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Shikota struggle for party name

Shikota party name cartoon

Shikota party name

“We, the ANC, are very busy at the moment and we don’t want to waste our energy on this any longer… so we are taking legal advice,” said Jessie Duarte, the ANC spokesperson. The ANC will no doubt draw on its vast legal resources devoted to enacting and implementing name changes throughout the country – […]

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ANC spins Zuma’s use of Zol

ANC spins Zumas zol use cartoon

ANC spins Zumas zol use

The ANC immediately released a bunch of press statements relating to the real meaning of what Jacob Zuma meant when he said he smoked zol – curious that no comment was heard about Zuma on the issue afterwards.. no biggie I guess. Probably a good thing for the spin in any case, there’s no telling […]

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Lekota prowls for new recruits

Terror-Lekota recruit for new party cartoon

Terror-Lekota recruit for new party

Ok no basis whatsoever in fact of course but Terror has got to be starting to recruit quite aggressively for his new party. Likely candidates to partner with are the 4.5 politicians that are not in the ANC.. Hmmm. Interesting to see the ads that come up with these South African cartoon posts – Don’t […]

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Lekota Recruits For Party

Lekota-recruits-for breakaway party cartoon

Lekota-recruits-for breakaway party

I wonder who Terror Lekota will be inviting to his new party after his departure from the ANC. Please drop a comment with your thoughts and ideas – it would be great to hear from you! Cartoons created courtesy of JustOneSite.

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