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Julius Malema Corruption Charges

julius malema corruption charges cartoon

julius malema corruption charges

ANCYL’s expelled leader Julius Malema appeared in court this week. His charges of fraud and corruption were dropped however he will still face trial for money laundering. Following his scathing attack on Jacob Zuma in which he called the South African president a corrupt thief, he went on to say he would be encouraging more mine workers to rise up in the struggle for economic freedom.

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5 things YOU can learn from Julius Malema

julius malema strategy coaching cartoon

julius malema strategy coaching

Following his expulsion from the ANCYL, Julius Malema plots his comeback strategy with Comrade Chipmunk. Wonkie explains some valuable lessons both the youth and adults can learn from Julius Malema.

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Lonmin Marikana Tragedy – Little sympathy for stupidity

lonmin marikana violence cartoon

lonmin marikana violence

Julius Malema fanned the flames of violence at Lonmin Marikana. Wonkie begs a little sympathy for stupidity with respect to myopic politicians, incompetent trade unions and an inept government in the wake of a forced, tragic massacre by SAPS.

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Julius Malema’s White Protégé!

julius malema white protege cartoon

julius malema white protege

Julius Malema returned to the political landscape in South Africa last week as he showed off his brand new 100% white protégé. Is Jonathan Ovadia indisputable proof that Juju is not a racist? Is Julius making a comeback, or is he just this April’s Fool?

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Julius Malema suspended – Oh No!

Julius Malema Suspended Verdict cartoon

Julius Malema Suspended Verdict

Julius Malema is suspended from the ANC for 5 years and his role as ANCYL president is terminated. All this because Julius voiced his opinion and allegedly caused divisions with the ANC. And here’s Wonkie thinking that Malema was the greatest uniting force in South Africa.

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