zuma nkandla upgrade cartoon

zuma nkandla upgrade

Zuma’s Nkandla Upgrade – Dodgy, or not?

The excitement after breaking some social media records on Wonkie with the popular 2012 US Elections cartoon has finally subsided. This week, the comedy that is South African politics continues with more garbage being exposed about the Zuma Nkandla house.

In a nutshell, this is yet another scandal involving beloved South African president Jacob Zuma. Without delving too much into the detail, the gripe is basically around the alleged (illegal) use of state funds for personal benefit. The amount in question varies between R10 Million and R260 Million and the only things more contradictory and confusing than the ample (largely rumour-based) media reports, are the official ANC statements about it.

The latest in the saga entails a wild goose chase trying to discover whether Zuma has a bond on the Nkandla property or not (as he stated he did in parliament). Wonkie estimates that as much productive time was lost in South Africa through those reading the valueless Nkandla drivel as was lost in the mining strikes earlier this year. In the end, Zuma was confirmed to have taken out a bond of R900,000 through FNB (with a little help from his friends) in 2001. Given that the work done on the property is an order of magnitude higher than the bond amount, Wonkie wonders about the real value of all that investigation.

Unofficial spokesman and Mac Maharaj devotee, Poi Moloi, stated earlier today: “Figuratively speaking President Zuma has a bond with his Nkandla residence but spiritually speaking Mr Zuma is trying to remain detached. Mr Zuma has been trying very hard to achieve enlightenment and these false allegations of corruption are really hurting his feelings. It must stop immediately.”

For Wonkie, the more relevant question is whether the likes of residents of Lenasia, a suburb south of Johannesburg, whose (illegal) homes have been recently demolished by the council are smart enough to see the folly of voting for someone who is squandering millions on his own pad with funds that might have been used to help them. What do you think?

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Leave YOUR COMMENT here on Jacob Zuma, the Nkandla project and corruption in South Africa.
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Leave YOUR COMMENT here on Jacob Zuma, the Nkandla project and corruption in South Africa.

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  1. I think the country’s resources must be atleast reach by the poor,I dont have problem that the President is building his homestead,but the amount use is too much, hundred million should have adress the unemployment,purchasing of ARV’s,housing problem and better the situation of South African citizens at large.

  2. We must all have a sign on our forehead (that we can obviously not see) which reads:”We the people, are gullible fools. Please go ahead and treat us as you will. Steal from us and lie to us. We don’t mind because we love you and everything you do beloved Leader Zuma”.

  3. Zuma and his cabinet must leave now, they have enriched themselves while the country is suffering with serious issues like unemployment and etc. What difference dd Zuma bring in his 5yrs reign? Nothing

  4. mondli zuma says

    its irritating that we not getting facts in this Zuma issue, however he has explained the story but it seems as if people have some other info about it. i suggest that Zuma Himself take serious steps towards this matter so as to clear his name. its a pity that most people have this perception of corruption about him, yet he is still wanted person to lead the country in the next coming elections. but all in all, me as a citizen of this country , feel very sad about this, because i do not understand whether the DA and its pupies, Mosia Lekota, are sure of this or they just assuming. Zuma must now stand up and speak and if proven not guilt on this, than he must take steps against those who have black mailed him.

  5. Rev John Mokoena says

    If these alligations are found to be true that the President is using tax payers’money to build his own house in Nkandla, then this would actually be a disgraceful thing ever the President could do. Secondly, that should amount to criminal offence. We can’t afford as South Africans to allow these anomalies to take place in the name of the poor. This contributes well to the feeling of many people that those who are in Leadership Positions in this country do not actually care for the poor but it is all about how full their pockets are. And if this is the case, then we will have to concur with those who say “Our Country is directionless and lacks human capital”.

    • not true but peope are aware that aomebody is benefitting from Zuma’s victimization efforts by those who hate him their own agendas. South Africans are aware of animal farm tactics. Zuma is our leader we are sick and tired about this allegations.

      • a-maize-ingly-corny says

        “… animal farm tactics. Zuma is our leader …” If I remember Animal Farm (it is, after all, a few decades since I read it), the leaders were PIGS. Is Chepha saying that shower-head is a pig? Is this now ANC policy? Pigs in the Union Building?
        No wonder South Africa is turning into a sty!!!

  6. every single person voting for Zuma are either an idiot or in cahoots with him.

    • we vote for our future, idiotes are those who think one day the country will return into the hands of colonialists,Bantu Stans etc. Wa are gradually moving to bettter lives not in your own way where being white was a opportunity. long live JZ

  7. The ANC is CORRUPT and is screwing there own people. Look at all the Extreme Poverty and mud Huts that surrounds the Nkandla Compound built from public Money, therefore the Compound can be invaded by the Public as it is there Property in the First place.

  8. Amazing when 60 substantial houses burn down to the ground at St Francis Bay the insurance loss is put at R200 to R300 million. JZ spends that amount on ONE House?

  9. The war against Zuma often come at this time when ANC leadership is preparing for elections. ZUMA desetves all the benefits that are prepared for the position. I do not think this is a good way to compairn for ZUMA

  10. The moment people realise that Zuma is victimised they will elect him.I would do the same leave Zuma alone people, give him second chance and see wonders. If one would expect opposition to ululate for ANC president, it would be expecting miracle. The more ANC go to Mangaung confused the more advantage for Lekota and the rest.

  11. It becomes so confusing when the media seem to hold a view that sounds less than true. In my opinion the media was supposed to find out the bpresence of bond on that development, maybe Zuma was supposed to be interviewed before rushing to print

  12. Leadership is easy so is accountability if you are honest. When you clean why play hide and seek instead of been transparent before even questioned. Nobody ever stood against Hitler whilst it was apparent that he is an absolute dictator, he had a way compelling people to follow, honour and throne him. If you clean you dont wait for people to distabilize the country before you act. Parliarment twice (2010 & 2012) passed motion of no confidence in his governance. His office tenure is incomparable. It is the survival of the fittest and not a liberation struggle anymore.

  13. BOOM!!! The truth is out there and it’s finally coming to the fore. Such fun to watch our Prez and his cronies tap dance around this one.

  14. Every moment in South Africa young politicians get recognition by speculating corruption about high profile politicians let alone ‘Mochini o moholo’ President Zuma. even if its imaginary a politition gets publicity even if it can be for front page or TV news. I think freedom of expression right is abused at the expense of other of our leaders reputation. ANC should look at this closely.

  15. please ANC look closely to the allegations people behind this are most of them the same people who gained recognition through ‘mochini’ before we went Polokoane, they will never rest until they have received their pay. ZUMA for second term is the best decision SA citizen could make.

  16. The spin doctor(Mac Maharaj) has usaully a lot to say, his silence is deafening

  17. zuma must think that we are all complete idiots,he must be brought to book for his actions.

    • Brought to book by legal means, I think people take South African Judiciary cheap. In South Africa no one is above Law including JZ. Its not like we entertain corruption but if people have enough facts-not allegations- let them go to court and help us to erase untrustworthy leaders, with this continuing micky mouse tactics against JC, we are not going to tolerate especially this time. Campaign with other means not this Zuma Zuma Allegacy.

  18. Oooh, I see, when an FNB home loan official reportedly said in an internal e-mail: “I’m convinced that the appropriate authorities will help us bend the rules slightly.” He was refering to our Dear Mac, he is still bending the rules alright!

  19. Fokie, your question ‘What difference did Zuma bring in his 5yrs reign?’ Your reply of ‘Nothing’ is entirely incorrect.
    He brought roars of laughter, guffaws and sniggers from thousands of people, radio stations, newspapers and governments around the world. He also brought a stunned silence from from many who could not comprehend that in 18 years the ANC has turned the country from Hero to Zero.

  20. When an FNB home loan official reportedly said in an internal e-mail: “I’m convinced that the appropriate authorities will help us bend the rules slightly.” I am convinced he was refering to our Dear Mac. He is still bending the rules alright!

  21. Our Hero, the world’s most praised leader, Nelson Mandela lives in a modest mansion, and is a humble man. Zuma, accused of fraud, rape, dishonesty, rotten leadership, surrounds himself with a multi million rand luxuary homestead, certainly not paid for out of his own pocket. Who the hell does he think he is?

  22. Sooner or later, all will be revealed. It is such a pity that the full investigation was not allowed to take it’s course. The plot thickens to the detriment of the credibility of our parliment and all who sit on those benches of power. They appear to be so tainted with dishonesty and duplicity. How can we as taxpayers ever have confidence in leaders who play the game of smoke and mirrors with us, whilst feeding us half truths and unsubstantiated information? How can we give these people such power to abuse our taxes and throw our limited resources into such ridiculous schemes, which eventually all enrich themselves in some way or another. A home for the president which is actually not even built on his own land, but that of another potentate? There is no logic in this, no standards or ethics. I strongly support a MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE IN OUR GOVERNMENT. They are unable to govern wisely, prudently or ethically

  23. Chepha, it is not speculation any more that Zuma is corrupt. As Piedpyper observes, even Mac Maharaj is at a loss for words to put a good spin on this overt criminality.
    Zuma’s compound has set the country back by about R245million and we are now told that he has a R900 000 bond. How far will that go when the public works spokesman admitted that Zuma would be responsible for about 5% of the upgrade meaning he needs to get another bond for about R4 000 000?
    You as well as millions of jobless, destitute black people will continue to vote the ANC back into power and idolise Zuma without considering for an instance that the country is being milked dry and the BETTER LIFE FOR ALL is now a long forgotten dream.
    The reason for our abominable education system is so that an uneducated youth will never have the intelligence to think for themselves and eventually consign this bunch of criminals to the scrapheap of history

  24. We are tired of the corruption in SA from the national down to the municipality. What confuse us more in SA is the our president uses a lot of millions to his homes (complex) whereby our brothers, sister, fathers, mothers and others they are sleeping without food due to problem of no work, Zuma instead of taking that million and create jobs for people so that they can work he build a complex for his family im tired of corruption in SA.

  25. “…caught up in circles – confusion is nothing new”…Cyndi Lauper

  26. Ha!! The Rev. John Mokoena seems to believe that JZ could be innocent…. Read an ANC MP’s book (“After the Party” by A Feinstein and get wise… We have been ripped off by JZ, Mbeki, the ANC and the whole top structure for more than 10 years (a FULL DECADE) and we still believe JZ could be innocent??? Sorry Rev, you are the ultimate of naivety… And, mondli zuma, you are not naive, you are far FAR worse…. read Ant Duke’s comments and get wise…….

