Officials, sure to weigh more than a Dozen fully grown Whales. LOL

  17. @Mabang. Why must we give Zuma a chance. this is after all a free democracy, his party has had 18 years to deliver and all they can do is blame apartheid and get themselves fancy houses fancy cars and many wives. They deserve to be rattled by the press and public.
    A friend of mine opened a restaurant, the first thing he did with the bank loan was to buy himself and his wife a couple of the expensive Mercs, then he used cheap ingredients in his food, when he went bust he could not understand why. It was bad planning and greed that let him down. same thing with our Government.

  18. @Mabang, when you fail to understand that whites make up less than 9% of the population and that the ANC has been in power 18 years during which time they have made themselves rich (very rich) and have failed to deliver services and failed to spend the money they have not embezzled. Had they behaved normally and spent the money wisely we may not have the unemployment we have now. It is typical that when things do not work it becomes easy to blame racist whites or apartheid it is now time that you blamed the ANC.

  19. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Mabang – sorry youngster – you’re not yet in Mzu’s league. Mzu would NEVER have let all these comments come at him/her/it without MAJOR racist rantings back at them all.
    Come on!!! Stand up for your ridiculous beliefs.

  20. Mabang , wake up white business owners are small the major corporate companies have many blacks in top positions. A one man business that someone worked hard for can hardly be called the majority as there are just as many small black businesses, I know this as hubby does a lot of registrations, etc for many black innovative clients . We know longer listen to garbage about apartheid being the cause, rather look at the real cause of extreme corruption for self enrichment, jobs given to family and friends regardless whether they qualified nor not. The others get the lower admin jobs, no training what so ever so one can not expect them to do their functions correctly. Even at local levels money are disappearing , accounts distorted etc. Suggest that you go around to all municipal and gvt institutions and check, while you are at it, check the gvt hospitals and schools in rural areas as well. This was promised with last year’s speech that new schools and teachers will come on board to ensure education for all. Only two small schools were built, and the teachers are not fully qualified either;

  21. I suppose apartheid has failed horribly to maintain the gvt hospitals as they were 20 years ago.,

  22. @Mabang! ai, ai, ai! still blaming apartheid?? it just goes to show that you are not able to think and work things out for yourself otherwise you would have known by now that apartheid is not to blame for the ANC’s mess. i post this here for you to read. wise up, please!!
    Vusi Mabaso
    The Tokoloshe

    13 November 2011, 15:43

    400 years ago Africa might as well been another planet in our solar system.

    We were living in peace in our thatch huts. The 10 piece of cattle were grazing under the African sky. The head of the family sat in the shade of a tree drinking beer, the wives were working the land and the kids were making clay oxen to play with.

    Every man’s dream, even to this day, no matter where on this planet you might come from. It sounds like the African version of the Playboy mansion. You sit in the shade and your multiple wives work for you.

    Then the Europeans arrived and laughed at our people who had no education and thought our way of life was savagery. We had to fight them with spears to survive and ultimately lost the battle. They took our land and made us their slaves. They sold us to America and we became a trading commodity.

    That is, what it is. We can’t change the past. So now 400 years later, what now?

    We had to learn through bloodshed that we were not a planet of another solar system. We are part of this world and in this world there are certain rules that can’t be broken if you want to have food. Whether we like these rules or not, they are a reality. We can fight them like Mugabe does but it would only result in hunger.

    Too many Africans are yearning for life as we knew it back then…but they just love the white man’s BMW and Lear Jet. The donkey cart is way too primitive for their liking and the cow hides that once covered our loins are not as “cool” as a Hugo Boss suit. We are a race that conveniently wants to fall back on our traditions when it suits us.

    Not everybody has the ability to be as black and white as I am, and I mean that in more than one sense. I accept and acknowledge that. But I had to ask myself where do I fit in? Do I want to go back to my ancestral land in Dundee and demand this land be given back to me so I can acquire a few wives and create my own Playboy Mansion or do I like it here in Sandton with a Blackberry?

    You would be horrified if you read all the messages I get on Facebook of people swearing at me, calling me a traitor, a disgrace to all black people in South Africa and that whites are paying me to blog my views.

    What they don’t know is that I have been very blessed to come from a long line of fighters that have fought from the days of the spear right up to the AK47. They fought for my freedom and as sure as this sun is going to come up tomorrow, I am not going to mess up all they have fought for.

