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SABC Leadership Crisis

SABC CEO recruitment cartoon

SABC CEO recruitment

Another CEO, Solly Mokoetle was prematurely ejected from the helm of the SABC. The political battle to control and influence the national newsroom is leaving the South African public as the most serious casualty.

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Ask NOT what the ANC can do for you…

Free housing South Africa cartoon

Free housing South Africa

Promises of a free everything blow over the crowds during election time but do these promises ever get fulfilled by the government? President Zuma announces that 2011 is a year of job creation and hopes to provide free education for some deserving students.

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Why Julius Malema is important to the ANC

Malema Zille cockroach cartoon

Malema Zille cockroach

Julius Malema is clearly important to ANC but how so? If he were unimportant or a threat to ANC’s credibility, he would certainly not be the focus of so much attention.

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Pandormonium in Education

Clueless Pandor cartoon

Clueless Pandor

The current South African education system led by ministerNaledi Pandor is a mess – instead of focusing on preparing students for employment or tertiary education, [more…]

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ANC election manifesto

ANC election manifesto cartoon

ANC election manifesto

The ANC election manifesto was released in East London, South Africa on Saturday last week. The central initiative of the plan appears to be economic policy geared around job protection and creation rather than foreign investment. [more…]

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