Julius Malema ANCYL President cartoon

Julius Malema ANCYL President

Malema re-elected ANCYL President – Oh Yes!

Wonkie would like to sincerely congratulate Julius Malema for getting re-elected as president of the ANC Youth League. This appointment will assure readers of many more entertaining South African cartoons going forward. In fact, Wonkie believes that the ANCYL constitution is likely to be amended to allow Julius Malema’s second term as president to extend to five years from the current three – Viva Juju Viva!

Besides cartoonists and standup comics across South Africa breathing sighs of relief (job security is valuable in these trying times), Malema’s re-appointment will have some interesting repercussions for the country’s political landscape. While opposition leader Helen Zille is no doubt looking forward to continued abuse and comparisons to six-legged creatures, Malema’s effect on the ANC alliance partners and indeed the ANC itself is expected to be far more substantial.

Just last week, Malema launched a scathing attack on the SA Communist Party (SACP) and COSATU, basically accusing them of selling out blue collar workers and South Africa’s poor. He called on the ANCYL to assume the role of vanguard of the working class. No doubt the country’s poor appreciate that the leader of their vanguard needs to make a tremendous personal sacrifice by living the lifestyle of the rich and famous himself. Perhaps if the outcome based education system in South Africa worked, they might have been smart enough to draw the ironic link.

The biggest impact of Malema’s re-election though, is likely to be on the ANC itself. Some of the major resolutions tabled at the ANCYL conference include some that stood in clear opposition to Jacob Zuma and the current ANC leadership’s direction:

  1. Land expropriation from white farmers without compensation (a very good idea because this worked well to transform Zimbabwe into the raving success it is today)
  2. Nationalisation of mines (also a very good idea because this type of state intervention has been proven worldwide to introduce efficient use of resources and prosperity for all. In fact, a prototype of this model has been proven in South Africa already by the likes of sushi king Kenny Kunene’s amazing mining empire that creates wealth without even needing to mine.
  3. Hardline stance against western imperialist pigs (another mind-blowingly innovative idea – after all, what possible positive impact could the wealthiest nations in the world possibly have on developing countries)

The ANCYL strategy is to support courageous ANC leaders who are willing to implement such radical policy proposals. Something tells Wonkie, that Malema isn’t going to be jumping up and down shouting I’ll kill for Zuma come time for the ANC’s national conference in December next year. Hmmm… isn’t the world supposed to end in 2012?

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  1. Thabiso Kokong says

    ja ne? entlek ANC i izimiseleni, he does not qualify to be a leader, yesterday i listened to Mrs Winnie when she said Malema should be Mandela, he is not even closer to Mr Mandela and never will he be!! i’m simply waiting for the ANC to Elect Him i’ts president, and believe you me that will be a down fall of the ANC!!

  2. Politics are for the brave and courageous, Malema has all the credentials for a great leader, whatever his stance.

  3. Douw Steyn says

    The London Times on Affirmative Action:
    “South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in the favour of the majority who has complete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others.”

  4. Well, it’s interesting to see what`s going to happen after all these thins which have been said by Juju ..obvious it was not gona be good if he left the seat of youth presidency without completing his task like nationalisation of mines , banks under the state , land for blacks etc. i think as youth of south africa we need people like him who has the speak out, who dont fear others as that might end up jeopardising the future of youth and the country itself. what i like the most about Malema is that he dont care whether you ANCor other organisation, but if he want to speak about you and say things he just say it without fear. so we as youth of S.A. looking forward and i believe that the 5 year term he got is gona make use of it and i think it is his final term as we want to see him somewhere after this term. we want him to serve the ANC either in government departments or who knows ,maybe presidency post .

  5. Nkosi MS says

    Thabiso you sound like a model C type of a person who grew up in luxury (Pardon me if you’re not), but there are things you need to analyse before labeling Malema as an unqualified leader. You clearly are not aware of South African politics and definately do not know anything about Mandela at the time when he was the president of the youth league together with Tambo and Sisulu. Go research then bring your debate to this platform. The same Mandela you’re referring to was as radical and you only know about him now that he is old. If he were not the arm struggle wouldn’t have materialised when John Langalibalele Dube and his allies at the time were against it. It was the youth league that led the way, as much as it was the youth in 1976 that led the emancipation of black education in this country and it will take the youth to transform the economy of this land and Africa at large to really start working for the Africans. I for one am tired of seeing the wealth of Africa being taken away by the west and yet they are “First World” countries at our expense. We need leaders like Malema, whi will take them on while we on the other side sharpen our level of education and stop criticising as if we are from the west.

  6. Dukie 743 says

    Malema is the splitting image of both Mandela and Zuma. He even looks like the latter. He idolises that other great African leader Mugabe and one day soon, as the state president, he will lead South Africa to be a country that is as great and prosperous as Zimbabwe under Mugabe.

  7. I am behing Juju all the way.

  8. @ Nkosi M S spoken like a true hero not this fag Thabiso.

  9. Thabiso is certainly walking with his eyes and ears wide open. Malema’s credentials is for a great leader, leading all his followers astray. Good luck to all those who follow him as they will never ever taste real peace.

  10. mr jones says

    comparison of three different does not make one a great leader but an immitator, why does malema not come up with his own angle in politics?.or is it because there are no worthy youth league opponents in ancyl….? nkosi ms you sound like you ‘ve been promised some BEE share …anger does not build but destroy…equip your kids with education and let them be like dr Motlana,Agrey klaaste,Mathata Tshedu..they’ve made it in life stop hating ..

  11. Oom Koos says

    What excellent news. Malema is a true African leader in the great tradition of African democracy, second to none but except perhaps comrade Bob. He utters what is in his heart and mind, nothing more and nothing less. He is the best local educator that the white youth could ever have hoped to have. His developmental success is the living proof that all Western educational criteria are nonsense. Viva Juju!

  12. The only fools who are more stupid than Juju are the reckless idiots who left what little brains they have at home when they elected this twit as President of the ANCYL

  13. Can someone tell me that after 5 years as head of the ANCYL what has Juju done for the youth. Has he created skills, has he improved education, has he found work for the unemployed (other than a few gun toting thugs) Has he enhanced the image of South Africa, Has he enhanced the image of the ANC.

  14. oh yes that is so very nice his is welcome back for the second term

  15. When they nationalise the mines form the current owners does that mean that patric motespi, the zuma and mandela (Aurora) offspring etc will have to give up their mining shares to the “country” or will it conveniently only be white owned mines?

  16. @Nkosi MS – please do not put the Fatboy in the same league as Mandela and Tambo. They were EDUCATED MEN.(i wonder how they managed to get their legal degrees during the apartheid time?) Julius could not even pass the inferior matric that is now offered in schools, so how is he ever going to ‘sharpen the level of education’ of the youth?
    And how do you THINK he is going to “transform the economy’ of the land and Africa at large to the benefit of the youth? Unless he is going to show you all how to become tenderpreneurs and gain wealth without participating in that dirty habit called WORK. Which African post colonial government has ever improved the economies of the countries they have been given the freedom to govern?
    The scary part is that there are many shortsighted undereducated idiots like you, Lekholokoe and Thulani who hang on his lips. who cannot see where he is leading you. There are none so blind as those who do not want to see.
    Get with it, the revolution for so called freedom ended in 1994. The only revolution now is to gain the freedom that comes with decent employment (job or work) and good education or skills training. What has your hero contributed towards that? Moreover, has he got the capacity to contribute anything meaningful to the upliftment of the youth? Or is he just a rabble-rouser giving vent to his own emotional insecurities?
    Fortunately there are many like Thabiso who have seen the light and the future of the country lies with the likes of them. Not with the hooligans of the current leaders of the ANCYL.
    Get out of the bozone and into real life!

  17. Dukie 743 says

    Malema is destined to become the state president of South Africa within the next decade. The weird system of voting of voting in South Africa makes that inevitable. And, when that happens, like Zimbabwe when Mugabe took over power in Zimbabwe in 1980 and Amin in Uganda in 1969, whites and Indians will leave South Africa in droves. One must remember that President Malema has already cast ALL whites as criminals that stole all the land in South Africa.

  18. notaround says

    @ Garth – totally agree.
    @ Dukie 743 – what Zimbabwean Wealth ??

  19. Maybe Malema should lead his people like Harold Camping does and get them to be lieve the World will end, as it surely will when Malema gets his way.

  20. Good policies on paper, but extremely destructive on practise! Given the current decay in morality of our Leaders, where corruption is a daily action, there is no way, we as a country, can prosper out of such good practices

  21. Education..education where have you gone wrong, teaching the youth a self destructing song.

  22. Peace it is true that we’ll never taste peace, unfortunately you be among us if still alive and have not fled the country, Mr. jones you’re quoting a few individuals among over 40Million citizens what an example. Garth it looks like you’re living in an imaginary world, when all is well with to rest is to hell with them. Tanni, you should know that leaders are born not educated through the class room if they were you would be one yourself, so stop being narrow minded. Julius may not have passed his matric, but those who did are quite with their Doctrates and pretty soon all will be gone under their noses. Malema is not suppose to transform the economy, but we the citizens especially our youth by educating ourselves with a number of these fat cats that owns the mines and the minerals of Africa sponsoring the exobitant education fees, so that when the likes of Malema have spoken they will be able to drive the economy in the right direction. Morons like you who have all the airconditioned luxury of offices may remain short sighted as long as it pleases you. Whites and Indians may leave the country, but it will not be because of Malema, but because of greed and the greed of their allies from the west such as NATO and the EUROPEAN Union that thinks they own the world and every mineral even outside their jurisdiction belongs to them. Zimbabwe is experiencing what it is experiencing, because of people like yourselves such as Tsvangirai and his western sponsors. Should Zimbabwe be not sunctioned the Zimbabwe you’re so despising today wouldn’t be the way it is. Yes whites that have stolen the land must just bring it back simple as that, why are they selling it when they haven’t bought it?

  23. MALEMA!!!



  24. @nkosi, I asked this quetion before and it remains unanswered. Can you supply proof of payment when and from who did you buy this country??
    The Bushmen and Koisan where here for many years and they certainly did not sell the country to you. What happened to most of them?????

  25. Forgot to add. We will not leave as we know that GOD is just and very very soon HE will deliver all the rightous,honest and GOD fearing from all the evil ones and note of ALL colors and races.

  26. One cannot argue with people who are living in the bozone. Nkosi, education, especially maths stretches your brain and enables you to think rationally and intelligently. It is never too late. If you do not have the equivalent of matric and are over 23, you can apply to UNISA and they will advise you on how to improve your education. Unfortunately the only person who can deliver you from all your demons is Jesus Christ. Rest assured that there are many Christians in this country who are praying for the youth of this country and Julius in particular. It is not the Lords will that anyone should perish, but that ALL will come to the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

  27. @ tanni, you are so accurate , we have been praying since 1973 for this country. God’s plan will come to pass, HE is patient, loving and full of forgivenes and mercy when we turn to HIM as the only Helper and Guide. Those that turns their backs on HIM will soon no longer be around.

  28. Why are some so negative , look up and know where our Only HOPE is from. Beg with a contrite heart for peace, joy and prosperity and we will receive it. It is not that long anymore you can start rejoicing now already.

  29. Collitjies says

    With “fat boys” re-election he can now start dishing out his ill gotten wealth gains to the poor/needy, that should give him and his bunch of cronies/thugs a huge boost. Then and only then will he become a bright boy and maybe in about 20 odd years he will grow up!!

  30. Douw Steyn – so true!

  31. Who the hell does Fatboy think he is? A stalwart of the Struggle? When many of the current ANC leaders were being locked up by the former regime where was Fatboy? Shitting in his pants? He insults the struggle veterans and now wants to go to war with them over the ANC leadership Shame on you Juju.

  32. Has Houtkop idiot malema got any girl friends besides winnie mandela that is his principal teacher and writer of all his speeches,as we see him always surrounded by armed and doing the St.Vitace DANCE(epileptic Fits) Houtkoppe around him or is winnie putting “happiness to his body and all.”

  33. M.Ndungane says

    Malema for president. Zuma did it with std 2, why can’t i did it.

  34. When will you whites start debating your own issues and stop discrediting our leaders. We may have bad leaders but they are far more better than white pathetic leaders. If you live in a glass house you should stop throwing stones. Infact you are not Afrikans and are free to leave if our leaders are bad for you. Bloody reptiles.

  35. Prior to 1994 it was aparthate supremacy, now it is aparthate hypocracy, very soon it will be a real democracy. then the supremists,and hypocrites will leave bt theur own choice

  36. It is preferred by the minority that we do not speak-out and let the truth be manifested. Malema has said what we merely speak in bars and behind closed doors. The colonisation process stole our land and wealth. It was not thier right to steal, murder and rape our country. These white colonisers now live in our country in wealth from stolen land and also stole our economy. They intentionally created and dveloped townships and apartheid and treated us like animals. We see inequality every day. Cape Town whites persist in their racist attitude and poverty grows. Their conscious created a white god to accept their criminal behaviour like racism and apartheid. No other god would forgive them. With truth and logic we define them, who stole our land and created poverty and apartheid.

  37. lekhoelekoe, Fatboy is neither brave nor courageous, he is a loudmouth for the ANC he is not faced with prison, torture, death or exile like the struggle heroes.
    Nkosi MS, you too obviously do not know your history, Mandela was a radical and a courageous and iconic leader in the struggle. He also said that South Africa must be shared by all its people, black and white.
    Thulani, just be thankful you are behind Juju because you might be in trouble if you were in front of him as he is in all probability gay. (Where’s his girlfriend?) Mavis, what has Juju ever done for you? Mzu, we do not need to discredit your leaders, they are doing a good job at it themselves.

  38. I forwarded the latest comment of mzu to Peanuts in the USA. He claims that those other then the family that is hosting him ,( as they already know and it was a prerequisite to host him) the people he met since being there was at first very offish until they were told that he is NOT a member of the anc and neither a dalema supporater. Their views on our country is far more serious then we thought. Just thought I would share this you.

  39. Nkosi MS says

    It is better that we should do what Deuteronomy 5v11 says, ’cause the same method was used to take away the Land and now that it seems like it may be taken back, the word of the All Mighty is now mentioned. We are even judged to be evil. If there be a war it won’t be Malema but those who will be refusing to give Caesar what belongs to him and they will be fighting because they wouldn’t share in the land they stole from our fore fathers. VIVA MZU VIVA!!!

  40. Maybe Garth you would hail them if they were butchering you like your leaders. Our leaders are still under white supremacists control and if they try and redress the past they suddenly become a threat to white supremacists(Robert Mugabe). He is taking back what is rightfully theirs and the media paints him as evil. One day the day will come when you shall leave us and Afrika in peace. For your info: All Afrikan problems are Western problems, poverty, theft, diseases e.t.c. We have enough food to feed the whole world but whites choose to sell food. This bastards manufacture guns but it is our people who shoot each other, they manufacture drugs but it is us who are addicts. You guys are evil and if you are ignorant you will not see that. My advice is go to Europe and repent if you can’t then it simply means you are demons.

