About Wonkie

Wonkie.com is a not-for-profit, international, cartoon blog that is hosted and run from Canada. The site features a number of cartoon strips covering themes from recent events and politics to Bollywood. Regular Canadian, South African and UK-based cartoon content contributors include Sizwe M, Joseph ‘Jo’ Reddy, Pratish Mistry, Laura Campelle, Anna Sempe and Nayna Desai.

This cartoon blog has no affiliation to any political party whatsoever and all public figures are fair game. The Wonkie website is intended to make people laugh extracting bits and pieces from current news, throwing in a bit of political commentary, conspiracy theory, humour, and random association – a bit like an African version of South Park – without the school kid characters, cheesy animation, TV broadcast rights, massive democratic party funding etc. In short, if you are going to make informed judgements about people and life decisions based on the cartoons on this site please drop Wonkie a line immediately so we can refer you to one of our many therapists (there is a reason one of our taglines reads Gambling Online with Your Sanity!)

Wonkie welcomes contributions from aspiring cartoonists (basically anyone who thinks they’re funny!). Please email your ideas or submissions via our contact Wonkie page and we will consider it for inclusion with our daily published cartoons. No worries if you cannot draw – go to Just One Site cartoons or Hasta Milan (for Bollywood celebrities) and create your own there for free!

There are 4 basic cartoon strip categories presented on the site:

1. The Whole Truth (Go wild with your conspiracy theories, twisting the facts presented in news – not the 9 ‘o clock news style!, an alternative view on current news and events like the US presidential race, general celebrity gossip and humorous rumour-mongering)

2. Bollywood Nights (a lighter look at Bollywood celebrities and lifestyles, the latest news on the movie scene in India etc)

3. Viva South Africa (cartoon commentary on South Africa – anything from recent news, thoughts on crime and politics to jokes about accents, BEE and other local quirky stuff)

4. Miscellaneous (coming soon – a catch-all category for cartoons that don’t quite fit into the above. Please note that this has been coming soon since 2008, so please don’t hold your breath! You are better off visiting some of our authors other websites like Wabber)

To leave a message for the Wonkie team, please use our Contact Wonkie Page. Otherwise, please enjoy Wonkie and be sure to leave your comments on any of the posts you read!