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Wonkie’s 2015 World News Horoscope!

2015 New Years Resolutions

Have you made your 2015 New Year Resolutions? Be sure check out Wonkie's 2015 Horoscope to see what's in store for you!

Sought-after astrologer and futurist Moonbeam Williams makes her infallible 2015 predictions for World News and Wonkie readers. More accurate than Back to the Future, more reliable than Volvos… if you’re going to check out a 2015 horoscope, then this is the one to read!

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The Big Deal about Big Data

Big Data - BBC Cartoon

Early Big Data Explorations at the BBC Cartoon

Big Data is likely to be the next big thing, and its potential uses are tremendous. If you thought all your tweets and Facebook updates disappear into the ether after you’re done with them, you’re very wrong! Everything about you can be tracked, filtered and analysed.

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Donkey Meat Scandal – The Whole Truth

Donkey Meat scandal cartoon

The Whole Truth about the Animal Mafia

The international meat scandal spans from using pet horses in UK for food and mislabelled sushi in the USA through to donkey meat distributed as beef in South Africa. Are you OK with eating donkey or horse meat, or how about giraffe? Learn the Whole Truth about meat DNA testing and the animal mafia in this Wonkie article.

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Valentine’s Day for the Socially Excluded…

Pope Benedict's Valentines Day Cartoon

Pope Benedict's Valentines Day Cartoon

With the Pope Benedict XVI resigning, Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend in the head and more, Wonkie suggests how Valentine’s Day might play out this year for the socially excluded. Share what you did on Valentines Day here!

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21 Dec 2012 – End of the World Cartoon!

End of the world cartoon

Little Lerato - End of the world cartoon

Wonkie discovers and reveals the Whole Truth about 21 December 2012, Mayan prophecies and the impending end of the world. Is it a hoax? Will it happen? Does it matter? And who on earth is Atapaca Uximal and what does he have to do with these Mayan doomsday predictions. Read this article and find out all about it!

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