  41. Well I suppose Malema had a happy father’s day with this news. I think we have a lot of reason to be scared of the likes of Malema he could be are next president. Then SA will become the same as our northern countries. Nothing – without a hope in hell. We can only pray

    One thing I do agree with Malema we do need strong leaders in SA. Strong with wisdom.

    Just one question why is he still in the youth league? What’s the age limit? Or is there just nowhere for him to go except to shout his month off. What has he implemented to help the youth of SA?

    I agree with Garth

    @ Nkosi MS – yes Mandela was a radical in those days, are we not now in the future? What is there still to fight about?
    Nkosi MS & Mzu you sound like you are a racist.

  42. Dukie 743 says

    notaround.— Purely ‘tongue in cheek’. As an ex Zimbabwean i always disagreed with the late Ian Smith, even face to face, on his government policy within the then Rhodesia. Now Smith has surely been vindicated. In the 1970 and 80s i spent many long hours in the rain,sleet and cold, outside South Africa house in London protesting the continuing irternment of Mandela and the existence of apartheid regime in South Africa. A very very small contribution to a stand against apartheid i admit but at least something. Now i am being called a ‘white’ criminal by the future state president Malema of South Africa whilst the present state president Zuma looks on grinning from ear to ear and Mandela says nothing through his many spokespeople or his foundation.

  43. Dukie you are a descendant of criminals who stole Afrikan land and wealth. You may look at it in any way or form but that is a fact. Live with it. Mandela has been and will always be your puppet because he failed to look critically on the land question. Afrika belongs to us and you have no share whatsoever in it.

  44. Mzu when are all of you going to proof your ownership of this country. Whom you bought it from and your proof of payment. Maybe we should ask the real indigenous people the Koisan and the Bushmen if ever their predecessors were paid or killed. Until such time of total proof we will stay as we have proof of payment and ownership of everything we posess

  45. Peace please I think you yourself can see how dumb your question is.. You know history so just read about SA and Afrika and not ask foolish questions that even a 2 year old would not ask.

  46. It is on account of knowing history that I am asking this question. This is not a tender for an argument but to show how little some know about history, as they could not write or read and the educated had to do it for them.

  47. Just to add they carried info down from generation to generation and each generation added and the story changed with each generation

  48. Well I guess you think your filthy education was good to the natives when infact it colonised Afrikans. Firstly one thing you ought to understand is the fact that whites stole all they know from Afrika and presented it as if it came from them. You used your education to manufacture lies to the blacks with your evil missionaries. You are not an Afrikan and still wondering if you are human beings or aliens.

  49. Mzu I really feel sorry for you, you sure had an evil carbage teacher it is so obvious in your comments. You continue with evil hate speech and that will or can never promote peace and prosperity as you are cutting yourself off from all goodness and mercy. I have not given up on you we still pray that your eyes will open to the only truth and that day will come.

  50. I may be wrong, but do not for a whims apologise for this view. Wonkie seems to be anti- ANC, blacks or even the current democratic dispensation in the supposedly “new South Africa”. Wonkie seems to perpertuate some form of hatred, ill- feelings and distrust among its readers. I get a lot more disturbed when i see some of the very strong comments made by some readers, that promote hostility and angusih in the current leadership of the country. This is more intense, degrading and personally humiliating when directed at Julius Malema.

    Let me make myself clear- I am not an ANC member, I am not against freedom of expression and opinion, and do not want to be seen to be stiffling such. However, it is important that what we communicate is calculated to achieve only the intention of the speaker or writer. If wild statements and inciting interpretations are made of issues that are discussed, or the people who say them, we need to be very careful and take full responsibilities of the consequences arsing from such interpretations. If somebody says things that you do not like, gun down the words and not the person for doing so will only results in conter-after-counter attacks to the point that reasonableness suffers.

    It is a glaring reality that apartheid in Souh Africa still exists. In fact I witnessed a racial outrage and attack that was unjustified at a filling station ATM in Secunda yesterday, where a white man viciously attacked a black man who was not in the initial discussion between me and the men over who is next on line to the ATM. Had it not been for the intervention of some white shoppers, who expressed clear embarassment at the action, i might also have been attacked in the same way. It is acts like these that keep reminding me that Blacks have “forgiven the whites for apartheid” and yet whites are not doing anything to help the situation. I was traumatised when i got in my car and drove out of that town. I still am.

    The above incident has not only shocked me, but also gave me an opportunity to reflect and introspect on whether SA has really made any meaningful progress in terms of people’s mindset? Can Blacks really trust whites, and vise versa? How deep is this is issues of racism, or was it a once off incident? But then, we hear of reports where workers in farms are slain, and treated worse than dogs. Are we going or coming? How do the young generation think about their current situation? How do they perceive the future in the midst of all these outbursts? I am perplexed! I am desonant! I am pained! Perhaps we need to give up, and stop pretending.

  51. Mzu, are you really as ignorant as you sound? It is common knowledge that the Bantu tribes had not even reached the Fish River when the Dutch settled in the Cape to establish a victualing station for passing ships trading in the East. The argument that the land was stolen from your ancestors is a stupid one because they did not occupy the whole country. What were they doing anyway besides sitting under the trees drinking beer while the women did all the work? They did not even bother to develop an alphabet or make a cart with a wheel.
    I have never been able to understand why you hate the people who brought you civilization and all its benefits. Were would the ANCYL have gotten all their flashy cars and other gear from? And why are you drinking Chivas Regal whiskey instead of maroela beer?
    And look what has happened to Zimbabwe since Robert Mugabe started repossessing the farms. Do you know that what was once one of the breadbaskets of Africa now has a population of starving people. Do you want that to happen here as well? Have you heard of Zebediela in Limpopo? It was once a flourishing citrus farm, the largest exporter of oranges in the country. Do you want all the rest of the commercial farms in the country to become unproductive wasteland? If not, you had better start going to agricultural college now, because there is no country left to feed you when South Africa has gone the way of Zimbabwe. Do you know that there are many organizations in the Free State and to the north that are sending truckloads of food up to the people in Zim on a regular basis?
    Why don’t you and your ANCYL cronies start doing something constructive and useful to the betterment of the country instead of stirring up all this hatred.
    By the way, Hitler was also a born leader with not much education and look where he got Germany.

  52. Mzu. I agree with you. The Government should confiscate all the land but give it back to the Khoi and San peoples. Then we can all starve together. White commercial farmers feed Zambia. They were hungry until they learn’t. I suppose with a 30% pass mark we are unable to learn. We are walking the well trodden African path to total economic disaster. Do we want land or food?

  53. Dukie 743 says

    Mzu- Mugabe’s ancestors in Mashonaland and Matabeleland actually sold the land to the whites that settled in Zimbabwe during the late 19th century.
    Mugabe ofcourse, like most African leaders, including those in the ANC, whilst millions of their own people are starving, have looted the state coffers of their respective countries and have stashed millions of cash in overseas banks for that inevitable time when they are chased out of their countries by their own people. The ANC has now proven to be a thousand times more corrupt than the previous apartheid government. More so under the presidency of the machine gun whining Zuma who was not man enough to face his accusers in an SA court and prove his innocence against hundreds of allegations of fraud and corruption. Zuma and Malema are two of a kind. Both are as thick as two short planks.

  54. GatvolinSA says

    Apparently stupidity will once again win the day. There is nothing more to say. The future of this country depresses me. The willfully blind and deaf will never hear or see so why waste breath trying to show them?

    Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

  55. WOW – so many bad feelings here. Let’s look at this from another perspective. When I was growing up my mother had 2 jobs in order for us to have a roof over our head and food on the table. When I left school there was no money for varsity. I started to work. I have paid my taxes since I was 18. I don’t own my house, the bank does. I pay rates. My rates & taxes contribute to the infrastructure of SA. So why should I leave. & who have I stolen from?

    There is more unemployment now than there has ever been. More people are homeless than ever. They are more rich “black people” now. Stop blaming apartheid. It was wrong. Mandela helped in bring a nation together. The present ANC is just trying (& succeeding) to bring it down.

    @Gatvolin – somebody has to help

    @Mzu – I would love to know how old you are. To be so bitter and ignorant.

    @ Peace – I agree

    @ Brutus – are you and MZU one of the same?

    @Dukie 743 – I agree

  56. Mo-Afrika Mpho says

    it is about time that the PAC principles are being recognised as the only true path to redressing the imbalances that were created by oppression and dispossession. Expropriation without compensation and nationalisation is the way to go. It will reverse the sellout position cemented by Codesa which ensured that those who stole our wealth and land remain in ownership.

  57. People should all examine their hearts and not their purses. It is not what you posses that makes you but the way you treat all people says it all. Behind everything you do, there’s a thought! So if you ‘re serious about changing your lif, you must change how you think. That’s not easy, and it doesn’t happen instantly. Picture yourself in a boat with the automatic pilot set to go on a certain direction, (being brainwashed) when you suddenly realize it is the wrong direction. It takes a total mind change that is not that easy I admit. But you will feel constant resistance until you submit to God who is the only one that can change you. I have been there many years ago and have never regretted not following the stream or the crowds but do and use the aptitudes that has been given to me by GOD. Reading all the comments is obvious that many still need a change of hart. When your heart is full of joy what others do does not really they do not have to account to you but to GOD. Hate destroys, love builds and brings forth prosperity. When leaders treat some differently they should not be in leadership. We never voted prior to 1994 and it seems that since 1994 it is reversed aparthate. This robs us of all goodness and blessings as a nation.
    Even employment should be according to attitude, aptidute, skills and knowledge. Placing people in positions they not capable of is dangerous for private companies and state owned institutions. I am not aiming at just a certain group but at all race groups. We have obstinate, unforgiveable heartless people among all race groups and hopefully soon this will change.

  58. You are just as stupid as your leaders were Tannie. For an old woman like you to say such crap is disturbing. We know ourselves and our real history besides the crap you are talking here. The main thing is you do not belong to Afrika and you are evil people who never thought we are human beings enough to live on our own. I do not think a bitch like has the right to speak of our ancestors like that especially after all your ancestors did to us. All I can say is for now enjoy the fruits of evil forefathers but one day the black men will wake up and you will face their wrath. I wish you can be the first white that we dispossess our land from.

  59. @ Peace – I 100% agree with you. The mind set is difficult to change. I can see things at the company that I work for, they promote BEEE & affirmative action, but it’s not working. The old engineer’s that have had to take early retirement now are back here as a consultant to the new appointed people. They do have the degree but just can’t do the job. Sad. Now the company is paying 2 people to do the same job that one used to be able to do!

    @ Mzu – to loose you temper and swear on a forum like this shows how immature you are. Nothing else needs to be said. Shame on you

  60. You whites disgust me, you think you are angels when infact you are demons. Save your rubbish for fools. I hate you all.

  61. To you Jen, I’m 24 years old and still have many years to re-awaken black people.

  62. @ Mzu, hate will burn you, so before that happens try and seek real peace and joy. You remind me of a young girl (white) that I knew many years ago , if you knew what happened to her and what famine hit her continuously until she died a horrible death at the age of 26, you will surely become desperate to change. For your own sake and future go for help you need it desperately.
    By the way, this girl’s body has never been found although we know that she was burnt in the Knysna woods.

  63. @Mzu and friends: The old people who started the struggle did so for altruistic reasons, but unfortunately many of them are no longer around. The struggle is over so get over it. Unfortunately the ANC has been hijacked by the greedy hyenas who joined ‘because they did not want to stay poor’.
    Julius is not a leader. He is a loudmouth rabble rousing agitator who is being used as an agent of the present government to stir up the youth to redirect their (the youth’s) frustrations and anger at all the broken promises of a better life for all, so that they (the fat cats) can carry on with their hidden agendas. You should redirect your anger at all the fat cats in high places who are stealing the country blind and are robbing you of your future. Instead of sitting on your butts in the bars and shebeens stirring yourselves up into a frenzy of hatred and bitterness, join those who are trying to be constructive and do something positive to make the country work. Hatred and bitterness are self-destructive emotions.

  64. @Tanni – well said
    @ Mzu – Maybe this little story will help you. Shame you are so young, I hope you see the parallel.
    Start with a cage containing five monkeys. Inside the cage, hang a banana on a string and place a set of stairs under it. Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the other monkeys with cold water. After a while, another monkey makes an attempt with the same result – all the other monkeys are sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon, when another monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent it.
    Now, put away the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and wants to climb the stairs. To his surprise and horror, all of the other monkeys attack him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs, he will be assaulted.
    Next, remove another of the original five monkeys and replace it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm! Likewise, replace a third original monkey with a new one, then a fourth, then the fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked. Most of the monkeys that are beating him have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs or why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.
    After replacing all the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys have ever been sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, no monkey ever again approaches the stairs to try for the banana.
    Why not? Because that’s the way its done.

    Thats why people will breed hatred. Cause they know no better

  65. @ Mzu. Shame , you make me laugh. You can swear and call me names as much as you like because it just shows that the truth hurts. You really do not have a clue.
    If there is anything we can learn from history it is that it repeats itself. Go and read the history of the Roman Empire. When Rome was sacked by the Barbarians the whole of Western civilization was plunged into the Dark Ages for 1000 years. Those barbarians, by the way, were the ancestors of the present day Europeans, so there is hope for Africa. Hopefully it won’t take 1000 years to recover!

  66. I don’t think your lectures on hatred will justify the fact that you are devil worshippers and serve every evil interest of the anti-christ. Your leaders are Freemasons who have occult beliefs which many of you know about.

  67. @: Mzu – are you on drugs or something? I have friends that are Freemasons and I acknowledge that they do good works, me personally don’t support them as it goes against my Christian believes. I am not anti-Christ. And what would you know if you hold so much hatred, Jesus Loves All

  68. @Mzu. Now you really have lost your mind. If I am a devil worshipper I learnt it from TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Moso Sono, Ray McCauley etc. If you cannot argue intelligently go and get yourself an education.

  69. It is a black and white problem still today and god had nothing to do with the creation of apartheid, only the devil because it was the worse evil on earth giving legislative rights for whites to kill and create black poverty with white privileges. Yes, we see extreme inequality daily and white economic privileges. Stolen wealth comes with the curse of greed and not sharing. You can not stop a revolution. It just comes when we are ‘gatvol’. Don’t ignor the suffering of the masses. It is white destiny to go to hell where they belong, with the devil who created evil on earth. It is psychopathic to ignor the cries of the suffering. God made Africa black and beautifully and adaptaed their features under the sun for perfect synergy with their environment.

  70. Mzu stop making your ignorance and lack of true knowledge so obvious. Start being a constructive contributor like the saying together we can all make it better or is that proclamation just for a few like you? It is proven that hate destroys and love conquers. You obviously had a loveless childhood and nobody really cared about you as the hate and bitternes in your comments reveals. I truly feel for you and will continue to pray that you will find Love that conquers and only the Lord Jesus can give that to you. Listen to am65.7 again , no need to ask for my phone no as they really do not have it.

