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South African 2009 election results

South Africa election results cartoon

South Africa election results

In a nutshell, the ANC won the South African 2009 elections by a significant margin, as expected. They did not get their 2/3 majority with a final tally of 65.9% of the national vote. Julius Malema will be disappointed – possibly as disappointed as many South African were that the Julius Malema Nando’s ad was […]

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South African 2009 election Voters Guide

SA voters guide 2009 cartoon

SA voters guide 2009

Wonkie is surprised how simple the choices are for the the 2009 South African elections. If you are (a) happy with the status quo, or (b) have anything to gain from the ANC being in power – be it a potential job (a la Barbara Hogan) or power (a la Tokyo) make sure you vote […]

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DA-Cope Hope – Cartoon

DA Cope hope cartoon

DA Cope hope

This cartoon follows from an earlier post asking if would you vote for a DA-Shikota alliance. It seems South Africa is ready for a change given yesterday’s by-election poll results in the Western Cape. Cope, whose candidates ran as independents because its name is not registered with the IEC as yet, ate significantly into the […]

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Zuma addresses American Chamber of Commerce

Zuma ACoC cartoon

Zuma ACoC

Late last week Jacob Zuma addressed the American Chamber of Commerce at their annual Thanksgiving dinner. An excerpt of his speech is quoted below: Ladies and gentlemen, the election of President-elect Barack Obama has to a large extent set the tone of world politics in 2009. Change is the buzzword. In our case, we have […]

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