DA vs ANC Municipal elections cartoon

DA vs ANC Municipal elections

DA makes Headway towards Second Coming

That nothing much has changed in the South African political landscape since Wednesday’s municipal elections is a matter of perspective. The ruling ANC still retain an overwhelming majority collecting some 63.65% of the votes – down from 65% in 2006. The DA still trail behind with a distant second 23.9% of the national votes. The story beneath these numbers though, is quite revealing and the devil lies in the detail for the ANC.

With the exception of Kwazulu-Natal, the ANC lost share in every province. In fact, the rise in Kwazulu-Natal, which many attribute to the significantly weakened position of the IFP, is what rescued the ANC from a much more dramatic fall nationally.

The DA on the other hand, was responsible for capturing much of the ANC’s lost share in 8 out of the 9 provinces. They also grew their share at the expense of many of the smaller parties. Could it be that South Africans are finally acknowledging that without a credible opposition party to keep the ANC in check, nothing will really change?

Another interesting element in the detail behind the figures, is that the DA managed to gain the support of minority communities. Should this defection be puzzling to president Jacob Zuma and the ANC, they need only look at the racial damage the likes of spokesperson Jimmy Manyi and ANCYL’s beloved Julius Malema cause. Also the recent announcements on BBBEE policy changes, the current level of corruption in South Africa, as well as the issues around high toll road fees will not have helped their cause, particularly with the Indian and Coloured communities.

Wonkie is glad that South Africans went out and voted their minds. In reality, these local election results do not matter in so much as they should give the ANC a wake up call – if they’re smart. They cannot afford to be complacent, particularly as there is clearly a credible opposition forming. Fikile Mbalula, the head of organising and campaigns for ANC, himself declared after the IEC results were announced:

“Let us leave Helen Zille out of the picture and inspect the damage that has been done by our own councillors”

The stronger that opposition’s voice, the more likely it is that South Africans will get better service delivery – and that, in the end, is what counts.

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  1. Deena Naidoo says

    I told you guys, JZ, JM and TE. The DA was going to whip your arse. That was a promise, NOT a threat!
    And, the recount of 20 voting stations, come on fools. Do you’ll think the DA screwed around at the vote counting. Naaah, the ballot papers were counted by ‘your’ IEC people. So there! DA RULES!!!!!

  2. Ramnathan Chidam says

    I’m glad that the Indians and Coloureds voted for DA.. about time they realised – it seems most of the municipalities with those minorities have now left the ANC… Phoenix, Lenasia, etc. It serves the ANC right as far as I’m concerned… their policies are discriminatory against these groups even though they were also previously disadvantaged. ANC is geared at self-enrichment and the corruption within their ranks is evident.

    The only people still being duped in the country is the poor black population – another 2 years of shoddy service delivery though and those voters may also be willing to give the DA a chance.

  3. Evans Matara says

    It is a wake up call for the ANC to pull their socks and roll up their sleeves and deliver services to SA.

  4. Nkosi MS says

    I think the ANC had a rude awakening after they imposed their councillors candidates to some of the communities. I like the manner in which the Ermelo residents boycotted the elections though I don’t condone it, however it had to happen, so that our so much beloved ANC will realise that people are not stupid out there. I agree with Fikile Mbalula let’s leave Hellen Zille out of the picture and do an introspection and act decisively with corruption and corrupt individuals, who have a tendency of resorting to mafia life style as a tactic of instilling fear to those who may seek to challenge them (Refer Mpumalanga January Killings).

  5. Those that did not vote for the ANC saved us from becoming another African one party state. Some one said a vote for the ANC is like a chicken voting for KFC

  6. Beliewe me Mrs Zille is no Chicken and the best Madam any nation could ask for. Just give the DA time. Thanks for your hard work. We have a dilemma in Malema. Now the ANC and Mr Zuma must start to get their ducks in a row.Get things done or get people with merit do the job.

