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How to Stop Telemarketers

Stop telemarketers cartoon

Stop telemarketers

Stopping telemarketers in South Africa should be much easier with the Consumer Protection Act, in theory. How the government plans to enforce these laws is another matter.

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Out of box failure – Consumer Protection Act

Vodacom Consumer Protection Act cartoon

Vodacom Consumer Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act is often rendered impotent by dodgy waivers, hard-to-understand legalese, complicated terms and conditions, and pushy sales staff – or is it? Wonkie stresses the importance of getting what you paid for, or what you think you’ve paid for.

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Consumer Act – Know Your Rights!

New Consumer Act 1 cartoon

New Consumer Act 1

South Africa’s new Consumer Protection Act empowers consumers. It is in the consumers best interest to be aware of their rights and to know that they can complain if they feel they have been duped. False advertising and last minute changes when it comes to delivery by suppliers is a no-no!

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