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Zuma Hotline – Who ya gonna call?

Zuma hotline cartoon

Zuma hotline cartoon

Zuma’s presidential hotline is declared a success after a few calls as Pravin Gordhan looks set to clean up the SA procurement system. Zille continues to pursue the NPA’s pre-election decision.

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Recent South African Contributions to World Politics

World leaders learn from South Africa cartoon

World leaders learn from South Africa

After Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk, South Africa has continued the momentum of leading the world in progressive political thought and behaviour – not!

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Photo Caption contest – What is Zille thinking?!

Helen Zille thinking photo caption

Helen Zille thinking

What Mrs Zille is doing with her choice of team is not a good political move by any stretch. In fact she’s made a host of political faux pas recently – she has an opportunity to make a significant impact now in South Africa so WHAT is she thinking?

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Helen Zille vs Julius Malema Celebrity DeathMatch

Zille Malema deathmatch cartoon

Zille Malema deathmatch

Wonkie believes the only solution for the Helen Zille-ANCYL Julius Malema conflict is to hold a political celebrity fight to the death on live TV. Sneak preview on weapons used in this cartoon post.

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Julius Malema left speechless by current affairs

Zuma Malema swine flu cartoon

Zuma Malema swine flu

Julius Anger Management Malema was himself in full force when he addressed thousands of tripartite alliance supporters at 1 May Workers Day celebrations near Durban over the long weekend. Among his choice quotes for the day are: “Helen Zille must give report to Zuma about the Western Cape … the racist girl has not won […]

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