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8 ways Zuma can spin Nkandla!

Madonsela Nkandla Report cartoon

Will Thuli Madonsela's Nkandla report damage Zuma and the ANC?

Thuli Madonsela’s report has raised many eyebrows on South African president Jacob Zuma’s personal conduct. The question is whether her report will really make a dent on the ANC, or Zuma’s image especially in light of the upcoming 2014 national elections.

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Vote for the Future! Vote EFF!

South Africa 2014 elections cartoon

Who will you vote for in the 2014 South African elections?

South Africans will find some rather pathetic choices when they go to the polls for the 2014 elections. It’s sad to have a country without any credible leaders, and Wonkie wonders when some new face will step up to fix the current mess that is South African politics.

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South African 2009 election Voters Guide

SA voters guide 2009 cartoon

SA voters guide 2009

Wonkie is surprised how simple the choices are for the the 2009 South African elections. If you are (a) happy with the status quo, or (b) have anything to gain from the ANC being in power – be it a potential job (a la Barbara Hogan) or power (a la Tokyo) make sure you vote […]

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Friday Art Class – Perspective

Gareth Cliff Zille Malema art cartoon

Gareth Cliff Zille Malema art

Malema announces that President Zuma and the ANC will be targeting a THREE thirds majority in the upcoming 2009 South Africa elections.

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Opposition uproar as ANC feeds the poor

De Lille Holomisa ID UDM cartoon

De Lille Holomisa ID UDM cartoon

The ANC did say they would address poverty – they just didn’t say when they would and for how long! Opposition parties were in an uproar about unscrupulous campaigning by the ANC last week when ANC t-shirt bearers gave out food parcels in poor areas of South Africa.

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