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As you’ve probably noticed, Wonkie has been rather quiet over the last couple of months. Contrary to popular belief, Wonkie was not out meditating in the Himalayas, hoping that Julius Malema returns to the South African political scene, or that e-tolls in Gauteng are permanently suspended. Wonkie has, nonetheless, been quite busy.

Earlier this year, Wonkie decided to take a slight change in direction. For one, the older Wonkie website was developed piecemeal and while it served its core purpose, it was far from being an attractive, easily navigable website. Given that Wonkie now has over 15,000 email subscribers and 6,000 fans on Facebook, the Wonkie editors thought it was high time for a proper upgrade.

We have structured the website to have a more news-site feel. The home page will now display six of the most recent cartoon thumbnails, some of the most popular posts and pages on the site instead of just the latest cartoon and editorial. It is now also easier to share posts on social media with the floating Digg Digg bar on individual cartoon post pages. Readers will also now be able to respond directly to individual comments.

Secondly, another notable change is that there will be less of a focus on South African politics. While reading South African cartoons and chuckling at the endless stream of Julius Malema jokes is great, Wonkie thinks it would be more interesting to expand the selection of topics to include more relevant international, and social issues.

The idea is to provide alternative views and insights into popular topics, and to stimulate debate about them. These topics could range from freedom of the press and life coaching, to a more practical guide on how to start your business (all with Wonkie’s signature comic twist, naturally). Of course, this is not to say that regular readers will be completely starved of South Africa-related content – they certainly will not be. Viva South Africa lives on!

Please feel free to leave your comments on this post, including any suggestions of subjects you’d like to read more about. If you feel you have an alternative view of your own and would be interested to share it with the Wonkie community in a (max) 800 word guest post, then please get in touch with your ideas.

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  1. I am so glad to read you are still alive. Whatever changes you make, I will always like you!
    For international starters, I am sending you a link which should cause a few chuckles:


  2. Rikkert Alders says

    You guys have not updated posts for too long, so you guys just focus on cartoons now?

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