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SABC CEO recruitment

SABC Leadership Crisis

In the last week, yet another chief executive – Solly Mokoetle, was ejected prematurely from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Given that the organisation’s previous CEO also faced a similar unhappy fate, there is clearly an SABC leadership crisis that is likely going to take more than a visit to the local clinic to fix.

If one considers the reach of the SABC it is easy to see why it is so important politically. SABC radio stations alone cover in excess of 19 million people – about 40% of the total South African population. This offers any political party controlling it enormous potential to spread their good news, and quite possibly only their good news. As one can expect, the internal battles around the SABC are focused largely around control of the news department.

Control of the media in this way is largely what led to the recent unprecedented events in Tunisia. There, a dictator was kept in power through the malleable national media and if it wasn’t for the extraordinary case of Mohamed Bouazizi reported through social media – notably Facebook and Twitter, it is unlikely that he would have been toppled so soon.

“We only found out what was going on because of Facebook and Twitter. If we had to depend on newspapers and television, then we probably would never have found out the details of that case and others…”

Sahar Ben Younis (20 year old student, Tunisia)

The question is what local tragedy needs to take place in South Africa before the real effect of mismanagement at the SABC becomes visible to the general public? At what point does journalism and actual news reporting take priority over a political party agenda?

Given that the country is already sliding down a slippery slope when it comes to freedom of the press in South Africa with the likes of the Protection of Information Bill, Wonkie suggests that such a point is far from arriving unless there is a significant public outcry.

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  1. When the ANC stops messing about with how to best spread their propaganda battles and focus on service delivery, then the SABC will be able to focus on the news as they should be doing.

    I doubt this will happen in my lifetime!

  2. The SABC is no different from any other government dept, they can not deliver the right service, we dont even bother to switch our tv on sabc channels, in fact we find all we want to know on the internet. I went with a white neighbor to the dept of horrors, being a black girl I was almost treated like an easy prey. The neighbor and I did not let on that we were together . I was treated with smiles and talks, even asked who I was and were I lived but my neighbor was almost ignored and treated with total disrespect and was purposely sent from pillar to post until I mentioned that we were together. The best radio station in S A is AM 65.7 the SABC can take a leaf out of their book , they are the coolest, non racial and refreshing.

  3. The only service delivery the anc knows is the service delivery by the waiter at their fancy dinner table at some fancy and expensive hotel (at least R1500 per night). On tje orders of the one and only chief waster JZ and in the line is JM

  4. SABC is operated by morons who use the idiology of ‘bullshit baffles brains’. I’m sick and tired of hearing about the so-called ‘golden handshake’, which invariabily results in shoddy service and rip-off licence fees. FIRE THEM ALL!

  5. Collitjies says

    As has been previously said the SABC is used solely at the discretion of the ANC, just look at Morning Live on SABC2 from 06:00 till 08:00 Monday to Friday. The only news(for the want of a better discription) is what good the ANC has done for our now almost bankrupt country. There is only money available for the ANC’s parties, overseas trips and motor vehicles.

    I hereby apply for a position as chief executive officer of the south african broadcasting coorporation.
    I have gained extensive experience in the field of communication for the past two weeks when I had time with my 11 year old daughter and his 4year old brother.
    when it comes to broadcasting, I also learned what they really want to see and hear on television and radio.
    In dealing with opposition my not so good neighbour has taught me how to handle opposition.

    I am more than prepared to give it a try, if I can’t make it, you can fire me anytime you want I will not oppose it as I know you will not fire me without a very good package that will keep me surviving until I get a directorship job in another department.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
    yours sincerely

  7. There is only one solution to save this country: bring back White Rule.

  8. mdu ngubane says

    If am not mistaken, I heard a certain high ranked gentleman @ SABC saying thatthe resignation of Solly Mokoetle was not a handshake; bullshit cos 3,4 million rand is more than just ahandshake. SABC seems to be the gold mine for all highly educated gold diggers.

  9. Whatever happened to the news. We see floods in Australia, Floods in Brazil and talking ANC heads in South Africa. Our news readers are a mouthful of teeth and a mouthful of propaganda and lies. All done with a helpless smile. We hear nothing about the state of the economy or the profligate spending of Julias or the hanky panky of our politicians.

  10. “bring back white rule”?Come on chris,our 48 years in the money.. er imean power is not up yet.But the good news is,all the robbers in town knows who are getting the golden hand shakes and will soon leave you and me alone to go for the jackpot.