    I have to address this cultural jail that stands between my people and true freedom.

    Let us look at the Tokoloshe first.

    You slept with your bed raised up on a few bricks so that when the Tokoloshe comes at night, he could move freely around your room without knocking his head against any object. For those that know this superstition will know it is a small mystical hairy thing that looks like a psychotic angry little bear and catches you at night. But if he knocks his head against your bed, you are going to get this menace all over you and he has a temper like no other on earth. Stop laughing, I’m dead serious!

    I haven’t seen him yet. I badly wanted to see him when I was small because while others feared him, I thought he sounded cool and wanted to befriend him. My grandmother would look at me in absolute horror when I wanted to see the Tokoloshe. She would tell my mother “Eish, this child scares me!”

    When my Grandfather returned from exile, he brought me a Teddy Bear from London . I looked at the Teddy and instantly knew this was the Tokoloshe I always wanted to meet. So my bear got named Tokoloshe. I got smacked a few times because I would jump on my Grandmother when she takes her afternoon nap and scare her with Tokoloshe.

    But the modern new reborn Tokoloshes sit in Parliament.

    Parliament…hmmmm… let us discuss running this country, being an example to the citizens and our traditions.

    In a new African landscape how practical is it having multiple wives? Nice idea, being a man. Come on you guys reading this, admit it!

    But 20 children? Not so good because if I see what my university education and all the sundry trimmings are costing my father I would hate to think he had to make 20 of us. He would need to join the bank robbers to keep us at university.

    My mother didn’t come cheap either, so he would have had to start stealing cattle from the white farmers if he wanted more wives. She cost him 40 head of cattle back in the 80’s. But wow, was she worth every cow! You should see her today in her Chanel dress…but five of them?

    That is the humorous side of our tradition, but the more serious side is the following reality. There are only two of us and not twenty. So from my first breath my father has been there every step of my way thus far. We are his life and the reason he works this hard. He has spent every moment available guiding me into manhood (without sending me to a bush so some traditional butcher can slaughter my stuff beyond repair) How, as a father will you possibly find the time to devout this kind of attention to 20 kids? I don’t even want to think what life would have been like without my father. Unthinkable.

    But what would I have been, if my father happily cavorted around claiming it is his culture and tradition?

    I probably would have been marching with Malema on the road to nowhere and my father would have been dead by now. I would be visiting a graveyard and trying to find life’s answers from a stone. Back in the 80’s when he married my mother us blacks haven’t heard of HIV/Aids and those enlightened ones that did know about it, thought it was a homosexual disease.

    So unbeknown to us we were killing ourselves. Merrily living out the principles of our tradition, not knowing we are committing suicide and resulting in 2 million orphans just in South Africa alone, let alone the rest of Africa .

    Wouldn’t this be a far more worthy cause to march about than march to get stuff you deliriously think should be given to you for free?

    Imagine what must be going through the mind of a 4 year old kid, who is left all alone tonight, with nobody to take care of him or her? None of these orphaned kids asked to be here, so imagine how a child has to try and make sense of all of this?

    So why do I still have my parents? Because my father knew he can’t run around making babies that he can’t provide for. He had to think soberly about life with a new millennium looming. He had us because he wanted us. We were to become his legacy. We weren’t conceived in a moment of uncontrolled lust or in the name of an outdated tradition.

    We won’t discuss the merits of the social grant for mothers with kids and absent fathers but alarmingly condoms are still very unpopular accessories amongst the population of Africa . Until recently we had that scary old Bat as a minister of health. Tokoloshe personified. Beetroot juice and cabbage leaves will cure the disease, while the Chief would shower after a bit of inyama.

    What did my father do 7 years ago when I reached puberty? He sat me down and told me the facts and how it all happens. Every time I leave the house he jokingly says he will draw blood when I return and have me tested. He jokes, but it has sunk in so deep now, I think about the consequences every time I see a gorgeous girl.

    What do my people do? Until recently it was better swept under the table than discuss the matter. It became unlawful to state a person has died of AIDS on his death certificate. How big is this denial?

    Please don’t make a comment after you have read this and tell me this disease was invented by the Apartheid rulers to wipe us out. I’m not even going to discuss that old stale story! And speaking about Apartheid, get over it. It has no relevance in 2011. Dead, gone, born 31-05-1961 and was executed on 27-04-1994. Our ultimate justification for everything that we do wrong can’t come back so we can stone it.

