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Jessica Leandra dos Santos – Racist Tweets

Last weekend, between deliberating the longer-term impact of the austerity measures in Greece and pondering the correlation between fatalism and happiness, Wonkie wondered what it would take for a rather average looking model to make it big in South Africa. As though the universe were eavesdropping on Wonkie’s very thoughts, headline after headline immediately appeared to guide Wonkie on the path to Truth.

The headlines consisted of numerous oh-so-clever wordplays around Twitter being aflutter, racist model rants, burning in hell, etc. Basically, a rather average looking South African model by the name of Jessica Leandra dos Santos was unfortunately harrassed by some guy at a local supermarket. She in turn, politely decided to not to poke his eyes out with her car keys and instead bravely attempted to vent her frustration on Twitter. She inadvertently succeeded in creating even more frustration, and more publicity than she could ever have dreamed of.

“Just, well took on an arrogant and disrespectful k***** inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have.”

– Jessica’s offending, not-so-tweet tweet

Wonkie should mention that before all the Indians in South Africa get alarmed that she said koolie, she didn’t. She used the other ‘k‘ word: you know – the really, really bad one.

Needless to say, there were devastating consequences to her actions:

  1. A few followers ‘unfollowed’ her on Twitter (and she probably gained a few hundred more);
  2. Every organisation that had some association with her disowned her – this includes men’s magazine FHM, Quick Trim SA, and Little Eden home – which is, quite ironically, an organisation for the mentally disabled;
  3. Wonkie is still awaiting confirmation that the AWB has requested Jessica to be their poster girl for 2013;
  4. She received the customary rage tweets and social media backlash condemning her and her entire race to hell – after all, it’s par for the course in South Africa to retaliate with something at least as equally inappropriate otherwise what’s the point;
  5. Another rather average looking model, Tshidi Thamana – black, this time, jumped on the bandwagon and tried to get herself into the racist limelight. She succeeded by tweeting that she wished all whites had been killed;
  6. Politicians tried to capitalise on it, as they try to do on everything – although in this case, Wonkie speculates that DA national spokesman Mmusi Maimane was just grasping desperately at the opportunity to invite an FHM model back to his pad… to challenge her ‘racist views’, of course;
  7. Wonkie’s favourite was the reaction of opportunist, beg pardon, columnist Mabine Seabe who lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission against Miss Jessica. Wonkie is still awaiting confirmation of whether Mabine has also filed charges for Crimes against Humanity against her in Belgium.

Since the incident, Jessica has apologised and also indicated that she often refers to herself, and her family as monkeys too – it’s more like a term of playful endearment rather than a racist one. In a classic overkill response, Jessica also apologised for “bringing the nation to its knees” with her racist tweets.

“If anything, this needs to become a healing process and a process of uniting the nation back to where we were a week ago.”

– Jessica Leandra dos Santos, on healing the nation

On the note of much-needed healing, Wonkie advocates that the ANC government immediately employ Nazir Alli to head up the soon-to-be-created national Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Racist Remarks. Given that official unemployment has crept to over 25% this month, government may well need to fabricate more jobs soon.

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  1. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Seems to me that they are both (Jessica AND Tshid) twits – or should that be twats?

  2. These two girls have neither looks nor brains. Their comments are embarassingly mindless and puerile. Don’t give up the day job, ladies – you give real models a bad name.

  3. notaround says

    twits or twats on twitter ROFL………….good one

  4. That Itumeleng guy is a parasite that needs to be eradicated.. I am not defending Jessica but that’s not how Itumeleng should think about any human being.. Its utterly disgusting to know some people or men are thinking such thoughts.. these are two irresponsible kids. Doing stupid things. I respect what Mmusi did. However, this should have been done by somebody in the celebrity fraternity, as that is the industry they represent. But, alas, a politician had to intervene! @Magnum – don’t fire the oke just yet. Rehabilitation is still possible…

    I can understand if he say “Burn in hell” because that will happen to some people anyway, but the rape part is what scares most white South-Africans, causing them to react the way Jessica did out of fear and anger… not condoning what she either of them did. Cant wait for the day that we all can just get over this and move forward, for the sake of our kids. I don’t know if that is wishful thinking, like wishing our government will stop corruption and start looking after its people?

  5. COLLITJIES says

    I really can’t see what all the fuss is about as she must have been provoked into say things like that in her defence, obvioiudsly this guy was extremely rude to her and gets away with it as usual. Us whites are called all sorts of obscene names at all times, I think then that we should stirring the pot as well and see their responses!!

  6. She apologised for a moment of stupidity…let it go!

  7. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Wonkie – Is Mabine Seabe a blonde ???
    Surely only blondes might believe that the International Courts of Justice are in Belgium and not in The Hague, which we brunet(te)s know is in the Netherlands even if some of us insist on calling it Holland.

  8. James Marshall says

    Dear people this racist thing will never go away – get over it and face up to reality. A darkie is a darkie and a whitey is a whitey. Cow dung has never and will never smell like roses.

  9. Wish all you like peanut brain. Whites keep this country from spiralling into the sewer, and are here to stay

  10. What a load of old bollox. One K-word and everybody shudders but our government will defend the right to sing kill the boer in the highest court while white farmers are being massacred wholesale.

