Pope Benedict's Valentines Day Cartoon

Pope Benedict's Valentines Day Cartoon

Valentine’s Day for the Socially Excluded…

Wonkie thought it would be entertaining to provide the latest news this week in the context of the most important day of the year. Of course, if you’re thinking Wonkie is referring to the South African 2013 State of the Nation address that President Zuma will be delivering today, you’d be sadly mistaken. Political promises may come and go but Valentine’s Day is forever.

Given that Valentine’s Day is typically discriminatory against many, and that Wonkie strives to be socially inclusive, today’s Valentine’s post will look at some unusual ways to celebrate the day. So whether you’re a psychopath with limited social skills, the Pope, an animal rights activist, or violently opposed to the National Rifle Association in America, read on to learn how you too can take glee in twee.

1. For those that have limited EQ, or are deranged psychopaths, expressing emotions may be quite challenging… particularly on 14th February. For you, Wonkie’s think tank has come up with the perfect solution that’s both practical and quite easily spun as being romantic. What better way to express the till death do us part sentiment than pre-purchasing side by side “his and hers” graves. You will no doubt get bonus points for originality.

2. If you’re single and hopelessly romantic, this year would be a good year to go to the nearest hospital and put your name down as an organ donor for some heart transplant patient in the future. Given the high demand for hearts, you will surely be able to specify the gender, hair colour and body type of who you will be giving your heart to… needless to say he/ she will literally not be able to live without you… now how romantic is that?

3. If you have a nasty streak that prevents you from properly celebrating Valentine’s day, why not go out and befriend a cute divorce lawyer. Then get 250 postcards, write “Mmmmm… Thanks for the most amazing time last weekend honey – again soon?” and drop them off together in the richest suburb you can find.

4. If you’re an anti-establishment animal rights activist, fight the system and adopt a pet from your nearest shelter as a Valentine’s gift that you’ll never stop loving for yourself. In the interests of animal welfare, let it be said that Wonkie is in no way encouraging any dubious activity with adopted sheep for our Australian readers.

5. If you’re a save-the-earth type that wouldn’t normally give Valentine’s Day a second glance, why not take the opportunity to make a real difference this year. Start a campaign for cruelty against red roses. You could gather a team, picket outside the flower market, and poke people that are buying roses with sharp thorns in solidarity with our flowery brothers and sisters.

Popes Dating Profile image6. If you’re violently fighting for gun control in the US, or perhaps you’re disturbed that paralympic medalist Oscar Pistorius allegedly shot his girlfriend in the head this morning, then today might be a good day to arm yourself with a (toy) crossbow and shoot everyone buying guns or working at the NRA with (Cupid’s love) arrow. Needless to say you should be chanting “Make love, not war” while doing so. Past experience has suggested that you wear a flak jacket for your own safety.

7. For those of you who feel excluded simply because you’re single, why not sign up to an internet dating site with an anonymous profile and send as many people as you can a (non-creepy!) little secret admirer message as a random act of kindness. It can be somewhat of an irritating time of year if you’re alone and what nicer way to celebrate the spirit of the day than to bring a smile to someone else’s face!

On a more serious note, Wonkie wishes the Pope a happy retirement and all the very best to him for the years ahead, and to you on this Happy Valentine’s Day. Have fun!

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If you’re based in India, you’re probably thankful that Shiv Sena’s Bal Thakaray passed on last year, after the commotion his political party caused about Valentines Day in India a few years back. Why not click here to keep entertained instead if you’re still afraid of going out with a single girl tonight on the streets of Mumbai!


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Leave YOUR COMMENT on the Pope, Valentine’s Day, and what you did to celebrate!


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  1. Haha… the Pope’s dating profile is a classic – you should have made that the main cartoon for this post and expanded on it Wonkie.

    Happy Valentine’s day to you all too and thanks for keeping us entertained!

    ps: thought you were joking about Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend this morning until I checked out the story online… wow, not the Valentine’s surprise she was expecting I’m sure.

  2. Michelle Summers says

    Hmmm… funny but I wonder if Wonkie would be as adventurous publishing a cartoon about some Islamic leader as it is being about the Pope! Lucky Christians can roll with some light-hearted humour without blowing up something eh?!

  3. Very very sad!! I woder wht happened to cause this tragedy!

  4. Not the Pope, Oscar!

  5. @ratava – the reports say he mistook her for a burglar (I’ll hold back from the gimme about her trying to steal his heart this morning).. seriously though, it is very sad… I *hate* guns for this very reason!

    @Michelle Summers – I don’t think Wonkie cares – check out Wonkie’s earlier post about the Mohammed cartoon incident: http://www.wonkie.com/2010/05/26/zapiro-mohammed-cartoon/

    Anyway these are quite light-hearted and probably won’t offend any but the most over-sensitive/ insecure in their own faith!

    Happy Valentine’s day to you all too Wonkie – thx for making us laugh!

  6. The extremely elderly Pope has a problem in that after consuming up to 6 viagras absolutely nothing happens where it should happen. Here we have to feel sorry for him and really happy for all the young boys in his congregation.

  7. Welcome back Wonkie, where have you been? I have been missing my fix on Wonkie. By the way happy valentine day. Who is paying for all the cards that JZ has to send, I presume its the taxpayer again.

  8. As we know, Cupid’s ‘arrows of love’ can be deadly…

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