  71. Douw Steyn says

    Post Turtle: Story of ANCYL
    While sewing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old farmer, who’s hand was caught in the gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.
    Eventually the topic got around to the government and Julius Fatboy Malema
    The old farmer said, ‘Well, you know, in my opinion, Malema is a ‘Post Turtle.’
    Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him, what a ‘post turtle’ was.
    The old farmer said, ‘When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a ‘post turtle’.
    The old farmer saw the puzzled look on the doctor’s face so he continued to explain
    . ‘You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, and you just wonder what kind of dumb idiots put him up there to begin with…..

  72. Are your friends in SA and which degrees are they? 31st , 32nd or 33rd degree? I need to know more about your anti-christ friends.

  73. Mzu what has the weather got to do with friends?? Unfortunately we do not have any anti-christ friends so can tell you nothing about them. Lets rather work together and obey the REAL CHRIST JESUS command. Love GOD with all your heart, and your neighbour like yourself. But somehow it looks like you do not even love yourself. In future let us stick to the topic, and find the right way to avoid conflict and constructive answers that is fair to all and just.

  74. Mzu, what the heck are you going on about? Anyway, I have got to go now.
    My turn to take soup and sandwiches to one of the township schools. Till next time.

  75. @ Douw precious and true, but somehow we see many turtles on post around. We should try and get them down on the ground so they can be level headed and well balanced again.

  76. It is very easy for you whites to preach peace when you are sitting on wealth that was stolen. It is also easy for you to boast about education when infact the education system entrenches white supremacy and colonises people still. Many of you blatantly say blacks are not capable of using land effectively when you forget to ask yourself what blacks were doing before you colonised them and stole not only their wealth but their history and sense of being without your evil influence on them. A little something to educate you educated people about your evil beliefs on freemasonery – http://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/the-hidden-hand-that-changed-history/ . I hope you find this useful and do a self introspection. Another thing which is interesting about you people is the fact that you think blacks were hathens before you came to Afrika.

  77. @ Brutus, the sad thing about truth is it hurts and whites are trying to erase it out of their minds but that is difficult because it is infront of their eyes everyday. Tanni your guilt does not mean you’re an angel, you’re still a demon.

  78. @ Brutus – “It is white destiny to go to hell where they belong” not a very Christian comment? Colour does not matter. Time to grow up.

    @ Peace – Love your comments!

    @Douw Steyn – LOL!!

    @ Mzu – why do you presume that everybody that sends comments back to you is “white?”

  79. @ Jen there are whites and there also whites covered in black skin.

  80. Dukie 743 says

    Mzu –The ex Prime Minister of my country Gordon Brown just loved giving away UK taxpayers money to African countries which, as you have stated and we all know, inevitably ended up in the pockets of African leaders. In one last act before he was toppled from power Brown gave one billion pounds GBP of hard earned UK taxpayers money,[ that is over R11 billion,] to the South African Zuma led government, in order to ‘save’ your education in South Africa from further internal self destruction. Now that education is proven without doubt to be worse than it was under the previous apartheid regime. Obviously the Zuma government channelled those funds to the ANC and to the already luxurious lifestyles of its leaders such as the wily rotund Zuma whining himself. One day the truth will out Mzu and your leaders will appear in court for their grand theft of funds whilst their people starve. Just as is happening to the ex criminal leaders in some North African countries. I know that you will agree with this Mzu.

  81. I agree fully with you Dukie but you failed to mention that all that money was a change of the money that Britain stole from Afrika and that foreign aid simply foreign investment.

  82. @Dukie 743 – Last weeks papers “Zimbabwe has asked South Africa for a $50-million rescue package for struggling companies in Bulawayo, The Herald in Harare reported on Friday. It said the matter was raised in a meeting between Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe and his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma in Johannesburg last Friday.”\

    @MZU – Your last comment, are you showing a sense of humor here? This cant be for real!

  83. Douw Steyn says

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic .. Someone over there has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

    “The danger to South Africa is not Jacob Zuma but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Zuma presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Zuma, who is a mere symptom of what ails South Africa ..
    Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Jacob Zuma, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President.

  84. It is always a problem when you get your facts from the media. It shows how lazy you are. You should do your research as media is owned by the same monopolists who use it simply to shape the views of the society.

  85. Dukie 743 says

    Jen– During the short time that Motlanthe was the SA president, 2008/09- he gave the Mugabe dictatorship R3 hundred million of SA taxpayers money at a time that ZANUPF was killing their own people. It simply disappeared into the pockets of Graceless Mugabe who had within one month snapped up vast properties in Hong Kong and Malaysia. The ANC stalwart Chikane was responsible for administeering this donation of SA taxpayers money but he has continually declined to account for it. Much of the 300 million rands is believed by Western ambassadors to have been channelled back to the most corrupt regime in Africa. The Allied National Criminals. The ANC.
    Mzu. Great Britain colonised many countries throughout the world before the 1950s and most have now prospered without thrusting out the inevitable begging bowl. Only in Africa is the begging bowl in evidence and this will inevitably be the case in another hundred years. Most of the financial donations from the western countries goes into the pockets of African leaders and people like you Msu, apparently accepts that as normal and to be acceptable practice. You must tell you leaders Msu, to stop stealing money meant for the poor in order to enrich themselves. As your man VAVI has said on numerous occasions, one day your rich politicians in South Africa will ignite a revolutiion which will make the French revolution of the 18th century look like a Sunday school outing for the people. Your politicians of all political parties in South Africa are parasites sucking off the poor to enrich themselves. What good do they do exactly?

  86. @ Douw, I love your comments, you should get our film when it is available on dvd. The actual script was unknowingly written by some of them themselves and is extremely funny HA HA. and is done with animation and puppets. Puppets is the in thing in our country at the moment so we just had to use them.

  87. Why don’t you leave Afrika if it is full of puppets instead of mourning. Just leave and we will forever be in peace.

  88. Mzu. One plus one equals three. Right? You need help.

  89. Malema is dum nut

  90. Mzu apart from you hating white people, do you honestly think malema really wants to help the people when he himself was proved to be involved in currupt tender deals? He is only doing it for himself so he can keep affording his own luxurious lifestyle. If he becomes president this country will become Zimbabwe like he self said he wanted to where there are no more whites, but also no food and Mugabe keeps asking white western countries for funds which is embarresing to us African children of mama africa. He will be the final proof that we failed and need whites since we will also be standing in line for western whites to fund us. But it seems you want to beg white people for money. I dont

  91. And tell me Mzu where will you run to if this country fails. Everybody is running to us. Most of Zimbabwe is here. So tell me where. Will you run to Nigeria or Mozambique since they are running here too. Zimbabweans have big mouths because when they need something they just come and steal it here

  92. Mzu. You sound like the kind of racist we do not need in our country.

  93. Many ex colonies in South America and Asia were as oppressed as most of Africa, yet have done very well for themselves and are becoming as wealthy and effective as their former colonisers. But not in Africa, Why? The reason is simple Poor or Criminal Leadership in Africa is destroying the continent. While the greed, the hubris, the corruption and the illegal clinging to power continue Africa will remain dirt poor.

  94. Mzu and jMalema are the most biggist racists I have ever seen! Malema wants to be the next Idi Amin, or Hitler, who murdered all the Jews in his country. They were the skunks of the world, and today the whole worlds eyes are on Malema again, for doing all what wrong are. And yes also like the previous presz in Ghana who chase all the Indians away. Please have a look on gloogle how rich and well, economic well, fantastic medical care and hospitals world class schools an universities ext ext ext the countries in Africa are, especially in Zimbambe!! Man it’s a paradise on earth!

  95. Congratulations Cde Juju for being re-elected as an ANCYL President.I am confidently support the resolutions for the nationalization of farms and mining because it will address the following;Economic growth,unemloyment and poverty etc…

    However amongst the resolutions taken,i would appreciate if there was a clear resolution for the programmes that talks to address the needs of the poor young people inside and outside schools.Cde Juju must stop attacking the working class,its time to move forward and focus to the revolution of the poor young people in South Africa.Cde Juju must provide his opinions to the working class for the current political climate so that we can move forward to address the needs of the poor and working class in this country.I am saying this in the spirit of comradeship to build,guide and not to destroy each other.Once again congratulations Cde Juju,wishing you all the best for this term.

    Yours Comradely
    Cde Mluleki – SACP ( Don Qokweni Branch in Eastlondon)

  96. The oratory of the ANCYL and the racist rhetoric of Fatboy are not primarily designed to actually Nationalise anything and maybe not even boot out all the South African Citizen Whites. It is about leading the ignorant, uneducated mob to follow them and put them into power. Like Germany who slavishly followed Hitler into disaster the same acn happen here. Foolishly the ANC are too blind to see the dangers the ANCYL represent.

  97. People blacks simply cannot be racist as they have no economic powers to do so. To all of you if you did not know Britain and America agreed on the land reform process in Zim and also offered to compensate the white farmers in Zim. That was during the negotiations in Lacanster, England 1979. That was during the conservatives term in Britain and Reagan in the US but they were soon outvoted and the labour party in Britain and Bush in the US failed to honour this agreement. What was Mugabe to do? Also the Structural Adjustment Programs which were imposed by the IMF and World Bank in third world countries prior to independance (CRAZY) are also at the heart of this failure on Afrikan leaders. This policies forces the leaders to cut spending on basic services like education, health e.t.c. On top of all this attack on Afrikan leaders they are also asked to pay foreign debt which the former colonialists were responsible for, using the money to entrench white supremacy in Afrika both violently and via racist institutions they established. Now I do not know why we should speak of independance when the same people who did all this are still comfortably owning the same land they robbed from poor people who were nice enough to accomodate them thinking they had good interests for them in their hearts. Below I will share with you the definition of racism which is white supremacy.

  98. Racism (White Supremacy) is the local and
    global power system and dynamic, structured
    and maintained by persons who classify
    themselves as white, whether consciously or
    subconsciously determined, which consists of
    thought, speech, action and emotional
    response, as conducted simultaneously in all
    areas of people activity (economics, education,
    entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion,
    genetic survival and to prevent white genetic
    annihilation on planet earth – a planet upon
    white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite
    people are genetically dominant (in terms of
    skin colouration) compared to the genetic
    recessive white skinned people”, Dr Frances

    Cress Welsing.

    The system of Racism (White Supremacy)
    utilizes deceit and violence (inclusive of
    chemical warfare, biological warfare and
    psychological warfare), indeed any means
    necessary, to achieve its ultimate goal objective
    of white genetic survival and to prevent white
    genetic annihilation on planet Earth.

    In the existing system of Racism (White
    Supremacy) when the term is undefined and
    poorly understood, there is general confusion
    and chaos on the part of the victims of that
    system (local, national and global). It then
    becomes impossible for the victims of Racism
    (White Supremacy) to effectively counter the
    global system of Racism (White Supremacy).

    The African enslavement, imperialism,
    colonialism, neo-colonialism, fascism, etc are
    all dimensions and aspects of Racism (White

  99. Mzu then why are we still doing so well? Why are there food is the shops. We are also an African country with the same problems other countries have, because we are not ruled by a dictator who is corrupted to the likes of malema and robert mugabe. If Morgan was rightfully given his place Zimbabwe would have been a better place today. And dont tell me malema isnt like that. He aknowledged it himself

  100. Bhako I think an intelligent person like you can read between the lines. The SA government has been an entry for multinational companies in Afrika and are the darling of the West (Imperialists) so nothing can go wrong. These multinationals sanction a country that fails to adhere to their terms. They have monopolised everything that Afrika produces hence cowards like your president urn their backs on their neighbours and their own brothers. I fail to understand how you measure an economy that is doing well when there are so many protests across the country for services. Bear in mind the SAP’s are behind all this crisis in delivery of basic services to people because we are still paying apartheid debt. Debt that was taken to arm the apartheid government so blacks can be killed. What is wrong with you people? Why can’t you just see that we are fooled and Mandela sold us out? Why is Mandela suddenly owned by an organisation that is owned by white people and the ANC is distanced from him? Vuka darkie the whites are still oppressing us.

  101. Douw Steyn says

    Just a couple of thoughts provoked by the responses to the ongoing, puerile, irrational and divisive ranting and raving of MZU. It is a total waste of time which would be better spent seeking solutions to the poverty and suffering around us. I have worked throughout sub Saharan Africa, many times at pre-independence, and come away devastated at the manifestation of the self destruct syndrome I witnessed in so many instances. The emergence of natural leaders, people with the intellect, the integrity, and above all, the genuine deep caring for the wellbeing of their people, was nullified by the unthinking, covetous, nitwit element of the Mzu caliber, who made sure their own equally witless cronies, in their millions, voted their self enriching, grasping, gluttonous representatives on to the gravy train where their lack of integrity continues to play havoc.

    Their lack of understanding and comprehension of the ongoing pillaging of that which rightfully belongs to all the people of this land is highlighted by the fact that instead of them realizing they have been deceived and let down, and are in fact far worse off than before “independence” is clearly discernible by the fact that they now blame all their self inflicted woes on colonialism.

    Here, in RSA, we have any number of highly competent, dedicated, and determined achievers, sidelined by their own people merely because they would expose the incompetence, fraud, indolence and hypocrisy of those in high places.

    The futile activity of addressing the MZU 2 brain cell mentality is obvious from his replies which confirm his inability to understand basic economic forces, the absence of which has brought Africa to its knees.

    Think on this MZU, were it not for the evil colonialists you would be endeavoring to disseminate you idiotic drivel on a tom-tom and not on a high-tech electronic device.

    Be patient and understanding, life is far too short to be vengeful and malicious
    Have a beautiful day!

    The following sentiments by Susan Polis Schultz encapsulates it all;

    We need to feel more to understand others; We need to love more to be loved back; We need to cry more to cleanse ourselves; We need to laugh more to enjoy ourselves; We need to see more other than our own little fantasies; We need to hear more and listen to the needs of others; We need to give more and take less; We need to share more and own less; We need to look more and realize that we are not so different from one another; We need to create a world where everyone can peacefully live the life they choose.

  102. You simply run away from my comments and rave about how you trapped us into a destructive system and that is capitalism. Nothing can be achieved when we have this economic system which is self destructive and please don’t rave about high tech machines. If you were as intelligent as you think you are you would’ve noticed the disaster capitalism has brought to humanity but hey how can you see that when it is a system that was specially designed to complement white supremacy. I am sure you did not read the short definitions of racism that were derived by your own people Crass welsing and DR Frances. It is also white supremacy which informs you that blacks are stupid and the only intelligent people are white supremacists. Please do not be stupid enough to evade the facts infront of you about the macro-economic policies that were imposed by white supremacists on the Afrikan leaders. Use your brains and not supremacy if you want a good debate.

  103. I hope Wonkie closes this comment block, as there are people (hopefully) you can call them human that plays the same tune over and over and over again but with no substance and it bores one to sleep.

  104. The truth is boring and also can you come up with facts that reveals that you are Afrikans apart from being born here because that is just crap.