  7. Yes that is a wake up call for ANC. They can see that they have a strong opposition so they should correct everything wrong that they did. Let your councillor’s do the right thing. Start up of calling public meetings and understand the problems from the ground as now then deliver.

  8. It just goes to show you the way people think. The anc has stuffed up the country, councillors are too busy filling their own pockets to worry about the poor who are suffering yet will still vote anc. The communist manifesto says that “a country is governed by the ignorance of the masses” and its no more evident than in the SA.

  9. Only a government in Africa will be voted back into power, in spite of poor delivery and corruption! Go figure!

  10. Deena Naidoo says

    Hey Ramnathan, I’m from Summer Greens, Cape Town, and was a ‘Party Agent’ on the 18th, and, noticed a number of ‘all racial groups’ turn out to vote for the DA. I was both outside at the DA gezabo as well as inside the hall. The ANC gezabo, incidently was alongside DA’s, and many peoply of all races called into the DA to wish us well, also stating that ‘we are the best’, and, they’ll be voting for the DA.

  11. 10 cents says

    certainly, an exciting time in south african pollitics, with the gains made by the da, now the da will deliver services in their respective constituancies and the masses will be wondering why they are not receiving the quality services offered in the other anc constituancies, this will be a real eye opener as we see the da and nfp make further inroads into sa pollitics granted the dont go the way of cope and remain stable and consistent. it might not happen in my lifetime but the da has come to play (watch out anc there is another team here!)

  12. ANC should tha Hellen Zille for giving them a wake up call & I hope they will wake up & smell the cofee . They must STOP thinking that they are SA cos they are not , in life no 1 is invesible .

  13. The TONY awards should go to EHRENREICH ! They are given to those who sound like a STUCK RECORD, i.e. “I build houses”,THAT’S A NATIONAL COMPETENCY! “I get the Education for poor children sorted out”, THAT’S A NATIONAL COMPETENCY! Not knowing the RULES doe not a Mayor make.

  14. I guess people are beginning to see the light, and not being intimidated, but sadly are still careful.
    Good going Helen we are with you!

  15. Unfortunately most South Africans do not yet know how to use politics to their advantage – when democracy works as it should, people make politicians accountable to their electorate, and politicians know that party loyalty counts for much less than current performance. So politicians strive to deliver the goods, because they know the penalty of failure.

    Based on performance, the ANC should have been slaughtered. In Africa though, icluding SA, democracy is a different animal. Party and cultural loyalty is sacrosanct, hence that mindless name-calling and mudslinging that accompanied these elections. Fikile Mbalula’s remark was a revelation in this context and we can all hope that this refreshing viewpoint would be the start of our democracy maturing into something more characteristic of democracy as it was designed to be, rather than the thuggish excuse that pervades the rest of Africa.

  16. I see that now that the ANC is a racist all black nationalist party the same way that the apartheid regime was an all white racist nationalist party. Untilour black population wake up to the fact that they as a majority are the ones being screwed by the ANC nothing will ever change while the ANC can rely on their black robots who do not care for improvement or change but only care that the ANC remains in power.
    The ANC needs to realize that like the apartheid nats that, their theft corruption and undermining of democracy and all Mandela stood for, they are ruining our precious and beautiful land. And they need to fix what is broken. Get rid of racists such as Malema, Manyi and the clowns such as Zuma, Mantashe and Cele. Put corrupt politicians behind bars. Prioritise education above all else and make South Africa prosperous and safe haven for foreign investment. Shut up those who want to do more damage by threatening to nationalise all and sundry, but we hear nothing about taming and nationalising our public transport. The DA has effectively reduced the minority parties to nothing and have given the ANC a wake up call, but they will never be voted into power until such time as they embrace black aspirations and show our poor and dispossessed a new way.

  17. This election was directly as we thought it would go. Peace keeps amazing us on her accuracy. The dvd you have done prior to the election is excellent, hilarious and spot on, My mates here can not wait to see it, your job in the dvd was far more enjoyment then the election. Now we have to wait and see if what you said will happen in the next two years actually materialises. All my buddies here on campus voted D A and the rest anc. They invited us to celebrate with them, I would have gone if I had a copy of the dvd to show them and watch their reaction. The atmosphere all round is good and we have not had any problems but lots of discussions. We are pleased with the DA results and know that next time round major changes will take place, so we have to survive the next two years should I not be in the states. Our country will be on the right track soon.