  27. Victor. Mondli zuma, Mac Maharaj and all the other JZ sycophants. Zuma stated before Parliament that he had a bond on his house. FNB must have bent their rules significantly for him because he does not own the land. (it is tribal trust land) and more significantly whatever you may say about him having a bond, why cant he just show us the paperwork. The only assumption we can make is that he is a bare faced liar along with Mac, those who believe him are those same idiots who vote for this crook .

  28. It is becoming more apparent to me that we have entered a new apartheid. No longer is the distinction of old between black and white but it is one based on wealth, employment and education. You are no longer needed if you do not contribute and our leadership is not going to help upgrade the poor, the jobless or those who fail matric (and a lot who pass) as their upliftment as with the old regime would mean less for them. Unfortunately their is no vociferous international opposition yet. The deliberately uneducated population still believe this corrupt ANC is there for their liberation it is actually doing the exact opposite.

  29. You sometymz media and DA bring our president down, any Our 2 former presidents have they era retirement homes and they are both above 150 M so y must Zuma b charge, sometymz get your facts straight before you respond to this allegations

  30. Ivory Mandla says

    They are officially called African National Criminals, at this rate of deterioration ANC will eat it self to extinction. They have become a dream of all criminals. A new generation of voters is rising, a generation that does not vote out of fear of apartheid, but of corruption and non-delivery.

  31. Zuma alone cannot decide to use the government funds for his own benefit unless there is a regulation guiding cabinet or men and women around zuma.What opposition is doing technically ralling around Zuma to destroy ANC reputation. Ufortunately one person one ballot paper. Why did this people think of building or upgrading Zuma’s Nkandla house. on what bases could anybody tell me?maybe I am on the wrong lane

  32. I am challenging the legitimacy of the whole process if its Zumas initiative or part of the president benefits which if deserved should be given.Whether zuma”s house is built or not hunger in SA won’t stop or change.

  33. Please leave z

  34. Tony, your comment deserves a second posting
    “””Fokie, your question ‘What difference did Zuma bring in his 5yrs reign?’ Your reply of ‘Nothing’ is entirely incorrect.
    He brought roars of laughter, guffaws and sniggers from thousands of people, radio stations, newspapers and governments around the world. He also brought a stunned silence from from many who could not comprehend that in 18 years the ANC has turned the country from Hero to Zero.”””

  35. Mafia, the allegations are simple, has Zuma got a bond or not if he has one why doesn’t he show it. Has he got something to hide (like he has no bond). The other allegation is do the tapes really exonerate him, if so lets see them if not charge him.
    Chepha, we have freedom of speech in this country do you want this most basic of our rights to be thrown out to protect this thief. It is not the media or the DA or anyone else who has caused this it is the endemic corruption of the ANC (should that be epidemic corruption).

  36. At the end your right beginnes mine for how long shall we permit Zumas dignity dregged along langa and soweto streets, it is enough. come up with something to make us understand with little knowledge we have we will elect Zuma and you will keep on feeding us all this dubious allegations.The question is why now? we had enough of our father.

  37. gives us proof not allegations

  38. What’s it like on the planet Zog, Mafia and Chepha? You sure don’t live on this planet.

  39. What’s it like on the planet Zog, Mafia and Chepha? You sure can’t live on this planet.

  40. Come Mangaun, please vote Zuma back in for another term. Those in the know say, another President will see the ANC survive the 2018 elections. with Zuma in charge, the ANC will be OUT in 2014.

  41. Experience is best teacher the saying goes, we spent many months chasing innocent Zuma we eventual realised the conspiracy behind through the courts of law we are not prepared to go entertain that route again if people think we are so naive. In January people shall be silent. we should stop destroying Zuma even where he is innocent. Is he entitled to this prevelage or not somebody tell me pls. what amount is not important.Zuma dead or alive we shall continue to have poor and the reach. If he needs vehicle he will get one for R2 or M2million

  42. This is Zuma’s last term of office. He must enjoy the full benefits marry another wife in the new year to increase his pension. His time is over!!! The corrupt anc have proven they cannot govern. Any liberation movement becoming a ruling party automatically flouts any opposition. Once the coalition breaks up the anc will not have power as a party any longer the people have lost faith in them they are deluding themselves that they will govern another 40 years, if they continue with this corruption they will not last long but inner power struggles will eventually wipe them out.

  43. Please be realistic. What do you think R900,000 can do to help the homeless in South Africa?

  44. themba langa says

    are these the consequences of the forthcoming mangaung conference, why bring out the dirty linen on this hour.

  45. The worst government this country ever had. Worse than the Dutch, the English and the Nationalists; unbelievable but true! Come, let us all be honest and say it, it is the truth.

  46. North Korea and Zimbabwe aside, what other govt in the WORLD treats its citizens with such contempt…? Blatantly steal, lie and carry on regardless…?

  47. A disgusting thief. That is what South Africa has as its president. A corrupt individual who is proving to be worse than his mentor Gaddafi. Who also had COMPLEX/COMPOUMD’HOMESTEAD with underground tunnels, own hospital, hellipad , guard houses and houses for his wives. All paid for by the taxpayers.

  48. Even if Zuma wins in Mangaung the vote is with us the voters,we deny this moron a second term by simply voting UDM or PAC or AZAPO.TThis morons think that we are stupid like them,please people of South Africa the ball is in your hands,tyhink wisely lets get rid of all Malema like we did with Malema……….Let them rot in hell

  49. The trouble with this land is blind personality following. We do not understand the electoral mandate. We simply vote ANC because we are black not because we agree or understand their manifesto or because of what we want them to do. Zimbabwe is down on its knees through the same fear and ignorance. Zuma has not (if allegations true) done anything out of character. He was a tainted horse but because he was black and ANC he was chosen to President despite his scandals. How was he expected to be magically transformed into a saint? There is no point howling about corruption it is the electorate that corrupts the polls by failing to use the ballot properly. I mean vote a thief into government and he will steal! Vote a thug into parliament he will follow his trade from parliament. South Africans pleease wake up!

  50. Sammie, it was the following of noisy personalities that promised what they could not deliver that elected Hitler, Mugabe, Mussolini and Zuma. Unless there is a chance that the electorate wakes up before it is too late we are all headed down the same road.

  51. That Reddy is definitely benefiting in some way or the other. If he was feeling so charitable he would have donated money to the poor and needy not the croocked and corrupt. Maybe sars should start investigating him and determine whether he put the bribes to Zuma through his company books as a tax deductible expense! What confuses me most is how can FNB or any other financial institution give you a bond on land that is owned by another individual. Can someone in the know please enlighten me on this one. I am curious to know!!!

  52. Correction, typo error! Please note that there is a question mark after individual and one!!

  53. I haven’t received a proof that Zuma went off his way as a president to deliberately abuse her position as president or rader the office responsible with an intention to buy PRS Zuma’s favours. Please lets avoide to finish our artificial ammunition to destroy Zuma’s reputation. To the poor mind if a lie comes from the radio and Television is automatically transformed to mean truth,truth especially if it could be said over a year or two. Media know this quiete well. Please leave Zuma alone.If you have evidence go to court. Otherwise shut up. We love you Zuma, this one too will pass like many. Naki ke moahloli.

  54. I’m not gonna shut up Chepha. Zuma has no morale fibre. The proof is in the man himself.

  55. Ant Duke

    Intellectuals understand democracy different from many of us perspective. They do not know that leaders are born and natured by the society.But education is just added advantage guys how many Drs. have failed disamally in their countries compared to bo no standard. Votes alone decide the political leaders not hard earned certificates. Most of them are cowards.we are not fools at least we can vote and respect us for our votes. next its your chance to vote for better leader we go for ZUMA.

  56. In many campaigns people join only few who have voted regardless of the name of party. That is what they are good at. In 2018 poor people will still be there but Zuma shall have left the leadership of ANC and SA with dignity

  57. ANC IS not ignorant like many people think 100 years is enough for people to know that we know the tips and tactics of the elite groups. Zuma did this and that, but they cannot show us tangible proof. one can come to one conclusion.This 2012 political manipulation at the expense ZUMAs reputation.

  58. Leaders can come from anywhere and in any shape or colour. No problem. But you are ignoring that Zuma is a criminal. Give us another LEADER. Who does just that. Bored with arguing so enjoy your ignorance. They say it’s bliss.

  59. C H E P A pairing ‘Zuma’ with ‘dignity’ ha! ha!.
    You poor, ignorant, blind follower of a corrupt government and a donkey for a president. The ANC holds power only because of its numbers, not its strengths and good governance. The black man thinks with his balls and not his brains, hence the over population, the homelessness, the joblessness and the poverty

    • Number dictate who will take power,rule,govern and anything you can think but not succession of academic qualification we are not interested to that we want service delivery in our own right. Leave our leaders alone. I don’t think SAPS is so stupid to ignore all the garbage read in the media daily, could you please try another tactic other pumping this lot of nonsence to poor communities. This generation is politically aware and very intellegent to distinguish between enemy lies and abuse of power

  60. Exactly guys and dolls. The African tribal mind only thinks in a tunnel. 100 years of ignorance does not make for good governance bathung! political development ethics and moral rectitude and a clean track record is what is at issue here. It is not the person but the principles of the party that matter. We all respect Zuma as a man and he deserves a comfortable house, as a leader he has a duty to be transparent and beyond reproach. No leader has a right to be corrupt. Any wrongs the party commit rub off on him and anything he does impacts on the party. The country is not an ANC / Zuma farm it belongs to the Nation. Ignorance will take us down the tubes.

  61. JZ says he has a bond, yet he will not show it. The deeds office has no record of a bond, the only conclusion we can draw is that he does not have a bond and is therefore lying to South Africa. Need more proof Chepha
    JZ’s case was dropped by the NPA yet when asked for the reasons they are not givenn, when asked for the tapes he says no. When the courts order that his lawyer hand over the tapes he disobeys a court order. This is proof that he is avoiding something. Need more proof.
    In any other democracy when a President or any other politician has sexual intercourse with someone who is not his wife, when a lady is not his wife (despite having 4) has a child. the moral authority that a politician should have is no longer there. That politician resigns. Not JZ he is not only screwing around he is screwing the country.
    Now before you tell us again and again what a wonderful guy he is, tell us how he has resolved anything in SA. Has he resolved unemployment, has he resolved the mining and agricultural crises, has he in fact done anything.
    You poor, ignorant, blind follower of a corrupt lying president. The ANC holds power only because of the numbers of people it keeps in ignorance, not its strengths and good governance. The uneducated black man does not think (like you), hence the over population, the homelessness, the joblessness and the poverty

  62. Amen Garth, the stupidity runneth forth some other fool is baying for an insult law instead of addressing the issues of Hunger,HIV and Lenasia to name a few. Palaces are being built for corrupt personages and the man in the street gets his hard earned investment bulldozed! Call this a government of the people by the people or a bunch of tough thugs cruelly bullying the poor and right on the heels of Marikana!!. It is not a white man who ordered Lenasia’s mindless demolitions ( before the anti white idiots start on me).