  105. Mzu I do agree with what you are saying and that our current government is ignoring the plight of the poor because they are enriching themselves and about western imperialists, but once again malema will not be the solution since he himself is just doing this for self enrichment, look at his house, look at his cars. He doesn’t donate anything to charity, he doesn’t even pay his fines to development. Also our country is doing exceptionally well if we compare ourself with the rest of Africa currently. We have protests but the police aren’t kidnapping the innocent and killing them or militants arent raping left and right and taking whatever they want like in zimbabwe. Have you seen Zimbabwe lately, have you been there? The people are starving and everybody dare saying a word is tortured or killed. They have almost no more water. Yes they are rid of whites but I have spoken to many who hates imperialists and they would give anything to have things the way they were. Malema preaches this system openly to also be used in South-Africa. If our African brothers are wishing things like they were even though they share out point of view, how desperate must they be. If somebody replaces our government it must be somebody who cares for his brothers, not just looking how much he can take before he burns everything down. He is just exploiting the needy. But he is the work of the ANC so they have themselves to blame letting our brothers starve so they can eat luxuriously

  106. Once malema is in power he will do exactly the same, he will be even worse. If he didn’t help the poor when he had much to give, he definitely won’t once he has absolute power. Charity starts at home. And in the end the whites will flee the country yet the poor and needy will be here with nowhere to go

  107. I get your point Bhako about greedy and corrupt leaders and I fully agree with you. However we have to find out who corrupts our leaders? The answer is simple, the same bloody whites and what our leaders steal is crumbs compared to what these thieves steal in Afrika everyday.

  108. @MZU – Is it not time to stop playing the same broken record again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again?

  109. I want to entrench it to you the same way you all try your best to pretend history never happened which shaped the present and has a potential of shaping the future if we let it. We cannot have a free society when you have those who have and those who don’t have. Our leaders fail or hide the fact that the housing crisis that causes protests all over SA are not as a result of lack of funding but lack of land that the whites have occupied.

  110. @ Jen, yes some are in a rut of the past in a whirlpool of illusions having nightmares repeatedly. But then again we have our own choices and hopefully one day their nightmares will stop and then they may wake up to reality and start living the life that is according to God’s plan for all of us.

  111. God phew!!!!!!! Infact god can be everything one believes in. Was it god’s plan that your forefathers colonised other continents, brutally killing the indeginous people of those continents, wiping away their history,connection to their God and their being. Surely your god is evil then.

  112. @Peace- Too true

    @MZU – you are as mad as a hatter

    @ Douw Steyn (22 june @11.53)- I agree

  113. I rest my case with you white people. Those who know the truth can attest to my factual comments and not the non factual emotional garbage you are trying to feed blacks. It is not you who have to change bed position everyday due to rain, it is not you who always have to wonder what is for supper on their way from work, it is not you who have children who end up doing drugs that they can’t even produce because they are not attending school because they cannot pay school fees, it is not you who are the worlds beggars when they feed the world. If you really are religious people then surely your god can shed such a light and his mercy would be forcing you to do something instead of defending your stolen wealth from the indeginous and later branding them as stupid people who would not have been civilised without you. There is something wrong with white supremacy and it is not a problem to the victims only but to the perpetrators as well, you live in fear everyday because guilty consciousness is appearing everyday in your dreams. The pictures of the black people who died like insects so you can live the life you are living right now but still you have the courage to call me a hater………….. you must be careful when you point a fingure on somene because 4 fingures are pointing back at you. I hate you all whites and love black people only.

  114. @MZU – my comment “mad as a hatter” is a simile that someone is crazy or behaves very strangely. …

  115. Mzu. Try being honest with yourself. Get a pad and draw a line down the middle. One side our achievements and on the other side the colomialists acheivements. Then walk down the street and write down what you see on the paper. Buildings, tarred roads, cars, cell phones, computers. planes etc and most significantly, the wheel. Shake your head, your eyes are stuck

  116. Mzu. Give us statistics for your allegations. You might find your heroes are the worst culprits

  117. Mzu then I will end my case. Then you agree that Juju is not the answer, just the bigger problem. Doesn’t matter who corrupts who. He is still corrupt and will destroy this country and whatever is left. Land must be redistributed but by someone capable and sincere. There are good black leaders in the making. If Juju gets his way, these true gifts of Africa will never have their chance to make this country what it should be. Nothing more nothing less.

  118. Get the M & G and read Lucky Dube’s comments, he certainly is a well informed and innovative Black man. We just love his positive attitude on the reality of the current double standards

  119. Madoba man, I feel for you, there are many colonised Afrikans like you who think they are well educated when infact they are just puppets and spokespeople of white supremacy. One day you’ll stop being dumb I promise you and see these reptiles for who they are. Bhako indeed son of soil Juju is not the answer but small part of the problem. The real problem is the people who are not supposed to be here and because of them there are these divisions on black people. That has to end, we need to channel our energy to the main enemy first and then we will later deal with the Juju’s and the Zuma’s. Now there whites are just sitting back and laughing and the kaffirs who are killing each other and no one says anything about the bureacratic western leaders who are murderers.

  120. Mzu we won’t be able to deal with Juju later, mayb Zuma. Juju is a dictator, he will kill those who oppose him. But I see your point. Lets just not cut off our nose to spite our face. I wouldn’t like being the butt of the joke. Sometimes we like to blame things on others because it’s easier, I see how you see things but don’t give so much credit for whites except if you acknowledge they are geniuses and we are idiots. They are the minority and have been out of government for 14 years. It’s the ministers own fault and weak will if they fell for bribes, anybody who loves money will do the same. Now we want to throw them out of the country because of our governments inablility to resist their influence? Dont you think thats petty and just a display of broken pride and defeat? Robert Mugabe hates white people yet he is also probably taking white bribes to continue his lifestyle of luxurious living. That is the problem with the rest of Africa as well, their hate for whites provents them from thinking about other problems and then everything just goes to hell. They finally reach their satisfaction but it is short lived and then cry to white countries because they didn’t think and then THEY ARE BEGGING AGAIN!! From black empowered country to black beggar of western imperialists. Zimbabwe is now a black beggar begging everyday. My blood boils if I think about it. Sometimes I think our own people are a bigger problem. Go well Mzu!

  121. “””” Now there whites are just sitting back and laughing and the kaffirs who are killing each other and no one says anything about the bureacratic western leaders who are murderers.””””
    Mzu,Are you treuly a “”Kaffirs”” or are you part of a 3rd. force stoking up Racial hatred and trying to start a Civil war in this country.
    “”””That has to end, we need to channel our energy to the main enemy first and then we will later deal with the Juju’s and the Zuma’s.””””
    I Think that this SERIOUS comment of yours has to be reported to the Government Intelligence Unit which i am going to do now for your information as you have just made a serious death threat against the President of South Africa.
    Good Luck Mzu. Good Luck.

  122. Bhako, we are not throwing them out of the country because of our governments inability to resist bribes from them stop being a white apologist now. We are throw them out because they do not belong here, their arrival was not one that you would accept someone after negotiations. Our people do not have houses because the land that they are supposed to be building houses on is the one that whites have occupied. Bhako this is not a 21st century problem, this is 3 if not 4 centuries old. Whites took land illegaly and that is a criminal activity. Why are blacks evicted everyday because they have occupied state land illegaly but we don’t evict whites on black people’s land that they occupied illegaly. Just wake up people. This does not require even a civil war because whites know how they got this land.

  123. I am reluctant to re-enter this debate because Mzu sounds like he is on some kind of drug that makes him a slave to the evil words that spew out of Malema’s mouth and therefore drives him crazy about whites in South Africa. It is also a fact that you cannot argue with a drunk, a drug addict, a religious fanatic or a political fundamentalist. If Mzu is not all of these, which one is he?

  124. Atleast I’m not defending stolen wealth which is far more evil than being an addict,drunk or a political fundamentalist.

  125. Well that is a good point Mzu. But there is enough land, more than enough that has been set out for housing projects. The problem is the houses are never built because the funds are stolen. Making it another corrupt government issue. But yes the whites did take the land from us I agree and they were never welcomed here. I’m not saying them good and I would be extremely happy if they left, but not if that means losing everything else just for that. Do you think people will get houses if there is no more money or investments? Do you think there will be funds if even more corrupt officials are in power with no democratic system for opposition. Do you think money will grow if we are big tjommies with uncle robert in zimbabwe. He will probably try to take what we have left for himself. And the whites are being evicted which brings me joy. Just look at all the whites being evicted in Tswane west. So Mzu not all is true. But what do you think will happen if all the white farms that produce our food is taken and given to our brothers that haven’t been educated yet because the government is full of boloko. Where will we get food? We will have to import from western imperialists for 100 times the price. So now not only are we still buying from whites, but also 100 times the price too. I’m not in any way welcoming whites, just trying to paint a bigger picture of consequence should we decide to take our land back in such a way as proposed by the ANCYL. What they should do is educate people first so that they can continue food production. That should be the first issue. Then land can be given to them so that our own brothers can make it.

  126. Well I see this is going no where because the bottom line is whites must leave or seek refuge.

  127. Wonkie’s blog (with respect to Wonkie) is becoming like a soapie by some of the commentators the same ol story over and over again. Try some of the other blogs where we have decent wholesome discussions amongst all the race groups in our country working on a resolution towards a better country for all its people.

  128. And eventually we will be self efficient with no more dependancies on whites. Mugabe is such a big mouth how he freed our brothers from the white plague. Yet he is almost 50% dependend on western food aid. He must survive on white donations…like a child with an abusive father giving him crumbles of the table. They are more slaves to white supremecy now than they ever were. Its a false illusion to say we are free if there are no more whites. We must build our own society if we ever wish to be free and have mama africa back. Rash decisions won’t help us become free.

  129. And I hope Mzu that you might think about this, rather than enslaving yourself to big talks of rash actions that doesnt make any sense such as what is going on with politics. The bottom line is never the bottom line. Also if all you white people dont like me and Mzu conversation, you go look for other blogs and stop mumbling useless info. Since that is what you mostly do on this post it seems

  130. It has been months since I last had to check on this blog. I notice there are still people stealing employers time and tools for self expressions that is apolling. I am a black male and it is upsetting to hear my own race showing hate towards other races. Where do you get that from, the community where I grew up at least had self respect and was indeed peace promotors. Try not to instigate a civil war, war has never solved anything except causing more heartaches. Should that happen be assured that help (interference) will come from the outside that will cause more regret then some of your supposedly hopes will do. Apologise and admit to your employers that you have robbed them. (stealing time is the same as stealing any other substance. I rest my case

  131. Dont worry to much about Mzu,he will be behind bars soon as he has directly on this page promised to do harm to Pres.Zuma and the Idiot Malema.I Have reported his threats to the authorities as well as where to find these Mzu writings. SH!T is coming,boy, e`SH!T KAKULU is coming your way.

  132. Well I looooove shit, bring it on I’m already a prisoner in my own country.

  133. @Boerkie, pity you have reported her already, ( I am convinced that Mzu is a she) We have counselled many many brainwashed people of all races and creeds. The causes goes back to their childhood days. We do not want to explain why a certain group’s reactions is in unsavoury specially not on a public blog. My husbands black lady partner in his small business does all the interpreting for us where the clients can not speak English or Afrikaans. She has been with us for the past 22 years. Her husband left her when their son was only 3 months old. He claims that the only thing his dad ever gave him was his surname. Under very difficult circumstances for him and his mother he has turned out to be a model youngster and is now 20 years old. He had the privilage with some help to attend private schools, passed his grade 12 with 3 distinctions. He is now in the USA where he has just been granted a bursary to attend university there. His first six months at one of our varsities was not excepted by the USA. He wrote special tests and had numerous interviews with lecturers and they were aparantly all very impressed by his manner and attitude. Point is if one in difficult circumstances with the right guidance from small can become a valuable citizen this is what has to be done for all our little ones in our country. It is not very easy to counsel the ones who are over the age of 16 and on the wrong side of true living standards, in some cases it took more then 18 months for some of them to become happy and contented. The success rate we have is over 90% those that we could not help , as far as we know is not successful in their lives , either on drugs or belongs to some extreme social group. We are concerned about Mzu as we know that she has a deep problem going back to her childhood days.

  134. People like Mzu and Idiot Malema can turn this country into a blood bath,we dont need that.
    My following statement is not Racist but FACT.
    Take one new born of a Twin pair and let one be brought up by the “Evil” whites and leave the other Twin under its normal conditions and in 20 years time ,do a IQ test on both and you will see that the one brought up by “Evil” Whites,have an IQ far beyond the other and you will be amazed to see the difference in intelligence and behavior,therefore we can conclude that the Black Folks need proper Education and to be brought up under the same conditions as the, Quoting Mzu,Evil Whites.
    I Was watching South African Idols last night and they had a 16 year old Black girl with white parents and what a pleasant and intelligent young girl she was. Needless to say,she passed onto the next stage and what lovely voice.Her manner,Manners and behavior spectacular and when she left the auditorium,she ran to her adopted white father,crying with joy,grabbed him around his neck and cried,”Daddy,i have one.
    What a heart rendering moment and scene that was.Gives us hope for the future.

  135. @ Boerkie, yes just look at Peanuts, he is such an example of achievement and look where he is today at only 20, sitting in the states with a bursary to swot Human Resources, development , and training. He is determined to do his doctorate degree and make a difference here when he gets back ? There are very few with his living standards he even outsmarts a lot of whites.

  136. MZU

    Your comments accurately describe the context (white supremacy / hegemony =racism) that Black Africans in Africa and in the diaspora are living under. I wish you solid strides on your journey warrior towards Black liberation from under “white” racism. I also must commend you for not attacking other Africans who seem to be in power but are just victims in a corrupt and evil system designed by so called “white” people for their genetic survival.

    The true enemies of African people are so called white people. Stay un-Confused, Black African people, “White” hegemony / “white” supremacy =racism is the problem.

    Indeed, I believe more than anything, that Africans need to be socially and politically aware. More of us need to acquire a Pan-Africanist view through reading books such as Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s “The Keys To the Colors” and Dr. Chinweizu’s “Decolonizing the African Mind”

    Africentric Strategy The central objective in decolonising the African mind is to overthrow the authority which alien traditions exercise over the African. This demands the dismantling of white supremacist beliefs, and the structures which uphold them, in every area of African life. It must be stressed, however, that decolonisation does not mean ignorance of foreign traditions; it simply means denial of their authority and withdrawal of allegiance from them.

    – Chinweizu

    Also, check out the C.O.W.S.


    The program is specifically engineered for black & non-white listeners – Victims of White Supremacy. The purpose of this program is to provide Victims of White Supremacy with constructive information and suggestions on how to counter Racist Woman & Racist Man.

  137. Thank God, that by the year I return to our country it will be no longer part of Africa but be called REBORNIA. An absolute rainbow nation. Many are already looking forward for Divine Intervention that will save our country.
    From a Black to all other black living in constant fear but the true enemy is their distorted hearts. I may not be there now but follows the news.

  138. I have a white skin which develops a light tan in sunlight, My mother descends from Huguenot and Spanish stock, My father has both Afrikaner and English ancestry, in fact two of my great grand fathers fought on different sides in the South African War (Anglo Boer War). Going back to the time of Van Riebeek on my fathers side a grand father somewhat removed married the Coloured daughter of a slave in Swellendam (1836) her father was of Malay origin and her mother was Khoisan. During the Apartheid regime we were classified as white, now we are classified as South African. So who the hell is Mzu to say we are not South Africans.