    The most bizarre superstition was invented to “cure” the disease. Rape a girl and it goes away. By girl, I mean little ones that had to helpless have their lives taken from them without their consent. Grown men believing in rubbish like this. How in the name of God can you possibly justify this, no matter what your traditions or beliefs are?

    We have now for far too long shrugged our shoulders and hid behind our traditions on the one hand and on the other we want to sit at the UN and pretend we have the wisdom to help decide the fate of other countries. In this world we need to merge with, you have:

    1. One wife. You sleep around, you die.

    2. You have more kids than you can provide for, they starve and when they grow up they will steal to survive because you didn’t have enough money to send them to a decent school. The government schools are a complete waste of time because the teachers are never in class.

    3. You can’t sell or trade with your daughters. They are not consumer goods.

    4. You study or qualify as an artisan so you can earn your own keep and build your own house. There isn’t enough money going around building 40 million free houses. You can wait until the sun burns itself out, it is not going to happen. So live with it.

    5. Forget the white man’s wealth. It has long gone been transferred to Sydney . There isn’t any left here. Create your own. Forget about redistribution. Use your logic. The wealth of 5 million whites was never going to send 45 million blacks into a blissful retirement. The white wealth Malema cries about daily, was only in the hands of a few whites.

    So until we move ourselves forward and merge ourselves with the world, we will remain primitive. 17 Years after independence you don’t dance from Beyers Naude to the stock exchange and have foreign journalists film your insanity in the name of freedom. We were freed 17 years ago, embrace it and use your freedom to trade with the world, not crash your own stock market.

    We can march up to the Union Buildings until the cows come home. We are not going to move ourselves forward until we free ourselves from ourselves!

  23. ouma is a coconut

    he crticises his culture

    whic 10 times more respectful and sensible than the white mans christianity

  24. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ ouma
    Your comment describes yourself as a young man in his very late teens or very early twenties.
    Your comment reveals that you are a very thoughtful and mature individual. When we look around at our “leaders” we wish that they could all be as wise and considerate as you appear to be – even at your tender age.
    Haffy’s avatar looks pretty much like he sounds – a sun-shaded thug!
    Mentally he cannot hold a candle to the wisdom shown in your elegant comment on which he can make no better comment than to try to insult your personality.
    What he does is show himself to be Mzu’s apprentice – and an obviously ‘green’ one at that. Maybe, when he grows up, in another 30 or 40 years, he will finally understand the wisdom with which you have presented your case.
    I, for one, applaud you!

  25. @ Haffy, I must admit, I like coconuts 🙂

    @ a-maize-ingly-corny: thank you very much for the wonderful comment you wrote. I must however be honest enough to say that i only posted the comment. the name of the actual writer is Vusi Mabaso, as i mentioned just below my own comment. i wish that it was me who wrote this piece, for i personally will vote this wise young man in as President of SA if i had the opportunity to do so. he has a blog which i am sure will appear when you google his name. have a great week, Ouma 🙂

  26. Vusi Mabaso,NO slaves were sold off South African soil. Slavery selling was done by the Arabs in North Africa the furthest South as Dar Es Salaam which was controlled by Arabs.
    South Africa never sold one Human as a Slave.Please learn South African History.
    Because of the Arabs, Africans trekked South to South Africa to escape the Arab Slave Traders and arrived here at about the same time that the Whites landed in Cape Town.

  27. @Ouma good to see some sensible comments, !@haffy, sorry to say, but some cultures leads their people astray. Many a culture that denies the LORD have lost their lives with their man made sword.

  28. Boerkie should have read Ouma’s posting of Vusi Mabaso’s excellent article with a more open mind.
    Nowhere does Vusi Mabaso state that Europeans sold South African blacks as slaves. I read that sentence as referring to Africa as a whole, but specifically Nigeria and surrounds.
    The essence of his writing is that the past happened, we can learn from it and move on.
    Mabang does not understand that concept, feels that after going downhill for the past 18 years, the ANC needs more time to bring us back to the low state that existed under apartheid, let alone the international state that we should strive for.
    Skills, to drag himself out of his inferiority complex, are the only answer to his desire for “economic power”. Any white who has succeeded in building a business has done it by his skills, ability, willpower and hard work. Exactly the same applies to the many black businessmen in our country.
    Malema’s call for economic empowerment requires that that the government dispossesses functioning businesses and hands them over to lazy cadres to run into the ground as has already happened in many instances in this country in the last 10+years through BEE. There have been numerous reports where an employer has made an employee a co-director and the new director has drained the resources of the company till it collapses.

