Jacob Zuma name-dropping cartoon

Jacob Zuma name-dropping cartoon

Jacob Zuma Name-Dropping – Gupta Style!

If Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves took place in South Africa, the phrase Open Sesame would most appropriately be replaced with Jacob Zuma. Recent evidence in the latest Gupta family scandal suggests that the name has far superior magical properties locally. These range from helping to secure economic favours to opening all sorts of doors, including those of a supposedly secure military Air Force Base.

The much anticipated Gupta report was released last week. It was meant to expose what happened behind the scenes to allow the Gupta wedding party to land their private bhangra-powered plane at Waterkloof Air Force Base. As usual, the opposition were all excited and optimistic that they might have some dirt on Jacob Zuma that will stick. As comically usual, they were sent packing with their tails between their legs.

It turns out that the major sin that was exposed is nothing more than name-dropping. As far as social no-nos go, name-dropping has been around for ages. Hell, even Jesus did it:

“If you ask the Father for anything in My name, He will give it to you,” said Jesus to his disciples.

Wonkie jokes and it’s seemingly silly on the surface, but this is a manifestation of the deepest underlying corruption in South Africa.

If “secure” military base officials and public tender awards are so easily swayed by the mere mention of Jacob Zuma’s name, it is obvious that public (and private) institutions are fraught with poor governance practices. Since, for the most part, tenderpreneurs and other people are getting away with the likes of name-dropping, it also indicates that there is a severe lack of accountability and real consequence.

In the end, President Zuma and Justice Minister Jeff Radebe have strongly voiced that anybody name-dropping to get things done in the future will be assured a limp-wristed slap. And that’s this Gupta saga – done and dusted.

So not only was the nation and opposition incensed over something they can realistically do nothing about, there is also little indication that anything will change going forward. Where are the ministers who should be questioning why and how Zuma’s name was used in the incident in the first place?

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  1. I am disgusted that you use the Lords name in your jokes.

  2. Hmmm. One wonders whether they understand what the term actually means. It’s the same guys who accused Helen Zille of sleeping around, and when confronted (by a CT radio DJ) about whether they meant she has sex with various individuals, the DJ was told that she’s placing words in the ANCs mouth.

    Wonder what they’d do with the term “Drop a beat!”

  3. Collitjies says

    If you believe that cover up report you will believe that pigs can fly!! What an absolute load of B***S**T. Was just to cover shower heads backside, we all know those Guptas are his personal friends and one hand washes the other. Let us see what new developements transpire at Zoooma’s kraal shortly as favour for the use of the airforce base and the police escourt to Sin City.

  4. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    “Where are the ministers who should be questioning why and how Zuma’s name was used in the incident in the first place?” Wonkie’s last question.
    Answer: They did it first – that’s why they are Ministers.
    Ministerial Motto – Lead by example.
    Lesson – Guptas see and mimic quickly – and to their personal profit.
    Query – if I drop JP (Morgan)’s name often enough will I get a banker’s bonus?

  5. Haroun Kola says

    I don’t want to be “ruled” by anyone anymore…

  6. Pity you found the need to add the name of Jesus to your article.
    Uncalled for!

  7. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Ansie – GET REAL!!! Not everyone in South Africa believes that Jesus is Lord. Dammit – not even all the so-called Christians in South Africa revere the name. MANY break the third Commandment on at least a daily basis!

  8. @a-maize-ingly-corny, do you know what the third commandment means?

    And I’m afraid, @Ansie, that we, as Christians, have no rights. That means that, if wonkie wants to use the Lord’s name in vain (the concept of which I believe most Christians don’t seem to understand), he can do that. The issue is not whether we’re offended or not. The offence is not towards us. Besides, Paul wrote to the Corinthians that love is not easily offended (water off a duck’s back, in other words; soft heart, tough skin).

    If you don’t like what he’s writing, then it’s best for you not to read it. You’re not doing Jesus any favours by getting offended by what people write, in a democratic country.

  9. Nguni, M. of Defence has no time to waste on Zuptagate when there is an ‘immnent danger of S.A. being invaded’….what is she smoking?(when she’s not eating!)
    Again, the Nguni has decided to buy new jets for the President and dignataries. How much is it costing the taxpayer every time the jet flies off to African hotspots, where old flat nose supposedly puts his fat nose to calm their troubles. To hell with our troubles.
    Watch the ‘suspended wrongdoers’ in Guptagate suddenly retire in the £ seats.

  10. It’s coming up to election time folks. There must be some form of trouble that #1 makes an effort to “root out” How else will he ever win any favour from the voters as he has run this country into the depths of despair with only he and his sidekicks moving forward. You will find a lot of “secrets” coming out now and the culprits getting punished only because the ANC’s time is running out to prove they are a stable party. The hampers and promises will also be handed out soon.