  139. Mzu,i did not know you look like a Baboon according to your Avatar above.Woodwork,EISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8ta ou Houtkop.

  140. You look like an albino.

  141. Only a Black African is African says

    @Garth you are not an African you are an nbred mutant albino= so called white person

    Also, Settler colonialists are a group of emigrants or their descendants who settle in a distant land, but remain subject to, or intimately connected with the parent country, which is always a capitalist country. Examples of settler colonies are: the American continent (Canada, the U.S., and South America), Israel, South Africa, and Australia. One of the characteristics of settler colonialism is the genocide (murder) of the indigenous people of the land, because as long as the people exist, they will always struggle to get their land back.

    Black African people remember, Europeans colonized history and they colonized information about history and science.

    It’s becoming more and more apparent now because the association can be made between inbred mutant animals and white people. White people use white rodents, called Sprague-Dawley mice in controlled laboratory experiments. It is because they both share the same genetic code. It involves the inbreeding and mutation to albinism. Have you noticed how dog breeders, who breed inbred mutant albino Doberman pinschers, refer to those dogs as inferior to normally colored dogs? Why is that? Well let’s investigate…..A website called “Doberman’s Den” which goes into explicit detail about white Doberman pinschers has this to say about the dogs….”Another color that exists in Dobermans is the white or light colored cream dog.

    The white Doberman pinscher was created from inbreeding and are considered partial albino Dobermans. It’s common knowledge these white Dobermans have health problems and behavioral issues. They commonly have skin and eye sight problems like photo sensitivity.

    As a result of not being sure of it’s surroundings at times, this leads some dogs to fear biting. Some countries have banned the breeding of this dog mutation and breeders are encouraged not to breed for this color. It is seen as inhumane to the dog due to the serious health concerns.

    Rather you realize it or not, these inbred mutant albino dog’s genealogy mimic the genealogy of the Spraque-Dawley mice and, in the human realm, the so called Caucasian. Notice how the dog breeders blatantly state to not introduce these dogs into the bloodlines of normal dogs because of their inherent genetic inferiority. The same holds true in the people world theoretically, but white people, through indoctrination and social engineering, suppress this reasoning and instead hide behind nonsense like “evolution” which implies that white people are supposed to be some sort of genetic enhancement, when in fact they are the antithesis. For example, the dog breeders allude to not breeding the dogs because of health problems and behavioral issues. Ever notice how many health problems and behavioral issues white people have? We must remember that white people are only the recessive descendants of the ONE African tribe that possessed those phonotypical traits. Specifically, the aquiline nose and similar facial features. That’s right, they inherited those traits from African people. Notice how ALL white people have the same phenotypical traits and characteristics, where as black people have a myriad of phenotypical traits and characteristics from the east African tribes of the Masai to the Aboriginals of Australia? This is why there is far more genetic diversity and variation within the black African family than there are with Europeans or other ethnicities. The good thing about that is that breeding amongst themselves, African’s greater genetic variability allows for the weeding out of harmful deleterious traits, and Africans are a more healthy population.

    Whereas the European, already limited to the genetic traits of the ONE African tribe that spawned them, will experience more harmful effects of breeding amongst themselves because it further depletes their already limited genetic variation. As a result have you notice how many strange diseases ONLY or PRIMARILY afflict white people? Have you ever heard of Progeria, the extreme aging of children (some children look like 80 year old senior citizens), or Werewolf Syndrome, hair all over there bodies like animals, or even Blue Skin Disorder, Jumping Frenchman Disorder (reflex and neurological disorder) and Blaschko’s Lines, (strange stripes all over the body). How many black people do you ever see with these strange congenital disorders? Probably few to none. Why? Because contrary to what the media tells you, those disorders stem from their inbred mutant albinism status. White people have some of the worst health problems and behavioral issues. Nobody is more aggressive and does strange things like dive off of Mount Everest with parachutes like white people. Even Michael Bradley, a white man, discusses this somewhat in his book “Iceman Inheritance”.

    The world belongs to the black human. We should not be at the mercy of inbred mutant albinos. Always remember, genetically, they need us, we do NOT need them. Caucasians are unnatural aberrant abominations that should not exist within the context that we understand them and definitely not in such large numbers. Although, Inbred mutant albinos are at “0” population growth across the planet, dying. Nature has chosen them for extinction.

  142. Only a Black African is African says


  143. Only a White African is African

  144. Meyneso you are really crazy and badly crazy, you should consult a shrink. Bloody reptile.

  145. The problem is not whites, Indians, or whatsoever nationality , the issue why so many blacks are under a curse is of their own doing. Read Leviticus 20 vers 6 = If anyone goes for advice to people who consult the spirits of the dead, I says the Lord will turn against him and will no longer consider him one of my people. This is directly from GOD and not from me. Any questions? consult the LORD not me , as it is HE who proclaims this. Those who pass over to their eternal destination can not come back here , those are impersonating spirits from the evil lucifer who tricks people into thinking that they are contacting the dead. This also applies to many white spiritualists that think they are contacting the dead, they to wil not be protected or belong to GOD.

  146. Only a Black African is African says

    Dr. Frances Cress Wesling General Psychologist and Child Psychologist said:

    First of all, Black people were the first people on the planet. Everybody, including White people, come from Black people. White people are a genetic mutation or a genetic deficiency state [which] is what causes skin to be White.

    I look at the system of racism having come into being consciously because the White population recognized, after they circumnavigated the globe, that they were a tiny minority, fewer that one-tenth of the people on the planet. And they were genetic-recessive compared to the genetic dominance of people who produce color. They realized that they could be genetically annihilated and White people could, as a collective of people, disappear. They worked out a system for White survival, which entails dominating all of the Black, Brown, Red and Yellow people on the planet. So racism is a behavioral system for the survival of White people.

    (Important!!!!!!) I would advise Black people and other people of color that since the practice of racism is the practice of White genetic survival, that the expectation that people who classify themselves as White can change this behavior is a high level expectation.

    Black people [must] finally understand that White people are playing a White survival game [which] has to inferiorize the functioning of Black and other people of color.

  147. Only a Black African is African says

    I hope Julius Malema reads Dr. Frances Cress Wesling!

    He will be a great leader of Azania if he is a Black Pan-Africanist, determined to take back the land and resources that are in the hands of invaders who call themselves white = inbred mutant albino.

    End of debate.

  148. @peace go to hell with your bloody religion. I think you are very stupid if you think that blacks were heathens. We will not be ridiculed by you and be recruited in your reptilian agenda. The agenda of the anti-christ that you bloody whites represent.

  149. Mzu just your wishful thinking that will never come to pass. Not by power or by might but by MY SPIRIT says the LORD, Creator of all humans and the whole of the universe.

  150. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the snake, and the snake did not have a leg to stand on

  151. Only a Black African is African says

    The problem is white people.

    Stay focused African people.

    Take back the land and kick the albinos = white people out. Close the borders and protect our African markets. This is the only way for the Black collective to really become independent again and free from white terrorism = racism.

    Always remember the 3 t’s: White people= albinos are tacky ,trifiling and terroistic.

    Stay focused on inbred mutant albinos, since they are the problem and always be very suspicious of all inbred mutant albinos.

    Julius Malema will be a great African. I can see by his actions and words that he knows who our enemy is and the enemy of African people are white people = inbred mutant albinos.

  152. That is only if Julius is not feeding blacks rhetoric. He cannot expropriate land from whites but blacks collectively can.

  153. Article by: MSunter
    You have to hand it to Julius Malema. He is a headline-grabber of note; he sticks rigidly to what he believes in; he delivers his popular message with such ferocity and charisma that he attracts truck-loads of adoring fans; and he knows when to say sorry.
    Moreover, he has done one thing for which he should be given credit. He has taken the Establishment – political, business and other – completely out of its comfort zone by focussing on the point that radical measures have to be implemented to turn a highly unequal, exclusive, top-sided society into something which the writers of the Freedom Charter would be proud of. For me that is the common cause; but where I differ is on the tactics to get there.

    Nationalisation and land grabs – with or without compensation – are dead-end policies. Nationalisation without compensation will result in sanctions being re-introduced against South Africa by the US and EU, as it will be perceived that their citizens – the ones who have invested here – will have had their assets stolen from them by the South African government. International travel restrictions on members of the Cabinet will probably be applied as well.

    Nationalisation with compensation at fair value will mean that a trillion rand will have to be diverted from health, education, welfare and law and order to purchasing the targeted assets. In other words, the opportunity cost will be enormous. The only alternative is for the government to borrow money – if they can – which will send South Africa’s national debt to GDP ratio through the roof.

    Land grabs, on the other hand, will in the worst case scenario precipitate a civil war. People who sing liberation songs like “Kill the Boer” should remember that the first modern freedom-fighters were the Boers – well before Swapo, Zanu-PF and the ANC. They effectively held the British imperialists at bay for the first half of the Boer War at the turn of the previous century. It was only when Kitchener introduced concentration camps and herded their women and children into them with an absolutely appalling loss of life, that the war turned in Britain’s favour.

    Neither being a pariah or highly indebted state in the case of nationalisation nor being a country riven by civil war in the case of land grabs will sort out the problems of unemployment and living on desolation row. The only way the problem can begin to be resolved is to follow the philosophy of Steve Biko, an equally charismatic character, who before he was cruelly murdered in the 1970s basically expressed the view that handouts do not improve your self-esteem: doing it yourself does. That is as true today – in the world of Facebook and Twitter which enormously increased the power and freedom of individuals – as when he said it in the 1970s.

    So if I were Julius, I would take Steve’s ideas on board because they are so much more inspirational and relevant to the members of Generation Y than the old-fashioned and discredited policies that the state should become the centre of everything. I say this coming from a family in the UK where my socialist ancestors not only wrote nationalisation into Labour Party constitution (Beatrice Webb), but actually implemented it across the board (Stafford Cripps who was Chancellor of the Exchequer in the late 1940s and made Julius look positively unambitious by comparison). Needless to say, everything is back in the hands of the private sector apart from the National Health Service which in retrospect was a worthwhile initiative.

    Rather than trying to destroy Malema, I would urge him to consider redirecting his energy down the path outlined by Steve Biko. I would be asking him actively to engage with Business Leadership SA and AgriSA as to how a more inclusive and participative economy can be created and how one can transfer an appropriate proportion of land from white to black farmers without diminishing agricultural productivity. All of this will take time. It cannot happen overnight in one quantum leap. Perhaps he and his colleagues in ANCYL should also go on a leadership programme at GIBS. Get out of the confines of the ANC into the real world.

    Furthermore, instead of harping on about expropriation of this or that asset which will not create one extra job for the youth of this country, I would like Julius to charge his pitch and demand three things:

    1. We raise the quality of education in this country to give young people the power to do their own thing;

    2. We provide the entrepreneurial space in this country so that young people have the freedom to do their own thing; and

    3. We celebrate South African pockets of excellence like Siyabulela Xuza (who has a minor planet named after him by NASA) in order to give young people the confidence to do their own thing.

    That is just so much more funky a vision than having everyone work for the state or be dependent on the state. As Michelle Obama said a few days ago at the Regina Mundi Church in Soweto: “You are your own liberator.” Amen.

  154. Yes Jen, everybody will have to account for themselves in time to come. Malema’s is being used by BEE owners of mines and companies that are in serious financial trouble and by nationalising them it will relieve them of their debts. Ten years later they would want to privatise it again as it will not be of any financial gain to the rulers. State owned companies have shown in most countries that it brings forth more poverty and much less taxes.

  155. Only a Black African is African says

    Written by me:

    Did the so called “whites” compensate native Black Africans from whom they stole land from?

    No!….. End of debate.

    Unless the land, where all riches comes from is giving back to Black Africans there will always be racism = white supremacy in Azania and other parts of the continent.

    China is a prime example of what a nation who is “racially”, politically and socially aware can accomplish in less than 50 years. China shut out “white” = albino people from entering China; kicked out the missionaries that promoted the image of a “white” god. Then China developed it’s infrastructure, agriculture and educational institutions under one thought, the People are the government and the government shall serve the peoples interest.

    China had played the word game with racist white man and racist white woman and had decided that it was like talking to people who” had forked tongue”. (The albinos are very skilled deceivers).

    Not one African need be “fare” to inbred mutant albinos. All contracts or treaties with this group need not be honored. It is now just a matter of figuring out how Black Africans can accomplish the expulsion of mutant inbred albinos from the continent, financially and physically, since, they have a massive war machine in Europe and America that is built to keep them in a position of unnatural power. All Africans have seen African nations who leaders have decided to break the hold of European hegemony, some have died and their people have suffered but this should in no way discourage us, because our fight for Black liberation is a just war.

    Now is China perfect, no, but Black Africans can learn a lot from China’s mistakes as well as our own as a race family, indeed, we are the original and only fully human template and have been on this earth for more than 3,000,000 years (I do not believe in evolution, “white” propaganda) we deserve to avenge are forefathers and our continual oppression by the white global minority.

    Nevertheless, what has helped China become a nation that no “white” nation dare attack (sanctions or bombs) is it’s racial exclusivity and self and group respect. While they are “whites” in China as we speak, within 24hours they can be sent packing back to Europe.

    As for Malema, I hope he does not turn out to be a disappointment as Zuma has become but does it matter? Native Africans across the planet are realizing that white people are the problem and we are thinking with clear heads as to how to deal with them, as the Great Malcolm X said, “by any means necessary”.

  156. Mzu you’re a cockroach if i’m a reptile you bloody cockroach. And secondly blacks in SA today stole the land from the Khoisan and killed their people. Did you compensate them? No so you are also unwelcome invaders. So invaders were invaded. It’s a spinning circle. Innocent victims my butt. Dr. Frances Cress Wesling is a crazy lady writing a lot of things because she liked writing. Doesn’t mean its educational. If the white argues like the blacks this is our country and the blacks are not welcome here. But that will be a ridiculous argument. Cling to history and be stuck in it. And China is successful at the moment because of western countries financially helping them. A better example would be the rest of Africa. And Egyptians and upper African people are not black so I do not know how you formulate your argument

  157. “Only a Black African is African” Did you compensate the Khoi and San people when you stole their land from them? Were you able to develop the mineral resources of this country with your technological achievements? No. You needed the wheel first. Did you develop the industrial base of this country? No. You did not know how. Just think where you would have been had those terrible whites never come here. Running round in skins, living in mud huts and playing mefecane. And if you don’t believe in evolution perhaps you believe the earth is flat and the moon is made of cheese

  158. And blacks around the world are not realizing whites are the problem. Only the blacks in South-Africa and Zimbabwe thinks so so don’t know where you get your statistics.

  159. Meyneso. The catastrophe of humanity has been the negroid people. The only way they achieve anything is by taking it from the caucasians and mongoloids. Thats why they have to talk of “Africans” so as to include the caucasian scholars of Timbuktu and North Africa

  160. My hubby and I had a good laugh at all the comments. My ancestors have given me a league of countries to choose from. North Africa, Austria, France and Israel.

  161. Only a Black African is African says

    Black Africans are one people. I wouldn’t regard any history book that Europeans have writen to be accurate.

    All the other statements were delusional and not worth responding to.

