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Racist South Africans

Wonkie welcomes you to 2016! The year has just begun and all indications are that it’s going to be a positively eventful one, at least in South Africa:

  1. the Rand has been identified as a strong candidate for the national Olympic diving team;
  2. the heat wave is ensuring that solar power is thriving (although it’s unlikely to shed the load off any Eskom incompetence);
  3. clear skies will likely create a huge influx of British tourists (although granted the water shortages might make them a bit smelly);
  4. freedom for the people of South Africa continues to grow (especially from consequences); and most importantly
  5. local racial harmony is increasing by leaps and bounds.

And that was just week one of 2016.

Wonkie has long suggested that some form of real catharsis is required in South Africa for true healing to begin: you know, a means by which people can get all their hatred expressed, and out. Unfortunately, Nelson Mandela in his infinite wisdom opted for a more peaceful, re-conciliatory approach in 1994 and this has evidently set South Africa back at least 20 years. Enter Penny Sparrow, an unassuming real estate agent who bravely and deliberately tried to take the first step towards establishing racial harmony: stimulating catharsis across the races.

Staying true to her New Year’s resolution to be an honest, outspoken, and positive South African, Penny Sparrow, inadvertently sparked off the beginnings of establishing racial harmony. On the 2nd January 2016 Penny wrote a Facebook post in which she called black people monkeys, and went on to accuse them of making a mess at public beaches: “To allow them loose is inviting huge dirt and discomfort and troubles to others,” she wrote. “This lot of monkeys just don’t want to even try.”

Penny Sparrow facebook post

As she probably predicted, her post went viral in South Africa and abroad, and the catharsis began. Racial anger that had been built up over years finally had a public outlet and it exploded all over the news and social media. Blacks were screaming hate, whites were roaring back, and rumour has it even monkeys in zoos were yelling about being unfairly humanized. The rage was finally being set free.

Sadly for Penny, her strategy for starting the healing in South Africa was short-lived. Both the ANC and the DA filed criminal charges against her. She will, for her efforts, no doubts receive the death penalty, or at the very least a punishment significantly harsher than anything South Africans could have wished on Oscar Pistorius for murdering his girlfriend.

In the spirit of mindless over-reaction, Standard Bank suspended economist Chris Hart for his tweet later that same week. It seems the tweet below contains unacceptable racial undertones which are inconsistent with Standard Bank’s impeccable values:

Chris Hart racist tweet

Because the truth doesn’t hurt, it’s just racist!

Wonkie would love to hear your thoughts on the above, and on your outlook for South Africa in 2016.

Share YOUR OPINION on Penny Sparrow and racism in South Africa.

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Share YOUR THOUGHTS on the Chris Hart and state of racism in South Africa.

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  1. a-maize-ingly corny says

    Maybe I’m an albino “monkey” – even though I have no tail. Maybe I’m a white Indian – the look of money is always nice for me! and war is a waste of both manpower AND money!
    Unfortunately a lot of other “monkeys” – of ALL the different shades – seem to think that their shade is the only one worth having!
    Maybe I’ll just shave again and be a “Naked Ape” as in Desmond Morris’ 1967 book – and what a masterpiece that was! Then no-one can call ME a monkey.

    • Hear, hear, Wonkie nominates Corny as Minister of Race Relations. You shall receive a government residence only second in size to Nkandla.

    • just read a convsation between two individuals!

      – WHO ARE YOU?
      We are south afican
      – Why a you buning these people?
      Who, ” MAKweReKweRes “?
      -No, These felow africans nationalities, they humans!
      They’re forigners, they’re animals.
      – Really you look alike, whatever you say they’are!
      -But you can’t understand do you?
      -We ll fogive you, coz you can’t just ignore it and behave yourself as animal, but human being!
      But they’re steal our jobs!
      -what kind of job ” saling on the street” ?
      They take our women.
      – Sure they do, since you rape girls while they’re baby!
      – Not to say you shoot girl, stab your brother, and sister, even girlfriend..smoke dagga, and drug etc.
      ” Stop being evil, killing foreigners won’t make you proud, but weaked, you people from south africa “

  2. a-maize-ingly corny says

    Add to all that – Jenny seems to have a sparrow sized brain.