  29. ” They sold us to America and we became a trading commodity” ” Boerkie should have read Ouma’s posting of Vusi Mabaso’s excellent article with a more open mind”.
    Tony , Above extracts of Ouma`s comments as well as your comment. The way Vusi puts it,He blames all whites for the sins committed with slavery in the past.
    Unfortunately our Ancestors did take indigenous Peoples in the Cape Colony as slaves but that did not last long and is of course History after 400 years and I Am definitely not going to apologise for there Sins,not even for my Fathers Sins, only for my own which i did when i signed the referendum for a Positive change.
    Today unfortunately,those that have been put into Trusted positions are robbing the poor of there upliftment and misery and enriching themselves at an unbelievably fast rate and it will never stop unless the Black voter rises up and put a stop to it. Easy to recognise these tenderpreneurs and Fat Cats by noting where they stay, how many vehicles and what models, Julius Maleme being an excellent example. Fortunately he is under investigation and for sure go to Prison.
    If your neighbour whom you know very well suddenly starts living the high life and driving 4 X 4`s and a second flashy car and the Job he is involved with does not cover such a life, phone the Tax man incognito to protect your self.

  30. Boerkie, I agree with you on most of your points but must emphasise that Vusi Mabaso doesn’t “blame all whites” for slavery. He acknowledges that it happened but says that it occurred 400 years ago and has nothing to do with the present.
    Does the fact that he failed to mention that the Arabs traded many more slaves than the white traders of the time mean that he excuses the Arabs but not the whites? I sincerely doubt it.
    I believe that his paragraph, “That is, what it is. We can’t change the past. So now 400 years later, what now?” means that it has no significance to us in 2012 and it is time to advance into a bright new future rather than remain trapped in a dark ugly past.

  31. The state of the nation speech could have been done in one sentence. The nation is in a hell of a state.

  32. eya state of the nation speech was for the future,not the present youth,most of the thinks spoke about was developments of infrastructure,wish is been done for the future ,gainings wish the government of the tomorrow is going to gaing from,the development is organised ,so meaning the present youth must try to do for themselfs ,the money that zuma have is for the future ,so if thinks go on like this the forein people will also gain ,access to south-african economy development because most business sector is owned by a foreiner, so southafrica present unemployment youth must try to learn business skills ,to boost their country economy

  33. @mabang. you need a bit more experience at making racist comments about whites. Just when Mzu was getting into full stride he/she disappeared. Oh for a return to those happy days.

  34. @ouma. after reading your piece I had to go and lie down. Please keep your comments shorter.

  35. @ouma. No slaves were taken from South Africa. We did not sell slaves, we brought them.

  36. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ everyone
    It seems that all of these comments about Mabang and his/her insipid copycat of Mzu have pushed him/her back into the shell.
    Check out his/her avatar – I think the plasters across the mouth should, maybe, be held down with superglue – if they aren’t already.

  37. @Garth: i only posted Vusi Mabaso’s piece, i did not write it myself. i did not say that all his facts are correct. i posted it because i think he is a sensible young man who do not blame apartheid for our present state of the nation. as for the fact that you had to go and lie down after reading my comment, Garth, with all fairness, you were under NO obligation whatsoever to read my comment and post. you had a free choice whether to read or not to read. usually when i see a post/piece that seems too long to read, i just skip it. maybe you could try that next time? no offense meant 🙂

  38. Have you heard about the ooh-aah bird? It’s habitat is at the North Pole.
    It flies in ever diminishing circles until it has it’s head is up it’s backside.
    Methinks this Mabang is that bird

  39. Haffy and Mabang: I would like to quote from your great American brother, Bill Cosby, at age 83: ‘I am tired of being told that I have to “spread the wealth” to people who don’t have my work ethic. I’m tired of being told the government will take the money I earned, by force if necessary, and give it to people too lazy to earn it.
    I’m really tired of people who don’t take responsibility for their lives and actions. I’m tired of hearing them blame the government, or discrimination or big-whatever for their problems.”
    Bill Cosby and Vusi Mabaso tell it like it is. Truth hurts, so they are labled coconuts and traitors.

