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Zakumi made in China cartoon

Zakumi Made in China cartoon

Zakumi Made in China

Zakumi – the FIFA 2010 soccer world cup mascot is being manufactured in a Chinese sweatshop where workers earn R23 a day. ANC MP Shiaan-Bin Huang who serves on South African parliament’s economic development committee signed the deal with Chinese manufacturer. Mr Huang’s own company will receive 100,000 figures for distribution in South Africa – sounds dodgy?

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2010 Soccer Fans Robbed of Truth about SA Crime

E-TV Crime Reporting cartoon

E-TV Crime Reporting

E-TV footage of a criminal saying he intends to rob foreign tourists when they come for the 2010 world cup raises interesting questions about freedom of the press. Should such footage be censored by the government and the channel forced to disclose its sources?

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2010 Predictions and Resolutions

New Years cartoon

New Years

Will Iran’s nuclear power plant radiate beetroots and find a cure for AIDS in 2010? A new year, a new decade – what are your predictions and resolutions for 2010?

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Joel Santana’s Bafana Bomb

Joel Santana Bafana cartoon

Joel Santana Bafana cartoon

Joel Santana’s head is on the block again after a string of 8 losses in 9 matches. A panel of 3 has been appointed by Safa to evaluate his fate as South African coach in November.

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