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Jacob Zuma and the Great Arms Deal Scandal

Arms Deal Scandal cartoon

Arms Deal Scandal

The concept of conflict of interest appears non-existent in South Africa. What value is a commission of inquiry appointed by someone who is implicated in the crime in question? This is the question South Africans must ask of their president Jacob Zuma.

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The Big Hoohaa about Mogoeng Mogoeng

Mogoeng Mogoeng cartoon

Mogoeng Mogoeng

President Jacob Zuma appointed relatively inexperienced judge Mogoeng Mogoeng as Chief Justice. This brings into question the independence of the judiciary, as well as inconsistent judgements passed by Judge Mogoeng during his tenure to date. What might Jacob Zuma have to gain by this appointment?

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South African rebel uprisings

South Africa Libya Intervention cartoon

South Africa Libya Intervention

Jacob Zuma has been out of South Africa during the disciplinary hearing of ANCYL leader Julius Malema. Zuma also boycotted the Friends of Libya summit in Paris on the grounds that he didn’t believe the UN no fly resolution would actually involve what it did in practical terms. Read this post to answer all your questions about why this might have happened.

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Michelle Obama was NOT snubbed by Jacob Zuma

Barack and Michelle Obama cartoon

Barack and Michelle Obama

Allegations that Zuma snubbed Michelle Obama on her recent visit to South Africa are false. The Whole Truth is that Barack Obama insisted Michelle does not meet Zuma because of his concerns over Zuma’s legendary virility.

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DA makes Headway towards Second Coming

DA vs ANC Municipal elections cartoon

DA vs ANC Municipal elections

ANC wins local elections with a 63.65% majority, but this does not reflect the political landscape accurately. The DA increased their share in 8 out of 9 provinces and wiped out many smaller parties – what does this mean for South Africa?

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