  11. Ann McDonnell says

    The unpopularity of name changes has forced them to keep the name change of the SABC to SANC very quiet, but the decision is obvious to all who watch what used to be News, and now is plain propaganda!

  12. What the SABC did not broadcast in any news is that the DA Western Province was the only province and departments that got a good audit report and was regarded as the best ruled province in the country. The rest where the ANC remains in question???? The SABC itself has severe financial problems that is why they repeat and repeat and repeat old programs.

  13. Listen to wisdom from a black man I would like to meet and shake his hand!

    Maybe I should not speak myself as I do not know how to be politically correct

  14. The reason there is problem at SABC, isd because of lack of patriotism, lack of commitment as well as lack of dedication in SABC Management. As long as SABC is still employing old people with tired minds and lack vision, the Financial crisis will remain unchanged. SABC Need fresh graduates who possess fresh minds and fresh ideas. SABC Management must be people who do more listening than talking.

  15. I see that those idiots who support this ANC circus are getting fewer all the time here on wonkie! To me that is good news that should be broadcasted bhy the SABC as in idiotland eveybody wants to be part of the perceived majority 😉

  16. bakenshark says

    loving the Weather Man Bonus!!!!! classic wonkie!

  17. Manthata. You are so right You only need a temporary job in this government to walk away with lots of public money. and if you make it as a minister for 5 years you walk away with a life pension and all the benefits

  18. ANC is the best political party ever but ANC as ruling party seems to be the worse ruling party ever

    HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Any person with knowledge and insight could have predicted the road SA is on. Under the ANC, things will only get worse!!!

  20. At the rate the anc is going its only a matter of time before the RSA closes the door and puts off the light

  21. OLD FASHION says

    Hi Folks, just got back from Oz and had a great time. Fortunately we were not in the flood stricken areas, but in the manner the Ozzies operated in emergency was extremely heart warming.
    Our neighbors daughter was kind enough to keep all the Wonkie comments on file for us and even used it with good sense and our permission. well done ZOZO.
    On our flight back I was thinking about the situation in our country and the next thought came to mind.

    Maybe the anc wants to revert back to all the old african traditions. Now we can understand why everything is being broken down. They want to close all factories , buildings, businesses, brick built homes etc to make place for wild life and wild food producing trees again. We will all be wearing animal skin clothes, walk with a shield an assegai to kill an animal for food. Worship ancestoral spirits to help the evil manifest and manipulate and destroy all that is good. No need to live in a house with electricity and water supplies from municipalities when you can light a fire for light, use it for cooking and heating at no financial cost. Water taken from the rivers, streams and wells by using a hollowed calbass. Live in straw and mud houses that can be erected in a day. The whole family to gather all building materials. Horses and donkeys for transport no need for a car or fuel or tarred roads. No schools , teach the children how to hunt to survive. No hospitals there will be enough natural plants to use for healing. Now we can understand fully why we are going backward and what the objections and plans of the current government is. The only problem is that it is taking a bit long to get back to the original life style there are still to many obstacles to be demolished to make place for reverse action.

  22. I think what the country needs is a truly independant political party with the interest of South Africa at heart. No private motives and people who have been in positions of power before, in politics, the military, the police, commerce and religion. Unfortunately the current ruling party is not fit to rule the country. There policies are based on reverse apartheid, nepotism, elite black upward movement, mostly by open and blatant theft of public funds

  23. OLD FASHION says

    Oh just forget to mention the most important.
    Apart from having to worship evil spirits, that needs to be scrapped and replaced with the only spirit the HOLY SPIRIT it could be a great lifestyle, no stress, no worries, no need for dressing up for work, no need of a banking account as there will be no bills to pay. No need to worry about the receiver of revenue for there will be no taxes to pay. Come on guys you must admit it will be great fun.

  24. poppy neveling says

    nothing surprises me…. why dont we as s.african start a blog, where people
    can say what they want, and where the rest of the world can see exactly what is happening, this must be strickly a polictical website . We need to
    hammer at these corrupt politicians until something is done. good luck

  25. Its realy sad to read such stories.

  26. i’m not surprised!! every black men wants 2 lead…WE africans don’t wnt 2 b led bt we alwys wnt 2 lead! black ppl don’t hav leadership qualities datz all!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. poppy neveling

    I will gladly sponsor such a website but I have to be sure it’s not only you and me sharing our thougts..

    I don’t understand why people need a leader for every ocasion – then on the other side of the coin, no leader of today are really a leader as they all promoted themselves…they put their pictures on the lamp posts down the street and convince people to believe they are leaders..

    John 5:31 If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.
    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.


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