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7 Good Reasons Zimbabwe Votes for Mugabe

Zimbabwe Elections - Robert Mugabe Cartoon

Barack Obama visits Robert Mugabe prior to 2013 Zimbabwe Elections

Barack Obama’s recent visit to Africa was largely overshadowed by Madiba’s poor health. Little did everyone but Wonkie know, that Obama met with Zimbabwe’s freely elected dictator, Robert Mugabe, prior to Bob’s election campaign launch. It was a secret meeting in a secret place that officially never took place. Learn more about reasons why many in Zimbabwe will still vote for Mugabe.

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Mugabe goes on holiday – cartoon

Mugabe holiday cartoon

Mugabe holiday

Mr Mugabe goes on leave for a month after a rather hectic year in Zimbabwe last year. George Charamba, spokesperson for the Mugabe regime yesterday announced [more …]

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The New Zimbabwe Cartoon

The New Zimbabwe cartoon

The New Zimbabwe

The parallels are amazing – are they not? I imagine this is something that people that did not grow up under the ANC will be able to see more clearly. I have no doubt the hope and respect that Mr Mugabe commanded when he first took the reins of Zimbabwe were equivalent to that experienced […]

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