  63. Zuma existence of his loan and some deatils around it, were confirmed not today, but in the original indictmenment against his former financial adviser(schaik). regarding the oresident private life I would not comment and I also recommend everybody to do the same. If we have not had anything about your private live its not because its perfect whether cleaner or primeminister. Pls leave ZUMA alone or give us tangible proof and be prepared to admit you maybe wrong. Give us a leader who is perfect to your standards and I assure u will have turn your hair gry to get one.

  64. Chepha the more you talk the more you expose your ignorance. A public figure does not have the luxury of a private life. He/she is supposed to to be a role model, be ACCOUNTABLE to the electorate and what you are saying is that being president gives someone license to be popularly promiscuous and get involved in shady deals. And if by proof you mean you personally have to see all the documents and should have been in the room when the sex was had etc etc you will be the grey one. As an aside are you visually and aurally impaired or do you live in a hole away from reality or something?

  65. What surprise me the most of our nation is not Mr Zuma’s blatant disregard of the horrible conditions his people (especially the black people) live in, but the fact that those same people can acutely condone his behaviour and will most definitely vote for him again in the next election. The only place where we can really hurt the Zuma administration and the ANC is at the poling booth, but will we use our hard won right to tell government that we are not impressed with the way we are treated? NO!!! We will vote them in again, so that they can continue to steal from us, the taxpayer, until there is nothing left and we became a second Zimbabwe. R250 million can build a lot of houses, provide education to our children, better hospitals, etc, but we allow the government to keep the people ignorant and illiterate. The apartheid government was accused of keep the black people illiterate so that the minority can rule. This government wants to keep the people illiterate so that they keep on voting for the ANC, to make it possible for the ANC to steal the nation blind.

  66. Chepha,
    you say ”In 2018 poor people will still be there but Zuma shall have left the leadership of ANC and SA with dignity.”
    Zuma’s ‘dignity’ is his inability to consider that he is capable of doing wrong. When he admitted to extra-marital sex with a woman with HIV he felt that because he had showered there was no more stigma. When he produced a child as a result of extra-marital sex with another woman he could not understand why there was an outcry. In any civilised country the politician resigns when he is proven guilty of such behaviour but Zuma felt it enhanced his stature as a man. By normal standards Zuma forfeited his “dignity” even before he became president.
    Zuma represents a political party that promises ‘a better life for all (as long as they are not white)’ but ignores the fact that the poor are now poorer under an ANC dispensation. He is quite happy to let the Department of Public Works pay R245 million for upgrades to Nkandla while hundreds starve, have no houses, no education, no jobs, no access to decent health care or protection from criminals.
    We read daily in our newspapers how officials siphon off millions of rands of our tax contributions but nothing is done to stem the corruption because the culprits are protected since they will help ensure his re-election so that he and they can continue to loot the State coffers.
    On Wednesday you stated ”I think freedom of expression right is abused at the expense of other of our leaders reputation.” His reputation as a womaniser? An adulterer? A man with hundreds of corruption charges against him waiting to be considered by a court? A Nero copycat? Please let us mere mortals know.

  67. I see the DA’s Federal Congress is being broadcast live on SABC 2 TV and SAFM radio tomorrow from 10:30 to 12:00. Good for them for opening it to the public. There won’t be any shootings or other mayhem when an opposing candidate gets elected so will probably not get good viewership, but that is what we expect from a civilised electorate.

  68. Tony
    Amen mate! The one biggest mistake the ANC made was to make the country ungovernable without knowing how to make governable again. ANC people think violence is the way to go after the encouragement they got and the songs they are still fighting to sing.

  69. Until such time people realize that numbers count in democracy more than anything else. if knowledge of theories like good governance,policies, economy were of significance like many elites proclaim whites could be ruling this country because they command a lot of pull him downs ,degrees by any name. with us we are concerned of what we eat increasing number of schools,gradually we are getting there amist uninformed opposition, If you do not by into Zuma’s vision choose another leader with us Zuma remain shining star. He is still within ANC mandate

  70. its to always read of corruption everyday of African Leaders. Lets be positive. Expose the good things they do as well. be balanced.

  71. My point is clear and simple- expenditure of such a huge amount has to be aggreed by the cabinet and he entire administration. we can only deal we allegations. My question is very simple who initiate upgrading of Zuma house/s. Is this one of his benefits as a president. If one is able to feed wife and children I think there is nothing wrong when a man marries 1- 10 wives

  72. Chepha,
    Good governance, policies, and the economy are of major significance in any country.
    The ANC is determined to destroy agriculture (as has happened in Zimbabwe) because many whites have dedicated their lives to good farming in order to provide for the nation. Burning them produces only acrid smoke.
    The ANC has closed more schools than it has built. Our matric pass rate has only improved because they lowered the standards for a pass and our mathematics and science knowledge is considered to be the lowest in the word
    Only the Western Cape has built and improved schools, roads, jobs and services even while under pressure from the ANC to make the province ungovernable.
    If you don’t open you eyes, by the time you will wake up it will be too late and your children will inherit a wasteland.

  73. Sorry, word should have read world

  74. @ Cepha – how can a herdboy afford one wife never mind four? The taxpayers, you and me are paying for this nincompoops lifestyle, he is so arrogant, he thinks he is going to get away with it. I pray that the voting masses will see the light, before our beloved country is totally finished. Look at Zimbabwe which used to be the richest country in Africa and tell me you cannot see the comparison ???

  75. Its a pity that those who denied us good education want us to act like elites over night. If Zuma is making use of our “ignorance” let it be. You allowed little group to enjoy all the benefits and you are reaping the fruites of ignorance. Zuma is our leader polygamy is African culture let alone Zulu’s.If capable to support Zuma, marry.

  76. Precisely wilsb its amazing how fellow Africans see their leaders through negative eye yet they are the once who put them there on the other hand there are many developments that emanate from this governments that we should appreciate and support other than blaming everything. We end up appearing to be resistent.

  77. wilsb, can you please tell me what are the good things that Zuma has done for South Africa’

    Chepha there is no point in asking you because you have not to date told us one good thing that our corrupt president has done. As for a law that prevents us insulting our President, we have not by any means of law insulted him, all we have done is tell the truth and ask him to do the same.

    Chepha I am not going to argue with you because you must never argue with a drunk, a drug addict or a fool.

  78. @ Garth – Amen. ………. fools or sheep following their leader, to certain destruction, unless someone stops them. How?

  79. Chepha,
    We did not deny you a good education. That was the National Party who were despised throughout the world.
    Now it is the ANC that provides an even worse education than Bantu education and permits ill-educated teachers from SADTU to strike, attend ANC meetings during school hours or just to chill out in the staff common room when they should be teaching.
    Why else do black parents try their utmost to send their children to former model C schools where their children are assured of a superior education under mostly white teachers who view teaching as a profession and not just a job ?

  80. If there is an issue of corruption or legality where the president is concerned then he must face the court and let the court decide his guilt or innocence.

    Having said that, however, it is a well known fact that the president has squandered tax-payers’ money to pay his legal fees in fighting to not have his day in court and defend himself against hundreds of charges of corruption even before he was president. If you and I paid for his legal team so he could avoid facing his accusors then what on earth makes us think he will deal openly and honestly with us now? His track record speaks for itself in my opinion.

    So far he has dodged facing charges braught against him, he has insulted most people in this country who are not of his specific tribe, he has made us pay for his many weddings, many wives, many children and many grandchildren, he has made us pay for his security and his transport, he has failed utterly to deliver on any of his previous campaign promises, he has failed to maintain the infrastructure of the country or the economy and now he is refusing to let us know the truth both by refusing to answer legitimate questions and by imposing strict and draconian laws on our media to prevent them reporting the truth to the people.

    It is time that the people took back our power from the corrupt thieves who now hold our lives to ransom!

  81. He is so so shrewed, and is actually a very scared person, think his conscience is busy getting to him , and hiding in a bunker wont help, probably having serious nightmares as well. One just can not have inner peace being so deceitful, actually pity him, would not be surprised if the same happens to him that happened to Dingaan, they birds of the same feather in fact this one is worse. his facial expressions tells it all.

  82. No Intelligence to have that fear, Only that Induna Mentality that forces respect from his Tribe.

  83. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Chepha. Having read every one of your comments above, I can state, quite categorically, that your written English is not only politically biased but is also extremely poorly constructed. Your use of punctuation marks, or the lack of them, leaves people with the wrong interpretation of your comment.
    As an example take the following which you wrote at about 2 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon –
    “Please leave z”
    Clearly the lack of punctuation makes this comment meaningless. Allow me to assist you and punctuate the sentence properly:

    Please leave, z!

  84. Fully agree all evidence (and there are many) should be presented to the Supreme Court, as it is a criminal offence, if he is found guilty then the Constitutional court can dismiss him as president. It all depends on the judges, and a group of judges elected by the opposition parties, should handle the case.

  85. Peace, welcome back. Where have you been?

  86. Chepha, all that I see that the ANC se has done, is to increase the crime rate, increase unemployment, fail to deliver textbooks, defeat the ends of justice and increase corruption. Maybe you with your incredible insight and knowledge could tell us about a few more. Oh I forget the tearing down of houses in Lenasia and the failure of our esteemed leader to obey court orders.

  87. Hi Garth, been very busy, lost 2 pc’s that were hacked, long story, lost all email addresses, kindly me send yours again will appreciate it.

    Education is so so neglected purposely as the chief said, the youth are getting to clever, so we take it that is the reason why they sabotage education, afraid that eyes may open and notice all the looting.

  88. Folks, someone said never argue with a fool….. If, and I fear so, the electorate is so blind and naive as this guy Chepha alas South Africa the beloved land!! Harping about Apartheid not educating blacks is a dumb statement. At the end of the day the individual will seek out a better education like he seeks warmth in winter. Why do South Africans want to blame someone for what they do not have? Its out there, stand up and go get it, we must work for things we want; they will not be Given for free!!

  89. It looks like Mzu have come back in the form of Chepha. Trying to reason and explain things to people like Chepha, is like reasoning to a brain dead zombie. It’s never gonna work. Logic and reasoning is beyond him. Anyway, welcome back Peace!!

  90. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Piedpyper.
    Sorry, but you can only be mistaken. Mzu was biased (extremely so) and utterly belligerent, but, at least, he (or she or it, depending on the mood of the moment) was capable of putting his view across in reasonably well written English (if not very good language). Chepha demonstrates none of the skills that Mzu had, which makes him (or her or it) an obvious candidate for blind faith in the “leadership” of the African National Clowns – an organisation that Mzu shunned with as much fervour as he shunned “whites”.

