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Empowerment 3.0: Socio-economic Innovation

job creation south africa cartoon

job creation south africa

Black empowerment in South Africa, despite legal efforts to support it, has been woeful. A handful of black elite – the so-called black diamonds have grabbed for themselves whilst the poor black masses have not been able to improve their lot. This cartoon and article is the first in a series about black economic empowerment and job creation.

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Cheers to SABMiller’s BEE deal

SABMiller BEE deal cartoon

SABMiller BEE deal cartoon

SABMiller’s smartly structured BEE deal shows how it’s done: upliftment of the have-nots and securing SAB growth through customer loyalty and staff retention.

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Trevor Manuel on Black Empowerment

Trevor Manuel BEE empowerment cartoon

Trevor Manuel BEE empowerment

Trevor Manuel announced last week that a rethink of Black Economic Empowerment was required. His sentiments were echoed by ANC treasurer-general Mathews Phosa in a separate statement where he acknowledged that mistakes were made on BEE and in public service. Wonkie hopes that more is done during the ANC’s next term than the “lets address […]

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The dark truth behind South Africa’s black skills shortgage

skilled black shortage bbbee cartoon 9

skilled black shortage bbbee cartoon 9

This follows on from the Outcome-based careers for OBE graduates cartoon about the best place to put affirmative action candidates in South African organisations. Really, the sad truth is that the focus of South African corporates seems to be on meeting racially-based quotas rather than developing black skills in core, economincally productive areas. This is […]

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Why Helen Zille and DA won’t score big in 2009 elections

helen zille da strategy 2009 election cartoon

helen zille da strategy 2009 election

I have a dream, that a white person will one day be president of South Africa: Helen Zille and Democratic Alliance – dream on! A political strategy cartoon for Zille and the DA they should heed if they want to make a bigger impact on the 2009 South African elections.

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