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NPC Jam vs Strawberry Jam

NPC Jam cartoon


The NPC Jam, held over 72 hours, allowed the literate and internet-savvy to share their ideas with Trevor Manuel’s National Planning Commission. Was it valuable or just the expected rehash of old problems and proposed solutions that will fall into the usual mode of non-delivery?

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National Planning Commission – Is Trevor Manuel adding value?

National Planning Commission cartoon

National Planning Commission

Trevor Manuel and the National Planning Commission has produced little value after 2 years of existence. The 26-strong team has basically just restated South Africa’s challenges and has yet to come up with a tangible plan to address any of them. Eradicating poverty requires more than just producing paper reports – it requires follow-up action and that is what is lacking here.

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Are Jimmy Manyi’s comments racist?

Jimmy Manyi Black Racists cartoon

Jimmy Manyi Black Racists

Black is becoming the new white in terms of racism in South Africa. Wonkie wonders about all this talk by Jimmy Manyi about the over-supply of coloureds in Western Cape and whether South African is actually progressing toward a truly non-racial non-sexist society.

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Zuma Cabinet Reshuffle: Who SHOULD go?

Zuma cabinet reshuffle cartoon

Zuma cabinet reshuffle

Rumours of major South African cabinet reshuffle denied by the government and propogated by media – the question is who should really just go to make South Africa a better place!

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Back to school

World Cup Legacy cartoon

World Cup Legacy

FIFA 2010 soccer World Cup is over – while the social benefits are clear, it remains to be seen whether hosting the tournament made financial sense.

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