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5 takeaways from the Oscar Pistorius trial

Oscar Pistorius sentencing cartoon

Oscar Pistorius gets off with a slap on the wrist for killing Reeva Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius has fallen from grace after being convicted of culpable homicide. On Valentine’s day in 2013, he shot and killed his then girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, allegedly mistaking her for an intruder. Following a protracted trial that was televised he has been sentenced to 5 years in prison – a sentence which many feel is inadequate.

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Easter Bunny tips on Managing Violent Crime

Crime in South Africa cartoon

Easter Bunny coaches on how to manage crime in South Africa

With violent crime in the news internationally over the last few months, many South Africans are disgruntled with Jacob Zuma’s flippant comments about crime in South Africa. Wonkie, with the help of the Easter Bunny, presents some innovative ways to manage the pressing crime statistics in South Africa.

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Human Rights for Drug Mules – a Wonkie Donkey Cartoon

Human Rights for Drug Mules cartoon

Human Rights for Drug Mules

Following the execution of Janice Linden in China in December 2011 for drug trafficking, Wonkie ponders the issue of capital punishment for such crimes. No doubt Nolubabalo Nobanda is also pondering the same question given she is now sitting in a Thai prison for trying to smuggle 1.5kg of cocaine in her dreadlocks.

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Value of Life in South Africa – Anni Dewani’s Murder

Anni Dewani Gugulethu cartoon

Anni Dewani Gugulethu cartoon

South Africans display a callous disregard for the value of life – this statement does not allude to Anni Dewani’s murder but rather to the hundreds of unreported ‘boring’ deaths of the poor and black in the country.

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Dummies guide to Corruption – SA Secrecy Bill

Secrecy Bill cartoon

Secrecy Bill

Where else in the world can you steal public funds or do the dodgiest of deals, then classify it as secret to protect national interests? Better yet, you will still be able walk off scott free when you are exposed by the media but the journalist will be jailed because he did something wrong by exposing you!

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