  11. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Riaan with the wheelbarrow – Yes!

  12. Chris Mandla says

    Criminalizing the so-called “name dropping” will not solve the problem. Indeed, ANC is avoiding the WAY and HOW. To solve the problem we need to deal with the unspoken WAY. Dealing with symptoms is not the solution. AND WE ALL KNOW THE UNSPOKEN TRUTH.

  13. Right On says

    I did not appreciate your reference to my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ – totally unnecessary!!

  14. Out of Africa says

    Wonkie’s use of Jesus’s quote is obviously way too subtle for some folk to understand!

  15. I wasn’t surprised that their were outbursts against the use of the Lord’s name but I wonder how many of them abide by all the other commandments.
    Can Ansie, Clement or Right On claim that they have never said “O my yirra” or “yissus” or used other slang words for Lord or Jesus?
    As a-maize-ingly-corny pointed out, it was merely a comment. Get over it.

  16. For the Jesus fraternity. Read Richard Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion” It is a mental can opener

  17. Out of Africa says

    For the Dawkins et al fraternity, try “Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism” by Alvin Plantinga

  18. pietpompies says

    Wonkie I dare you to say – ” Even Mohammed – – – – ” instead of ‘Hell even Jesus did it’

  19. Cadre employment and tenderterpreneurs is the motto of the anc elite, not even to mention neptotism. The sooner they voted out the sooner our country will flourish. Re-construct all the factories that were closed on account of the zuchina imports, ( maybe he gets commission on all the imports from china) and whalla already there will be at least another 400.000 jobs. As well as all the smaller companies that had to close on account of the tendertepreneurs. TENDERS are supposed to be pulished for companies to submit their tenders, their submissions should also be published so the public can see who was awarded the tender, as well as being able to check on the quality the company produces. Pity that the SA rulers are ruling and not leading. A leader is humble thinks of the peoples needs before their own, therefor it is time to choose leaders and fire the ruthless rulers.

  20. Using “Hell” to start a comment with religiously sensitive content is not very bright. Wonkie sucks! Damned irreverent!

  21. Right On says

    Thank you, pietpompies – my point entirely.

  22. Ansie, Clement or Right On, Jesus was simply an objector to the government (s) of his time but did it without violence. However can you furnish me with proof that he was God or the son thereof. This blog is more about the Guptas and their connection with authority.
    Just as Ansie, Clement or Right On believe in a deity that does not exist. We all can believe that Shower Cap is not innocent in this fiasco. Our Government sre fools they should have taken advantage of this to encourage Indian ( and Chinese ) tourism through the use of a private airfield.
    By the way, welcome back wonkie where have you been?

  23. Sorry Abe, I forgot to mention you along with Ansie, Clement or Right On. Just one more god botherer.

  24. frikkendoos says

    …and all jakscob zumas ministers were takin a pee at the urinal.all of them looked down and screamed. Hey! I can see my penis but wheres my balls!!!

  25. frikkendoos says

    Jakscob Zuma. The man with a penis and no balls

  26. the guptagate scandal must disappear from the headlines as soon as possible
    there are far more serious issues that the country must address.
    we need to take our country forward.this zuma bashing must stop and i can see the politically bankrupt opposition had a field day

  27. Thomas is obviously a supporter of one of the most vile political parties to have ever been formed. Its president, Zuma, is a criminal, protected by his party and the cadres he nominates for positions for no other reason that they will protect him and his other criminal friends from prosecution. Some of the opposition parties are actually trying to persuade the ANC that instead of stealing from the State and the taxpayer they should provide services to the people, assistance to the poor, health to the sick, jobs to the masses, redress against criminals. The ANC is very definitely not in any way concerned with the “far more serious issues that the country must address.”

  28. simba ngirazi says

    …. all that he wanted was his MACHINE!

  29. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Thomas I have to disagree with your first sentence. The ANC, per se, is NOT a vile political party. In its history before 1961 it was one of the most benign organisations to have existed, being based on acquiring rights for the oppressed by NON-AGGRESSIVE means – passive resistance. The massacre at Sharpville led to a change of attitude but that attitude was far less “vile” than that of the HNP and others like the somewhat less arrogant CP.
    Admittedly the current “leadership” have led the ANC along a path away from their original aims and, for this reason, I must concur with the rest of your comment.
    @ Thomas – Yes! the Zuma bashing must stop – but ONLY when Zuma has reformed his path into one which will SERVE South Africa – a path that will lead them back to the original concerns of the party (or the “Organisation” as it was rightly called at its foundation) which were the promotion of EQUALITY of all peoples in South Africa, both politically and economically. Until that day arrives, every South African, whether black, white, green, purple or yellow, should keep on bashing until ALL the stray shepherds come back to caring for ALL of the sheep and not just for the shepherds.

