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Racist South Africans

Racist South Africa Cartoon

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South Africa is no stranger to racism and brave Penny Sparrow took it upon herself to initiate a mass catharsis of negative racial energy in the hopes of healing South Africa. Instead she wound up alienating all sorts of primates in the country and now faces criminal charges.

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Jessica Leandra dos Santos – Racist Tweets

jessica leandra dos santos cartoon

jessica leandra dos santos

Racist tweets by South African models Jessica Leandra dos Santos and Tshidi Thamana had the nation’s knickers in a twist. The consequences have been dire – lost sponsorships, social media outrage, reports to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC). But all publicity is good publicity as the adage goes, and the melodramatic apology and hints at rescueing South Africa from the brink of racial destruction by Jessica may save her yet.

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Julius Malema’s White Protégé!

julius malema white protege cartoon

julius malema white protege

Julius Malema returned to the political landscape in South Africa last week as he showed off his brand new 100% white protégé. Is Jonathan Ovadia indisputable proof that Juju is not a racist? Is Julius making a comeback, or is he just this April’s Fool?

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DASO promotes Interracial Hanky-Panky – Woohoo!

daso poster race relations cartoon

daso poster race relations

DASO’s controversial poster of a naked interracial couple embracing each other has, as expected, created an uproar across South Africa. Given where South Africa is headed in reality with respect to race relations though, this is really much ado about nothing.

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Are Jimmy Manyi’s comments racist?

Jimmy Manyi Black Racists cartoon

Jimmy Manyi Black Racists

Black is becoming the new white in terms of racism in South Africa. Wonkie wonders about all this talk by Jimmy Manyi about the over-supply of coloureds in Western Cape and whether South African is actually progressing toward a truly non-racial non-sexist society.

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