  18. NQGONDO QHA says

    White people forefathers have laid a good foundation for this today white generation. They have nothing to complain about due to service delivery because the economy is on their side. Let us not fool each here because we all know that the DA is no competition to the ANC. The minority blacks in the DA are happy with the gap between the ANC and DA because they know that should the DA win this country, they will be cast aside like irrelevant black tokens.

  19. The white colonists of SA use the word ‘delivery’ from a history of murdering and theft, promulgated legislation based on racism and murdering rights. You may have forgotten where you come from. Delivery is giving away RDP houses to the poor and unemployed created by apartheid. This was a huge success which no white colonist has ever done. Their are still white organisations in the western cape that jealously hold their racist sick white history dear to their heart. You want to control SA with white rule and racist history. How do you think you have changed from you sick. psychopathic past of hatred for blacks. Zeller has taken away contracts from black business and given to white contractors. Has their been any advantages for voting white DA for the colourds. Of course not. White DA rule in SA will be the start of a global uprising

  20. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    To Nqgondo Qha and Xsanga – Listen to yourselves! If you don’t know that you are talking the biggest load of BS there is then you need to go back to your schools and demand a refund of your fees because you obviously can’t do the maths.
    You both talk about the DA as a ‘white’ party. Anybody with a half-functioning brain can see that until the DA becomes a “black” dominated party it does not matter how many ‘whites’ and ‘coloureds’ and ‘asians’ support them they cannot gain a majority. It is only when ‘black’ South Africans see the light that there will be any sense in this confused country we all love and hate.
    If the ANC is the party for the poor, why did they promise a million RDP houses within 5 years and now, 17 years later, there are still less than a million RDP houses in the country?
    If the ANC is the party which delivers on its promises, why is CapeTown recognised by Government (which is run by the ANC, by the way) as the Municipality (Metro) which has the best service record?
    When South Africa matures and comes to its senses, you will be the irrelevant tokens – of whatever stripe!

  21. The ANC trades on the ignorance and lack of sophistication of black voters. If they upgraded their numerate skills they would start putting two and two together. The poor bleating masses blame the DA whites for their poverty and joblessness. Blacks were poor and jobless before the DA existed. Instead, blacks should start cultivating that graditude gene which seems to be non existent in their genetic profile.

  22. Fikile Mbalula seems to be the only one in the ANC who is not in denial. What is the bet that within a few weeks everything in the ANC led government will be as it was a year ago – corruption, nepotism, empty promises, inefficiency and all the good intentions promised before and after the election will be forgotten. And of course Zuma will have another wife!
    It will be interesting to see what happens at Polokwane this year. I hope they have the sense to ditch that moronic Zuma. Both he and Malema are such embarrassments to our country. Malema should be given a diplomatic post in outer Mongolia.
    I was totally wowed by the DA’s mayoral candidate for Johannesburg. Compare his articulate and intelligent responses during his post election interview on the SABC to the addled ramblings of of those two twits, Nqgonda and Xsanga.
    I think the writing is on the wall for the ANC!

  23. @ madoba & tanni – 100% & to the rest of you racist you will soon become the minority in SA. I don’t think that the DA will win in 2014 put it will be a close call to the ANC, just see how the party has grown in the last few years. The DA is a party for all. I am happy with the results.

  24. NQGONDO QHA and Xsanga and all the foolish nincompoops who voted ANC.. You did not vote for better government, better education, more and better employment, less crime or service delivery, you voted for a narrow racist party that puts its hatred of whites above the nation’s interests.. If you do not wake up one day we will be Zimbabwe, Libya or Ivory Coast.

