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What will happen when Nelson Mandela dies?

Nelson Mandela Health scare cartoon

Nelson Mandela Health scare

Nelson Mandela is 92 and frail. His recent health scare which was badly managed from a public point of view had South Africa in a panic – but what will really happen when Mr Mandela dies? Will South Africa collapse into total chaos?

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The Golden Scr3w Awards Ceremony

golden screw award cartoon

golden screw award

The prestigious annual Golden Scr3w award ceremony was hosted by none other than the angelic Paris Hilton. Every year hopeful despots, leaders and media companies from all over the world gather in some famous location to nostalgically recollect whom they’ve scr3wed over in the last year. Mr Robert Mugabe is in one of those ‘always […]

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Paris Hilton only slept with 2 men

Paris Hilton 2 men cartoon

Paris Hilton 2 men

Possibly following suit from South African politics, the name-slinging between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan appears to have stopped – for now. The name slinging began with Paris calling Lindsay firecrotch. Lindsay promptly retaliated with an insult and also called Paris a coke head. Fortunately, they stopped short of calling each other snakes, pigs and other assorted farm animals. Paris said “I saw her a [click for more…]

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Day of Reconciliation Concert

Day of Recon cartoon

Day of Recon

In a massive show of solidarity and appreciation of all the challenges facing the modern world, prominent international leaders met today to perform a perfectly choreographed song. Proceeds from record sales will be donated to Mr Robert Mugabe‘s International Save the Children fund. Michael Jackson regrettably could not attend.

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Calling the Joes of America

Calling-the-Joes of America cartoon

Calling-the-Joes of America

Bringing you the latest in world news and the occassional celebrity gossip in comic form. Cartoons created courtesy of JustOneSite dating Please drop a comment with your thoughts and ideas – it would be great to hear from you!

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