Help a Cat Up Photo Caption contest

Help a Cat Up Photo Caption contest results

Help a Cat Up – Photo Caption Contest!

In the spirit of Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday yesterday, Wonkie decided to reintroduce Friday Fun this week with this Help a Cat Up photo caption contest. Enter your funniest caption in the comments section below and you could be wearing an excellent new Wonkie t-shirt next month!

Actually, given the amount of support the world needs right now, this photo caption challenge is probably a very appropriate one. Consider the quick news round-up for this week:

  1. Home of Motown and the once booming US auto industry, Detroit, files for bankruptcy. Wonkie fondly recalls one of its first cartoons about Obama and the Detroit bailout in 2008. This is the largest of the five municipal bankruptcies in the USA this year. Tsk, tsk… someone needs to learn how to use their credit card properly.
  2. South African billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Shuttleworth, lost his bid to declare the entire South African exchange control system declared unconstitutional. This ruling has raised concerns within the Wonkie team, that its bid to declare the entire South African education system unconstitutional, may be unsuccessful. This concern is further supported by the fact that President Zuma still deems Angie Motshekga competent in her role following his last cabinet reshuffle.
  3. The international media, who seemed to have lost interest in Nelson Mandela after he disappointed them by not dying a couple of weeks back, reignited their flame to help celebrate his 95th birthday. Of course, they are still hopeful of an eventful few weeks of Madiba news, especially given that Mandela family corpses are being exhumed all over the place.
  4. The nuclear-powered Curiosity rover is happily roaming around Mars collecting all sorts of interesting data about the planet. Most recent findings have indicated that Mars, a few million years ago, may not have been far different from Earth. In fact, the possibility that there might well have been both water and an atmosphere there lends itself well to Wonkie’s theory that we are all actually convicted Martians that were sent to Earth as prisoners (making Earth somewhat like an inter-planetary equivalent of Australia).
  5. Egypt remains in turmoil after its elected president Mohammed Morsi was ousted by the Egyptian military. Since the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood quite suits the USA and many in the Middle East, the move is conveniently not being labeled as a coup. Wonkie will be publishing a more detailed article on the Egyptian situation next week.

That’s it for the Wonkie news this week. The Help a Cat Up photo caption challenge ends on Sunday, 4th August 2013, after which the funniest entry will be published online… have fun and Wonkie looks forward to reading your caption entries.

As always, you are welcome to submit more than one entry, but if you do PLEASE SUBMIT ALL YOUR CAPTION ENTRIES IN ONE COMMENT!

CLICK HERE to leave your FUNNIEST CAPTION entry!


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CLICK HERE to submit your FUNNIEST CAPTION entry!

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  1. Cheryl Trenton says

    The least you can do is lick your own @#4!

  2. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Just remember – NO FARTING – it’s MY face down here!

  3. Petra Visser says

    Hope you did not have pilchards and beans for lunch!!!!!

  4. Collitjies says

    Ag, come on I’m not that heavy.

  5. mandi bothma says

    OMG, Purrlees dont fart!

  6. He’s not heavy,he’s my brother

  7. As I mentioned before, it’s about bloody time you went on diet.

  8. No matter your crimes, fraud and bankcrupt games, the ANC will give you a leg up into government, you will fit in well here!

  9. Are we there yet?????????

  10. Willie Labuschagne says

    Hold on Nelson!! Eugene Terreblance (ET) is waiting for you!!

  11. your almost there julius just one more push then the votes are all yours

  12. W.L. Don’t you mean ‘let go Nelson, E.T. is waiting for you’
    They have probably had their chit chat already.

  13. Martin Kunhardt says

    Whew!! I guess we shouldn’t have had the fried onions with the sardines.

  14. This could be CATastrophic !!

  15. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Phew!!! Now I know why they call you Juli-ARSE!

  16. Eff ing malema do anything to get into Parliament!!

  17. Nimrod Dlamini says

    How close is the top!!!? I am breathing my last!!

  18. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Whilst you are up there, let’s only have SHAFTS OF WIT and no WAFTS OF you-know-what!

  19. Zwelakhe "Zee" Coko says

    67 minutes my Fur-Ball…if u don’t start climbing I’m dropping You like a furball.

  20. Keep going. One last push and you’ll go from alley cat to BeauroCat…

  21. Clivealex says

    Gosh Fluffy. Did you forget your intimate feminine spray again today?

  22. AquaticApe says

    Quick, Ralph, let’s get outta here before I hear one more word about Nelson!

  23. Ben Mulder says

    YAK!! You didn’t wash your backside!

  24. Trevor Kent says

    It the gray areas we encounter in between .

  25. Mann the things i go through to do to get a brother some action

  26. Susan Perold says

    “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother..”

  27. Sarah Dawood says

    “The things I do in the name of Friendship!”

  28. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Tell me, Fluffy, if you were to have a son, would you name him GAL ???

  29. I told you before, DO NOT BITE YOUR NAILS !!

  30. No fair! Just because you are 90% black now I have to suffer. If this was before 1994, it would have been the other way around, I tell you!

  31. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    At 95, I may be old and grey, but I can still drive you assholes up the wall!

  32. 1. Reach for the sky, Julias!

    2. Climb Julias! I got your ass covered!

  33. Craig Smith says

    C’mon man – details! Is she takin’ it off?

  34. Andre Piek says

    Ok, black on top – are we BEE compliant now?

  35. Mariette Minnaar says

    Zuma told us we must help all the blacks!!!!

  36. Thank you all for some very entertaining entries! Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner – Wonkie has been having some problems with Google sending out multiple emails when some posts have been updated.

    Special congratulations to Fiona, who wins herself a Wonkie t-shirt, and thanks to the runner-ups in this contest too… it was tough to choose!


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