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Help a Cat Up – Photo Caption Contest!

Help a Cat Up Photo Caption contest

Help a Cat Up Photo Caption contest results

Catch up on the latest news in July 2013 including the Mars Curiosity rover and the Detroit bankruptcy. Then, enter Wonkie’s Help a Cat Up photo caption contest – your funny entry could win you a funky new Wonkie Cartoons t-shirt!

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Animal Olympics Photo Caption Challenge

Animal Olympics photo cartoon

Animal Olympics Photo Caption Contest

As the London 2012 Olympics launches, put yourself in line to win a Wonkie Cartoons T-Shirt. Submit your funniest entry in this month’s Animal Olympics photo caption contest. Go on, give it your best shot and you could walk away with Gold!

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Mutant Giraffe-Tortoise Photo Caption Challenge

giraffe tortoise photo cartoon

giraffe tortoise photo

The funniest caption for what this Mutant Giraffe-Tortoise is thinking wins a lucky reader a newly designed Wonkie CartOOns t-shirt. What might Mangwashi Phiyega, the new South African police commissioner have to say about this travesty of nature?

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Lion meets Giraffe Photo Caption Challenge

Lion meets Giraffe photo contest

Lion meets Giraffe photo contest

Enter Wonkie’s August 2011 photo caption contest and let us know what you reckon the giraffe is thinking in this photo… the funniest entry this week wins a Wonkie CartOOns t-shirt!

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Political Ducks – Photo Caption Challenge

Political ducks photo contest

Political ducks photo contest

Following the local municipal elections in South Africa, Wonkie thought that this photo would generate some very clever captions! Enter your best Political Ducks Photo Caption in Wonkie’s monthly challenge – the funniest, wittiest, smartest entry wins this week’s contest!

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