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Jacob Zuma and the Great Arms Deal Scandal

Arms Deal Scandal cartoon

Arms Deal Scandal

The concept of conflict of interest appears non-existent in South Africa. What value is a commission of inquiry appointed by someone who is implicated in the crime in question? This is the question South Africans must ask of their president Jacob Zuma.

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The Big Hoohaa about Mogoeng Mogoeng

Mogoeng Mogoeng cartoon

Mogoeng Mogoeng

President Jacob Zuma appointed relatively inexperienced judge Mogoeng Mogoeng as Chief Justice. This brings into question the independence of the judiciary, as well as inconsistent judgements passed by Judge Mogoeng during his tenure to date. What might Jacob Zuma have to gain by this appointment?

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Corruption in South Africa

Corruption in South Africa cartoon

Corruption in South Africa

Corruption ranks as the second most prevalent crime in South Africa according to a Victims of Crime survey. With media coverage focusing only on high profile cases which inevitably end up being of no consequence, petty corruption and bribery is a fast growing industry in South Africa.

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Tax the Whites – Outrageous, or not?

Desmond Tutu tax the whites cartoon

Desmond Tutu Tax the Whites

Archbishop Desmond Tutu called for a wealth tax to be imposed on all white South Africans. As expected, this created an uproar in the white community in South Africa. But is the essence of what Tutu is advocating really that outrageous? Wonkie provides some analysis into the topic and proposes a way forward.

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Mandela Day – Does he deserve it?

Nelson Mandela Day cartoon

Nelson Mandela Day

Does Nelson Mandela deserve an international day to his credit. What did he really do and how positive is his legacy as president of South Africa? Credit where it’s due in terms of his role in the struggle, but he is not given his due when it comes to his contribution to the mess South Africa is currently in.

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