  25. I could not agree more with you. Look at what they promised the voters that they will relook at the manipulation of counsillors after elections and now they are singing a different tune. The said part is, poor people thinks if they do not vote the ruling party they will loose everything they had. I think now its time to educate our communities about their rights.

  26. Coming from a corporate audit background it is a very big concern on how little the average South African knows about Billions of Rand that was wasted and lost. Another big serious case happened in Durban. An ex policeman and close friend of Cele was given a tender for RDP houses of over R200 million rand. He spent most the money on himself built less then 400 houses with substandard material and this is just one of the cases. His house can be viewed in St Lucia a massive white mansion with blue stainglass windows, he drives a rolls, a ferrari, a porsche, lamborghini, plus two other luxury vehicles, Spent over R1.4 million rand on his birthday party. He has no post matric qualifications and was a policeman before he got the tender. One certainly do not deny anybody a good life but work and earn it do not have your material belongings to the cost of others specially the poor. The majority ANC members that vote for them 100 of thousands of them , never ever pay any taxes and votes with the hope that their needs will be supplied by the government. Our family of a few generations and the community I come from have tried very very hard under difficult circumstances to get the blacks to know the value of skills and education, we had many trained but is only a handfew in comparison with the rest.l We built a school on the farm where the black community were taught by white teachers with a high standard of education, they left the teaching dept to teach them privately at no cost, (woman who’s husbands worked)
    This country will come right but all must change their attitudes to attitudes of gratitudes. A smile must be our style. The whole world is in a financial and social crisis with the difference that our rulers here do not look further then their own needs with the exception of only a very few like Pravin Gordhan. Almost every minister, deputy and top excecutive positions are gaining due to corruption, Even workers at grassroot levels have started years ago doing the same. The stealing of equipment at schools, hospitals, govt buildings, and istitutions have become outrageous. These issues are going to become far worse in the next two years trusting that in the next election many would have woken up to the true facts that they have been exploited and change their vote. Not do they only have to change their vote but explore and develop their own personal ability to contribute and earn honestly. Everybody has a talent to keep him self maintained. the worst situation is to be dependant on another human for any form of upkeep because it IS soul destroying. God willing the next two years I will be travelling round the country with a social uplifting program, not for any political party but for each human to wake up and see his or her own potential and value. This only comes to pass if you do not have any hate in your hart for anybody , then only can you be of benefit to society. This is a major task and we have to train many more as mentors to accomplish this task. Those who rejects it will regret it.

  27. Kamohelo Thulo says

    I am glad that the ANC have now learned a lesson, and if they cant pull up their socks , come 2014 and I will be the one to fire them as I have been hiring them for the past 14 years but instead of serving me as their boss they gave me food parcel come 2014 I will vote and hire someone who is willing to serve his/her master. It is now the time to show the ANC”s who is the Boss here, I will also like to add my views to a national squad T-Shirt of which now they Printed (HLASELA ANC ) on it and used it for campaigning. Is this Country of us an ANC country or what ? they seem to be disturbed now a days and we better watch out South Africans they will end up using our National Flag as their asset and print what ever that might come to their will. like they did with National Team t Shirt

  28. NQGONDO QHA says

    Garth you are so misled, we voted not only for the service delivery and all that you have mentioned but also for the White governed country to be given to the original inhabitants of this country. Let me give you a brief political wise advise. Please yourself a chance and read the Langcaster House agreement in Zimbabwe, the war crimes in Code vore and later come back to read the sunset clauses in South Africa. This will save you the embarrasment of saying such careless comments online, exposing how little you know. READ THOSE I GAVE YOU, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY SOUTH AFRICA WILL NEVER BE LIKE THE COUNTRIES YOU HAVE MENTIONED. READ dont just accept sponsored views. You are a disgraceful represantative of the DA. Shame!!! HELL the godZILLE must just forget about this country.

  29. NQGONDO QHA says


  30. I have heard enough of you Nogondo Oha you are a purist where it comes to being a racist, shame on you. The ANC does not stand for only blacks , What about Joe Slovo. If it is so why does Prez Zuma go overseas often to lick their backsides (whites) for investment. People like you brings the worse out of me. You just as welcome to your opinion as I am, but please we dont need this. Dont be like your bru Malema, stupid and a dilemma for the ANC.

