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Gauteng E-tolls Stopped – More ANC Comedy!

gauteng e tolls stopped cartoon

gauteng e tolls stopped

Judge Bill Prinsloo of the Pretoria High Court granted an urgent interdict preventing SANRAL and the government from levying and collecting toll fees until a full judicial review is conducted. S’bu Ndebele and Nazir Alli both looked rather constipated with the news.

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10 Reasons to be HAPPY about Gauteng toll fees!

lighter side of tolls fees cartoon

lighter side of tolls fees

Don’t be sad – paying high toll fees in Gauteng could work to your advantage – take a look on the lighter side of the e-tolls system with Wonkie. Discover how to use the tolling system to your advantage – from a new excuse not to visit your mother-in-law over weekends to tracking any dodgy spousal movements… explore these added benefits and more!

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