Barack and Michelle Obama cartoon

Barack and Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was NOT snubbed by Jacob Zuma

The foreign media in South Africa have got it all wrong once again. After an in-depth Likiweaks investigation, Wonkie discovered that Jacob Zuma is in the clear this time. Allegations that the South African president snubbed Michelle Obama on her recent visit have no basis whatsoever. Investigations revealed conclusively that US president Barack Obama is the sole reason why the pair did not meet.

Robert Mugabe’s secret service sources have confirmed that Obama was very concerned about Zuma’s demeanour. He allegedly forbid his daughters to see Zuma to protect them from a repeat occurrence of the Irvin Khoza incident last year. Rumour has it that Mr Obama was also concerned that Michelle Obama may be swept away by Mr Zuma’s legendary charm and virility – particularly since another rumour has it that Mr Zuma may well be looking for one more wife due to severe inflationary pressures.

Below is a recent Likiweaks video clip from the White House. Unfortunately, the sound on the clip was broken and only 1 frame of the video could be rescued. Our experts are working on it too, but Wonkie is curious to know what you can decipher from the image – what else might Barack Obama be warning Michelle Obama about South Africa?

Barack Obama warns Michelle about South Africa

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  1. Why send his wife here if he disrespects the pesident. She should have stayed in the US and stay as a puppet there. We have lots of inspirations here (Winnie Mandela) e.t.c. There’s nothing new to what she said here.

  2. SpiritWolf says

    The Above is called sarcasm….Not reality…as if President Obama said in a interview his worried about his daughters meeting Zuma…realy Mzu, no wonder this country is in the brown stuff if it takes so little to convince you of a story..use some logic and brain power..oh wait..never mind, your prob an ardent follower youth league president and feel he is doing an awesome job leading the youth into the future…ALL youth, of all races…wonder when his next visits to benoni boys high will be to inspire them…*rolls eyes*

  3. mystery1960 says

    you gotta learn how to walk the walk my love – or what do they call it in south africa – toye toye I think – come on try one more time ….. it ain’t so hard when you know the talk

  4. Kamohelo Thulo says

    She is so lucky to leave here without him coming for her Becauese JZ. Has His own way to go for women and I think his next victim is Helen Zile. Have you seen how he danced with her during the municipal election compaign trust me one day he will get her shame Helen but Obama did not have time for his underpants JZ

  5. I wonder if I would let my wife meet JZ. So, is the third wife the 3rd lady of SA or how does it work? Michelle is too classy to take offence – the man has other priorities.

  6. why come up with such an idiotic topic please grow and discuss issues of substance. you stupid idoit

  7. @gearge. Lighten up a bit, man. sometimes we take ourselves too seriously

  8. Mashego Mahlatsi says

    She was scared he might tell her he is her ‘late’ father’ friend.

  9. He was warning her about the spear of the nation.

  10. Mashego Mahlatsi says

    Obama was scared Zuma might tell his wife that him and her father were comrades during their struggle years.

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