  31. NQGONDO QHA says

    We love Malema and is not a dilemma to us, WHY dont you bring your points due to what i’ve written. You are just an angry BUSTED with no facts what so ever. No white will vote for affimative action that the ANC clear support. Go back to the sea.

  32. NQGONDO QHA says


  33. Africa actually belongs to animals and so they want to send all the africans back to the east where they come from. First they must reconstruct their jungle and habitat. On our interview with the lion he is determined to start a party called JP Jungle Party. The chimp says he will remain anc because they will destroy all the concrete, rubble roads etc that spoilt their natural environment. The penquin will start the WP party Water Party to have all the polution removed. Granny will start the SAW Party; Shutup and Work (and start putting back the natural habitat for the animals.) So the next election will be the best ever in Africa. Nqgondo sorry to see that you too are spiritually totally blind. There is still enough time left before judgement for you to change. (Non racist and peace promotor)

  34. nqgondo qha, my mate you must be an anc supporter as you just accept everything that the anc tells you. they make you promises that you accept blindly. You should stop and consider the untruths of the anc, the promises of a million houses by a set time (which is long past), the improved medical and education facilities, which I and the DA wonders where they are. That stranger to the truth “shower head zuma”, says jump and the anc followers ask how high on their way down. If you vote anc you don’t think you just do. I’m tired of the story of the rich whites, Check the facts and you will find that there are more rich blacks than whites in the country. The white controlled press is a figment of the anc’s imagination, just check out the editors and reporters of the so-called white newspapers and see for yourself that blacks dominate that. You, are ignorant and should Wonkie ban ignorance you will have to stop sproutting bull or should I say donkey crap. I can’t wait to read what crap you will be sprouting in your reply, I have invited my friends (of which a couple of them are black) to a braai so that we can have another good laugh reading your sproutings. Please note that malema hasn’t been mentioned as he is the king of pigshit.

  35. The dna makeup of most supporters of the anc: They either are employed by them with extra , extra bonuses and the more they hate and try to destroy the other races the bigger their income goes. Or they are tenderterpreneurs coining tender monies from bogey tenders. The third lot are the ones that have no ambition for self emprovement with a begging lifestyle, expecting the anc to pay and support them while they sit in the sun, drinking their sorrows away thinking of the day they will get their free house, food, liquor, clothes and grants for keeping the ground warm. Any positive, self controlled, self motivated and HONEST person will vote for those that stand for Honesty, Integrity, condemnation of all corruption and crime and free of any racist (constitution) but the same for ALL South Africans. No preferences on your buddy buddy attributes but employed according to your skills and qualifications. What other nation have a president with grade 5?????

  36. qwa bru, I am not a bastard, my mother and father got married, most of our rainbow nation dont believe in it, not even the tradional way, they have children with 4 or 5 women or the other way around, just look at our HIV stats, sorry mate I have 3 children well educated and they still care financially for the nanny that carried them on her back. I have the fondest memories of playing with my black family, my mother even breast fed Tembisa when her mom took ill.
    I love my black and coloured, Indian friends and we dont even think that we are of a different colour, you are a sad and insulting man so please educate yourself on the Freedom that Madiba struggled for, I even asked for forgiveness for what my people did to our fellow people, blacks, Colourds and Indians. Another thing I have the ability to go and settle somewhere else but you are stuck here and has nothing to do with you race, colour or creed. This is the end. I wish only the best for your life and a mindshift will help. Viva Madiba. Viva South Africa.

  37. Well said Joan, I am a black young man just started varsity this year and I feel honoured that a white family made me the honest, hardworking and positive person I am today. I openly thank them on this blog. Many of us have changed our negative, racial selfish attitude and know that most whites have had a change of heart as well. This is a combination of good spirit that will truly unite us one day as the great rainbow nation. I do believe that we have to work to eat and share with the needy if we want to receive in abundance.
    God Bless you.