    Remember African people, white people are the enemy, stay focused, they are the enemy. They are a jealous, trashy, tacky ,trifiling and terroistic mutant inbred albino fixed “race”.

    Even Arthur Schopenhauer, an admitted racist even said:

    “Further, the consideration as regards complexion is very definite. Blondes prefer absolutely dark persons or brunettes, but only rarely do the latter prefer the former. The reason for this is that fair hair and blue eyes constitute a variation, almost and abnormality, analogous to white mice (albino mice), or at least to white horses (albino horses). In no other quarter of the globe, not even in the vicinity of the poles, are they indigenous (important word for all the so called real Swedes), but only in Europe; and they have obviously come from Scandinavia.

    Incidentally…………I here express my opinion that a white colour in the skin is not natural to man, but that by nature he has a black or brown skin, just as had our forefathers the Hindus; consequently, a white human being has never sprung originally from the womb of nature, and therefore there is no white race……. however much this is talked about, but every white human being is bleached.”

    Arthur Schopenhauer, the World as Will and Representation,” Page 547

    If you need genetic citations, let me know.

    Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has cited this as the core and base reason why so called whites practice racism (“white” supremacy), they secretly desire to have colour.

  162. LOL OBAA has finally reached a point where he can no longer defend himself logically so has descended to diversion to at least say something. Too bad its only more of illogical mumbling and about that crazy woman. Also it’s not European…it was found in your history so now you are a white man, what a contradiction and irony. Then you should stop speaking against your own people then and rather try to contribute something. Then again it doesn’t help arguing with a blind person about seeing anything.

  163. Also it was proven that brunettes want to become blond more than blondes brunette, once again your statistics is made up by yourself like the rest of your arguments

  164. pietpompies says

    Wonkie, Reading through this claptrap above – it is hate speech, derogatory and and irresponsible things said of the highest order. This attitude of mudslinging etc. will get us ( blacks and whites and all the other colours in between) no where! Will some one with some sense not come forward and write/ give some direction. But then again such a person will not want to lower him/herself to this level. To all those who wrote above please engage in healthy constructive debate!

  165. And strange enough no whites have taken up an african lifestyle yet thousands and even millions on black have seen the light and have taken up western lifestyles so once again you contradict yourself

  166. Africans are their own biggest enemy, although I know some awesome black people so it’s more based on the individual than the colour. Just like ignorant white people that doesn’t want to listen to logical reasoning. To all those black people, it’s a privilege and a pleasure to know people like you and it is such people that will lead this country to a prosperous time

  167. Only a Black African is African says

    Black African people remember, so called white people = inbred mutant albinos are the problem.

    We must problem solve now, as to how to get rid of them, they are a parasitic, jealous, trashy, tacky ,trifiling and terroistic mutant inbred albino fixed “race”.

    Want proof:

    Indeed “It’s been known for years that all non-Africans are descended from a small group, perhaps only a few dozen individuals, who left the continent between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago.

    But the Cornell study, published in the journal Nature Thursday, indicates that Europeans went through a second “population bottleneck,” probably about 30,000 years ago, when the ancestral population was again reduced to relatively few in number.

    The doubly diluted genetic diversity has allowed “bad” mutations to build up in the European population, something that the more genetically varied African population has had more success in weeding out.”

    Read the entire study


    We are dealing with a group that is so screwed up in the head that they actually take pleasure in other peoples sorrow. They are very, very, very dangerous. Make no mistake about. But nature has chosen them for extinction, yet, they may try to take the whole planet with them, thus we must think of ways as to how we can get rid of them.

    Remember Black African people, so called white people = inbred mutant albinos, less than 1/10th of the world population are the problem, world wide.

  168. Only a Black African is African says

    I don’t believe in evolution, remember it’s a theory, also, I don’t believe in a “white god” who looks down from the heavens and takes notes of who has been naughty or nice. Thus, please refrain, as many so-called “whites” do, of insisting that so called evolution is a fact so as to ignore your true origins.

    I believe a better theory of how humans diversified would be that all other “races” are but diluted variations of the Black African man and woman, whom came out of Africa and populated the earth in waves. Some of their offspring, whom the Black man and women had were albinos (humans with no melanin), these albinos were shunned and exiled from the continent as well as families.

    Please read the Cornell Study that I have already posted above.

    Europeans (so called whites) utilize a huge amount of deception and confusion so as to convince themselves, their victims or anyone else that will listen that they are the epitome of the human species, when it is obvious with anyone whom has two eyes, that this can not be true: For example, there is no biological advantage for someone to have skin that has little too no melanin, none. Indeed, it is a disadvantage (skin cancer). Also, most of the genetic diseases known to man are developed by the so-called white race. (Don’t make me list them since it will make many of you very sad)

    So called “white” people need to become more comfortable with their color deficiency as well as their minority status on the planet, “whites” are less than 1/10 of the world population. This is what I believe as well as other Black scientist as well as some Europeans who wish to tell the truth is the core reason for their behavior (racism).

    The core problem the earth is facing is the inadequacy of the so-called white race. Yet, it seems as if the “white race itself will kill itself off. With dwindling numbers and the lost of its greatest weapon (disinformation) all but demolished, the so called white species will be spoken of in books in the future, which will focus on what they were and how fast they checked out.

    Finally, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing is genius and only a deceiver and liar would call her work not credible.

    Oh! Please tell me whom a monkey, ape, or orangatun resembles; inverted lips, lanky hair, hairy bodies……

    Hamba kahle

  169. Only a Black African is African true white people make up only 9% of the world population and black people make up 12%. I’m not going to argue anymore. You are entitled to your opinion and your beliefs. And I could start mocking black people and even black people jokes and start a debate on black people skins. You base most of your work on Dr. Frances Cress Welsing which is still not credible in my opinion. Her statistics lacks accuracy and credibility but if you like her work then go for it. White people invaded South Africa and black people invaded South Africa so I don’t see your point. Just ignorance and refusing to acknowledge hard facts. But go well and wish you all the best. If white people will be removed from SA then so be it and if black will be removed by western countries then so be it. We will see. Maybe we will be one big happy family and eat McDonald’s and KFC with you mutant white albinos…like the HULK…only white

  170. Only a Black African is African says

    There is definitely not going to be a truce on my end. You just don’t want to get along when your people are dying. Black African people need to chase so called white people = inbred mutant albino and their systems out of Africa. Black people must understand that So called “white” people have a sophisticated psyche of evil. They travel the world violently taking land, mineral resources and human resources. The majority of these so called “white” people = inbred mutant albinos are afraid of genetic annihilation, but they are afraid to admit it in public

    As for the Black population world wide: 200 to 300 million Afrikans live in Southern India, called Tamils or Dravidians.- They are the largest group of Afrikans living outside the continent. The second largest group of Afrikans living outside the continent is in Brazil- approx. 125 million.

    The 3rd largest group of Afrikans living outside the Motherland resides in the United States. The number of Afrikans living in America is estimated at between 35 & 50 million. There are over 1 billion Africans on the continent of Africa alone. World wide population of Black Africans is close to 40%.

    Black people, being the original genetic template, are the only fully normal people on the planet.

    Some of the earliest works in hieroglyphs (Medu Neter) were created by the Nubians. Wherever you find large numbers of independent Black people, you find advanced communication, transportation, political systems, art, economics, spirituality and social structure.

  171. It is not quantity that is important but Quality. God created all not just the whites as Obaa tries to say . Many blacks in fact all our black brothers and sisters serve the LORD joyfully. Do not be misled any longer and remember people can write what they like but they can NEVER EVER change the fact that GOD IS REAL, LOVE, COMPASSION AND FULL OF MERCY. One person with GOD is by far in the majority. If you want to play with statistical numbers the evil is outnumbered 2 -1 One third of evil dwelling on earth and 2 thirds in heaven under the commands of GOD, The Word of God tells us in the last days people will mock and scoff and say where is your GOD. This has been told to us many many centuries ago and everthing that is in HIS WORD until this day has become true and accurate. Division and any form of hate is directly out of hell. Love. compassion, honesty, self control, obedience, and real JOY is from the LORD. Pity that you are so bitter and find all sort of human actions to blame but self examination seems to be absent. Your words can not be taken as any form of truth as it has no blessing in it. Only the peacemakers shall be God’s children. So shy away from all this human trash and turn to GOD who can change not just your ways and heart but also your eternal destiny. Remember hell has no fire escape , no army to protect you and is for ever and ever

  172. The only African is a Black African, you are not only totally wrong, you are the worst type of racist pig along with Mzu you remind me of the worst of Voerwoerd and the unholy apartheid regime. Such racial hatred spaerked the Nazi regime and their gas chambers, is this what you want beacause it will lead to disater and will not solve any single problem of SA.

  173. Hi Garth, it is so tragic that some are turning this blog into a verbal war. No wonder my husband OLD Fashion stopped receiving this as he said it brings forth filthy contamination. To repremand the stubborn is not going to help them at all as they seem to be under permanent hipnosis which has resulted into permanent spiritual blind and deafness. May the GOOD LORD forgive them and have mercy on their souls as they surely do not know what they are doing.

  174. Amazing how many Black people are spewing insults,Hate and racists remarks on this supposed to be JOKES Blog.
    It just shows me that they have a serious inferiority complex and Non Self worth issues.
    Cant blame them as they have a very good reason to have this Complex.(Intelligence and no sense of Responsibility)(I WANT! I WANT!,, Give me,Give me , Begging continuously with CUPPED Hands as always)
    a Beggars Race INDEED.

  175. You are just crazy Boerkie.

  176. AArrgghhh!!! I’ve been exposed! my “pigmentally” challenged psyche is in disarray! I’ve been living a lie! I had no idea that every waking (and possibly sleeping) moment I’ve been plotting, scheming and colluding with some nefarious, sinister psycho-social pigment aligned movement for the advancement of said pigment group and the subjugation of all others…

    I will leap off the nearest rooftop the fist chance I get…. I wonder how we communicate??? Telepathy maybe, possibly that is another genetic mutation?
    Perhaps if I concentrate hard enough I can convince all the other “pigmentally” challenged to join me in a mass roof jump… after all, we are the only ones who like to “parachute” etc etc… lemmings anyone?

    It appears that all one has to do to argue and prove something is to state it’s a FACT and it automatically is so…. oh boy! Need I say more…

  177. Show me some one that is not crazy,we all are but not as crazy as you and your Hatred.

  178. Mzu, Nkosi, MoAfika et al….. Malema makes some strident and obvious observations and raises obvious problems and short comings in the present system and in SA with the largely sidelined poor (and oft young) majority. The problems are evident for all to see and a major short fall in our young democracy. You will not find many (don’t believe for one moment that the purile racist bile spewed on this forum is any indication what the majority of SA’s of all races think) who do not agree that we have tremendous challenges facing us in this country and something has to be done and fast.

    Most agree and they major difference is in this ways to address the issues and problems before us.

    A natural desire to “repatriate” that “taken” through segregation and enslavement policies etc etc blah blah is an understandable reaction for some people who have little understanding of economics, history (not revisionist black or white supremacy crap that is referred to in some posts here) and indeed psychology (as a (pseudo)science and not the baseless inferential rantings of some supremacist authors..).

    The problem lies at the heart of the assumption that removing assets and redistributing them will suddenly reinvent the country and bring prosperity for all. You see, the FACT is that wealth is not simply a collection of assets and being “given” something; wealth is a process of acquisition that results from personal choices, skills acquired and expertise sought, hard work…, sacrifice…., and TIME….!!

    There are better ways but the truth of the matter is all will take time (truth is most of these hungry unemployed poor will never be wealthy in this lifetime – but depending on the integrity and honesty of the government – they could improve their lot and help grow the country and the economy and forever change their children’s lives…). Unfortunately Ju Ju doesn’t understand wealth “creation” because all his relative wealth has been acquired through patronage and tenders etc. not through his hard work, sweat and diligence… ergo his adherence to archaic policy that will put SA down the tubes so fast that the poor will, after a few years’ partying, suddenly realise what it is like to be TRULY poor…. of course by then it will be too late and the patronage power politics will be in full force to ensure that no one can alter the status quo of the all powerful ruling elite ala the good ship zimBOBwe…

  179. Yep phred, hopefully the SAWP party will come to pass.
    Shuddup and Work Party. Many are green with envy by watching others gaining by hard work and in stead of stopping to watch and do the same they obviously find it easier to cast insults and blame the hard workers of theft while they in effect are doing the stealing by wanting to take that which is not lawfully their own as they did not work for it. Rightfully the previous regime was wrong by not allowing them to work and that could have contributed to their backwardness. Now the current regime is doing it in reverse so it keeps on being an unjust circus. This will and can only stop when everybody puts their hearts, minds and souls in a constructive mode to make it better not just for themselves but for everybody living in this country. The poverty is bad and hurts when one sees it but how can an old person with no pension and doing most work voluntary without any compensation as we do not expect the needy who have nothing to pay for help. If I could I would turn every squatter camp into a decent living haven and is desperately trying. The few that we do help is only a drop in the ocean and remains a big concern.

  180. Phred I battle to get your point here all I can see is a white men apologists. What hard work do you want from blacks now. Blacks are doing everything and the whites are reaping the profits if you study your Marxism carefully. So I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

  181. OBAA, Mzu, Boerkie, together with Fatboy and Jimmy are all wrong, making an issue of race to determine policy and the future has faulty logic.. Ask the question What is Race? and how do you assign race? The Apartheid regime tried to do that and failed. What we need to understand is that whether officially, or personally we cannot. All people are one species known as Homo Sapiens, we are all genetically similar, none of us are specifically different to become another species. Race is simply an adaptation to a number of stimuli the most significant of these is sunlight and our ability to absorb vitamin D. The more sunlight the more we produce melanin which darkens our complexion and protects us from sunburn, the less sunlight the paler we become so that we can absorb whatever sunlight might be around. To discriminate on this basis is not only absurd it is also unscientific. Due to the constant and ongoing migration of people certain communities over timt will become lighter and others will become darker. Due to factors such as the great Ice Ages and the subsequent thaw there is evidence that white people as we know them did not exist around 12000 years ago. Albinism is a deficiency of melanin which is problematic for albinos who live a life of discrimination and should not be insulted by OBAA. There are other factors that affect race such as hair type or eye colour including mutations that became established (the eye fold of the Chines, Japanese and other orientals is presumed to be a mutation that originated with one person in distant antiquity). What divides us is not race it is Ethnicity which is a combination of factors that lead us to conclude who we are. Race, Language, Religion, Location, Occupation, Origin are just a few. A Zulu for instance would typically be Black, Lives or used to live in Kwa Zulu, and would speak a dialect of Nguni known as Zulu. Over time he would have also acquired cultural characteristics that further define his ethnicity. In amny cases people of different ethnicity live in the same place and therefore live in a multi-ethnic society such as we have in South Africa and which the previous regime tried to divide. We see this type of division between Israel and Palestine, both of whom should know better. Therefore while racism is both untenable and evil so is xenophobia. While OBAA wants all the whiteys to go back to Europe that si extreme xenophobia, racism and discriminatory. He talks of the African Diaspora which is gaining ground as more blacks migrate to better economic opportunities or as refugees. Firstly the Dravidians of whom thr Tamils are part. Have been in Southern India for at least 12000 years and there is evidence that Tamils had a written language 7000 years ago. They are not Africans except if they live in Africa. The Tamils also have a civilisation that is the oldest on Earth. OBAA must get his history right. As for the African Diaspora which had its origins in Slavery, Escape from conflict and search for a better life I am sure that none of them want to return to Africa, same as we do not want to return tt what OBAA thinks is our rightful home. OBAA also needs to learn about Africa he states that wherever you find large numbers of independent Black people, you find advanced communication, transportation, political systems, art, economics, spirituality and social structure. Who does he think he is kidding, Africa is a political and economic mess because people like OBAA and Mzu have cannot overlook their prejudices.

