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Obama’s Detroit Bailout cartoon

Detroit bailout cartoon

Detroit bailout

Barack Obama is fighting with George Bush about using some of the multi-billion dollar fund for the bailout for financial institutions to rescue troubled car maker General Motors. George Bush is intent to preserve his legacy as a champion of free trade not realising that he has already firmly left a legacy of a totally […]

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Gordon Brown to lobby for Obama cartoon

Obama meets Brown cartoon

Obama meets Brown

Reading between the lines in the Sunday Times last weekend, Whitehall and diplomatic sources have indicated that Gordon Brown will effectively be acting as Obama’s lackey in Europe. Brown is expected to beg other Nato leaders in Brussels next month to support the USA by dispatching more troops and resources to Afghanistan. Some very unreliable […]

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Bush’s Secret WMD

Bushs-Secret-weapon cartoon


In a confidential meeting on national security, George Bush unveils to Barack Obama the most highly classified US Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) – Chuck Norris. Also see the earlier post for the Whole Truth behind George Bush and Gordon Brown’s first meeting.

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Barack Obama’s initiation cartoon

Obamas Initiation cartoon

Obamas Initiation

Skipped a day yesterday so thought we’d come back with a double-barrel cartoon for a lazy Sunday. While many are familiar with Reagan’s history as an actor and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s terminator background, few realise that George Bush was actually Head Cheerleader while attending Phillips Academy in Andover (close to Boston). Check out Matt Littman’s article […]

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Barack Obama wins the US elections

Barack-wins cartoon


Barack Hussein Obama’s victory signals the end of the longest election campaigns in American history. He will be sworn in as USA’s 44th president in January next year – truly a historic moment as Obama will take the lead as America’s first black president. Obama faces a number of local challenges to start off his […]

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