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Blaming the Legacy of Apartheid – Verwoerd Cartoon

legacy of apartheid cartoon

legacy of apartheid

President Jacob Zuma recently blamed apartheid architect Verwoed for the non-delivery of textbooks in Limpopo. Wonkie wonders how long the lack of accountability and refusal to accept responsibility from the ANC will continue – the answer lies in this article.

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Richard Mdluli case – Corruption Cartoon

richard mdluli case cartoon

richard mdluli case

Richard Mdluli, head of police crime intelligence in South Africa, seems to following suit from Jackie Selebi in terms of draining taxpayer funds whilst simultaneously adding no value. Wonkie’s guest author examines the security situation in South Africa and what needs to be done going forward to remedy this situation and prevent similar ones from arising in the future.

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Trade Unions, Labour Law and Economic Growth

Cosatu and trade unions cartoon

Little Lerato cartoon about Trade Unions and Economic Growth

Trade Unions like COSATU and South Africa’s restrictive labour law are often cited as reasons for poor economic development at grass roots level. Is this really the case? How can both these factors be better employed to facilitate job creation?

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