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Day of Reconciliation Concert

Day of Recon cartoon

Day of Recon

In a massive show of solidarity and appreciation of all the challenges facing the modern world, prominent international leaders met today to perform a perfectly choreographed song. Proceeds from record sales will be donated to Mr Robert Mugabe‘s International Save the Children fund. Michael Jackson regrettably could not attend.

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Brown drops in UK polls

Brown happy hour cartoon

Brown happy hour

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has slipped behind 2 Conservatives in the recent Observer’s Ipsos Mori poll and the Guardian’s ICM survey. He had hoped that his economic stimulus plan would have boosted public confidence. It appears the general disgruntlement over the proposed ban on Happy Hour (drinking) is more serious than first expected. Click […]

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Gordon Brown to lobby for Obama cartoon

Obama meets Brown cartoon

Obama meets Brown

Reading between the lines in the Sunday Times last weekend, Whitehall and diplomatic sources have indicated that Gordon Brown will effectively be acting as Obama’s lackey in Europe. Brown is expected to beg other Nato leaders in Brussels next month to support the USA by dispatching more troops and resources to Afghanistan. Some very unreliable […]

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Bush’s Secret WMD

Bushs-Secret-weapon cartoon


In a confidential meeting on national security, George Bush unveils to Barack Obama the most highly classified US Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) – Chuck Norris. Also see the earlier post for the Whole Truth behind George Bush and Gordon Brown’s first meeting.

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Sex Education for 5 year olds

Sex-ed-for-5-year olds cartoon

Sex-ed-for-5-year olds

The UK is planning on introducing sex education to children in schools from age 5. Given the high rate of teen pregnancy in the UK I’m surprised they’re not targeting foetuses. One wonders what happened to the good old ‘No sex please, we’re British’ culture – perhaps this will bring that much needed repression back. […]

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