  91. Thanks corny, I stand corrected!

  92. Oh dear!!! The likes of Chepha has found the internet. Instead of educating themselves of what is really going on in the world, they use it as a mouthpiece to promote a corrupt thief for a second term. What can I say???!!!

  93. We the people should not allow tribal leaders as leaders of the whole country, this will always create serious problems as ethics and cultures differs far to much.

  94. Cheppa sound like a the right hand man whose primary role is to protect and safeguard his Chief irrespective of unfaithfullness, dishonesty and mendacity. as for me sorry I dont debate with such people simply because they are stereotyped and indoctrinated.

    Guys remember I said ealier that this the survival of the fittest era and clearly one can see whose among that crew.
    I am not a DA member but everytime listening to its leader (Madam) she is not talking opinions and feeling but rather factual which makes it difficult to dispute. I listened her Congress speech and interview at Sunday Live with Vuyo.
    The same as Juju, listen to his content and defocus on his character. There is a lot of sense in his speeches.
    What is it that JZ will do that he did not do while in office and what is it that he has accomplished during his tenure.

  95. Heard the saying..throwing pearls to the swine?…..Talk about throwing wisdom and truth to the racist, ignorant ANC baboons (supporters) who follow blindly, no matter the outcome. The DA conference this weekend ‘told it like it is’ and the intelligent, honest black person will take note.

  96. When will we stop using the word Black or White in our text/messages/debate. We are a rainbow nation. Mr Mandela advocated reconcilliation instead of revenge against oppressors and there are still people whose black/white lingo is running in their blood ateries. Pity and shame on you all those racist creatures. You not building instead you destroying. I am worried about your children. “die apel val nie ver van die boom nie”

  97. Hi Msandas, you sound like a font of sanity in this mad world of blind pyscophants. It is so disheartening to encounter such people. I was losing faith in the South African psyche.

  98. You are so right Msanda it would be nice not to refer to black or white, but people like Mzu and his cousin Chepha cannot stop hammering at those whites who are an ever decreasing minority and an ever increasing taxpayers. Maybe its not a bad idea to stop thinking Zuma is God and tell us what he has done for us during his presidency.

  99. OK maize I apologise that was not good english for all those who get pedantic about it.

  100. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Garth – in my book, the contrite spirit is always forgiven.

    Forgiven does not always mean forgotten – vide TRC !!! – but, in your case, it does.

  101. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    By the way ( or btw for all you Mixit and other form of ‘texting’ type people) I am not a true pedant. However, I get a little ‘pissed off’ when people MANGLE my mother-tongue. This is probably why I don’t often write in any other – my knowledge of them is just sufficient to embarrass me.

  102. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    To the one who says “We love you Zuma” (Chepha – Nov 22nd @ 2:55 pm) and anyone else interested:
    Whenever there is a “bash” in KZN, Zuma sports himself about in his leopard skins and Induna’s head-band, carrying the “traditional weapons” (as opposed to his favoured “mshini-wam’), and professing himself to be a traditionalist.
    If he is speaking the truth, why is it that the Nkandla Residence (it’s way too massive for Wonkie to call it a ‘house’) is not a kraal or boma with various grass and reed huts (a large one for himself, of course, as the head of the household [domestic OR national] and lesser ones for the rest of his family), surrounded by a thorn wall instead of electrified and razor-wired fencing, equipped with pit latrines instead of “all mod cons” etc., etc., etc.?
    In light of this, this whole fiasco paints a picture of a completely two-faced individual, and, going by the looks of the one that we have seen, the other must be QUITE DREADFUL.
    A word of wisdom to the ANC from their friends, the Chinese, who have a cautionary old saying: “be careful what you wish for – you may just get it!”

  103. Msandas, you so right. The other disheartening thing is generalization. We should stop painting every body black or white with the same brush when one stupid black or white person has done something wrong. And this is a norm in our daily newspapers like Sowetan, The Times and News24. The sooner we stop this the better.

  104. clearly there is no one who can identify JZ accomplishments, let me rather ask what is his political philosophy like his predecessors Tata Mandela with Reconcilliation, Pres. T.Mbeki (intellectual, economist and strategist said JZ) African Renaissance etc

  105. I empathize with Tata as a man of virtue and true politics, When it comes to Thabo and his intellectualist Aids denialism and as an Mugabe acolyte I have my doubts. Zuma is in a league of his own.The spiral is spinning down on the ANC.

  106. One can still love people, even ones enemies, but that does not mean one agrees with their acts. Should Moeletsi Mbeki get into politics he would make a clean sweep in votes, he is objective, unbiased, and a total realist. His mother I believe is the one that does not want him to get involved in politics, by the way she is not a member of the anc, indeed a very wise woman and that at the age of 94

  107. PEACE, you are quite right. Thabo’s brother Moeletsi Mbeki is a true patriot and an exceedingly astute political analyst. He certainly would not be conned into celebrating the ANC. His ”Only a matter of time before the bomb explodes” opinion piece proves his credentials but the ANC ignores all who predict their demise.
    People like Chepha think that whites dismiss all black opinion whereas we value and praise those that can see the horrors that the ANC is determined to subject SA’s citizens to.
    Anybody that watched the TV screening or radio interviews at the DA’d federal congress will know that there are many extremely capable black people who are determined to bring about the multiracial, prosperous, peaceful nation that we anticipated in 1994

  108. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Peace and Tony. Adding to what you say, his frequent appearances on international fora and current affairs programmes, including his very astute comments and commentary on the current situation in South Africa where the impoverished people are becoming even more impoverished and the (newly) wealthy are getting wealthier by the day; his words on the BBC World debate: “Why Poverty?”, he really needs a very much wider, non-partisan audience within South Africa.

  109. Peace, Corny and Tony, I would also like to add to your views. Mamphela Ramphela, the struggle activist and intellectual, has all we need to run our country successfully. I would love to see her joining one of the opposition parties to add her great leadership qualities and foresight to help bring about change for all the poor people of SA left behind by self-enrichment ideals of the current ANC who, only 20yrs ago, fought to liberate SA from apartheid regime. Ramphela, that we need your voice is a given, but the fact that SA needs the action of people like you is even more desperately apparent today.

  110. Tony we also happen to know a few personally who have been approached by the DA after the completion of their studies, both we know are extremely intelligent, hard working , high moral, dedicated and self disciplined . They certainly would not fit in with the anc, Mmusi we have known for a long time even when he was still at school, and lived in the West Rand close to Ruimsig, he walks his talk, have been a very dedicated student as well, so one do have trust in his capabilities as well as his honesty and fairness. The other one is in the Freestate , not much in the media said about him , but the same characteristics as Mmusi. He was well known by my late sister in law, who gave him extra mural classes in English for a few years. Just forgotten his name now.
    There are many well educated high moral , people that would be excellent in top senior positions, but we also happen to know that on account of them not supporting the anc some of them have been severely victimized, one actually left one of our local universities on account of victimization and is now completing his studies in the US.l

  111. Much has been said, fought and argued over the funding of the R250m
    Nkandla Compound, and rightly so. But what’s received little
    attention is the funding of the freeway set to run through Nkandla
    following the development of the president’s luxury compound.
    This freeway is set to cost R1.5bn, so this is no small chunk of change,
    It seems that investigators have uncovered what appears to be a case of corruption on an arms deal scale.

  112. Good people. Unless thinking South Africans can find ways of having the lillegally withdrawn hundreds of fraud and corruption charges against Zuma reinstated, we have another seven years of this disgraceful thieving tyrant as the state president. Where are the non political leaders hiding in South Africa? The politicians are useless and greedy for votes and therefore are not going to do much.

  113. I apreciate peoples openoions and their views regarding comrade Zuma. However we can continued destroy our leaders to appease Phd holders who know nothing except their political theories which they have never proofed besides in their thesis. We are going to Mangaung to democratically elect JZ not impose or technically remove leadership abusing legal system. Constituion support us and we will follow it. you watch when Mochin leads SA for the second term. Reinstating charges will just satisfy low self vesteemed politicians and a waste of peoples money. That is history to be entertained by ignorant. Let us build this country together. We do not want another Mandela in Jail to satisfy allegations.

  114. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    OMG – the GALL of it – daring to compare shower-head with the living legend and thinking that politically mature people could/would accept it!!!
    Chepha -get real and grow up – although soot and diamonds have the same chemical composition only a fool would chose soot in place of a diamond. Just so with your “Mochin” and the world’s hero.

  115. Chepha, your logic is so disturbed as to classify your blind support of the thief as moronic, which puts you in the same place as all the other supporters who are kept deliberately uneducated by this Government so they can go on winning elections based on gross ignorance. Wakey wakey lad, stop showing us how ignorant you are.

  116. Sorry, I meant thieves

  117. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    And don’t forget that soot dirties everything with which it comes into contact. Just like shower-head.
    Diamonds, on the other hand, will always sparkle.

  118. We know many of the so called Mandela fans were protectors of policies of the old regime. We know clearly that by then you called him terrorist.The same would apply to Zuma when you realise that he is old, you start calling him all sorts of names as if we dit not know. In 1960 we knwew that Madiba was capable to to lead us, people like you told us this theories, Mandela is dangerous,communist etc. Afte 27 years you want us to sing as if we knew yesterday. Leave Zuma alone we do not want to wait 27 years.If you believe in the concorted charges repeat them until fools believe you are right not us under any cercumstance. Long live JZ long live. I agree there are problems in the ANC governemnt but not the way people want to put them on JZ as if any party followed by two people with degrees could do anything better sorry. We shall solve those problems together under leadership JZ

  119. The only answer that will will satisfy ZUMA’s critics is seeing Zuma out.That is dream they won’t see because I have capacity to differentiate fact from fiction

  120. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I believe that the time has come to allow our political infant to dribble his drivel onto his bib and nappy without bothering anymore to try to “potty-train” him.

  121. having followed this thread can only agree, you cannot change Chepha and you are wasting your time reading his drivel and stupidity …………..

  122. OK, Chepha, you are so wise as to tell fact from fiction.
    Fact, nobody not even you can tell one good thing that JZ has achieved.
    Fact, he wants the old apartheid secrecy bill passed, so he can shut up his critics.
    Fact, he is denying the release of court orderd tapes, Why?
    Fact, he is getting the taxpayer to pay for upgrades to his Nkandla compound.
    Fact, he, according to the courts was ivolved with Shabby Sheikh.
    Fact. E-tolls, Marikana,
    Hideous Fact, he hired Mac.