  3. Mpumelelo Ndungane says

    The ANC gave us an illiterate president who is stupid and make stupid mistake. We are getting insulted because of Zuma the shower man. These racists think blacks have shower mentality. That is why one of them called the beach goers uneducated.

    • Mpumelelo, one has to also spare a thought for the rancid mentality of those casting the insults. Uneducated or not, everyone deserves to be treated with some respect.

  4. The incompetence of the ANC Gov in so many spheres of Governance and the lack of respect and confidence whites have for Jacob Zuma has nurtured loads of frustration and mistrust in the white psyche. Very few white people that I have spoken to can find fault with the sentiments expressed by Chris Hart. The current racial schism between Blacks and whites is immense and it appears that there is no rapid panacea for this malaise.

    • If one looks at the South African news headlines over the last couple of years, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of Hart’s statements and an extreme lack of evidence to the contrary. It unfortunately aggravates the situation when people in positions of power get defensive rather than seeing the elements of truth in such statements and take measures to improve the situation.

      • Manufactured indignation seems to be the standard response to any criticism.
        Fixing the problem doesn’t appear to be an option.

  5. Brett Marshall says

    The ANC is using its last card before the pack is fully dealt, RACISM. They have so little else with which to entice voters back, one more time, to put their crosses against the liberation movement’s box on the ballot paper. No leadership, no statesmanship, no concern for anyone or anything except staying in power. Very, very sad, and for the first time since democracy at least one of my children is thinking about thinking about emigrating.

    • Given that the ANC leadership appears to blame apartheid for most ills to befall South Africa, it probably wouldn’t be unfair for most to assume that racism is the only card in their deck. Perhaps one day they will realise that they also have plenty of incompetence cards.

  6. Annatjie Kruger says

    Thank you Wonkie, for showing us the funny side. That is one thing we South Africans are good at, laughing at ourselves. Well some of us anyway.

  7. In my language, when you always litter we say ” o ro ba chuene ” literally meaning ” you are just a monkey” so because it was said by a bitter penny we make it a racist comment, it is not racist, he just insulted black people in general, she needs to be jailed or fined for insulting other races.

  8. Go Go Go Wonkie in2016.
    We don’t have much more

  9. OutofAfrica says

    Calling someone a “racist” is the latest PC weapon of choice everywhere. Why, even in the UK police turned a blind eye to all the Muslim gang rapes and abuse of young British girls, for fear of being labelled racist.

    Perhaps Penny could have voiced her frustration without name-calling, but who in ZA is addressing the disgraceful state of the beaches left by the great unwashed after new year?

    When my kids were little I often called them monkeys. The vast majority in ZA need to get over themselves, but I realize that might be too tall an order.

    • Certainly the context in which the term is used matters – calling your own kids monkeys could be a term of endearment; calling somebody else’s kids monkeys with the intention of describing them as sub-human creatures may not go down as well. Regardless, your point about unnecessarily taking these things too seriously is solid – if one constantly makes oneself out to be a victim, then that is exactly what one will be.

  10. The knee jerk aggressive reaction towards those who give out racist chants is misplaced.

    Sorrow and pity would be more appropriate. The racists are trapped in a destructive cycle that is bringing them down.

    Consider someone who believes they are superior to you and you express pity for them

  11. The ANC have used apartheid as an excuse to practice their own brand of racism. If they had levelled the playing field as promised, we would have thrived but by retaliation against the whites by forcing tens of thousands of qualified, valuable people to emigrate and introduce affirmative action, BEE, etc they have transformed this country into a racist hotbed. All the government and parastatals are a mess because of racist appointments rather than qualified personnel. Race quotas enforced on the private sector are blatant racism. They have a bloody cheek to point fingers at racist remarks when they are implementing racist practices which are steering this once thriving country into junk status.

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