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Julius Malema and the Great March of Stupidity

ANCYL March for Economic Freedom cartoon

ANCYL March for Economic Freedom

Youth League president Julius Malema led the ANCYL march for economic freedom from Johannesburg to the Stock Exchange and then on the Union Buildings in Pretoria. But will this type of mass action solve anything or put any more pressure to create jobs? Or is it just an excuse to toyi-toyi and cause general public irritation?

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Malema re-elected ANCYL President – Oh Yes!

Julius Malema ANCYL President cartoon

Julius Malema ANCYL President

Julius Malema was re-elected president of the ANC Youth League once again. Will this mark the start of the ANC Middle Aged League or will the ANCYL radically transform the face of South African politics going forward?

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Julius Malema’s Baby Making Strategy

Julius Malema make babies cartoon

Julius Malema make babies

Julius Malema is taking flak for his revolutionary baby making strategy, but is his strategy really that far off? Wonkie tries to make sense of Malema’s comments using a high-powered South African think tank.

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