    Yes some of us got degrees, these are the same people who pay those taxes and provide service they are not deployees who not providing service. We have strange society where the group of people the taxpayers are most maligned by those who do not pay tax.

  123. thiefs go to jail, please people should put together all their evidence and show the courts it is only then we can entertain our right to criticise Zuma.I have one conclusion people critisising JZ have no rliable evidence to be proven. show me your leader within ANC who is perfect to be made a leader who can be supported and voted to by all South Africans

  124. @ Chepha ………………mmmmmmmmmmhhh, that last sentence ,was that a question ? …………..mmmmmmmmmhhm………… no one !!! That is why we must not vote ANC this year !!! Anyone but AnC. They are all corrupt and thieves, looking only to me , me , me …………. look around you and see your people suffering. Whose fault is that? ANC corrupt useless officials , police and ministers.

  125. Ahem! Notaround you hit it on the head. This fool thinks democracy is choosing a thief into power. Where is this democracy in stalled Limpopo etc whose Phd is holding that one up? Leave the fool to drivel, he only wants to say the last stupid remark to feel great.

  126. If asked to indicate what zuma has done for this country the list is endless, new schools,upgraded and new rural roads roads, RDP houses, which I am sure u have never seen or had of.Social welfare programes in their variaty if I may select the few. Please guys leave Zuma alone and his family. W

  127. Zuma and his nkandla homestead are within the law, with my little knowledge this is done for him only because he is president of South Africa not King of Lesotho,Zambia of any other country this has been said on several occaisions. repeating lie for hundred days does not make it true. Vincent has been telling you you want to turn the blind eye to facts and just shout thief,corrupt any many othe normal terms known by the technocrates and elites. We know only one man who must rule today not 27 years down the line.

  128. Just in case you dont know Chepha, how many presidential homes to a president need?? he has two huge big ones already Nkandla is the third one; This one is totally his own private enterprise and does not qualify for state funds.

  129. JZ is uniques leader I have never seen, Peace tell me how many houses should a president with ten wives have, please here I have little knowledge. explain moraly and legally. Tell me which deserve littl or more protection.Take your time

  130. I am not trying to be nasty Chepha just stating facts, a president is entitled to only one presidential home, and only one wife qualifies as legitimate wife. Customs laws only applies to certain tribes, does not cover the whole country as all are not from the same tribe. His tribes should finance his extra personal tribal home out of their own pockets and not from state funds. Many have not voted for him neither finds him suitable as president. Hope this helps you, maybe there is someone on this forum that could explain it better.

  131. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Can you believe it ?
    130 comments on this topic – of which 20% (1 in 5) come from one “author” who doesn’t know his political arse from his other unmentionables.
    With the drivel and complete political naivete expressed in this massive outpouring of ***** (insert suitable epithet in place of *****) it is obvious that politically speaking he is what we used to call (in the days before PC) “educationally sub-normal” – otherwise an “ineducable idiot”
    I cannot understand any sane and self-respecting contributor stooping to answer the said *****.

  132. @ a-maize-ingly-corny ……….. *chuckle*….. we got nothing better to do? I personally suspect this little so called Cepha is one of our old friends, Mzu ? that we boycotted once before……….. just a shit stirrer. Unfortunately as history shows, the masses are too scared to do anything but vote for said king , oh lord help us.

  133. Guys I am signing off its no use answering or reading or wasting time on a braying donkey a braying donkey

  134. Amazing, Corny has you all conned. He is really Chepha. That is because nobody could be as stupid as Chepha.
    I agree with Sammie there is no point in arguing with afool or a donkey like Chepha, he is an ignoramus’

    Wonkie its about time you cancelled this thread.

  135. corny is a man?? nope is a woman , think logic ! is Chepha? no Garth, think you lost it, he is Mzu come back to haunt us lol

  136. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    “Wonkie its about time you cancelled this thread.”
    Oh, no, Garth! Not until you apologise for:
    a) even THINKING that I could – even under a creative pseudonym derived from the Latin word cephalicus – manage to mangle both spelling and grammar (not to mention punctuation) to such an incredible extent withou causing a humungous headache
    b) DARING to mention my pseudonym with that of a moronic politically inept (possibly a paid-up member of the current ineptocracy now driving the citizens of this great country “round the bend”) ineducable idiot and then actually thinking we could, somehow, be equated !!!!!!!!!!!!
    HORRORS !!!!!!!!
    I am devastated by your callous disregard for my human feelings (btw don’t worry about Chepha’s human feelings – he hasn’t got any – only instincts – and they are screwed up anyway)

    I really look forward to seeing you grovel before me, Garth. I may even be so condescending as to accept your apology – but only if it seems ridiculously sincere!

  137. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ noyaround – WHO is “Mzu come back to haunt us” ?
    Moi – or that blithering ***** Chepha ?

    Be careful how you answer – you might, also, get a public rebuke!

  138. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Sorry notaround, the ‘t’ and the ‘y’ are too close together on the keyboard for my ancient eyes and my cave is a little dark today.

  139. @ corny, not you , silly, Chepha !! Though seems to me Garth is convinced, you one the same *smile*

  140. @ Corny, just read your reply to Garth, now I am lying on the floor, laughing

  141. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    btw, notaround, I have outdoor plumbing, just like Garth, presumably, has. Not that I have had the dubious “privilege” of inspecting it.

  142. Personally I have found on most blogs, including this one, the same comments, from the same group of political people,
    seems like they all copy and paste from their own selective groups, as the comments never ever carry any real substance worthy of a debate.

  143. I appreciate your effort to educate the South African community and evaluation of my personality which I think your analysis is ‘wrong’. we come from different background and it is not surprising that our view shall immemnsely. Let me give free adult education. you can not change peope but they will adapt your views. you should deviate from mocking and insults as way of changing behavours, your only creat resistense. Stop giving wrong impression to SA community about their leaders as if you anything better to show. I f your continue to defame comrade JZ I will not keep quiete and I am you away that allegations are bad whether to my leader or anybody. If you have enough evidence go to the court period. JZ is not and Angel and I did not expect him to be either.

  144. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Garth – just look at the last – whatever – above and you have PROOF that you MALIGNED ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. some years back Goebels thought the people are idiots by thinking that the lies can be turne into truth may in the 1930’s that was possible not today 2012 forget. whether you think we benefit from your allegations about our leader, that won’t make think you have reliable facts especially if you can’t give the police or courts the requite information. To me idiots often shout with little knowledge and ask for support from other idiots and lough. Identify a leader educate its followers and win elections but I assure you that JZ is our leader who sicrifised his life for the better of me and you.

  146. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    To all true believers:
    “JZ is our leader who sicrifised his life for the better of me and you.”
    True – when you understand that JZ is JeZus

  147. out of here, let you guys carry on playing ……………am outnumbered , outdoor plumbing and all …………this is just plain too silly. Bye bye

  148. notaraound,Garth, amaize iingly.I pity you because really I do not think thousands of the the intellectuals in DA and cope could be so stupid to have not identifiet irregularity within JZ government and passed the motion in the parliament. Benefits are benefits whether one is Mosotho,Mochangana,molungu or what as long as that is done withi framework of the law. You tell me your opinions and your interest. I am sorry your explanation whould by supported by SA law or constitution not desires or misguided informationj. You will see me agreeing with you without hesitation. froud is bad regardles or tribe or education. Go and vote ZUMA and stop frightening people about baseless ‘facts’

  149. If opinions,views,believes about polices differ dictators threaten,abuse the media and even kidnap people that is not in this country, if identified people a send to court and get charged. the truth is proof to me. Jesus did enjoy life on this earth buth millions are claiming to be his followers for how long shall torment,insult our leaders and praise them when they are old and dead. 2000 years that was intellegent mentality not today, we want our leaders today not tomorrow.

  150. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Apropos of nothing much but, perhaps, slightly touching on the current topic, a report was published yesterday ranking the different countries of the world on their levels of corruption.
    Afghanistan and North Korea were two of the countries sharing the last place, being the most corrupt.
    The least corrupt country in Africa is named as Botswana and the world’s least corrupt country is New Zealand.
    The survey also considered public perceptions of corruption and the four worst areas of perceived corruption in South Africa are:
    S A Police 88%
    Political Parties 78%
    Parliament 76%
    Public Officials and Civil Servants 72%
    – all other sectors of society were perceived to be less corrupt (or more honest) than these four.

    OK, Jacob Zuma is not IN the Police but he does appoint the National Commissioner. However he is a very visible member of a political party, of Parliament, and is the highest ranking Public Official in the country.

    Go Figure!

    Source: Transparency International. URL = http://www.transparency.org

  151. It is important to note that in every leadership there is a black sheep. In this regard I think no leadership is immune, no matter what. If you want remedial efforts to help ANC on the reported corruption,unemployment, deterirating infrastructure etc is to blame the entire ANC Leadership and its philosophy if you understand it. You only go wrong if you think putting JZ aside would bring change, closing your eyes on his achievements and looking at the popularised allegations won’t help you but promote ZUMA.

  152. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I think there must be a large number of “black sheep” in the ANC – all bleating at their black goat leader and his running (sheep) dogs.

  153. dan have better understanding, I agree with the person choose the party he/she thinks can provide a better leader. Our constitution provides us with that opportunity. vote PAC,COPE etc. we will shine with ‘mochine’. we have clear procedures of correcting the mistakes of our elected leadership only when there is clear evidence.Go and ask Malema.wonkie Chepha not Cepha is not a threat to anybody but I am Mature enough to see the opportunistic political advice from genuine politically objective opinion. IF people want to vote PAC let them do so.That should not be done by mistifying JZ through unfounded allegations.when kick out evidence, people want them back it does not make sense to to court if everybod is Judge.

  154. A senior spokes person of the ANC told the M & G that their lower rank leaders are more like a herd doing as they told to do. Do they think of their supporters as being cattle ??

  155. Wow! Chepha I almost wrote you off. You are needling the community! Yes we have the constitutional right to vote for who we like but what irks me is that the people have not been exposed to widespread understanding of the meaning and the importance of the Constitution.They are kept in ignorance and the politicos manipulate this ignorance to advantage. They get bamboozled by songs sic! and rhetoric and greedy manipulation while being impoverished even more. They are indeed using the sheep mentality psyche against their own people sies!. If the people of South Africa want change and a better life they have to stand up and get it and understand their constitutional rights. So long Chaps!

  156. NGOS must start positive community awareness campaigns,I mean positive intended education not manipulative tactical strategies like you are employing.Go back to college and gain insight on the voters attitude towards democracy. You would understand why we behave the way we do. Leadership come from the community and they more or less share similar sentiments. Guys if you have anything important for use come to us, talk with us share in our problems otherwisw you are either idiots or we are not middle ground. People know their leaders like you are familiar with yours.

