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Latest Controversial Zapiro Cartoon

Controversial Zapiro Religious cartoon

Zapiro's latest religion-themed cartoon with Lord Ganesha causes much controversy

In Zapiro’s latest controversial cartoon, he outrages the Hindu community with an inappropriate depiction of Lord Ganesha. The cartoon covers an issue about Indian cricket and SA Cricket CEO, Haroon Lorgat. For some reason, Jonathan Shapiro could find no better way to depict the BCCI than by using an inappropriate religious symbol.

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Jacob Zuma’s (not so) New Leaf Cartoon

jacob zumas new leaf cartoon

jacob zumas new leaf

Wonkie investigates claims that Jacob Zuma has turned over a new leaf following his suggestions to freeze cabinet salaries and facilitate more freedom of the press in South Africa by dropping the damages claim against Zapiro for his cartoon depicting him as about to rape Lady Justice.

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The Spear of Jacob Zuma Photo – Art or Not?

Jacob Zuma The Spear photo cartoon

Jacob Zuma The Spear photo

Brett Murray’s depiction of Jacob Zuma in his painting The Spear has raised much controversy – about the morality of it and about what constitutes art and what doesn’t. The painting is modelled on a propaganda poster of Lenin with a few modifications – like Zuma’s private junk hanging out of his pants.

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DASO promotes Interracial Hanky-Panky – Woohoo!

daso poster race relations cartoon

daso poster race relations

DASO’s controversial poster of a naked interracial couple embracing each other has, as expected, created an uproar across South Africa. Given where South Africa is headed in reality with respect to race relations though, this is really much ado about nothing.

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Zapiro Mohammed Cartoon

Zapiro Mohammed cartoon

Zapiro Mohammed cartoon

South African cartoonist Zapiro fails to make headline news with his latest Mohammed cartoon but does manage to score a few death threats. Fatwa is pending.

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