  38. Hi my dear Peanuts.
    Whow you make my heart pump with pride, well done to the family that helped you, we are not all like that brutal people in the police force then, who like the Nazi regime did terrible things to people. Even then some policemen were to scared to speak out. We have moved away from all that and our struggle now will be our education, health and housing and JOBS even if it is manual work for our white, black, coloured and Indian men and women. We can make things work. I try to help people directly in contact with me, I am a mentor for a student, without payment (he is white) and try to teach my skills to to others. Good luck with your future. Enkosi Kakhulu Ngomsebenzi wakho.!!!!!

  39. Thks Joan, as long as I make peoples heart pump for the good I am happy. We as blacks must realize that the future is dark if we do not stop being negative to explore our abilities to do good. By the grace of GOD my life was lived just like Justus Stungu and what a wonderful man he is, he is my biggest black hero even though I have never had the privilage to meet him. He too has changed many many black’s views for the better.

  40. Joan and Jen I am going to try and get through on air on tonights Radiopulpit program with pastor Ray Lokgotsi, the lines are always busy but I am going to try to get through this week, between 8 and 9pm on channel AM/SW 65.7 Peace I know you listen everynight.

  41. will do so my friend. over and out.

  42. It’s so wonderful to see reasonable rational people relating to one another. Sadly, QHA’s ears seem to be very close together

  43. Well done to the DA, you may have not won the election, but you sure have shook up the anc, which was much needed. The anc has got away with too many things and has to be curtailed, or there will not be anything left, They see only the gravy train but not the future. The ANC tars the roads to Black schools but leaves the roads the other schools practically undriveable, Check the Bezuidenhout road in greylingstad in which Greylingstad Laerskool is situated and the main road to Balfour Hour en Laer skool in Balfour Mpumalanga, to name but a few, disgusting. Municipalities just simply do not care. Lets hope the DA can crack the whip and make them jump. Surely our childrens lives are just as important to south africa?????

  44. NQGONDO QHA your diatribe cannot go unanswered. Firstly you make assumptions about my political affiliation. I vote for a party that deserves my vote and not for a party that as you say “we voted not only for the service delivery and all that you have mentioned but also for the White governed country to be given to the original inhabitants of this country. ” Seemingly that statement does not appear in any ANC policy document, not even in any of Malema’s evil rhetoric. You did not vote for service delivery because all the service failures are under ANC councils, you did not vote for a better life for all, because many people are not enjoying a better life, you did not vote for less crime, because there is more crime, you did not vote for less corruption, you voted for more. You did not vote for the principles of the Freedom Charter which avows non racialism and a home for all South Africans of all races. What you did vote for is a pack of lies and empty promises. Wakey wakey and realise that nothing will improve while the ANC has dupes like you to vote for them. As Abraham Lincoln said ” You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.” It seems that you who lack real understanding of the issues and follow your own racist ideas can be fooled all the time.

  45. @ Garth, your explanation to Nqgondo is very wise but the problem excists on account of so many that simply do not have that wisdom. They continue to talk about their struggles but their struggles are only really going to start now and not because there is 121 p parties but they are now going to reap what they sowed in the last 17 years. Fools never listen to constructive advice on account of not using their own brain but remain dependant on those who brainwash them that do not want them to be able to see what is truely being done behind the scenes by the top members , Much is already starting to happen as more tender fraud discovered and much more under the start of investigations of all sorts of other corruptions. Riots and protests will not change their course either as they are use to it and just send the police to go and sort them out , again a culture problem. The main factor remains hate , no hate no racism so let the hateful carry the consequences and stop squeeling about issues they created.

