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Friday Art Class – Perspective

Gareth Cliff Zille Malema art cartoon

Gareth Cliff Zille Malema art

Malema announces that President Zuma and the ANC will be targeting a THREE thirds majority in the upcoming 2009 South Africa elections.

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Zille, Zuma and the political Easter Bunny

Zille Zuma Easter bunny cartoon

Zille Zuma Easter bunny

Lindiwe Mazibuko, spokesperson for the DA announced that they will be laying charges against lawyer Michael Hulley for what they allege to be illegal possession of tape recordings. This follows a decision by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to drop charges against ANC president Jacob Zuma earlier this week. Vicious rumours by the dark forces […]

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Helen Zille diagnosed with Acute Objectionitis

Helen Zille DA objects to ANC cartoon

Helen Zille DA objects to ANC

Following on from the Downfall of Helen Zille and the DA in South African 2009 elections post last week, we thought it best to capture another important public perception about the DA. There have literally been dozens of comments from ANC supporters complaining about all the negative media coverage ANC leaders – particularly the amount […]

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Why Helen Zille and DA won’t score big in 2009 elections

helen zille da strategy 2009 election cartoon

helen zille da strategy 2009 election

I have a dream, that a white person will one day be president of South Africa: Helen Zille and Democratic Alliance – dream on! A political strategy cartoon for Zille and the DA they should heed if they want to make a bigger impact on the 2009 South African elections.

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Theme Songs for South African Politicians

theme songs cartoon

theme songs

We’re nearing closing time for this year at and thought we’d sum up by our commentary by including our nominations for the top theme songs for South African politicians. Please add your suggestions or amendments in the comments section below! Other songs also nominated by the team were: Ace Magashule: Jesus he knows me […]

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