  182. One wise once posed a question which said”If someone beats you up with a sjambok what do you do? Do you beat the sjambok which made contact with you or do you deal with the person who operated the sjambok?” This question is broad if you want it to be. So now putting it in this context…..For the problems that blacks find themselves in now….Do they try and abolish capitalism and its institutions or do they deal with the creator of the problems which is a white men? This is open to everyone for the debate.

  183. Mzu you must ask those in power who have become big capitalists with all their corruption money. The theory on capitalist is 100% correct but there are many that exploit it. That counts for all races not just whites. Mugabi has millions stacked in Malaysia and so has many others ask them why? not us who purely work intensively to keep head above water as the majority of our citizens are. You do not hear us complaining because we are grateful that we are able to help ourselves and not to depend on others.

  184. Then go and work nicely in motherland Europe. Please don’t tell me about hardworking that excludes the foundation of the previledges you have just because of the colour of your skin. You are white and is a beneficiary of Apartheid / colonialism. Live with that.

  185. Mzu Mzu Mzu Mzumzumzumzumzumzu….. kinda catchy innit? Are you referring to my 1st post – which had a hint of sarcasm… DUH! – or the 2nd which was factual and to the point. Either way, your inability to fathom what I am saying speaks volumes and more eloquently than your ponderous drivel posting for your intellectual capacity.

    For me, I will continue to assist the 100’s of young black entrepreneurs who I assist and mentor and engage with the 50 million plus highly intelligent black, white, coloured, indian, pink, blue, etc. etc. (forgive me if I have excluded anyone) South Africans and try to make a positive difference in this country. You and the few miserable, cretinous racists, bigots, fascists etc. that post regularly on this forum and others like it, purporting to represent specific groups when they are in fact a majority of 1, I will ignore. Peace 😉

  186. Only a Black African is African says


    There you go again, lying and spreading opinion and not facts.
    White people are white because they are inbred mutant albinos.

    Whites cannot reproduce anything but themselves! Through powerful propaganda and indoctrination we have been completely oblivious to what having white skin really means. We have been skillfully mislead to believe that white skin is mankind’s anthropological model and should be coveted. However, recent research paints a picture of white skin that is just the antithesis of what we have been brainwashed to believe. The polar bear analysis that was done by the Discovery Channel helps prove my point. If you shave the hair off a polar bear, the skin beneath is black. In nature the skin of the polar bear is black to absorb as much heat and light as possible to keep the arctic animal warm in its environment. It is also true for the Eskimo (Inuit). Human adaptation remains an insufficiently studied part of climate and climate change. Scientists have tried for years to prove that the environment was responsible for altering heredity.

    Eskimos have brown skin. Eskimos have broad, flat noses. Africans have brown skin. Africans have broad, flat noses. Scientific studies have reported that people are dark because they live near the equator—not because they are Negroid or have a Negroid admixture. There are repeated arguments made by anthropologists when referring to Arabs being brown in color because of the equalitarian closeness. So what about the brownness of skin that occurs in mankind who live the furthest from the equator—the Artic? Also, the Eskimos’ nose shape does not work to explain temperature-dependencies. Broad, flat noses are more beneficial in hot environments—Oh really!

    Scientifically speaking, Black objects absorb heat very well and also emit heat very well. If heat wasn’t emitted at the same rate as was is absorbed, the black object would just get hotter and hotter until it melted. A black beaker cools down much faster than a shiny beaker that does not absorb or emit heat well at all. That is why snow does not melt in cold weather even when the sun is falling directly on it. All of the incident light energy is reflected away and none (or very little) is absorbed.

    If black absorbs heat and light and white reflects it, how can we say that white people are adapted more to cold environments than warm? That insinuation that white skin is a result of environmental adaptation is the same orthodox dogma that we have been spoon fed for generations, however when subjected to scientific scrutiny it doesn’t hold water. Reports FALSELY SUGGESTED that Senegalese troops during World War I and Ethiopian troops during the Korean War showed higher rates of frostbite and frozen feet in the African soldiers than their European counterparts. The laboratory work of the researchers also suggested that black skin tissue was more prone to cold injury; however white skin also exhibited some damage. After further research the following was indicated: It was SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that samples of black skin tissue were less vulnerable to cold damage than the lighter European tissue. This does not sound indicative of white skin being more suitable to cold climates.

    Caucasians have a higher concentration of enzyme inhibitors that suppress melanin production, according to Halprin & Ohkawara, 1966. White people also have calcified pineal glands. You may ask how does this imply that white skin is a genetic defect…..The pineal gland secretes melatonin, which activates the pituitary to release M.S.H. (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone). It is in the melanocytes that melanin (Greek “melas”=black) is produced. Melanin is somewhat analogous to chlorophyll in plants. What a lot of people don’t realize is that melatonin is also related to fertility. Those with pigmented skin have the highest counts of melanocytes in the genitalia and nipples. The pigmentation in these areas can be influenced by sex hormones like estrogens and androgens. During pregnancy, the nipples, face, and abdominal wall become darkened. These areas of increased pigmentation during pregnancy are due to the increase in the production of estrogens.

    Anthropologists try to account for the fact that the genitalia are darker by suggesting that protection is needed against ultraviolet radiation damage, and has been thus evolved through natural selection. This means that protection of the genitalia against forces that may prevent reproduction was needed. Similarly, in this view, the pigmentation of the nipples during pregnancy would be a defense against ultraviolet radiation damage to the nipples. Supposedly, this type of protection would be needed while breast-feeding during the early evolution of humans in Africa. According to Robins, 1991, darker pigmentation found in the genitals, may have evolved for the “protection of reproductive capacity”, in that the pigmentation protects gametes within the genitalia from ultraviolet radiation damage. This is a direct result of why white people have the lowest birthrates of all people on the planet and are going extinct. Their melanin deficiency is why their reproduction system does not work as efficiently as it should.

    Whites attribute their failure of reproduction to behavioral or societal reasons. However, the reason is more a biological one. Melanin is present at the inception of life: A Melanin sheath covers both the sperm and the egg! In the human embryo, the melanocytes (skin pigment cells), brain and nerve cells all originate from the same place; the neural crest. Melanocytes resemble nerve cells and are essential for conveying energy. When Melanin is missing or insufficient in the ectoderm of the early embryo (blastula), this causes the mother to lose her baby; in the case of whites, a defective baby is produced, and over time, through inbreeding, wears down the already pathetically low levels of melanin. Reproduction stops altogether and virtual infertility is the end result.

    As far as vitamin D metabolization, white people have the lowest bone density of all people on the planet. The skin is supposed to convert sunlight to Vitamin D because of 7-Dehydrocholesterol. However, white people reflect the sunlight so that the body compensates by depleting calcium from their bones. It makes whites more susceptible to kidney stones than any other race of people. The depletion of bone mass is responsible for their low bone density. It is widely regarded that black people have the strongest bones of all people from infancy to old age.

    Melanin has been proven to not only refine the human reproductive system and nervous system, but melanin also plays an important part in sight and hearing. Blue eyes are simply eyes that lack melanin. Blue eyes are more sensitive to sunlight and do not process light or produce sight as efficiently as brown eyes. Isn’t it funny how many people place divine qualities with blue eyes that are nothing but genetically defective?

    Melanin is also said to be linked with hearing. Melanocytes are present in the inner ear, the eye, and in the membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord. It has been demonstrated that melanin deposits in these areas are proportional to the amount of melanin found in the skin. These areas of the body, similar to the skin, are exposed to high-energy free radicals that can damage the surrounding cells, and thus causes a lower threshold for hearing. Evidence shows that black people, on average, hear better than whites, and that within both races, women surpass men. A partial explanation of the differences may lie in the abundance in the inner ear of melanin pigments. Also, numerous studies have found that people with light eye colors, such as blue, green, and hazel are more vulnerable to hearing damage than are people with black or brown eyes.

    The late renowned Anthropologist, Dr. Margaret Meade, in an experiment with indigenous Australians, Black Melanesian Islander children and white Anglo-Saxon children in the US, revealed that the “memory bank” of black children was greater and their “instant recall ability” from memory, outstanding. She, like most renowned researchers, concluded that black children have a deeper memory bank and hence higher IQ than their counterpart European and American Biochemists have attributed this great phenomenon to ‘neuro-melanin’ – a chemical responsible for black.

    In his book, “The Chemical Key to Black Greatness” American Biochemist, Carol Barnes, described melanin as, “a civilizing chemical that acts as a sedative to help keep the black human calm, relaxed, caring, creative, energetic and civilized”. Research also revealed that melanin enables black skin to actively interact with the sun, to produce Vitamin D from a biochemical substance, 7- dehydrocholesterol. The study also detected that, melanin has spiritual dynamics as well as physical, since it acts as a sensory ‘receptor’ and ‘transmitter’; communicating with cosmic energy fields in the vast universe converting light energy to sound energy and back. Dr. Richard King, MD, stated that, “melanin, by its ability to capture light and hold it in a memory mode, reveals that blackness converts light into knowledge”.

    With all of this information, we can plainly see that melanin is ESSENTIAL for the efficient performance of all of the body’s natural functions. It seems a little ironic, that white people deem themselves genetically superior with the oxymoron of white supremacy. There is nothing supreme about a genetic defect. White people are merely mutated inbred albinos. This alone adds credence to them being an inferior stock. To feel better about themselves they develop totally senseless propaganda to flatter them and to make they feel better about their genetic condition at the expense of people of color. The doll test, where it has been reported that both white kids and black kids prefer WHITE dolls is solely out of ignorance, that I have termed “centuries of BRAINWASHARY.” It has clearly been shown that white skin is actually indicative of albinism. Albinism is a genetic defect. Who in their right mind would prefer a genetically defective condition to one that is Nature’s normal and has been proven more efficient?

    This is why we need to continue our crusade to decolonize the minds of the original genetic template (black people) to see through the nonsense propagated by white people to flatter themselves. Total ignorance can be fought with knowledge. A more recent tactic white people use to appease themselves is the “Implicit Association Test.” They have devised a means to make it seem as though white people are supposed to be the most desirable people on the planet and that everyone wants to be like them and be around them. If you can see through the nonsense, then you will know what I mean. Would you want to be around a bunch of paranoid genetic defects with psychological problems and with intermittently inferior genes? In a nutshell, black people, being the original genetic template are the only fully NORMAL people on the planet. White people are albinos (recessive genetic defects) and other ethnicities are merely admixtures in between.

    Always remember these points, and you should never have to hold your head down to any recessive genetic defects. All phenotypes exist within the black family. Asian people are only the semi-recessive descendants of their ancestors who were a black African tribe with slanted eyes. White people are the albinos of a specific group of Africans and have inherited those people’s phenotypes. They try to imply that their phenotypes were originally theirs and that if you see people of African descent with these features, they inherited them from white people. Nothing is further from the truth. Blacks are the genetic parents. Remember, whites cannot reproduce anything else but themselves. They cannot reproduce genetic material they don’t have…. melanin. Therefore, they cannot reproduce us, but we can reproduce them and all others in humanity.

    This should also convince you that all of the great civilizations from antiquity had to be started by us. White people with their recessive genes and poorly refined reproductive systems, could not have lasted that long, seemingly that they are disappearing faster than anything now. Breeding with us, or breeding without us.

  187. hahahahaahahahaha it’s a classic joke Phred. Good luck on your capitalistic economic empowerment, I wish we could all be entrepreneurs but hey…….can we do so if the multinational corprorations are monopolising every aspect of the business industry. You cannot be economically empowered if you do not produce, you will just be incorporated in a distribution chain of these multinationals. That is the reality.

  188. Endorphins are the chemical reaction which eliminates depression and has nothing to do with skin color. The more endorphins the happier one becomes.
    There were scientists that prooved that theory wrong and I will find it and post it as soon as I find it again. The dna has also prooved that wrong.

  189. Mzu, inadvertently you have stumbled upon the truth – though not realised the implications thereof… You are correct, we cannot all be entrepreneurs… Here’s the rub; globally, entrepreneurs make up only 10% of the population on average (doesn’t mean they are more intelligent, driven as opposed to lazy etc.). I will not go into a thesis on the nature of entrepreneurs/entrepreneurial action as most are well articulated and easy to read up on. The results of the TEA (Total Entrepreneurial Activity) studies and reports (administered in SA through UCT business school by masters graduates as their thesis) shows SA to be very low down globally (though we have a fairly high level of “survivalist entrepreneurial activity” – e.g. someone who buys sweets, etc from a wholesaler and sells them at a taxi rank and reinvests the cost to buy more and uses the profit to buy their basic needs. This is different from classical entrepreneurship which seeks to create a surplus and grow and reinvests profits in this; however, the desire shown buy these survivalist entrepreneurs are some of the characteristics that are honorable and a prerequisite for success (as opposed to tenderpreneurs and others who sit around bemoaning their lot in life…). The hard part for most people to accept is that globally, only 10% of the population are entrepreneurial (will establish successful ventures & try again if they fail); approximately another 20% will make up senior management /directorships etc, middle and junior management and skilled/scarce resource employees; and the majority = 70% will form the labour, lower skilled, administrative (all these still very productive, valued, highly sought after, as important as anyone in the other two categories); public employees (govt. departments etc – not as highly valued or productive but still necessary for efficient [sic]… functioning of state, politicians (unproductive and useless and should be retroactively aborted; tenderpreneurs, etc (should be shipped off to penal colonies where they are each given a loaf of bread and a coconut per week and they can decide what to do with them…). Capitalism is not a great system, BUT it beats the others hands down. As an aside, the results of the TEA report showed that the Indians in SA are the most entrepreneurial and on average create, the most jobs (16 on average); next were the whites who created on average 15 jobs. Sadly, black entrepreneurs on average only created 3 jobs (personally I believe this is because many fledgling businesses get tenders and outsource – often the entire supply chain/production/delivery etc and they only manage the revenue collection. Hopefully this will change in the near future as the tenderpreneurs are weeded out and the true entrepreneurs rise to the top.

  190. So basically you’re saying it is a self destructive economic policy imposed by white people in Afrika. Because to be precise 256 families globally control the means of production, alienating everyone else from the top of the food chain.

