job creation photo caption cartoon

job creation photo caption

Job Creation Secrets – Photo Caption Challenge!

Following last week’s article presenting an alternative take on empowerment and calling for greater socio-economic innovation, Wonkie thought it fitting that this month’s photo caption challenge tries to solicit some brilliant ideas from readers.

What job creation secrets is the little bird sharing?

The most creative entry in this week’s challenge will be awarded one of the funky new 2012 Wonkie CartOOns T-Shirt. Wonkie looks forward to receiving many innovative ideas, hopefully some of which can be forwarded on to President Zuma to support his ambitious job creation drive.

As usual, Wonkie kindly requests that if you’re going to submit multiple entries, then please submit them all as a single comment instead of many individual comments – thanks.

Have fun and enjoy the weekend! This photo caption challenge closes on 31 March 2012 when the best entry will be published and the t-shirt awarded.


ps: The next Wonkie will be on COSATU, the labour law and its impact on job creation. Bonus points if your caption entry touches on that!

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Veels Geluk!


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You can find older photo caption challenges at Wonkie’s photo caption challenge archive pages.



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  1. grantham snyman says

    Pollution is not the secret to job creation

  2. Penny Eisenbarth says

    Pssst…..(whisper, whisper, whisper…!!!) Make believe that you believe this…!!!!

  3. Chris beech says

    Will you take your pekker out of my eye

  4. COLLITJIES says

    Job creation would be simple if all those unemployed matriculants really wanted to better themselves through hard work. However this is not the case with 95% of those unemployed. All they want is cushy jobs being paid good salaries and are not prepared to give anything back in return. To all these youngsters I say “catch a wake up” and employers will start looking for.

  5. be careful of bogus employment firms that will demand money upfront to secure you a job. Youngsters cant be that vulnerable and desperate, stop being naive and catch a wake up, nobody needs to pay to get employment.

  6. You said what!!

  7. The horns of a dilemma

  8. How am I going to get through your hard head? You have to clean your ears!

  9. Moegamat Shareef Blankenberg says

    You have better chance washing the Minister’s car, than playing for the national rugby team!

  10. Even Nature and in this case an Impala created a job for the Red Billed Ox Pecker. Nature is WONDERFUL and man is to stupid to read and follow the example.

  11. Is stealing also a job?

  12. Stealing is a job and is Taxable as it is considered an Income which must be declared as Financial income to the Taxman.

  13. It is time for the Proteas to choke again or we might be in danger of dissapearing from the Rugby jerseys!

  14. Shaun Folkard says

    If you ever go into politics, run helter skelter and spread your manure… it will bring out all tenderpreneurs, media people and mamparas with nothing better to do for their hands

  15. Oh deer…

    Don’t let me interrupt you!

  16. Passing the buck is not as easy as I thought !

  17. You tell them that you are multi-racial and the law says you must get any job you like, they will believe you – I promise.

  18. Eish, You’re supposed to whisper in my ear, not drum it into my head.

  19. Anti all Drugs says

    With A Wink of An Eye I got rid of that Lion.

  20. Psst! Look for the biggest Ox – they have the fattest ticks!

  21. Stop trying to hammer youth subsidies into my head Madam Zille, I am trying to think what hogwash I can dish up next time I address the country about job creations.

  22. B H Sprake says

    At least it is not a shower head

  23. So you are an Ox Pecker? What make you think I have no balls for a job?

  24. Just walk in the street and pick up the papers you and your friends threw here last night, and the Municipality will pay you big bucks. Its called job creation.

  25. No work – no pay – no food – steal!!

  26. pietpompies says

    Only for pals

  27. P I Thwala says

    sent me your document via email

  28. kuda vengai says

    oh crap when i signed up for the clean up campain, i never thought, it menat clening up somebody’s dirty corrupt head

  29. Spiritwolf says

    Hey Bokkie, for 5 Dolla i give you a Head start…

  30. Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb…

  31. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I’ve got a job for you. Percussion section of our band. Your head is so empty it makes a lovely loud sound when I peck on it.

  32. i am sure there was a brain in there before you joined government

  33. Are you trying to de-horn me????

  34. we will come with a plan soon

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