  46. NQGONDO QHA says

    I wonder what instrument was Peace given to claim highgymony over wisdom. I think you need o go revisit what i have written Garth. ” not only” is what i said to save you the time. I thank the ANC for supporting transparacy and the platform to even complain against it as the ANC which no other gorvenment has ever done. ITS ONLY WHEN A VEHICLE IS MOVING THAT THE DOGS START BARKING

  47. NQGONDO QHA says

    South Africa would relly be a good place if there was racial devisions. I used to realy think that after our South African peace song we will be one and dont see colour in each other. When my family moved in a used to be white dominated area. Yes i must admit that the white young man had no problem with us as they enjoyed visiting but you could see the problem in the parents. They later moved out as if they all had a meeting. The reality is that is are not as one as we potray our ouselves as in this country. The DA is using the black faces just to suit that important end. Lets just be frank with each other. There are still pre schools in Mpumalanga that do not mix kids, there is a side for the black kids nd the other for the white kids. Imagine those kids are just innocent and the Whites still wants to perpetuate that racist monachy. Shame on you who think there is no racism.

  48. NQGONDO QHA says

    if there was no racial devisions

  49. NQGONDO QHA . You say that South Africa would relly be a good place if there was racial divisions. Tell that to struggle veterans and all those who p;laced their lives on the line to end apartheid, which was in fact legislated racial divisions. The old regime had extreme difficulty with that because once you implement race division someone is going to be discriminated against. And what are you going to do about ethnic, religious and other forms of division discriminate against jews, muslims, catholics, zionists, khoisan, venda etc. Mr Qha get real and realise this is a country for all not just ignorant short sighted dupes like yourself or your ANC puppet masters.

  50. @ Nqcondo, Wisdom is not just for me but for anybody that begs it from GOD. So you too could have it there is no excuse. Any form of racism is hatred and intollerance and makes the hater unhappy not the hated. Peace,, wisdom, patience and above all genuine love for all are the factors that build a nation , that is what we have been doing for the past 40 years and at least we have an 92% success rate of the ones we have mentored. That is far more then any political party can claim and that even gives me more JOY!!!!!

  51. Unfortunately this blog is BY FAR not big enough to be able to get all relevant knowledge, personal skills, self motivation, constructive energy etc according to each one’s personal needs across. We all have shortfalls and issues that each one of us has to work on for everybody else’s benefit.l

  52. By the way Nqcondo most dogs bark when they see danger.

  53. The bullshit sprouter nqgondo qha has so much to say. I am 79 years old and lived thro’ the struggle, might I inquire as to the sprouters age. More than likely another malema nicompoop that is trying to show his importance in the country after all I wonder if he knows anything about the struggle except the bullshit the anc wants him to know. My friend do yourself a favour and do some checking you will be surprised how few whites agreed with the np’s idea of apartheid. I thought that Mr Mandela said lets forget the past and build the future. No way the anc will do that after all its the only thing they can fall back on. They have nothing to hold up to their supporters so they keep the so-called struggle before them after all should the struggle story die the anc will die with it.

  54. @ mickey you sure are no mickey mouse! I am 70 , it is 12.50 after midnight and I am still working. I am now waiting for a skype call from Canada and it is not private it is work!!! The party I am going to start: SAWP Shut up and work party. If everybody works and there are loads to do, they will not be going around causing riots, pandamonium and disorderly distractions.

  55. NQGONDO QHA says

    I said it would be good if this was a non racist country, i corrected myself Garth. I wouldnt have said my age if i was gonna say “bullshit” Mickey mouse but i understend why you are mickey, your brain says it all.

  56. QHA. It is only a non racist country if you want it to be. Most people including the 75% of whites who voted in De Klerk’s referendum on change have been willing to embrace change when they chose a non racial society, unlike the 60% of blacks who vote ANC to maintain a racist society that actually does very little for them except to supply racist populists such as Malema and Manyi. Get real QHA and realise that this party of yours is not working in your interest it is only supporting their cronies and tenderpreneurs.

  57. NQGONDO QHA says

    HAHA! De Clerk is still hated by a lot of whites by agreeing with change sir. It really would be nice if this country can just do away with racism. I like what i read in the Sunday Sun, ane gentlemen commented that the DA will loose its votes if the vision of Hell the godZILLE is fulfilled. ” by 2019 the DA will be led by a black face” the comment was that the DA will loose its voters to VF plus. I strongly agree and im sure you do too Garth. Lets be realistic now.