  30. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    My apologies to everyone. The first part of my last comment should have been addressed to Tony and not to Thomas. I hope that it makes more sense now.

  31. Thomas, obviously you are blind and deaf, or you would see that most of the bashing in this land of ours is from those who cannot see or hear and also those who do not care like Zuma and his cadres. Guptagate was not a scandal until the ANC made it one. I am pleased to see that the religious nutters have backed off.
    However for those who believe in some guy who walks on water, I give you this:- “There are none. so blind as those. who will not see” Jeremiah Chapter 5: verse 21.

  32. Corny, if you think that Zuma bashing will stop when he has reformed into someone who will SERVE South Africa. You are mistaken a leopard cannot change his spots and Zuma. I am afraid this country will decline until we gat someone with fresh thinking.
    Thomas thinks (sorry believes) the ANC is wonderful but since Zuma has been around we have seen poverty grow, unemployment grow, lawlessness grow, illiteracy grow, violence grow. Maybe he is right we have a growth economy. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

  33. A quote, used by Dawkins, for the non-religious nutters: “By all means let’s be open minded, but not so open-minded that religious believers see our evolutionist monkey brains.”
    I might have mis-quoted slightly though. ;-P

  34. The problem confronting the mafia that the dumb have voted into power is that they are so rotten they cannot distinguish between being a bit bad or totally bad

  35. @Riaan. Dawkins is evidence driven. He saved me from Christianity and the Catholic Church. I recovered the ability to think freely

  36. Don’t care about comments made by racists, they have a self image problem, the fact remains that we have a totally incompetent government. They crying on account of the DA closing schools that does not cater correct for quality education while new ones are being built that would prevent having children from 4 different grades in one classroom . This is not acceptable at all. Specializing in Early Childhood Development, busy compiling a thesis for mentors etc, as well as training guides I am fully aware that age up to the age of 12 is extremely important to keep developing stages in their own respective groups. Also convinced that it is pure racists, and corrupt profiting from the current regime that supports them. No person with a sound healthy mind. good ethics,. compassionate about those struggling on account of being neglected can vote for these greedy self enriching hooligans. The grant money some are receiving is not efficient to feed one person for a month with certain foods needed for a healthy body and mind. More and more are starting to benefit from private entities, community serving groups, having social upliftment programs country wide then what the gvt is currently doing. 40 schools have been closed in the Eastern Cape and are not being replaced, the gvt refuses to give valid reasons.

  37. Stephen Sihlangu says

    I have been impressed by our president Jacob Zuma for lambasting at the US and British government for their aggressive foreign policy. Kenya mall has been attacked by Somalians who want Kenya forces out of Somalia. We need to fight terrorism but not by defending imperialist who invade other countries.


  38. Stephen Sihlangu, with your head in the sand you are possibly not aware that there is a major world-wide concern because of terrorist attacks.
    al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, Al-Shabaab are only 3 of more than 140 terrorist organisations of which the majority are Muslim.
    The attacks in America and London as well as those in Africa mean that nobody in the world is safe and any country that has concern for the welfare of its citizens is obliged to take steps to protect those citizens. This has resulted in many countries adapting their foreign policy in order to counteract the threat.
    The fact that we allow these criminal organisations into our country so that they can plan their attacks elsewhere in Africa is yet another nail in the countries coffin. When the terrorists decide that Zuma’s criticism of anti-terrorist countries is no longer to their advantage they won’t hesitate to attack us, including you and your family, Muslim or not.
    Many foresee that a time will come when an anti-terrorist force will be formed and every death at the hands of these criminals will be countered by the deaths of innocent Muslims. Blacks and Muslims will be forced out of America, England, Europe and Australia and an US and THEM state of siege will operate in the world.
    Your support for Zuma will not benefit your grandchildren.

  39. Hi Peace, since you have started a conversation about our appalling school system ponder this, If we achieve a 70% matric pass rate (on a lowered standard) whet that means practically is that 30% of school leavers are technically unemployable, given that many pupils dropout before matric, probably as high as 50%. This means we have 80% of our young population is unemployable. How then does shower head hope to create 5 million jobs in ten years, maybe Jesus will help him.

    • a-maize-ingly-corny says

      You obviously have forgotten the old Chinese proverb.
      These 5 million jobs are for 10 million hands – otherwise unemployable – and these hands will all work for Eskom.
      Chinese proverb? MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!!!

  40. Actually there is employment for the vast majority. They can hang around on street corners and traffic lights begging and looking for opportunities to hijack vehicles or maybe a little smash and grab. While our police stuff around eating KFC, donuts, drinking coffee and putting on the kilos these guys are out making money. Maybe that’s the plan.


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