  157. Lets be realistic guys you keep on mentioning people South Africa want this,need that where do they hid during elections to reflect their interests. My suggestion Join ANC and bring your immense democratic experience or even DA,Holomisa camp or COPE. If you know your problem you are the better person to solve or identify the right person to solve the challenge.

  158. Chepha, It is time to take issue with you and tell you what an ignoramus you are. Firstly you need to understand that in most democracies when a black sheep is merely accused of something like corruption or rape he/she usually gets thrown out, not because they are guilty or even innocent but because they throw the whole party into embarrassment and disrepute.
    You seem to think that JZ shines as a leader to quote you “we have clear procedures of correcting the mistakes of our elected leadership only when there is clear evidence” Well the clear evidence exists in the KPMG report on the mishandling of finances by JZ . The audit, prepared by the accountancy firm KPMG, would have formed a central plank of the case against JZ if he had stood trial for 16 counts of alleged corruption, fraud, tax evasion and racketeering. But the ANC manipulated that the case be dropped. Where are the clear procedures of the ANC against miscreants and corruption.
    You accuse Cope IFP, DA of manipulating events, but all they and we ask for is that ALL corruption is prosecuted that all offenders face punishment according to the act. To avoid such prosecution is unconstitutional and unethical.
    The report goes on to say that generally, the financial position of Zuma deteriorated over timeadding that his own “lifestyle” and the demands of his “immediate family and other individuals” meant that “Zuma’s cash requirements by far exceeded his ability to fund such requirements from his salary”.
    The report “paints the most detailed and distressing picture available of a kept politician, not just unable, but unwilling to live within his means, dependent on an array of benefactors to fund his lifestyle and willing to grant some of them favours in return,”
    Peace states that a “senior spokes person of the ANC told the M & G that their lower rank leaders are more like a herd doing as they told to do. Do they think of their supporters as being cattle” .
    They are taking advantage of an uneducated population by treating them all like cattle or voting fodder.
    Furthermore, wise guy, you keep asking for the evidence against JZ. Well any amount is in the KPMG report,. Now what do you say about that and what are they going to do about this corrupt lawbreaker .
    Final point is you say that JZ will shine well tell me what has happened to the country while he has been president. His chief of Police went to jail, service delivery protests have expanded and Marikana happened. Was that all caused by bad leadership. Because there are no examples of god leadership around.. It is said that a fish stinks from the head now that stink is spreading.
    I also want to take issue with your arguments about the correspondents to Wonkie, who you claim know little or nothing. To speak for myself my degree (that you consider worthless) is made up of various modules of which one is African Politics and also I took another course in labour law. I practiced as an advisor to several advocates in the labour court and also fought cases in the CCMA for 20 years. Do not assume that I or many of the other correspondents know nothing. However your semi literate and sycophantic rantings indicate that it is you who know nothing.

  159. Garth and Sammie remember stupid as I am, I know that for 8 years JZ was subjected to cruel trial by different people including media and the courts of law, I wonder what you could have dove it would have been your brother. I very Much agree with NPA’S decision because it is based on professional judgement,rue of law and prosecitorial indepence. According N.Jima ‘There are instences where there is prime facie case but you can’t prosecute’ also ‘NPA does not withdraw charges against people without reason’
    From your comment I suggest you withdraw the following’ ANC MANIPULATED THE CASE TO BE DROPPED’ and uneducated population. Please qualify the comments and give one verdict best known to you that you trust judges to have been fair. Do you trust SA courts yes or no. Any evidence outside is worthless until tested in court if I may give free adult education.It would be stupid and naive to go about it along the streets how good and factual it without the relevant test. whatever report,evidence that you had after the case was thrown outside window is good for news papers accounts.

  160. KPMG report is not anywhere different from news paper report you can get anywhere on the streets. Mangaung here we come, long live JZ long live. If they will ever be case we will see it then.

  161. Chepha nothing personal Monna everyone is entitled to their view. Yours are well known by now. The truth has a faithful habit of coming out in the end. For now we may all be at each other’s throats (verbally) but time will tell. When the truth is out there will be no need for all this hot air and it takes a man to say I was wrong when the truth is out, so long guys.

  162. CHEPHA enough already, the more comments you spew, the more misinformed and unconvincing you sound. There is no smoke without fire. Zuma has been in and out of court since 2002. The likes of SHABIR SHEIK, police chiefs SELEBI, CELE and other fraudsters under Zuma’s watch (who with Zuma’s corrupt ANC aid) all sitting pretty at home, when they should be rotting in jail! Mangaung….Let Motlante be voted in, we will suffer another few years of ANC terror and corrupt mismanagement. Let Zuma be voted in again, the ANC will be ditched come 2014

  163. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Let us all remember what Chepha said about himself and let us all indelibly print it our minds – I quote – ” stupid as I am ”
    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings …..

  164. If education is not an isue when we vote sir believe it or not. There are millions of educated blacks far better than you. Please go to Italy and see level of educaton people are educated and civilized yet they keep voting for Silvio Berlusconi who ‘brilliant” ‘advanced’ continue to vote for. In Democracy, we share in your vision and strategies. we vote for you.love me or hate me that is a fact you may learn to live with.

  165. 2 weeks now and we still busy here? Nothing resolved yet? Chepha, not converted? No? Next ??

  166. I have spent a long time in Italy, their trains, buses and planes run on time. Public transport is subsidised. Pensioners get free medicine and visit all public historic sites free. They have a comprehensive and free education system where most pupils actually sit and pass exams. Their road and rail infrastructure is superb. Their Police (about 5 differing forces) are smart, polite, helpful and not overweight slobs. We never encountered a single power failure. Violent crime even from the mafia is virtually non existent. We walked from Arezzo through the Umbrian countryside to Assisi and never feared that we would be mugged at every corner. Berlusconi may be a character from Opera Buffa but he gives them all that and more. What do we get from JZ.

  167. Notaround, nothing will get resolved with chepha, firstly he has the IQ of an amoeba and secondly you cannot argue with a drunk a drug addict or an idiot.

  168. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Garth, on behalf of all amoebae everywhere, I am insulted!!!

  169. DA leaders advocated a change of attitude or perception about their humanity in order to free their minds and to be become truly South Africans. from what to what I do not know but change of mind set is necessary if we are to build prosperous SA

    ‘whites should be ‘made to realize’ that they are not superior, academically or what, but human.Blacks on the otherhand should be made to realize they’re human not inferior or be made to believe that ‘whiteman is the medicine of black population’. ZIILE want people to free their minds “Only when people have freed their minds will they be able to change their own circumstances…. Human beings (blacks in that context) are not merely passive victims…they can choose to become agents of development and progress in the environment.”
    For whatever reason do not empower to replace old master with rude policies. to some extend ziile is gradualy gaining understanding who we are soon she will get there. amoeba or any insults that you think we deserve listen to Ziile, change your mind set come to the people dance with then understand why they behave the way they do. My point is clear opinions are good on the streets not in court. CYMS

  170. Sums it up nicely doesn’t it ?


    The folks who are getting free stuff, don’t like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.
    The folks who are paying for the free stuff want the free stuff to stop, and the folks who are getting the free stuff want even more free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting!
    Now… The people who are forcing the people to pay for the free stuff have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff, that the people who are PAYING for the free stuff, are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.
    So… The people who are GETTING the free stuff have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the free stuff by the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff, and giving them the free stuff in the first place.
    We have let the free stuff giving go on for so long that there are now more people getting free stuff than paying for the free stuff.
    Now understand this: all great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere between 200 and 250 years after being founded. The reason? The voters figured out they could vote themselves money from the treasury by electing people who promised to give them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them. Thomas Jefferson said it best: “Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not”.
    The number of people now getting free stuff outnumbers the people paying for the free stuff. We have one chance to change that at the next election will we?

    A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!

  171. @ Chepha – I am surprised at you being impressed with Zille’s dancing. I personally thought that was ridiculous. Personally I feel we should all be able to accept each other for what and who we are and make space for that person’s beliefs. Not embrace it or try to change what we are not, just to get the vote. That said, I refuse to pay for someone with more wives than he can afford, just because it is his culture. Any other ministers with more than one wife? Only Kings have several wives in African culture. Zuma is not a King. If not careful we could land up with another Mugabe scenario. Did you visit Zimbabwe before Mugabe? Have you been to Zimbabwe after Mugabe? Watch out what you wish for.

  172. Chepha, do not insult us loyal South Africans who do not embrace your idiotic politics

  173. Corny, I am so sorry that I insulted amoebas. What I was trying to get across was something lower than an earthworm.

  174. Notaround, i absolutely agree with your comments about who pays and who doesn’t pay for the free stuff.
    When you talk about the african custom of multiple wives, studies by anthropologists have found that multiple wives is generally not acceptable to African women but they have put up with it because they have to. It is a form of violence against women and should be stamped out.

  175. Notaround you have said it, but many still dont understand it. Cepha it is only a black mindset that regards whites superior to themselves. In fact we know we are not superior therefor have to work twice as hard as we dont have super brains. Discipline, hardwork and education are drilled into our minds from preschool age. Education costs a lot of money and we are taught not to waste it .

  176. @ Peace – well said ! I am so sick and tired of our brethen walking around with a huge big chip on their shoulder, still giving apartheid the blame.

    That said, why do all official forms still ask
    White, Black, Coloured, Indian, Asian, Other ???

    I put other on mine at home affairs the other day, the lady asked me, what do you mean other, you are white? I told her, no can’t you see, I am Greeen!

    The whole office erupted in laughter as I explained I was totally colour blind!

  177. That said, the moment mouth opens and words spew out, you know who is who

  178. But the moment mouth opens and words spew out, you know who is who

  179. Whoa! Guys the words are really flowing. We have heard about polygamy,corruption and greed. I stand to be corrected but monogamy is more often than not a painful legal millstone around a man’s neck. Zuma is wise to that. Anyway to business, now we hear the new police station for Enkandla is an old project? Where will ths end?

  180. Some of us are disgusted by the manner some behave, exposing their ill discipline and complete lack of self motivation,.
    Considering I was schooled in a homelands school with only std 8 in Limpopo. Started work in 1989 at Checkers as a cleaner. Due to my education level I did not qualify to enter at a College for a 3 year Diploma or University for a post graduate course. However I was allowed to enter short term certificate courses at Damelin in 1994 of wich I did 7 over a period of 4 years. Later got a certificate in marketing and sales, became a sales rep for a medical supply co. Having got divorced in 1992 with a small baby, I sacrificed much to ensure that he gets the best possible education. Subsequently has just completed his 2nd year at varsity in the US and passed with flying colors. No excuse for anybody, if you discipline and motivate yourself you find a way to have a good sustainable life , not that easy but it can be done. To many are obsessed with politics and politicians, and will never ever reach a level of success. I must admit that there were rather a few very special (white) friends in my life that helped and encouraged me tremendously.