  40. We are getting off the subject of the State of the Nation Address. I believe it was quoted how many job creations there had been. The job status facts can only come from SARS and UIF statistics. Prior to last year, only those above a certain income criteria needed to register as a taxpayer. Last and this year when doing the annual payroll and reconciliation runs, we had to register every employee of a company for tax purposes, regardless of whether they were taxable or not. This lead to a vast increase in the number of registered taxpayers. If these figures are taken into account, it would appear that there was a vast increase of employed persons as opposed to the year before when they did not need to be registered. You were lied to once again. There wasn’t a vast increase in employment, only an explosive increase in the number of registered taxpayers.

  41. @Scorpio we know where the stats come from, does anyone know where they are going. But they are really insignificant unless we know the quality of work, how many are temps and where does the government get this number. and how many is the actual unemployed. JZ’s speech is just a rehash of last years in fact he has done nothing

  42. We dont as a rule take any notice of the socalled speeches. In 2010 there was a big education debacle , they were notified to get the education system fixed asap, at university and school levels, so in his speech last year he promised to address it, and came the next enrollment at varsities and schools this year it was a bigger mess then 2010. So what does one think, to promise and make speeches is so easy but to deliver it takes effort and work and unfortunately we do not have the expertise in the gvt to deliver

  43. ok lets talk about peter mulder now and the land comment

  44. Lets talk about everything that our Govt. promises. Each night on TV news we hear about what they are going to do but nothing about what they have done. Why? because they have done nothing.

  45. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Moving on. After today’s Budget speech, Bacchus’ cost of living has considerably increased – neh?

  46. a-maiz-ingly-corny, the increase is twofold. We have to cough up more for the delectible fruits of Bacchus for ourselves, but the increased price for single malt for those who imposed the law is paid by the taxpayer. Not only do we have to pay our own increases, but theirs as well. We won’t win until we force the ANC to stand down.

  47. Isn’t the ANC ashamed that insurance companies have to provide pointsmen because they cannot do it themselves? Isn’t the ANC ashamed that insurance companies fix the potholes because they cannot do it themselves? Isn’t the ANC ashamed that tax practitioners have to do their work for them as they cannot do it themselves? Isn’t the ANC ashamed that the public finance and man orphan care, Hospice, the SPCA etc as they are too greedy and busy filling their own pockets to do so themselves? Isn’t the ANC ashamed that they live in mansions while millions are homeless?
    The answer, dear reader, is NO to all the above because they are what the dictionary defines as ‘Philistines’ – arrogant in their own ignorance.

  48. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Do we now have two Scorpios or has the original Scorpio simply changed avatars?
    If two – how are we going to show which one we are responding to – both are greenish but the one is like a yield sign and the other a stop sign – ?
    If we say “stop Scorpio” will he?
    If we say “yield Scorpio” will he?
    All very confusing to an addled brain!!!

  49. Not concerned at all, just leaving them to keep digging their grave, it will eventually be so deep it will reach the burning heat core of the earth. The fortunate part is they digging fast and furious, wont take them much longer to get there.

  50. For some reason. I have been awarded two avatars. Nope, I won’t stop nor yield until we have removed the current morons from power. I am not digging a grave, but perhaps if I dig deep enough, I will arrive in that wonderous, organised country, Australia. It’s the ANC that’s digging a grave, not me.

  51. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Ah – clarity at last – Scorpio is ONE and will neither stop nor yield.
    Unfortunately so many of our drivers treat a stop sign as a yield (if they do) and I find that every time I come to a yield sign I have to stop.
    They say that such is life – but please don’t call it living!
    I must admit, though that the “stop” Scorpio looks more ‘tongue-in-cheek’ whilst the “yield” Scorpio has a cheeky tongue.

  52. a-maize-ingly-corny: A person after my own heart. I write endless articles to the press about drivers ignoring both stop and yield signs. My middle finger is overworked. Uh, not that I type with my middle finger only, it’s from the use of my favourite guesture at stop streets when I have right of way. Have you noticed that the majority of these no-stop-no-yield jockeys drive black expensive German cars with tinted windows? Personally, I have always adhered to traffic signs with the exception of the odd Bacchus occasion which I feel most guilty about. Set an example for other drivers (not the Bacchus part, though).

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