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Lonmin Marikana Tragedy – Little sympathy for stupidity

lonmin marikana violence cartoon

lonmin marikana violence

Julius Malema fanned the flames of violence at Lonmin Marikana. Wonkie begs a little sympathy for stupidity with respect to myopic politicians, incompetent trade unions and an inept government in the wake of a forced, tragic massacre by SAPS.

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Musings on Malema – a Moolius Cartoon

ANCYL in Parallel Universe cartoon

ANCYL in Parallel Universe

Julius Malema is a hard man to ignore in South Africa. Whether it is the striking resemblance to Idi Amin or his outrageous comments blown out of proportion in the media, he has certainly left his stain on the South African political landscape. This article ponders the future of Julius Malema following his disciplinary hearings, and whether action by the ANC is anything of consequence to the public.

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Nationalisation of Mines in South Africa

Nationalisation Mines South Africa cartoon

Nationalisation Mines South Africa

A Wonkie rhino tells Julius Malema what the impact of nationalisation of mines in South Africa will be. Will he listen – probably not. Learn more about the nationalisation of mines from an experienced South African economist who wrote this guest post.

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Forget the Mines, lets Nationalise Malema!

Rich Julius Malema Oprah cartoon

Rich Julius Malema Oprah cartoon

ANCYL hero Julius Malema shows how intelligent investing can beat inflation and make literally millions off a R20,000 per month salary. He welcomes an audit but refuses to answer any questions because it’s none of anyone’s business.

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