  11. Emanuelita Rastelli-Webb says

    Jessica shold not have apologised. She was provoked and insulted, therefore entitled to defend herself. Black South africans are always looking for ways to “score” on the whites or Indians. Stop trying, you’ll never succeed. We have centuries of knowledge behind us. Let’s stop this hypocritical political correctness which is to SA blacks’ advantage only, as they are the ones that do the insulting and when one replies in kind they make an issue of it. The black people in the rest of Africa very seldom indulge in this kind of behaviour as they well know that whites, with all their faults, create jobs and infrustructures. A black gentleman from Lesotho, whom I met at the Roma University in Maseru, once said to me …” In general today’s SA Black men and women are spoiled and ignorant because of choice and not because of apartheid. To hide their inefficiency they hide behind the race card at every occasion. This is because they have not suffered enough, that’s why they elect useless leaders”….and as far as Thshidi Thamana is concerned she is looking for cheap publicity. My dear Thshidi if the whites and indians left South Africa, most of your nation would go back to the forest, setting outside their huts, talking, fornicating and scratching their balls. You must be the laziest and most incompetent race on earth. By the way a couple of years ago, when I worked in a black company, I politely asked a black subordinate to re-do a letter addressed to a member of Parliament that she had badly typed. She replied..You f…ng white bitch, who do you think you are, if you are not happy do it yourself…When I replied that I would report her to our Human Resources Dept. She replied….Do it, I have friends at Luthuli House (JHB). I duly reported her and all I got from our Human resoucers Dept. was….” Come on Emanuelita…forget it…I am sure she did not mean it in a bad way (sic). Anyway yo are the senior so forget it and have a good laugh..” Can any of you imagine what would have happened if I had called her that?” I would have been fired!!! So my dear Wonkie members let us all laugh at our so called black friends. I don’t even waste my time replying to them when they talk to me. I just laugh in their faces. The old respected ANC Leaders must turn in their graves to see how corrupt and debauched their “cadres” have become. Love to you all. SA will survive these idiots.

  12. GatvolinSA says

    The sad truth is that the more frequently people of colour play the race card in South Africa, the more racists are born. I remember being approached by a black man in a public park when I was on a school outing at the age of 16. He proposed marriage to me and when I politely said no I was immediately harangued with verbal abuse and called a racist. I had never seen the man before in my entire life and was terrified that he would follow me to my hostel and try to hurt me. Today I have to use public transport and at least once a month a taxi driver will propose or proposition me to have his babies. If I say no (which is always going to be the answer because I am a married woman) then I am a racist. It gets frustrating but I refrain from using foul language to these arrogant and bad mannered males because frankly it is NEVER justifiable to use racial slurs in today’s political climate! There are far more constructive ways of resolving issues with another human being. Resorting to racial slurs and name calling is simply lowering yourself to their level and making yourself look childish and churlish. We are better than that people.

  13. Jay Naidoo says

    One cannot change what one felt sincerely in the heart with an apology. If this is not the case then one would not have used the “K*** word no matter how frustrated one is.

  14. Oh my!! why didn’t I see this conversation??! anyway…@GatvolinSA, what you said there “… refrain from using foul language to these arrogant and bad mannered males because frankly it is NEVER justifiable to use racial slurs in today’s political climate! There are far more constructive ways of resolving issues with another human being. Resorting to racial slurs and name calling is simply lowering yourself to their level and making yourself look childish and churlish. We are better than that people.” is key! I wish we had more people like you hey!

  15. James Marshall says

    All this politically correct crap is just that ; crap – A spade is a spade is a spade it can never be a rose. ’nuff said

  16. James the “politically correct crap” as you put it is actually what we call diplomacy. It is a tool used to avoid causing unnecessary strife while still resolving a potential conflict. It is also used to discuss sensitive issues which would otherwise devolve into bloodbaths. You would not like to live in a world where every person spoke the whole truth and nothing but the truth while always calling a spade a spade. I guarantee if such a reality were to come about you would be at the front of the line of offended people petitioning to have it changed. Nobody likes to be offended and if political correctness and diplomacy keep those around me from becoming offended enough to pull out a weapon and make their displeasure known, then I am all for it and you should be too.

    Avu thank you very much for the compliment 🙂

  17. James Marshall says

    GatvolinSA, diplomacy is for the civil not the barbaric baby raping farm murdering animals of this world.

  18. GatvolinSA says

    James Marshall who decides who is a “barbaric baby raping farm murdering animal”? You? Surely that is the domain of the courts and those found guilty will be put away while those not found guilty will be free to live their lives exactly as you and I do? If they are locked away then you are unlikely to ever meet them and therefore diplomacy will not be necessary. If they have been found not guilty then you may indeed meet them and should you call them “barbaric baby raping farm murdering animals” to their faces then you may find yourself facing a judge and having to explain your inflammatory remarks. Alternatively you may wake up on the other side of the veil having been murdered by a killer who got off on a technicality. Personally I find it difficult to tell who the “barbaric baby raping farm murdering animals” are just by looking at people and I have a vested interest in staying alive so diplomacy is the best way to go for me and indeed for the majority of those living in South Africa. As for civility lets not even go there. Civil is a relative term with a fluid base and means different things to different people. Subsequently nobody gets to decide what is or is not civil for somebody else because all of us come from different backgrounds and different cultures. What is civilised behaviour to me might be highly offensive to you. For one example, in my culture it is civilised to pass an item to another at table using my left hand but were I to do that while sitting at an Indian table it would be a grave insult as that is the hand reserved for cleaning oneself after performing bodily functions. Civil is relative and therefore diplomacy is required to ensure that we all can live alongside each other without wars breaking out every three paces.

  19. Well done Jessica. We all feel the same way about these baboons. I tell them every day what they are, so they know that we know they baboons.


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