  191. @obaa, evolution has been prooved by many scientists in the last 12 years to be a myth. So is it a myth that whites descent from blacks. It has been scientificaly identified via the latest dna techniques that the human body was created above human intelligence to understand it fully. The body responds to diets, climates, heritable genes, invironmental factors according to the dna that differs on everybody the main ones are from the previous generations and no proof could be found that the white population descents from blacks. Furthermore when people emigrate from a cold to warm country the body has a natural ability to climatise. pending on one’s age the period elongates. DNA sequency is also done on the funtionality of the brain, again which is subject to diet, and evironmental conditions. If you leave a baby in a cot for months with very little attention that childs brain will not develop to full capacity. It will take pages and pages to explain in detail and the terminology is not always easy to translate in our normal vocabulary. So we rest it there. To access the websites you have to be a member of them otherwise you will only get contact info.

  192. Only a Black African is African says

    Okay, I see someone has a problem with reading and comprehending a comment. Evolution is a theory and not true, agreed. However, albinism is a real life mutation of the normal human to a un-melanated sort of human; it’s a viewable and comprehensible phenomenon. “White” scientist have know for years that the so called “white” race is a fixed inbred mutant albino group, yet, they never say so outright. Indeed, It would be hard to ever find inbred mutant albinos as a group telling the truth anywhere throughtout their brief period on this beautiful planet.

    However, the truth has been exposed.

    Does any one need proof, that so called “white” people are inbred mutant albinos headed towards extinction? Here is a clue…..there is a mutation that occurs on the OCA2 gene that causes skin not to produce sufficient amounts of melanin. Look it up. Fear your fear, not the truth.

    Also, The Catholic Church is a Jewish, Freemasonry political movement founded in the Middle Ages (325AD) by Constantine. Black African people should not follow this inbred mutant albino homosexual warrior cult doctrine.

  193. It is true that melanin does take care of pigmentation but albinos hair is never changed it remains a very different tecture and is tight curled.

  194. Forgot to add that we are definitely not catholic they too believe in contacting spirits wich remains spiritualism that is an abomination to GOD and tried their damnest to extinct Christianity.

  195. ouch…. truth hurts. Black Afrikan. If whites could take melanin from us we could’ve been whites and them blacks.

  196. Jeez we have here a misguided argument on origin and race but let us note one important fact. Madiba and the freedom charter both recognize that “South Africa belongs to all who live in it” Therefore race is irrelevant but recognize that the difference in Race does not improve or decrease you potential. And someone must tell OBAA to relearn history. I note from his avatar that he is either worships Fatboy or he sucks up to him. let me remind both OBAA and Mzu that Fatboy is too ignorant and too uneducated to ever be President. For the ANC to allow that would prove them to be fools and would create a another failed state in Africa.

  197. Go to Europe man, stop mumbling about failed states of Afrika. You are the failed creation of Freemasons or the devil. Our states are better than such a genetic failure.

  198. Hi Mzu. I went to the paint shop to get some white paint. I learned that there wer many colours called white but I could not match one to my skin. Therefore I must be non white. What a relief! I am African!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. No-nonsence says

    May I please have a moment of laughter at the ill-informed and misled South-Africans. HAHA!

    Malema in my eyes is a young man who can not clearly think through what message he is giving South-Africans and the world.
    If you look at his goals it is evident it is for he’s own personal gain and the friends working with him in goverment. It raises concern for the economy and the well being of ALL South-Africans no matter what nationality. It is a fact that even youth in this regime are under a false impression of security of their future.

    Youth and South-Africans wake up. You are the puppets of his ”play”.

    They say the future of the county lies in the hands of the youth. hmm now what is he teaching our bright youngsters out there.

  200. Maybe you went to a mental institution and thought you went to a paint shop. You are black then in a mental institution. Aren’t you proud of who you are?

  201. We should all just look at jm in both ways, the only difference between ET and JM was that it was only a very small white minority that supported him the rest of us found him appalling. Hopefully those supporting jm will be able to see through his agenda and modis operanti like we do as we class him in the same category as et.

  202. This vulgar gent by the name of Mzu must wake up. Fatboy will never be president, by the time he gets to even fighting an election cooler and smarter heads will prevail and kick him out of the ANC before he screws up both South Africa and the ANC.
    Please also note Mr Mzu and OBAA, whites will be in South Africa for all of our lifetimes, live with it or go to the Jungles of the Congo.

  203. You are just a crazy men Garth. We will have to wait and see about that.

  204. I’ve heard enough of you twerps.

  205. Cape Town – Julius Malema, the controversial ANC Youth League leader, paid R78 000 in cash for a three-day frolic with five friends at the “colonial” and ultra-luxurious five-star Royal Malewane next to the Kruger National Park.

    His luxury adventure occured shortly before his re-election as ANCYL president three week’s ago in an election campaign which saw him repeatedly sell himself as a champion of the poor.

    The news comes on the heels of reports that he has also recently enjoyed a fine holiday in Italy and that he has flattened a R3.6m Bedfordview home to build another one.

    Malema and the management of the Royal Malewane, located in the famous private Thornybush Game Reserve adjoining the Kruger National Park, refused to comment on the visit.

    However, Media24 Investigations has confirmed with five sources with direct knowledge that the Malema visit occured. Three sources confirmed that the bill was settled in cash.

    Media24 Investigations understands Malema and his group of friends were invited by a therapist who works at the luxury spa at the lodge.

    The therapist, whose name is known to Media24 Investigations, is also a girlfriend of one of Malema’s close friends.

    Employees of the lodge get free nights there as part of their benefits and Malema was invited to spend a night for free. He paid for himself and his five friends to stay on for three nights altogether.

    It is uncertain how many of the people in his group a free night remained.

    Lodge insiders said the Malema entourage did “the normal tourist things”, such game drives, luxury picnics and spa treatments.

    The advertised cost per person per night sharing is almost R11 000.

    When Malema settled the bill on behalf of the group, the administrative staff’s eyes widened when he presented them with R78 000 in cash.

    All liars

    Malema himself was tight-lipped. Youth League spokesperson Floyd Shivambu said he would not talk to the media and that claims that the trip occured were lies.

    “They are all liars,” he said. He said he had spoken to Malema about the matter and that he had declined to comment to Media24 Investigations.

    Shivambu then told our reporter “fuck you” three times before finally telling him to “fuck off” (see transcript below).

    Juan Pinto, director and general manager of the Royal Malewane, said the lodge’s official policy was not to comment on any guests.

    When asked about the account which was settled in cash, he said any questions about Malema had to be asked of Malema.

    According to the lodge’s advertising material, Malewane is a Big Five destination, boasting a French Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Blazon Award for its restaurant.

    The spa offers a variety of treatments and guests can view wildlife at watering holes just metres away from where they are enjoying their treatment.

    A transcript of the telephone conversation between reporter Jacques Dommisse (JD) and ANC Youth League spokesperson Floyd Shivambu (FS) requesting comment from Malema.

    JD: So, why did you put the phone down?

    FS: Hey?

    JD: Why did you put the phone down?

    FS: Hey man. You are doing a wild goose chase. I say that if you want to go ahead and write, go ahead and write because he won’t speak to you. It never happened, okay? He [Malema] doesn’t want to talk to you.

    JD: Why will you not let me speak to Malema?

    FS: I said he doesn’t want to. Why must he speak to you? He has no obligation to speak to you.

    JD: Because he is a politician.

    FS: Yes, but I said no. You cannot force people to speak to you.

    JD: I don’t understand?

    FS: He will not speak to you. You cannot force someone to speak to you if they do not want to speak to you. He does not want to speak to you. I have just spoken to him.

    JD: How do you know he doesn’t want to speak to me?
    FS: Because I just spoke to him now.

    JD: How do you mean you have just spoken with him? I don’t understand.

    FS: Fuck you.

    JD: Say again?

    FS: I said: “Fuck you”

    JD: Are you swearing at me?

    FS: Yes.

    JD: Why are you doing that?

    FS: What is your problem?

    JD: I have no problem.

    FS: Fuck you. Fuck off, ok.

    JD: Oh, so you now said it for the fourth time?

    FS: Yes.

    JD: Can you please give me a contact number for Julius Malema?

    FS: I don’t want.

    JD. Ok. Thank-you. Goodbye.

    Why my black comrades are so gullible to so easy follow such corrupt people is beyond me. Luckily one’s true colours comes out sometime. Malema is just exploiting the poor to enjoy extravagant holidays.

  206. I just hope that the commentators on this blog took note of what I said about the next two years on one of these blogs. Repeat: The next two years in SA is going to be very very difficult for everybody, it is only the start of it now and is going to get much worse. Many are so disillusioned that they do not care what happens and is preparing to revolt to show their dissatisfaction . What they do not realize is that they caused part of the problem, had they voted differently 10 years ago we would not have been in the situation that we are now. Again if you make the wrong choice you have to bear the consequences and can not blame anybody else.

  207. Sooner or later the wheel will turn as it has in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen where the youth no longer believe the lies or support the policies of the demagogues that lead their countries into extremism, unemployment and a lack of hope. Calls for impractical policies such as land grabs, nationalisation are simply hot words to stir up a multitude to vote for populists that do nothing except spend money that could go to better causes such as improved education, access to justice, and not to the excesses of the party animals of the ANCYL. The youth who support Fatboy and his Fried Chicken consuming morons will one day be let down or be drawn into the grave by the angry and useless words that are spouted and the lack of anything these twits have ever done. The the worm will turn.

  208. @Garth the wheel sure is going to turn before the next election, possibly A N C All Now Collapsed will happen on account of their own doings. We should all rather be part of an integrated society withholding all taxes until the whole corrupted lot is kicked out. Taxes should be paid into a tax account controlled by reputable experienced auditing companies peo as some areas are already doing that with their municipal accounts and it seems to be having the right effect.

  209. Forgot to mention, interest earned on these accounts should go towards uplifting and needs of the poor and needy.

  210. Hi Peace, you should know by now that the reputable experienced auditing houses are either toothless or they function as part of the financial terrorist gangs that want all your money. Otherwise I agree entirely

  211. Shame poor Julius he can not afford to help the other poor , as he has only got R17 Million to build his house in Sandton. Strange years ago youth leaders got no salary they had operate on their own expenses. The communities accommodated them free of charge and provided their transport not the government.

  212. Hitler, Idi, Mussolini, Muammar and Mugabe were charismatic populists when their countries were having hard economic times, just like we are now. People were out of work. They needed jobs. And they came along and rallied the troops. … My fear is that Malema is the same because all he is selling is fear and anger and that’s all Hitler sold. I’m angry and I’m frightened of his hate and what it is driving him to..

  213. We can all rest assured that Malema is not and will not pay for his R16m house It is initially being paid for by someone wanting his patronage. Something that will corrupt him and something we all may end up paying for.

  214. Our last skype chat we had with Peanuts in the USA we spoke about Dalema calling the Americans, blood thirsty killing imperialists. The hosts and sponsors of Peanuts took it with a pinch of salt. They wish he would come to the USA and say it. They reckon his mouth is looking for a punch and that may just be what he will land up getting from his own people he is conning so cunningly. Most our members of our parliament are called foxes. They are the most cunning animal. Peanuts do check on this blog every now and then and the yanks comments are that SA is aiming for the biggest revolution in Africa judging according to the comments. Malema has probably heard some of their comments and his talk was just a response I think. My guts tells me that the big one coming will be between the different black political groups as the Tugela Ferry issue started it years ago and it will soon spread countrywide.
    The killing of an ANC leader in Kwazulu was on account of his principles that did not suit the corrupt he was against corrupt and fraud tender allocations.
    Same as Madonsela we should all give her our utmost support. She deserves a medal for not giving up against the corrupt.

  215. We are a long way from a revolution. The ingredients are just not there, even Fatboy with all his rhetoric is not going to foment a revolution. The population who overwhelmingly voted ANC are not ready. The Military could not fight its way out of a paper bag. And now we have apartheid style tactics to reduce the risk of revolution by the simple method of killing your opponents.

  216. On a recent trip to the United States, Julius Malema, President of the African National Congress Youth League, addressed a major gathering of Red

    He spoke for almost an hour on his plans for South Africa.

    At the conclusion of his speech, the crowd presented him with a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name – Walking Eagle.

    A very chuffed Malema then departed in his motorcade, waving to the crowds.

    A news reporter later asked one of the Indians how they came to select the new name given to Malema.

    They explained that Walking Eagle is the name given to a bird so full of shit that it can no longer fly.

  217. white lite says

    @ MZU – You’ve got the most Evil Darkness almost Satan-like spewing from your Heart.. Turn to God my boy.. For in Him there is Forgiveness and Peace.. For a Harmonized country – (not something you are at all contributing to at the moment)

  218. Thanks white elite for your wise words. Funny enough though is the killing and raping of black people and straight after that GOD. Peace must prevail with whites as masters and blacks as slaves. thanks but no thanx.

  219. Dear Mzu, your comments gives you away and it makes one want to ask you this question, Where do you park your broom when you are not on a witch hunt?

  220. It doesn’t take anything in a person to accept that apartheid paved a way to success for every white citizen in SA. If that is so hard to accept then I wonder where do you park yours? I don’t have to park it because I’m always on the white witch hunt.

  221. The problem with not believing in religion is who does one thank that not all South Africans, black or white, are vile racists like Mzu.

  222. Another problem in not believing in religion, we cannot pray that Fatboy will go to jail for 15 years for graft and corruption

  223. Vile racist like Mzu and Garth the saint. Sounds great man.

  224. Thabiso Kokong says

    Nkosi M you sound like someone who just lost the Bid to become one of the ‘Political Leaders in Mzansi’i still repeat myself Malema can Never be Compeared with Mr. Mandela or Mr Sisulu, you know why? they have Morals, education and they are very wise and whatever they say makes sense. do you know what makes a man? it is not what he says but how he says it, the day the ANC decides to make him the leader of the Country (of which it can never happen) the first thing he will say is ”those whites should all go back to wherever they came from because they are thieves’and wahth did Mr. Mandela say when he became a South African President “South Africa is for all who Live in it Blacks and whites’ i don’t need to go back and make some researches about South African Politics , you know a good leader by seeing one. and have you asked yourself why Pres Zuma did not not retaliate when Zille attacked him ? let me tell you why, çause he is a man of Moral despite his weaknesses in women as a man, he also maintain his Dignity beacause he knows when to say what? but anyway i don’t blame you because you are one of the Evil desciples of the Juju followers whether you believe it or not ‘Where there are Multitutes of words be sure to sin!!(sorry i did not reply on time reason known to me)

  225. [Removed by moderators – inappropriate/ hate speech]

  226. [Removed by moderators – inappropriate/ hate speech]

  227. I dare this website to censore my comment, because then it will prove this website is politically controlled. [Rest of comment of deleted by moderators – racist remarks not contributing to discussion. PS: Wonkie doesn’t care whether you think Wonkie is politically controlled.]

  228. This page is more than one year old. Please take it away.

  229. i have a problem with this Malema issue, Malema this Malema that, until when? Please Wonkie,can we please TAKE MALEMA AND MAKE HIM A PRESIDENT OF THOSE IDIOTS OF LIPOMPO(THE FOLLOWERS), EACH TIME I HEAR OF THIS NAME I FILL LIKE RUNNING AWAY FROM THIS COUNTRY BACK TO MY HOMELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. malema look like small round baboon. and sound like stupid monkey


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