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Day of Reconciliation Concert

Day of Recon cartoon

Day of Recon

In a massive show of solidarity and appreciation of all the challenges facing the modern world, prominent international leaders met today to perform a perfectly choreographed song. Proceeds from record sales will be donated to Mr Robert Mugabe‘s International Save the Children fund. Michael Jackson regrettably could not attend.

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Insensitive Mr Pikoli Axed Cartoon

Pikoli fired cartoon

Pikoli fired

Pikoli is, or was rather, the national director of public prosecutions (NDPP). In spite of the results of an inquiry chaired by former speaker of the Parliament, Frene Ginwala, president Kgalema Mothlante decided to fire Vusi Pikoli. The formal inquiry found Pikoli was fit to hold office and should be reinstated. Inquiry schminquiry. Anyway the […]

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Zuma Vs Mbeki Cartoon – The battle continues

Zuma vs Mbeki cartoon

Zuma vs Mbeki

Sadly not quite as dramatic as a half-rigged boxing match, this battle is going to take place between Zuma and Mbeki’s legal teams in Bloemfontein. Zuma has already strategically started throwing punches by contesting Mbeki’s use of state resources on legal matters. It’s good to see that Zuma has obviously learnt a thing of two […]

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Crime, what crime?

Zuma bodyguards carton

Zuma bodyguards

ANC President Jacob Zuma is parading around South Africa with mile long convoys of ‘blue light’ special VIP protection units. Of note was his recent campaign trip to Limpopo province where he had a convoy of some 33 cars of which 22 were state law enforcement vehicles. Helen Zille of the Democratic Alliance (DA) also […]

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Zuma Zuma – Promises, promises

Zuma promises cartoon

Zuma promises

Promises, promises – Jacob Zuma is a versatile politician. He has proven to be an exception to the old adage you can’t be everything to everybody – at least in his words over the last few weeks. According to him everybody will get what they want – from the hardcore capitalists to blue collar workers; […]

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