  181. In today’s paper (the Mercury) its headline is that The REV asks Trevor Manuel why is he still in the ANC, he goes on to criticise the behaviour of the current regime saying that it is like the old apartheid regime. (Something I have said for a long time) He also wants to know who were the crazies who authorized R200million. In this time and place where resources and finances are stretched such expenditure is criminal.

  182. IMPI, I applaud your perseverance it cannot have been easy and I congratulate your son and his achievement, I just hope 2 things, firstly that he will be using his education where its needed, in South Africa and secondly your efforts will be an example to others as to what can be achieved’

    Notaround. I too am aghast that they still ask racial questions on official forms (I think it has something to do with EE). There is a sense that if you are not black you are not South African. I had to fill in a form with similar questions, I put other and wrote in South African, Why? because that’s what I am, my various ancestors include the one who stood on the beach to welcome Van Riebeck ashore and another one who was a slave in the Western Cape.

  183. To IMPI and Garth. Impi thats the way to go I wish people borrow a leaf from your book. Garth thanks for supporting me on the community education part. Most of our people were brought up to think against and blame all our ills on white people rather than an abusive political system. Unfortunately what we see now is a reversal a sad one too when people suddenly think that all and sundry who did not come from a Location/Homeland is a Foreigner. In 1994 we all became South African we sadly have to contend with Xenophopbic and racist ethnic people. And Garth you nailed it on the flippin head about the juxtaposition.

  184. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    The comments about the racial questions on various forms takes me back to 1971 when I was travelling to Zambia. At the Rhodesian (1971 remember – post-UDI and pre-Mugabe) border post I had to complete an immigration form. When it came to the race question there were five choices offered: White; Black; Coloured: Asian; Other (Specify).
    I ticked “Other” and specified “Human”
    The Immigration Officer gave me a dirty look, said “Oh! Another one of THOSE” and changed my answer to one he liked better.
    Moral: the more things change, the more they stay the same!

  185. @ Impi – Well done and thank you for sharing with us. it truly warms my heart when I read stories like yours.

    Wish my lazy son would get off the couch and stop whingeing and whining about reverse apartheid and no opportunities and go out there and DO something !

  186. @ Garth and Corny – even though I was not born in this country, I am South African, through and trough and will fight to the end for our Rainbow Nation. The dream I came with in 1975 was fulfilled in 1994 and now I am so spitting angry at the stupidity of the government I could scream. That will not help, so I have taken out my old soap box from the storage room and is back on it and like you will not keep quiet unless all our people regardless of colour, language, race, sex or creed shall be equal and have the same opportunities. Have water, electricity and a decent shelter or house and the government stop selling us out to China and the East block at the expense of our people and our elected officials work for the country, not for self enrichment.

    Gosh, getting too old for this……………… *sigh*………..going to loose all my friends ……………. yet again……..LOL

  187. @ corny, I can just so see that officials face. I nearly got deported in 1976 and again in deep trouble in 1982 *chuckle*

  188. The sad part is that we are currently get as much info as possible from Zambia. They are currently investing in their people, long term strategy, but geared for success. To return to SA under current conditions will just not happen, as we are known as coconuts. So we shall take our coconuts and go grow them in Zambia in peace with the Zambians . The only country in Africa currently where there are no adverse media reports, Malawi is following their example no with Joyce Banda..

  189. @ Impi – the whole world is laughing at us. I belong to an online world web blog and it is embarrassing what the perceptions of our beloved country is. Coconuts or banana republic ………….. we have lost most credibility with the world as our currency exchange rate so clearly shows, if only everyone knew how to work that one out.

  190. wonder if Zuma would follow her lead? Noooooooooo, doubt it…….

    “Malawi’s Joyce Banda takes 30 per cent salary cut
    Joyce Banda, the Malawian President, has slashed her salary by 30 per cent to share in the “difficult times” suffered by her countrymen since she dramatically devalued the currency”

  191. ” The pay cut will see Mrs Banda’s salary drop from a reported £37,000 a year to £26,000, while her vice president will see a similar reduction”

    26000 British pounds sterling = 363919.4000 South African rand

    what is Zuma’s salary per month, never mind per year?????????

  192. Joyce Banda is interested in her countries welfare while Zuma is only concerned with his own and that the cadres.
    Many whites are thrilled that people like IMPI succeed. Unfortunately because of corruption change for the better has taken a back seat while our taxes pay the salaries of SADTU teachers who do their utmost to prevent the youth from receiving a good education.
    The government misuses our taxes and attempts to introduce new means, such as e-tolls, to steal more.
    Charities have to go to court to force the National Lotteries Board to assist them. The Teddybear Clinic were awarded only 25% of what they needed to stay afloat. Wealthy sporting bodies receive millions from the NLB and the National Youth Development Agency got over R400 million to throw a party.
    We rejoiced when the country was liberated from the National Party stranglehold and then lost hope when Mbeki sided with idiots and condemned millions of blacks to a slow death. Zuma has proved to be an unmitigated disaster in virtually every respect and it will take years or even decades to bring stability and hope to the country.

  193. I believe in creatvity because everyone is unique whether a leader or what. The problem I have with mentioned examples is the motive unlikely to be the overt but more than that. However it is a good practice if than under good intentions. I wish ANC successful conference and cooperative leadership under JZ. good strategies to fight corruption,fraudelent practices,more members, more employment programmes and many more. alleviate and uproot poverty

  194. Nominees came out of closet, shuu its tough and remember campaigning is public but voting is secrete. even during this era miracles do happened. JZ is favoured simply because he is compensatory to those on his side otherwise if you publicly criticize his administration starvation will knock at your door. He created useless depts. what Monitoring dept is doing, check women & children dept list goes on.
    Motlhanthe is very much principled, not a power monger and is loved dearly. Woza Sunday

  195. Msandas – we can only pray, we are doomed if they re-elect Zuma, then only way to go for our elections is for all other parties to stand together and form one party, the only way we could get rid of him, otherwise start packing your bags, as SA will be impossible to live in for anyone, regardless what colour or creed. Namibia is looking lovely at the moment, so is Botswana, we can always regroup and strategize how to get rid of him , we will be sitting with another dictator, Mugabe scenario. Just look at the smug, self satisfied, confident, arrogant look on the pigs face. Cry our beloved country , indeed.

  196. JZ has been around for some time he promised 500000 job, in fact nearly that amount has been lost. He keeps telling us that he will create more but he doesn’t say how. He tells us that he will beat corruption, nothing has happened to stop it, he has let Selebi out, he has let Shabby out. Sure they fired Cele and Selebi but there is lot he hasnt fired or been prosecuted. He is a corrupt offender himself, how is he going to stop corruption. Alleviate poverty, how by spending R200 mil on his home, how many poor would that feed. Now explain Chepha what has he done, if you expect things to change they will not. The definition of madness is doing something over again and expecting a different result. Maybe voting for the man with a machine gun is also madness.

  197. major reason for job losses is he sold us out to the Chinese. Factories here have closed, leaving people unemployed and cheap crap from China is flooding the market, then he opened up our borders leaving us with millions Zimbabwean, Nigerians and Kenyans and worse thousands of Chinese immigrants which quietly has settled all over the country, trading cheaply, working hard and putting our people out of business. BBEEE has also contributed to job losses, we used to employ 12 over 50 years of age blacks , none of whom would have been capable of upliftment to either management or part ownership. We did not replace them, as they retired; but shrunk the business and is doing it ourselves with help of our children. Screw the 100% black owned business, I trade with 100% white owned if I can . We can all play the silly game of make believe.

  198. JZ made it, I dont think Motlhante would want to serve in his administration. the 2 dont share same vision therefore would always be in logger heads. I am convince with the inclusion of Cyril Ramaphosa as a principled cdre with clean political profile.
    We are unfortunately part of SA and cannot disassociation ourselves. Lets be part through constructive debate, inputs, comments and discredit were necessary and submit remedial interventions

  199. Did the big party people think for one minute, while they were stuffing their faces with delicasies Saturday nite, about the hundreds of thousands of hungry black children starving out there for Christmas?? The people’s party my arse. Ho Hum “constructive debate” “comments” “remedial interventions” thats all we ever hear from the ANC party, year in and year out. We want to see real action, change and results. Who can deliver??

  200. of course they did not, they have proven again and again, they don’t care. Who takes the initiative for charities and puts money and time in again and again? The whites as per normal. Zuma and his cronies reckon “if they cannot afford bread, let them eat cake or starve”

  201. Asking the ANC to consider the poor, the jobless, victims of violence is like fucking for virginity

  202. chepha, have you read the M&G for Friday 14 December, I don’t think you need more proof of JZ’s corruption. Anyway he is not going to sue the M&G because he would lose. It also implicates his supporters and friends and points to Mac as a Major liar. Is that what we need from a Presidential spokesman.

  203. mochini is now goin to fight corruption in it totality, people are going to start complaining that he is victimising those who lost in Mangaung. Watch out the radical change that would soon be introduced by “Mochini o moholo” you know my plea for any allegation, proof it by presenting evidence to court. sometimes one does not have bother about mickymouse noises because they are meant to detroy “you” morally.

  204. Chepha, how many times has Zuma made promises and never kept them?
    Why were so many corrupt persons elected to the new NEC?
    What are the chances that Zuma will ever do anything good for South Africa? He will continue to reward criminals who repay him by ensuring his stay in power.
    Is mochini a new type of Italian coffee (maybe a small mocha)?
    Most of your posts on Wonkie leave readers wondering what you meant.
    If you have an educated friend you might consider explaining your reasoning to him/her so that (s)he can write it correctly before submitting it under your name even if he is sufficiently intelligent that he cannot agree with what you want to say.

  205. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    What do “mickymouse noises” have to do with morals?
    And how can a person be destroyed by morality? It is, surely, the LACK of morality that destroys a person – like so many in the political spotlight at the moment.
    Oh! sorry – I remember now – Kgalema Motlhante has been showing signs of a moral resurgence, which is why he contested the Presidency, and his morality “destroyed” him in the ANC.
    Remember the ANC’s slogan: “Working together we can do so much more …” Now we can all see that the missing bit at the end is “corruption”.

  206. Chepha, I am amazed at your naivete, Zuma has contributed to corruption and he has undermined the courts to keep evidence out. He is a fucking thief do you want more evidence. However I am beginning to think your logic is so twisted that you cannot be real. Now stop pulling our leg.