  58. De Klerk was the one with an open pure heart, it started with his father that is in the same denomination as we are the ex non voters prior to 1994 the percentage = +- 49% and many whites have seen the light and changed their attitudes since and many still to do, the same applies to all other races in our country.

  59. well fanally we have another brainless, ignorant, one cell creature to keep julli baby and jimmy the one company and his name is nqgondo

  60. NQGONDO QHA says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I like you mickey. Do you think the DA would still be getting the white people votes when it is led by a black face towards 2019 like the godZILLE wishes. I say no, what do you say?

  61. I don’t see why not after all I can name you 28 whites who voted for the anc last time round and now vote DA not because of white or black but rather for the country all 28 say that they were led to believe that the anc would be good for the country and have now opened their eyes. They say that in 1994 the anc was a party they could support but today the anc does not exist. The object of building a nation went out the window in Polokwane, what was the anc was now just an idea by the leaders to get rich, and to hang with the poor. Julli, jaco, jimmi, and a whole lot more are only interested in themselves. Just a look at their lifestyle will back this up. Lets have a party and spend a couple of million on it, if someone is looking for a donation for the aged or ill we just ignore it after all some white owned company will make a decent donation and we will be able to continue padding our bank balances. I will make a statement that might surprise you. I was a supporter of the blackman up to +- 7 years ago and since then the anc has turned me against the party I am not a racialist in any way other than I cannot support the “shower head zuma” faction. Kick him and his group out and I will vote anc again. Any one supporting that ignorant group, don’t think, they follow and believe the untruths that are sprouted all day. Why don’t you try it? Forget the brainwashing you have undergone and start thinking for yourself, you might just be surprised at what you realise.

  62. QUA Your ears remain too close together

  63. NQGONDO QHA, You can vote ANC until you become green and yellow like their colours the fact of the matter is 99% of your leaders stays at the posch suburbs which are being led by DA. Not even one of their wards they won The question is why is that if they have the poor peoples feeling at heart. Catch a wake up

  64. NQGONDO QHA says

    The DA will loose its white voters to VF plus when is led by a black face. Zille vision will be destroyed. Who disagrees? hahahahahahah

  65. nqgonda, do you work for Wilkies Circus because you sound like and think like a clown. The DA can in no way lose its votes to the VF+ because by that time the VF+ will have taken over the anc and will be opposition to the DA, after all you don’t think that the anc will last longer than a few more years with jaco in control and julli baby to follow him.

  66. carole Segal says

    Helen has brains not brawn. The parents of JM must have had psychic powers before their child was born – they named him Juliarse how appropriate!!!

  67. Carole singing carols with a difference.

  68. NQGONDO QHA says

    HHHAHHAHAHA, mickey thanks for being here. Im never gonna buy comic books anymore. WOW, u you think VF will ever take over ANC. VIVA mickey brain VIVA!!!!

  69. Hey my mate I said the VF+ will take over the anc while the misfit zuma is in control, get rid of him and his followers, julli, jummi, the crooked coppa and a few more and then maybe the anc has a chance to continue existing. The problem for the end of the anc is they will have stolen all the available money and if they cannot enrich themselves they will lose interest. Actually you don’t have to buy any more comic books, all you have to do is look in a mirror.

  70. Hi Mickey like Peace says on the puppet dvd (apparantly not quite finished yet) we should not let circumstances or people make us depressed see the their doings as comic characters and then you can really laugh about it in stead of getting upset. This dvd from the bits finished is hilarious and I just kept laughing and lauging and it should be a great hit. It has a lot of positive contribution as well besides laughing about all the errs (like it was said it cost the tax payers loads of money to create this big comedy film with all the national stars) all the profits are for children and the aged homeless and I gaurantee having known the producer of this film all my life that that is exactly what they will do. They walk the talk.

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