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Zuma and wife number 5, or 6, or 7?

Zuma polygamy cartoon

Zuma polygamy

Yesterday, the Sunday Times in South Africa published a scathing Eish! column by Andrew Donaldson titled: “Marrying beneath his nation again”. In this column, Mr Donaldson navel-gazed and bothered himself with some ethical issues. One issue in particular begged him to ask the question whether the South African public be concerned about Mr Zuma taking on more wives, [more…]

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Poor journalism in South Africa cartoon

poor press cartoon

poor press

The quality of journalism in South Africa is shocking. Newspapers and even national television station, the SABC, seem to be getting their facts all wrong. In the last month alone, the president of the ANC was wrongfully branded as a druggie – see the Jacob Zuma zol cartoon. The public was most grateful that Jessie […]

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