  207. Habari ya Kwanzaa,
    This is an ancient African tradition which was given a name in 1966 and has now evolved to be a celebration of the African Diaspora and a unification of all that Africa aspires to be. Kwanzaa is engaged as an ancient and living cultural tradition which reflects the best of African thought and practice in its reaffirmation of the dignity of the human person in community and culture, the well-being of family and community, the integrity of the environment and our kinship with it, and the rich resource and meaning of a people’s culture.
    Kwanzaa typically runs from December 26 to January 1. It signifies the end and the beginning, the completion of the harvest, the break from the factory, school and office; a coming together of families and of peace. It is not a religious holiday but its timing is syncretised by its colonial past, a coping with migratory labour, slavery and the Christian calendar.

    Happy Kwanzaa

  208. herbert mlangeni says

    Zuma is not Jesus and is not being send in S.A by God…i mean that Zuma is a Human being. Let the world wait for Jesus 2 came & Be our president with no mistake, greedyness and integrity.

  209. I fully agree with Herbert , Zuma uses the name of Jesus to exhalt himself and not
    JESUS, JESUS teaches us to serve and not to be served.

  210. I also agree with Herbert. Zuma is a hypocrite and a blasphemer. Jesus Christ, whether you believe he was/is the son of God, he did exist and is a real historical person. However he has not imparted special favour on Zuma, and neither can the ANC or any other party claim that they are the chosen ones. Anybody who believes that is a sacrilegious idiot. (which just about be most of South Africa’s population) including some of Wonkie’s correpondents.

  211. The very thought that “Mr Zuma has been trying very hard to achieve enlightenment” would be humorous if not so tragic.
    Our megalomaniac president might want ‘enlightenment’ on how next to rip off the taxpayer. Does he really believe that, when he is finally deposed, the courts will permit him to retain Nkandla, paid for by the taxpayer but owned by the Ingonyama Trust. He will need all the extra security to protect himself from the 100 000+ people living in squalor in the vicinity baying for his blood.
    “Enlightenment” on how his latest criminal action to thwart the will of the people by signing the e-toll bill will allow him and his fellow conspirators to benefit from their shareholders agreement with Sanral while Sanral itself would not survive a regime change
    “Entitlement” (in place of”Enlightenment”), possibly with his latest sexual liaison (we all know where his brain resides).
    False allegations indeed!
    Hurt feelings when you are more thick-skinned than a crocodile?
    As I said, humorous if not so tragic.

  212. If you are really South African and you are aware that preparations for elections are beginning to take momentum you could simply guesed that some story is going to be made. We are so used to it that they are almosed worth nothing other than paper or website like this one. May God bless Mochini and his family. We sick and tired of these cheap politics.If you have enough facts go to court.Viva Mochini Viva.

    • a-maize-ingly-corny says

      If you are South African, you already know that the somewhat innocent sounding “Mochini” is actually “M’chini wam'” which means “my machine gun” ! Not so innocent!
      The only real question, in view of his highly publicised life-style, is:
      Is the “machine gun” shooting METAL bullets or LIQUID ones? (Does the machine gun always point out straight?)
      If the latter kind of bullet, it seems to be working “within normal operational parameters”.
      If you are a male reading this, watch out for the switch to the metal shooting variety.

  213. chepha are you an apologist for JZ’s appalling behavior or just another arse licking crony. A lot of tome and money has been spent by JZ and his mob to keep the evidence out of court. There are some 750 charges of a corrupt nature against him. If he is so innocent why does he try to stop the courts from prosecuting. If he is so innocent why is he scared of the courts
    Just on the subject of Sanral and why Jacob signed the bill. There was talk of him fearing a backlash from his constituents who do not want the tolls and voting against him. This fear does not trump the rating agencies who would downgrade Sanral and South Africa causing massive interest rate increases which we cannot afford. JZ was caught between two stools so to speak. He chose the option he could not afford to ignore. It is past the time for him to go.

  214. Cheppa doesnt have a content. is like someone is holding a gun on your head which compells you to look only forward failing which you dead

  215. @ Cheppa take a deep breath and think deeply before commenting otherwise you loosing content and focus. Detach your personal emotions to JZ perhaps youll have a variant version or see things realistically. But you like a Nazi who worshiped, sang and talked only HItler nothing else or should I say headless chicken if you understand what I mean.

  216. Chepha, what you don’t understand is that nobody is benefitting.
    ANC supporters are not benefitting from better education, better hospitals, better policing, better security, better infrastructure, better government spending, better provision of services.
    Opposition supporters are in the same boat but can’t bring about any improvements because their parties are not in power. Strange that you should want to “discipline” them when it is the ANC with the support of their voters that have destroyed all the good things that you possibly received under the previous apartheid dispensation.
    The only thing that the ANC can claim to have delivered is your freedom and the only reason that they could claim that was because 70% of the whites voted for change in a referendum. The ANC terrorists and murderers had only a minor effect on those desperate for change. Many of us were furious that P.W.Botha’s changes did not go far enough but anything was better than nothing so we voted YES.
    F.W.de Klerk had the courage to challenge the right wing and effect the change. The subsequent Mandela administration, other than a few hiccups, provided a state of semi-euphoria in many of us. Unfortunately many of those whites who voted for the ANC in 1994 soon discovered that their, and our, belief that NOBODY could be as bad as the Nats were proved wrong.
    Mbeki’s belief that his intellectualism set him apart from the average citizen proved his downfall.
    His successor Zuma with no intellect, never mind intellectualism, and little education has proved to be the turning point. Rampant corruption, interference in the judiciary, incredible waste by municipal and state entities, e-tolls and the arms deals together with lowering of standards by every State department does not only affect and disadvantage you and me but every citizen of this country. Proudly brought to you by the ANC.

  217. chepa says, chepa says…… listen popcorn head, you can say it any way your brainless mind churns it out. The facts, the figures and the proof of zuma’s corruption and rotten management of this country, are out there for the world to see, and that he is a witless moron.
    Unfortunately the rest of your popcorn head brothers and sisters will vote African National Crooks, they can’t and won’t see that their lives will not improve.

  218. Even Mzu had more brains than chepha.

    • a-maize-ingly-corny says

      And since Mzu showed no signs of having a functioning brain, that means Chepha’s is a negative quantity! Isn’t Maths marvellous!
      (This damned American spell checker wants me to spell marvellous with only ONE ‘l’ – I’m beginning to think that Americans are not a whole lot better than Chepha who spelled ‘sacrificed’ as ‘sicrifised’.)

  219. If I call a baboon a baboon, am I a racist?
    If I dress a baboon with a fancy title, does it make him a lesser baboon?
    If I call a Prez a baboon, am I disclosing a state secret?
    If I declare Nkandla a zoo, why are there no baboons? (or is there?)
    If I declare parliament a zoo, how many baboons do you see?
    If there are no baboons in parliament, why do they call in the police.
    If there are baboons in parliament, why do they not call in theSPCA?
    Please enlighten me.

  220. he is corruption himself, arrogant.selfish etc. He was corrupt even before he took office, I don’t remember when but I only remember the next coming election and this tells me that the whole organization or so called party is based on wealth, fame, power, lies, betrayal and a lot etc, he raped ,he stole , supporting them means corruption !!! they pave way for him to rule the country after all this, He must lead By example, text missing…….because if I say more, they can use my thoughts and if they have a problem they know where to find me

  221. Thavhana Thivhilaeli says

    Hhmmmm,I’m one of those poeple who has a lot of respect for president Zuma both as a person and president of the country,I realy mean it ,but ,yes but ,I realy feel sorry for him because he also is a victim without knowing it himself,yes ,because he is being used by those who have surrounded him and pretend as if they love him yet they know that they raely don’t love him,they only see him as a tool which they are using to get rich quick.They know that he is compromised, he owes a lot of poeple(not money but favours),so they are manipulating the oldman for their own personal gains,that is why they cann’ot allow him to think for himself,they can’t even advise him to do the rite thing(which is to pay a portion of the amount which was used in Nkandla and resign as president of the country)because they know that if he goes there goes their riches,so they rather ill advice him and tell him that he is on the rite track and musn’t listen to other poeple because they are fools and jealousey of him. But honestly ,those poeple knows it in their hearts that he wasn’t even supposed to have come for the second term of being president of the country ,but no, they rather have him and enjoy milking the state ’cause they know that if he goes they go. So my intake is this, as the president of the country Zuma must take responsility ,he must be the bigger person and work with Sars,Treasury,Public works and police to dertimine how much he must refund the state and do so as advised by the public protector,after that he must apologise to the nation and resign as the president,by doing so he might restore the little diginity he still have. A good president would have resigned during the Guptagate scandal just to show that he respect the country,but his protectors never saw it in that way.Lastly I think all of us we should learn from Mr Pallo Jordan

  222. Unofficial spokesman and Mac Maharaj devotee, Poi Moloi, stated earlier today: “Figuratively speaking President Zuma has a bond with his Nkandla residence but spiritually speaking Mr Zuma is trying to remain detached. Mr Zuma has been trying very hard to achieve enlightenment and these false allegations of corruption are really hurting his feelings. It must stop immediately.”.
    What I would like to know is who the hell concocts such shite.

  223. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Sound like Poi Moloi is talking to the Hoi-Poloi

  224. I think its high time we follow the sources of all this nonsense, but I think it is imaginary, papers get a lot of money out making people angry about their leaders. For example if they say a little shit about madiba we will make calls and write to news papers. They play with our emotions. we should learn to discipline then too. who is behind this allegation how do they benefit?

  225. am a bit worried about chepha, he does not seem to realize that despite little or no brain he is clueless about the state that JZ has done to South Africa and wont accept that there is more damage to come.
    We can see a lot of the damage such as grossly inefficient education, bad and criminal policing, Nkandla etc.. There was a newspaper report today that said that 25% of children were stunted, it did not say whether their physical growth was stunted or their mental capacity or both. Given that they still enjoy a majority support I would suggest that its a good election ploy. Let us bring up a nation of morons just so the ANC can get reelected (include chepha among them) Is Nkandla more important than the nutrition and well being of the nation?

  226. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    “Is Nkandla more important than the nutrition and well being of the nation?”
    Depends who you are asking! – To JZ (did you notice that in the English pronunciation it rhymes with shower-head?) and his “running dogs” (to quote an expression of Mao Zedong, one of JZ’s political icons) Nkandla is of supreme importance as it is an emblem of his own self-esteem.
    To others, people with morals and compassion, the fate of countless young persons, their physical and intellectual growth and their emotional well-being is of immensely greater value than the posturing of ANY individual.


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